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5 Core Digital Marketing Principles For Cannabis Entrepreneurs

The legitimate cannabis industry is going through a period of explosive growth. Legal US cannabis sales in 2016 (the last year for complete data) totaled an impressive $6.9 billion. This is according to ArcView Market Research. Projections for the future are even stronger; annual sales by 2021 may be higher than $21.6 billion.

If you’re one of the many entrepreneurs looking to carve out a piece of that pie for yourself, you need wisdom and insight as well as dedication. For the overwhelming majority of businesses in the cannabis industry, a digital marketing plan is an absolute essential. Below you’ll find five strategic principles that your company can employ.

1) Social Media

Few products sell themselves in the modern marketplace without a carefully-curated social media presence. Social media is particularly important in the cannabis industry. These platforms give you a precious opportunity to interact directly with your consumers and earn your business a relevant place in their lives.

Popular social media platforms for cannabis marketing include Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, but these are by no means your only options. Whether you simply breeze through liking your customers’ posts or engage in in-depth conversations with them, your social media activity nurtures ongoing relationships.

Social media is more than just a communications tool, though. Pay attention to what this activity teaches you about your customers. You can gain access to new customers and chart out new strategies for enticing them by looking at how they behave on social media.

Integrate your cannabis website closely with your chosen social media platforms. Include all the relevant buttons for easy sharing and communication. Remember that every opportunity to interact with your online audience is also an opportunity to win new customers.

2) Powerful Content

It takes good content to market your cannabis business. Whether you’re posting on your website or sharing on social media channels, quality content is the coin you spend to earn potential customers’ attention. Bear in mind that the content you present is, essentially, the voice of your company. Don’t settle for bland filler designed mainly for SEO benefits. Make an extra effort to make your content useful and entertaining to your customers. And it goes without saying that you want your content to be unique!

3) Search Engine Optimization

Although there’s tremendous money to be made in the cannabis industry, you’re not the first – or even the thousandth – entrepreneur to dive in. A crucial part of your marketing job is distinguishing yourself from the competition. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an important way to do that.

Over 80 percent of modern consumers rely on online research to choose between competing businesses. The whole point of the SEO game is to place your business’s website higher on the search engine results page than your competitors. Delivering a quality product and useful content are important, but you give yourself a tremendous boost if you are the easiest business for potential customers to find.

Smart optimization doesn’t just improve your business’s visibility. It’s also tailored to the search engine usage of specific sorts of customers. In this way, SEO work makes you more visible to a more valuable audience.

4) Gathering Influencers

Influence marketing is a huge asset in the cannabis industry. Garnering the support of key influencers exposes your products and services to a highly receptive audience.

Influencers bring big benefits to the marketing table. Good ones come with a built-in audience over which they exert a significant influence. Good influencers also generate their own content, which has the potential to spread on its own. Influence marketing thus combines the easy share-ability of viral marketing with a much more targeted effect.

5) Cultivate A Long-Term Audience

While growth and profit are essential for keeping your cannabis business healthy, you actually can’t go far if you focus exclusively on those goals. If you’re ruthless about chasing short-term profit, long-term stability will pass you by.

The best way to plan for longevity is to make an effort to educate your customers. When you focus on delivering information and enhancing your customers’ cannabis knowledge, what you’re actually doing is turning them into advocates for your business. A customer who trusts you and values what you have to say becomes a powerful ambassador for your brand.

Giving your customer interactions an educational focus also pays off because it positions you as an expert in the cannabis industry. This encourages potential customers to take you more seriously and may even elevate you to a more trustworthy position compared to your competitors.

The cannabis industry is a fast-growing and fast-changing business landscape. That doesn’t shake our conviction that a strong digital marketing plan is a huge asset to any cannabis business. The basic principles we’ve shared here are just the tip of the iceberg.

Have any of these principles helped you in marketing your cannabis business? Are we overlooking a strategy you consider vitally important? Do you want to learn more about one of our principles in particular? Let us know!

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The Definitive List Of The Best Blogs To Follow In 2019

No matter what stage of life you’re at, good blogs are the ones that are always going to inspire you to do and try something new. Whether you’re a student, have a full-time job, or a freelancer, some blogs out there are just too inspirational. You feel the itch and your imagination goes to the sky. And, all of a sudden, here you are, with this idea in your head and you have to try it out. Since we are listening to your needs and share passions for all these inspirational blogs, we’ve made the list of incredible blogs to follow, for the year 2019! So sit down, enjoy your cup of coffee and let’s dive in!

1) Roadmap Planner

The Roadmap is essentially reliable guidance on how to steadily keep your strategic course and never deviate from it. It gives you a structural visualization of the starting point, your objectives, and steps that should be carried out to successfully reach goals.

2) Webnexs

Webnexs is a technology-based solution provider, specializing in UI/UX designs, development, marketing, Mobile applications, and web scripts. They are into IOT, AI, M2M, POS and other script developments. They target themselves as a technology company which has been providing solutions to the problems their customers face by capitalizing the technologies. We also provide e-commerce development on Magento and other robust e-commerce platforms. Our team of certified developers shares best practices, technical tricks, tutorials, tips and resources for building a thriving business.

3) HFB Advertising

HFB Advertising’s blog is about advertising design services and strategies that help businesses reach their goals. They help small businesses and corporations with full service, custom, affordable advertising design services that include logo design, web design, graphic design, online advertising, direct marketing, digital marketing, SEO, printing, marketing materials and more.

