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5 Slides Every Start-Up Pitch Deck Needs

The more creative, unique and memorable your pitch deck is, the better. That said, there is certain information that needs to be present in every start-up presentation.

Of course, there will be slides in your pitch deck that are unique to your brand’s message, but there are certain things an audience needs to know whether they are an investor or potential client or user.

By working with a professional presentation design company, you can make sure that all of this essential information is present in your presentation and is conveyed in a way that represents your brand’s unique story.

Considering that, according to Tech Crunch, the average investor only looks at a pitch deck for an average of 3 minutes and 44 seconds, you’re going to want to make every slide count and leave no question left unanswered.

If you are tasked with building or presenting a pitch deck for your start-up, these are the slides that are the bare bones of every good pitch presentation:

1. Mission Statement

Entrepreneur defines a mission statement as “what an organization is, why it exists, its reason for being.”You can’t have a pitch deck without a slide outlining the purpose of your company and what it wants to achieve.

Your mission statement should be punchy and enticing. Mission statement slides are an impactful way to either begin or end a pitch presentation.

2. What’s the Problem &How Will Your Company Solve It?

Why do people need your company, and how will your company satisfy these needs? This is a question every business will need to answer in their pitch presentation. Integrating this type of slide is a good way to convey the services your company will provide and why these services are needed.

3. Big Numbers

How many users or customers has your company already attained? What is the current and potential size of your company’s user base?

Data talks, so prove your value by showing important numbers. Your ROI, current and projected earnings, current and projected userbase, statistics of your target demographic; these are all substantial numbers to have on a slide — or multiple slides — in your pitch deck.

They key is to make sure these numbers pack a punch. You can always get Stinson Design working for you to create infographics and visualize data in ways that will deliver the importance of these numbers.

4. Demographics

Your pitch deck will need to address what services your company offers, why they are needed, and specifically who needs them.

It’s essential to showcase the volume of your target audience in a way that is clear and engaging. After all, if a lot of people or companies can make use of your offerings, that’s a huge selling point for your brand.

5. Past & Projected Timelines

What has your company attained in the last year? 5 years? You should have at least one slide displaying what you’ve already accomplished.

This slide should be followed by one that displays your projected 5-year plan. If you have any projections based on data findings, present them at this point in your presentation in a visually appealing way.

A PowerPoint presentation company will provide your brand with an informative and engaging pitch deck that integrates made-to-order graphics like graphs and technical drawings to visually depict what your company is about, what it’s achieved, and where it’s going.

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An Active Businessperson’s Guide to Aging Parent Care

You’ve worked hard to get where you are now and establish yourself within the career you have chosen. As an active businessperson who prioritizes work success, it can come as quite a shock when your aging parents need assistance from you. After all, you’ve managed to get this far in life and business thanks to your loving parents who have supported you from day one. But just like they were sometimes busy with work when you were a child, getting away from your business endeavors in order to spend time and care for your parents can become quite a big problem for everyone, and especially you. But, where there’s a will there’s a way.

Technology to the rescue

As it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to wiggle your way out of the business meetings you probably have scheduled a month in advance, it would be best to utilize the power of the digital age we live in and introduce your parents to the world of social media. Regardless of their age, managing social media accounts and browsing the Web shouldn’t be too difficult to master. Not only will you be able to check up on them and have a quick chat, but they’ll have something entertaining to do when they’re home alone.

Complete fall prevention

In case your aging parents live alone at their own home, you want to conduct a “fall audit” (similar to a business audit) to make sure that there are no trip hazards at their place considering that you won’t be able to run to them immediately if something happens. That said, inspect their home when you have the chance for problematic cords, poor lighting, unused furniture that simply creates clutter, slippery surfaces, lack of rails/grab bars around the stairs or in the bathroom, and so on. If you can’t deal with fixing the issues due to your business responsibilities, hire someone else to do it.

Look for professional help

In case your parent or parents also suffer from some kind of illness, either physical or mental, and need special care in that regard as well, you most definitely need to get some professional help. The chances are that you won’t be able to leave work in order to take your folks to doctor’s appointments. This is where contemporary dementia care programs can help you. And even if your parents don’t like the idea, you can convince them by explaining to them that they’ll have all the freedom they want and that they can go back home every once in a while as well.

Make sure they’re not lonely

It’s not uncommon for seniors to withdraw and stay away from social contact, especially when they spend their time away from their home. Add to that the fact that you won’t be able to give them your full attention due to the responsibilities you have and your business, and you get a grumpy and lonely elder. Making sure that their care program and/or facility organizes outings and get-togethers which they’ll be obliged to attend is likely to help them open up a bit again and enjoy social activities and encounters once more.