4) Orana Creative 

Orana Velarde, the founder of Orana Creative, is visual Strategist and Designer. After a few years of being asked for help in visual content creation, Orana decided it was time to offer her services to bloggers that needed that creative help that she could offer. Tapping into her design and art upbringing, taking professional online courses and having her mom as professional graphic design mentor, she founded Orana Creative.

5) Savvycom

Savvycom is in the business of digital innovation and building world-beating apps are their business. Their ultimate mission is to optimize business performance for clients through scalable and robust solutions. Savvycom, founded by a team of four passionate software engineers, is Vietnam’s leading software development company. During nearly 10 years of development, Savvycom has been constantly striving to complete the mission of delivering powerful products whether they’re a mobile application or web-based application development, enterprise management solutions or Cloud & DevOps services.

6) Grade ONEderful

Grade ONEderful is a blog for primary teachers. I share tons of free resources and printables for K-3 teachers, including book reviews and related activities, games, art ideas, and even blogger tutorials!

7) Commercial Construction & Renovation

Commercial Construction & Renovation’ is a bi-monthly publication that covers the design, construction and facilities operations of the major commercial construction segments, including retail, hospitality, restaurant, education, healthcare and more.

8) is one of the most popular websites in the world. We also include New Data Of Technology and some other important information on the site.

9) Serpstat

Serpstat is the all-in-one SEO platform. On our blog dedicated to Digital Marketing, we cover topics about SEO, PPC, Marketing, and Analytics. Here you can find useful tips and tricks, how-to and up-to-date news.

10) James Hubbard’s SEO Blog

James Hubbard is a technical SEO specialist with many years’ experience working client-side and agency-side in digital marketing. James recently returned to freelancing and has just launched a new blog focused on providing useful content around the SEO audit process. His long list of audit tools has been referenced across the web and we hear that he is planning a new long-form guide to the audit checklist process.

11) nuBranch Media

nuBranch Media is a digital marketing agency with a focus on helping small business owners improve their digital footprint. Our blog covers a wide spectrum of topics relating to web design, SEO and pay per click advertising.

12) Susan Greene Copywriter

Susan Greene specializes in writing copy, and she is a freelance copywriter and marketing consultant for over 20 years. Based in Orlando, Florida, but works with companies all over the U.S. and the world in all types of industries.  She is a straight shooter who can quickly zero in on your needs and provide affordable winning solutions. She has the proven experience to write compelling copy for any application: websites, brochures, sales letters and more.  If it needs words, you need a professional copywriter.

13) Robust Tech House

RobustTechHouse, a company by MMPS Technologies Pte Ltd, is a development house based in Singapore and Vietnam, providing web, mobile app, chatbot, and blockchain development. We provide services across the entire development process from UI/UX design, integration, coding to deployment. With our in-depth experience and domain expertise, we can add substantial value and offer solutions to clients ranging from start-ups to large scale companies.

14) The Prepper Journal

The Prepper Journal is a daily survival blog devoted to a wide variety of preparedness, survival, self-reliance and personal defense topics for readers who want to protect themselves and their family from seen and unseen disasters in our future. The Prepper Journal was started in January of 2013, with the goal of helping people become more prepared for life’s curve-balls.

15) Rags To Niches is dedicated to helping others make and save money online. We review money making/saving Apps, survey panels and various make money online opportunities. We also have tutorial posts including SEO tips, affiliate marketing and blogging advice for beginners.


In November 2017, New Valence Robotics® (NVBOTS) was acquired by Cincinnati Incorporated (CI).  CI was founded in 1898 as the Cincinnati Shaper Company. The company is a global technology leader in manufacturing laser cutting systems, press brakes, shears, powdered metal presses, and additive manufacturing machines. The company is based out of a 500,000-square-foot plant on a 300-acre site in Harrison, OH.

17) FHMatch

FHMatch focuses on the importance of bringing consumers free access to professionals and removing the everyday frustration of locating qualified fitness, health and wellness professionals in their area. Giving consumers a voice to connect with professionals and providing a place for professionals to showcase their skills on a significant, credible and reliable platform.

18) Destination Luxury

Destination Luxury is an industry leader in the luxury sector, bringing the latest in hospitality, tech, design, lifestyle and more to a new audience of luxury fans hungry for the latest news and content in the art of living well. Our goal is to showcase the most sumptuous locales, capture the grandeur of good living, exclusive events, and the most evocative individuals, in alluring, poignant, and inspiring features.

19) Newszii

Newszii finds news that can tickle your funny bones! News that can stimulate your senses! They explore the Web to create and curate mind-blowing photos and stories for you! Read more quality and entertainment stories on their website.

20) Creative Mindscape

Creative Mindscape is a digital marketing strategy and full-service consultancy. Our blog covers all aspects of digital marketing as we believe that marketing to a tech-savvy audience today is a unique endeavor for every individual business. A set methodology or digital strategy doesn’t work as an off-the-shelf solution. So we provide insights via our blog that aim to help businesses of all shapes and sizes connect with genuine audiences who are actively looking for their help.

21) OnlineRockersHub

OnlineRockersHub is a blog by Nirmal Kumar, where he helps you by sharing Blogging Tips, Search Engine Optimization, WordPress Tutorials, Affiliate Marketing Tips, Google Adsense and Social Media Tips. Nirmal Kumar has been blogging since 2015 and has good knowledge and exposure to all these areas. So, watch out for these unique tips and guidelines at 

22) Omghowto

Founded in 2015, OMGHOWTO is a technology site where we will bring a greater how-to site to the Internet with content that’s understandable for regular users. We also seek to present Fresh News, useful Tips&Tricks that modern technology users will appreciate.

23) The GreenRope

The GreenRope Business Blog focuses on sales, marketing, and customer service strategies and technology. You will find best practices for implementing and managing a CRM, tips for setting up successful marketing automation, how to use technology to align your departments and much more.

24) SEO Content Hero

At you can get high-quality website content at unbeatable pricing. The service is run by an efficient team of people who have a deep knowledge of SEO and Digital marketing.

25) 60 Second Marketer

The 60 Second Marketer is a marketing blog run by internationally recognized author, speaker, and CEO Jamie Turner. The website offers insider tips and techniques to readers from around the globe and includes posts from some of the world’s leading authorities on marketing, branding, social media, and digital media. The 60 Second Marketer has been visited by more than 2 million people from more than 160 countries and has been providing content to readers and viewers for over a decade.

26) Outgrow

Outgrow is an interactive marketing platform that lets marketers and digital agencies create quizzes, calculators, and assessments to boost their marketing efforts. Their tools help companies generate new leads, increase their social footprint and engage their customers. There have been numerous examples of Outgrow customers getting up to 50% conversions using calculators and quizzes! Companies such as TAG Livros, MuleSoft and Radius use Outgrow to generate viral traffic and increase high-quality leads and conversions.

27) AltusHost

AltusHost has been providing quality Web Hosting services since 2008. One of AltusHost’s main goals is to provide top-notch managed web hosting services by doing it with the best customer experience and reasonable pricing rates. AltusHost focuses mainly on uptime and client satisfaction, with the fastest servers on the market and an equally efficient Support team. A unique aspect of AltusHost can be seen in the high level of support that is guaranteed with all the plans we offer to clients worldwide.

28) Red Kite SEO

At Red Kite SEO, you will find helpful information in their blog for gaining better online visibility for local businesses. In Red Kite SEO’s blog, it gives insight and advice on GMB listings, local search engine optimization, and local marketing. Red Kite SEO is headed by Pete Hogg a digital marketing consultant who specializes in local SEO. You will find more details at

29) Rutter Networking Technologies

Rutter Networking Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of end-to-end technology solutions in the Northeast and a top Boston IT services company. We provide implementation, configuration, management, advanced support and sales for top technology manufacturers. Core solutions and services include Enterprise Security, Virtualization & Storage, Directory & Messaging, Networking Infrastructure, Monitoring & Management, and Extended Support Services.

30) Virtual Project Consulting

Virtual Project Consulting has been serving existing and aspiring project managers for the past 10 years through recommending project management resources relating to Events, PM training, PM software, PM products, and services.  On the Blog, you will find practical advice on project processes, tools, and tips based on best practices to deliver your business projects successfully. As a contribution to knowledge sharing, the Founder, Linky van der Merwe, collects and shares project success stories from experienced project practitioners in a way that is relevant project Lessons Learned for future use.

31) Ladder

Ladder’s blog is the treasure trove of directly actionable growth/marketing content. No fluff content – just expert insights, strategic theory, and tactical “how to’s”. It’s no surprise they’ve been featured on Forbes, Hubspot, Inc., Entrepreneur, Mashable and more. One of the reasons Ladder stands out is their level of transparency. They share real numbers, real strategy, and real experiments (in both their blog and their free public tactic database).

32) Templatic

Templatic is a company that specializes in creating business solutions in the form of WordPress themes. With 8 years under their belt, they’re one of the oldest companies in the business and have helped thousands in creating their dream website. Their goal is to make the process of creating a website easy, straightforward and affordable, and the same mindset is applied to their latest themes as well.

33) Dragon Social

Dragon Social is a Chinese Social Media Marketing agency in China, offering Weibo and WeChat marketing services. With a diverse international team, they help global businesses expand to China.

34) The Online Technology

The Online Technology is your TechNews website. We provide you with the latest news and analysis of emerging cryptocurrencies, technology trends, important software, hardware, and gadgets.

35) Cocoonfxmedia

SEO experts, Cocoonfxmedia Ltd based in Lichfield Staffordshire has developed search engine optimization processes with a proven methodology to help websites achieve the highest possible positions with all the top search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing. By using a mixture of SEO practices.

36) Mechanics Hub

Mechanics Hub is North America’s largest specialty recruiter for diesel machinery professionals, related trade professionals and the companies that employ them. They focus solely on the recruitment of diesel machinery professionals including diesel mechanics, heavy equipment technicians, parts/service staff and shop managers, across multiple industries including transportation & logistics, construction, mining, forestry, agriculture, power generation and more.

37) Inkit

Inkit is the fastest, easiest way to connect with online customers in the offline world. Inkit plays well with the apps and CRM you use every day. With industry leaders like HubSpot, Braze and Iterable, you’ll have everything you need to succeed. Save time and effort by letting Inkit automate your direct mail campaigns, track their conversions, and bring offline customers back online.

38) Cincopa

Cincopa helps businesses, marketers and online publishers succeed with the power of video and media. Founded in 2006 with the mission of providing business with the advanced capabilities to Market, Teach and Engage through the use of video, images, and audio, company at their core lies the spirit of a startup. Over the years they have been successful in developing and providing the most advanced enterprise media hosting solutions for a variety of industries and verticals including Governmental organizations, Learning institutions and Media companies such as Pfizer, Euronews, Salvation Army, Dell, CNN, US State Dept and Worldpay.

39) Vajra Blog

We at Vajra Global pride at being one of the foremost thought leaders in the field of digital marketing. We cater to clients from all sectors by understanding their products and services and connecting with the right audience. We strive to build businesses with core inbound marketing methodologies. Effective Lead Generation, Creative Content Strategy, Exemplary Graphic Designing, Customized Website Designing and Development, Compelling Social Media Strategy and Marketing, Professional LinkedIn Marketing and Makeover services are a few of our strengths. Keeping the customer at the central focus, we build efficient strategies to deliver the best results for our clients. As a leading HubSpot and Google partner, we are all set to become one of the best Digital Marketing agencies in India and the world.

40) Blurytech

Blurytech is your new source for tech news, tips and tricks, and more! World of technology without borders.

41) Kurtz Digital Strategy

Communication in a Web-Saturated World is a blog for communicators, marketers, and others who want to learn about the opportunities presented by online technologies. Posts share trends and ideas to educate and inspire.

42) Carsirent

The best dreams happen when you are awake. CARSiRENT Blog provides the best tips for travel, road trips, car rental secrets, and tricks! It is a reference for all travelers who want to get the most out of their trips. Explore the world with CARSiRENT travel inspirations and hidden gems. a memory with every mile.


Kexino is a small business marketing agency helping you deliver creative ways to market your business, a dynamic team of creatives comprised of marketing, branding, design, web development, video production, communications specialists and business development professionals. They provide creative and affordable marketing services to startups and small businesses looking for a partner for their digital media, design, lead generation, and communications requirements.

44) Tech4uonline

Tech4uonline is the technology, earn money online, tech reviews blog where you can learn smart ways to earn money online, SEO tips and latest updates from the tech world. We also provide a complete tutorial on how to start your blogging business and provide you all the essential tools required for the starting up your own business. One blog for your all tech needs to check out us and comment on your views.

45) TotalCloud

TotalCloud helps cloud engineers automate cloud management tasks without the need for coding or integrating other tools. The platform allows users to create interactive workflows – a logical flow of actions involving cloud management tasks and team collaboration. The company’s blog page is a treasure trove of numerous cloud computing tips and tricks, AWS services benefits, hilarious cloud comics, thought leadership articles, industry news, platform benefits, and much more.

46) THAT Blog

As a professional West Palm Beach digital marketing agency, their focus is all about YOU, not them. At THAT Agency, they understand that for their clients to meet and exceed their business goals, they need to reach their customers where they live, work, and play, and that means reaching customers in all environments and at any time. THAT Agency helps you synchronize all your digital marketing and advertising endeavors to maximize your visibility to potential customers and current clients.

47) Life Coach Hub

Life Coach Hub was started because they were inspired by the power life coaching has in helping people to take control over their lives, businesses, relationships, health, and careers. They have seen first hand the successes of life coaching helps people to achieve.

48) YuleTimes

My name is Stephen and I am the writer behind the YuleTimes blog. I write about the joys of parenting from a Dad’s perspective. I also write about relationships too.

49) Startupily

Startupily is a platform for entrepreneurs seeking useful content, resources, and tools to start and grow their business.

50) LTVplus Blog – Customer Success Tips for E-commerce

LTVplus blog is regularly updated with articles on best practices and actionable tips. They also write about tried and proven strategies for e-commerce customer success.

51) Adzerk

Adzerk’s blog is focused on how to build and scale ad servers and innovative ad platforms. Their articles provide in-depth overviews around ad tech infrastructures and how engineers and PMs can use tools to build fully-customized ad platforms.

52) G Web Pro Marketing Inc.

G Web Pro Marketing Inc. is a leading provider of online marketing solutions for all types of businesses. Their team of highly-skilled professionals use robust processes and proven strategies to promote a company’s online exposure and grow the business by turning a website into a 24/7 salesperson. Their most unique attribute and what they believe allows them to deliver maximum results, is their view on online advertising. Despite what accounting principles indicate, they believe online advertising is an investment and not an expense, as it generates income when properly implemented.

53) G3Group

At the G3 Group Agency, they all have a creative spark but they absolutely love technical challenges and take pride in making YOU the hero. They’re at their best when you regard them as an integral part of your team because they’re the silent partner who takes winning as seriously as you do. It makes them feel good to launch a new site and watch it succeed or help a customer win more market share and increase their ROI.

54) Sheri Kaye Hoffs Blog

Live and Breathe Your Vision with Sheri Kaye Hoff. Coaching for Business Growth, Leadership Skills, Mindset Mastery and Business Development. Are you a coach, consultant, consultant, professional, or heart-centered entrepreneur/small business owner? Discover a clear path to creating the business and/or lifestyle you want. Relax into increasing your income doing what you love. Create more happiness, freedom, and success every day.

55) Pipefy

Pipefy is the lean management platform. With their technology anyone can take control of their daily work and make a greater impact. Their solution allows you to streamline and automate any business process on your own – from employee onboarding to customer service to agile development. They believe that when do-ers have the tools they need to improve their work, without relying on anyone else, there’s no limit to what they can accomplish.

56) Darshan Saroya

A blog by WordPress Developer to WordPress. Also provide free WordPress themes and plugins.

57) Brown Box Branding

Brown Box Branding has been creating and executing groundbreaking branding projects, digital marketing campaigns, media, websites, mobile apps, and other cool stuff for clients all over the country since 2013. From small local businesses and startups, to large international corporations, their team has done it all. Leveraging this vast experience, their blog aims to provide solid and timely advice to business leaders at all levels.

58) CanIRank

CanIRank is the first SEO tool built with artificial intelligence. Focusing on providing Opportunities over data, CanIRank is a unique marketing tool that helps businesses grow. With a heavy focus on data-driven content, CanIRank’s blog is an excellent resource for DIY marketers, SEO’s, businesses of all sizes, and anyone who’s interested is piqued. Definitely, one to follow this year.

59) Big Oak Inc

Big Oak Team Gives Expert Advice on SEO, SEM, PPC, Site Design and all things dealing with online marketing. Many posts include step-by-step instructions on topics such as increasing your blog traffic, how to find out your competitor’s marketing techniques, and helpful digital marketing information such as “What is a Local Citation and Why is it Important?” This blog isn’t fluff, it is strategic advice with practical steps on what you should do as a site owner or marketing director.

60) provides an easy and unobtrusive way to ask and remind customers to review your business on the sites that matter to you. We call it a “review funnel”.

61) API2Cart

API2Cart is a unified API to integrate eCommerce software with multiple shopping platforms like Magento, Shopify, eBay, etc. With API2Cart shopping platforms integration is easy. Integrate once, save 4-8 weeks and thousands of dollars on each integration and never worry about maintaining separate connections.

62) James Hubbard’s SEO Blog

James Hubbard is a technical SEO specialist with many years’ experience working client-side and agency-side in digital marketing. James recently returned to freelancing and has just launched a new blog focused on providing useful content around the SEO audit process. His long list of audit tools has been referenced across the web and we hear that he is planning a new long-form guide to the audit checklist process.

63) Owner Direct Vacation Rentals

Owner Direct Vacation Rentals Blog offers inspiring destinations, travel guides and travel tips for guests along with helpful vacation home owner advice on ways to improve listings and make the most of vacation home ownership. Follow us as we travel and explore the world. With some many great places to stay, visit to find that perfect place to holiday.

64) X-Cart eCommerce Blog

Launched back in April 2006 by the X-Cart team, this eCommerce blog is still a perfect place for all things related to selling online. Here you’ll find lots of information about eCommerce, sales & marketing, design & development, copywriting, SEO, and the X-Cart eCommerce shopping cart they develop with so much love and enthusiasm. Together with their partners and guest bloggers, X-Cart team are eager to share their extensive knowledge with their subscribers and help them establish online businesses.

65) WDC

Calgary, Alberta based search engine optimization company. Web Development Company, shows you how to dominate search rankings through smarter online marketing.

66) Rightly Digital

Rightly Digital is your on-stop place to get all your digital marketing questions answered. Whether it is Social Media Marketing, Content Writing, SEO, Paid Advertising or Email Marketing, there is something for everyone. If you’re interested in learning about online marketing, irrespective of your experience in the marketing industry, Rightly Digital will help you achieve all your advertising goals.

67) MotionFirst

The name of her blog is MotionFirst – and it is a business growth blog highlighting the sales, leadership development and business strategies you need to turn uncertainty into competitive advantage. They highlight and showcase skills, strategies and stories from companies making this economy start working for them.

68) WDC

Calgary, Alberta based, search engine optimization company and Web Development Company. Shows you how to dominate search rankings through smarter online marketing.

69) 10Web

10 years of working with WordPress empowered a team of developers and web designers to create 10Web — an all-in-one platform for building, hosting, and managing WordPress websites.
It’s their expertise that makes the 10Web blog stand out.
Here you can learn how to handle creating and running a WordPress website like a pro; front-end and back-end will no longer be a mystery to you.
Dozens of articles about digital marketing, website optimization, web design, and hosting will empower you to convert your website into a real business. And of course, the blog is a part of a fun and open WordPress community where beginners and pros share their experience, tips, advice, and opinions.

70) Mazepress

Mazepress is a blog and resource for anyone looking to start or grow a business online. The site features tutorials and guides on many facets of digital entrepreneurship from WordPress and eCommerce to Digital Marketing and SEO. 

The website is run by David Alexander who is a digital nomad and has over a decade of experience building websites and online businesses and uses the platform to share his experience and knowledge. The blog also features contributing authors on social media and other aspects of marketing in the modern world.

71) Marketing Ninjas

Since 2006, inbound marketing has been the most effective method for building brand awareness and marketing your business online. Instead of the old, traditional marketing methods of buying ads or media and praying for show home visitors, they’ve developed a program that’s rooted in inbound marketing and focused on creating quality content that naturally draws home buyers in. When your content is aligned with where your prospect is in their home buying journey, and it answers the questions they have about buying a new home, you naturally attract prospective home buyers to your website that you can then convert and close.

72) Rich Nuggets

Just like the name, Rich Nuggets (Valuable Information) so is the Blog filled with priceless content. It focuses on important topics like; Motivation, Christian Gospel, Career Advice and other random Topics which are normally added to the blog section.

73) WSI Proven Results Blog

WSI Proven Results Blog is a complete digital marketing blog. They offer advice, tips, suggestions and “best practices” with regard to digital marketing for businesses. The WSI Proven Results Blog covers all areas of digital marketing including website design and development, SEO, SEM, social media, content marketing and more.

74) SMA Marketing blog

The SMA Marketing blog features hundreds of topics related to Inbound Marketing and SEO. Learn valuable tips, tricks, and advice for improving your social media, content, and brand strategy and how to perform better in search.

75) NameClerks

NameClerks is a website sharing knowledge on SEO, Business, Domain name & Web hosting. NameClerks also shares Domain & Hosting deals and coupons such as Godaddy coupons, NameSilo coupons, Vultr coupons, NameCheap coupons,…and many more.

76) Techtriyo is a site where your find content related to Tech, digital marketing, Android, apps, gadgets, tips and tricks related Tech, SEO and WordPress.

77) PPCexpo

PPC (Pay Per Click) is an internet advertising model used to drive paid traffic from search engines, Google Display Network or Social media platforms to the website in a paid source. An advertiser pays for an ad click to a publisher. PPC works on the ad rank calculations which is mainly derived from Quality of your Ad and the bid.

Your bid would directly impact ad rank but these factors could also help to get better position in the SERP (Search engine result pages)

1. A detailed keyword research
2. Quality Score
3. Keep a balance between reach and relevance
4. Better the CTR, Better would be your ad rank
5. Website speed and optimized landing pages

78) Blogsxtra Web

Blogsxtra Web is a blog, talking about affiliate marketing, digital marketing, make money online topics and most of all blogging tutorials and tips for ranking high on the SERP. On Blogsxtra, Quality is what they deliver to their audience. The website is owned by Emmanuel Husseni.

79) VR Bonkers

VR Bonkers is a bunch of tech minds encouraging tech-savvy people with quick tips and tricks regarding WordPress, Android, digital marketing, technology, social media, startup, earn money online and many more. Believing in spreading the right information; VR Bonkers blog puts focus on sharing precise information to the potential readers across the globe. Since inception, it follows a simple approach – share the information to the suitable crowd at the right time. Need in-depth information about mentioned above topics? This blog is a boon for you. Just fill-up the contact form; you will get an answer in a couple of hours. Along with this, an admin allows guest posting and shares your views too if it’s relevant to a particular topic.

80) Pathfinder SEO

Pathfinder SEO is a guided SEO platform for site owners, freelancers, and agencies. Our blog focuses on breaking SEO into easy to follow, step-by-step tasks. You don’t need to be an SEO expert to get found on Google. You just need a process.

81) Techniqe

Find latest tech news, trends, new tools, design inspirations, tips and tricks, tutorials, designing software updates, new ideas, things within your imagination and beyond your imaginations.

82) Blogwithvk

Blogwithvk is a blog dedicated to Blogging tutorials. We share articles on Blogging, Technology, SEO, WordPress, Make Money, Marketing, Social Media, etc. We help newbies to become a Successful Blogger.

83) SEO Consultant Hampshire

SEO Consultant Hampshire is a Local SEO Consultancy business run by Adam Silveston an experienced SEO Consultant based in Southampton, Hampshire in the UK. SEO Consultant Hampshire has its own SEO Blog along-side offering a wide range of SEO Services including SEO Consultancy, SEO Marketing Plans, Organic Search SEO, Local Search SEO, International SEO, Conversion Rate Optimisation, SEO Content Marketing, SEO Landing Pages, SEO Link Building, PPC Management Services and Social Media SEO.

84) The MoxiWorks

The MoxiWorks blog is your place to find real estate tips and tricks, industry happenings, and technology news. Read the Moxi Blog to find out what you need to succeed in the land of real estate.

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Local Branding

5 Tips to Hiring The Best Promotional Models

Are you looking forward to boosting sales in your store? Perhaps you’re to take part in a tradeshow. You’ll definitely have to find a way to drive traffic to your booth. In both circumstances, hiring promotional models is a great idea. These can work alongside your executive and sales staff to promote lead generation and make presentations more exciting and engaging. To make the most from your hires, it requires grasping these 5 tips to hiring the best promotional models.

1. Check out their photos

Filters can make images misleading. Therefore, ensure to request the models for their photos. This should be a professional headshot plus a ¾ industry standard body shot. You can as well request for dated candids to preventing models from submitting older photos. This will ensure that you get the real impression of the person you’re about to hire to represent your brand.

2. Experience matters

After reviewing the photos, ensure to check their experience. it pays to hire models with experience handling your type of work. Staff with previous experience is a guarantee that the models have the poise and communication skills required to convey your brand message and intricacies. More experienced models have higher chances of meeting expectations on the actual day.

3. Get models from a staffing agency

Perhaps you’re too taken up with other tasks for the show. A great idea is to look for a professional agency with UAE female models. This will eliminate the tough job of selecting the right models for you. The agency will handle the job of selecting the right models to meet your requirements. These are usually experienced and have an interest in your industry. staffing agencies handle interviewing, screening, onboarding, and managing models.

4. Choose models with interest in your industry

Avoid working with models who just came to make some quick cash. Look for enthusiastic and genuine people with interest in your industry. These will be easier to work with. The agency can help identify models with an authentic interest in your industry, services, or products. Their knowledge and excitement will be invaluable when handling customers.

5. Look for trainable promotional models

Good promotional models should have more than looking the part. Ensure to find knowledgeable people about your industry. Consider a briefing session before the function or offering a script offering insight into your company. It will make the models understand the features and benefits of your products or services before the event. This is very important because the models are likely to answer questions from customers. Possession the right knowledge will lead to better results.

Bottom line

Your staff can make or break your marketing effort. A wonderful ideal to attract hordes of customers to your trade show booth or store is to hire some beautiful female models. These will answer customer questions, receive customers into your store, and give out promotions material about your business. The right staffing agency will come onboard to provide the right models to help enhance your marketing efforts. These have the right experience, are easily trainable, and have some knowledge about your industry.

Digital Branding

How to Combine Direct Mail and SEO To Improve Your Brand

You can’t rely on SEO alone to improve your brand. You must think out of the box and innovate. The goal is to be memorable, trusted, and known by your customers.

That’s where combining an effective traditional marketing approach to an existing digital method becomes a more effective solution. The secret to branding is perfectly explained on

Combining direct mail and SEO bring tremendous value to your brand. Here’s how:

Set your goals

The first step of putting a marketing strategy in place is to set a goal. You must decide what you are trying to achieve.

Is it to —

  • Raise awareness
  • Increase traffic
  • Build social following
  • Increase sales
  • Demonstrate your value proposition
  • Invite people to attend an event

You must draw out the ideal scenario as well as your expectations for results. You can do this by building metrics and/or defining how you will measure success.

Set a budget

Every campaign costs money. The new marketing strategy you’re going implement must work within your allocated budget. You must know how much you’re willing to spend on it, then work within that range.

Having a financial control point in place will save the business both on the short-term and the long-term. It avoids unnecessary financial movements between operations and sales as well as keep the outlook close to the goal.

On the other hand, setting a specific budget allows you to define the scale of the new marketing effort. You’ll be able to define further your outreach within the set budget and then manage realistic expectations.

Identify your target audience

The thing that makes or break a direct mail marketing campaign is an incorrect audience. You must have a solid understanding of who you’re trying to reach. And then narrow it down to specific demographics, for example:

  • Age group
  • Income range
  • Gender
  • Profession
  • Interest
  • Industry
  • Location
  • Niche
  • Budget

The key is to not overcomplicate. The goal is to know who you want to have a conversation with if it was a face-to-face meeting. These people are the ones who will respond to you when you bring up your subject. They’re your ‘ideal’ customer.

Inaccurately identifying your ideal customer is a waste of money. It will not translate to results, thus, yields to a low conversion rate. To avoid this, you will need to do some diligent and correct research. Otherwise, your ROI will be greatly impacted.

Create a list

As soon as you have a solid definition of who your target audience will be, then it’s time to build a list. You can tap on your existing mailing list and/or employ lead generation tools. There are a lot of companies who provide lead generation services.

You must obtain these pre-existing lists and clean the data manually. You can put it together on a spreadsheet and match your ideal customers via LinkedIn as a reference.

This requires time and effort, but it will help you understand who you’re reaching out. It also enhances results and avoids unnecessary costs, which can be channeled elsewhere in the business.

Employ appropriate design and effective copy

Construction of the mail requires two very important elements: appropriate design and effective copy. These two must be present in every direct mail package. Otherwise, your target customers will send your mail straight to Spam or Trash. Think about what you’re going to do if ever you’re the one receiving that mail.

What this means is that the direct mail package should have the most accurate design that represents your brand, goal, and intent. It should have a concise and direct to the point message. And most importantly, it should have a call to action.

Tell your audience to action

The call to action piece in the message of the direct mail package is the most critical. It translates to results and conversion. Without this, your ideal customer will simply read the mail and close it when done.

Telling your audience to action works both ways:

  • It gives you an opportunity to convert customers into a sale or a result
  • It gives your customer an opportunity to explore your brand and/or the information better

Your call to action should encourage your customers to do a specific task. That said, it should be very strong, distinct and easy. You can use simple messages, such as:

  • Click the link for more details
  • Call us for a free demonstration
  • Contact us for more information
  • Sign up to avail of the discount

Implement an SEO strategy

Integrating an SEO strategy into your direct mail campaign increases traffic to your website. You will need to leverage online traffic to tap on these mortar events and/or locations and increase offline traffic. This is very much possible considering your specific and distinct demographics.

It can target these demographics through Google My Business listings, optimized keywords, NAP citations, individual pages, etc. There’s a ton more information about how local SEO strategy improves branding on

Follow through

Direct mail campaign doesn’t end where customers receive them and performing an action. To sustain the strategy, there must be continuous and consistent engagement. This means that a follow through with the audience is required.

You won’t be a 100% certain that your audience will react appropriately to you direct mail package, regardless if you have an appealing direct mail package and a very convincing call to action. A nudge, continuous awareness, and push into the right direction can turn this audience into expected results.


Analysis is one of the most important step on your marketing strategy. It allows you to keep track of who among your audience actually responded, identify areas you need to improve, determine cycle time of response, and take necessary actions to improve.

You can employ different methodologies to analyze the numbers as well as your results. Some examples are:

  • Multivariate tests
  • A/B Testing
  • SWOT analysis
  • Website activity methods


Combining direct mail and SEO is crucial for brand improvement. It is one of the most effective marketing strategies that actually translate to results. Doing this is tricky and can require a lot of resources, effort, and costs if not planned and executed properly. These steps help you run a successful direct mail marketing campaign to improve your brand.

Digital Branding

Three Marketing Strategies That Will Take You to Greater Heights 

Owning and running their own businesses is a dream that many people have. It allows them to follow their passions and to practically be their own boss. But passion and freedom are truly not enough. A business should be profitable in order for it to be sustainable.  Because of this, a good business owner must be strategic in every step that they take.


Marketing is a very significant part of any business cycle. Without a marketing campaign, the market will not have any idea that a company is offering a product or service that it needs. Because of this, it should not come as a surprise that a sizeable chunk of any company’s annual budget goes directly to marketing.


Surely, marketing is not something that can be done haphazardly. Because of its importance, every marketing campaign must be well-calculated and ultimately well-executed. Through the years, a number of marketing strategies have been developed and tested. We discuss three such strategies here.


Content Marketing

In the past, advertising and other marketing efforts were replete with images and text that directly talked about how good a product or service is. The aim, of course, was to provide enough arguments to persuade the consumer to buy the product or service. While we still cannot do away with this strategy at least for some products today, hard selling, as it is called, has lost its once lustrous appeal to many. A lot of people now are so sensitive to suggestion, and they react negatively to it. Any attempt to tell them what to do is met with animosity and resistance.


In the chaos of such reactions, the concept of content marketing was born. In this strategy, the marketing content being propagated does not talk about the product or service directly. Instead, it talks about topics that are only remotely related to the product or service. For example, a seller of sports shoes might opt to continuously release commentaries on basketball players and other athletes, giving out only subtle references to what they really sell. This way, the suggestion is not made directly. There are even cases when the message is so cleverly crafted that the consumer is not even aware that they have just been influenced!


Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing, though very successful, is best applied in industries where the products and services for sale are quite complex. This strategy involves reaching out to high-potential accounts (companies or groups of people) and treating them as markets of one. What does it mean to be treated as a market of one? Basically, a client is a market of one if a certain level of customization and customer service is given to that client, making them feel that what they receive from the supplier is special and unique only to them.


Search Engine Optimization

Establishing a stable and reliable online presence is a must nowadays. People are most of the time hooked up to the Internet so it’s right to join them there if you are to earn money from their buying behavior. Search engine optimization or SEO involves developing and implementing strategies that are aimed at making your website more accessible through the search engines. This can be applied to almost all business out there, as long as they are based around concepts, products, or services that can be represented well by keywords.

Digital Branding

The Perfect Strategies to Get More Traffic for Your Business 

It is very important to know the entire things which play a significant role in improving the online business with brand name and value. The person who is engaged in the same field must know the difference between the Black Hat and White Hat SEO Services. The only aim of the person is to know the methods and strategies of increasing more and more revenue. Knowing the difference can make a huge difference in your business output.

Before stepping over the final step, one must know each and every single thing about these SEO services. People and individuals should take assistance from the best and popular websites which provide the SEO related services. The main target of these sites is to provide the high traffic and proper keywords in your articles and making it very easy to search for Google.

Not only this, but these websites also deal in the off page and on-page SEO to take your business website at the number 1 rank. After that, if your website once become number 1 among all, then it automatically enhances the number of traffic towards the sites, and it generates more revenue than before. So, taking help from these SEO related websites provide a person with positive results in their online business.

How to attract more traffic easily?

So, to stay positive and move to the top in your online business one needs to draw more and more attention of the people towards the business website. The same task is very important to accomplish to get the best results for your business revenue, and it is completed with the help of white hat SEO services. Search Engine Optimization is a very important tool in internet marketing. One must require the best and professional team to grab the top-quality internet marketing services.

Users and people should take care of some crucial things while hiring the best company for getting the services. Some of the main things are as follows –

  • Reputation– It means that one must hire only that company which is more popular and more reputation in the market. Services taken by a reputed company as compared to the new or any other company prove more effective not only in business results but the brand name also.


  • Worth – Price is another main thing on which every person must focus properly while going to hire the best company to these services. They have to do is know and compare all the prices and companies available and then select the most and perfect company among all which is easily available in their fixed budget.


  • Experience – Experience also matters a lot in the same field. To get success in the work, you are going to start you need to perfect team with more experience. As you know that experience is the key to success, so one must focus and find out that team or company who has more experience among all.


  • Team strength – The team which the person hires to get the internet marketing services must have good strength. All the members of the team are well behaved, skillful and using good communication skills, etc. They not only present there to complete the work, instead of it they should know their responsibility and then work accordingly.

After setting all these things in the mind, one can hire the best and appropriate team or company to get the top-notch internet marketing services. The company that the people hire should know the main purpose and understand properly which method is more suitable for your business and website. One can also hire the SEO Red Tail to get the best services. It is also available at reasonable prices.

Manage the entire things on time

After completing the necessary things, one must pay more attention to the time factor. It means that not only providing the quality things work for your business, and you should also provide very basic and little thing on appropriate time. Search Engine Optimization does not provide you with the results very quickly. For the result, one has to wait and be punctual. The strategies and methods you create and apply for getting the best results in your business are more effective and meaningful.

Users and individuals have to wait and with their approaches and techniques. Some reviews and sites prove that the same thing shows the SEO results in at least 2-4 months. Another thing is that including the competition and the business website one must require more time which is described above. So, one can know and understand that the entire process if of 6 and more months. In some case, there are situation occurred when the business website owners get the results in two months.

Pay more attention to Content

So, providing the appropriate and relevant content is the best way to enhance the overall success of your business website. The websites which are containing high quality and relevant contents can easily move at the top in the Search Engine Ranking Pages. There are numerous SEO tools provided by the Google which every newbie or White hat SEO or Right SEO use.

Users always need the professional SEO that provides the best services. These are expert in their fields and help out you in getting the best outcome. These professional SEO service providers offer their customers or clients with websites contents to link building. Getting the SEO services from these experts also allows people and users to get the services in different ranges.

Overall Review

The above-mentioned things are essential to keep in mind to get success in the business. Working on all these things easily helps out in enhancing the business revenue and also results in the overall success of the business website, name and fame. So, working with SEO campaign is not only an easy thing. One must concentrate more on it and deal with it properly. The more your website contains quality content and looks smarter the more traffic you attract towards it.