Even if you’re fully committed to your career and business at hand, you can do everything in your power to provide security and protection to your aging parents. You don’t have to be present all the time for them to know that you love and care for them. And as an active business person, you’ll probably be able to master the scheduling when it comes to squeezing your parents into your lifestyle, at least when regular checkups are concerned.

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Best Present Ideas for Business Ladies

If you are on the lookout for a gift idea that is as incredible as the hardworking and brilliant business lady in your life, then take a page out of her book and don’t settle for anything less than the best. Her amazing taste and rising career prove why she’s a total boss, and you can nail the perfect present if you just take a look at these incredible gift ideas. There’s no denying that the working woman in your life will absolutely love these handy tools that will help her tackle her to-do list, office supplies that speak her language and accessories that will show everyone who’s the boss.

Business bag or tote

It is a well-known fact that going to a meeting or a networking event looking polished and professional is essential if you want to be taken seriously as a businesswoman. So, instead of a traditional laptop bag, give your working lady a sleek leather tote that is as practical as it is stylish. Opt for a tote bag specifically designed with businesswomen in mind, with separate compartments that hold her laptop, papers, and anything else she might need during the working day.

Stylish leather wallet

Just as she needs an elegant bag, the business lady in your life also needs to own a durable and fashionable leather wallet. And if you opt for one that is engraved with her initials, there’s no denying she will leave a good impression on her business partners when she takes them out for lunch. So, get your businesswoman her own personalized leather wallet and give her the opportunity to dazzle everyone with her impeccable style.

Productive planner

Another practical and extremely helpful gift idea for female entrepreneurs is to offer them a new planner with an incredible cover design or an inspirational message that will motivate her to stay productive. From productivity planners to gratitude journals, and everything else in between, there’s no better gift to give a woman with great plans and big goals.

Modern e-reader

Whether you opt for the Kindle, the Nook, the iPad, or any other e-reader available on the market, they all have one thing in common – they are lightweight enough to be carried around in a business bag at all times and easy enough to use practically anywhere. The ability to store hundreds of digital books and periodicals make these handy e-readers the perfect present for businesswomen on the go.

Books and magazines

While ebooks are great, nothing quite beats the feeling of holding a magazine or a paperback book in your hands, and there are plenty of publications out there ready to change the lives of those who are constantly striving for more. If your business lady needs a little inspiration in her life, you simply can’t go wrong with a motivational book or a subscription to a well-established magazine, such as the Forbes, that will help support her personal and professional growth.

The external data storage device

If you’ve ever lost valuable data during a power outage or when your computer has crashed, then you know just how important it is to have the ability to back up all of your business files quickly and securely. So, if you want the entrepreneur in your life to be safe and sound, an external hard drive or a USB flash drive make for the ideal gift that you can easily find in any electronic or office supply store.

A gift basket filled with office supplies

There’s no business owner out there that wouldn’t enjoy receiving a thoughtful gift basket overflowing with basic office supplies they’ll undoubtedly have a lot of use for. From pens, papers, notebooks and desk calendars to mouse pads and printer cartridges, you can fill these amazing gift baskets with everything a busy working woman might need in the office.

Other office essentials

Last, but not least, if you’re really stuck for ideas, the best option would be to buy some office essentials that every entrepreneur working from home will appreciate, such home office desks, portable laptop desks, adjustable office chairs and practical desk organizers.

No matter the personality or the style of the business lady in your life, there’s no denying she will enjoy each and every one of these stylish, functional and incredibly fun gift ideas.

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8 Best Summer Outfits for Women Over 50

Fashion is not something that is limited to a particular age group and women from all age groups like to look good and be fashionable. Women should in general wear age- appropriate clothing. Fashions for young women tend to be slightly different in comparison to fashions for women that are older than 50. Every season people need to change the type of clothing that they wear as climate changes and fashions change accordingly. The following are some of the best summer outfit ideas for women over 50:

Best Summer Outfits for Women Over 50

Loose Trousers & Tops

Palazzo pants have become really popular in the last few years with women all over the world. These types of trousers are very loose and comfortable for women over 50 and work well in the summer of 2019. These palazzo pants are plain with bright tops or vice versa and bright with different types of prints including floral prints and animal prints.  These types of loose pants can be paired with different types of tops and blouses either fitted or loose depending on the type of occasion and comfort.

Bohemian Maxi and Midi Dresses

Bohemian style is a slight hippie and slightly more free and flowing style of clothing which is defined with multiple colors, bold prints and a loose fitting style of fashion perfect as summer wear for women over 50. Floral dresses, maxi style multicolored dresses, shirt style multicolored printed midi dresses are all very trendy in this age group for the summer. In this style of clothing colors like fuchsia, orange, electric blue, brown, purple, green, and all the colors of the rainbow are perfect for these types of dresses.

White Pants or Shorts with Loose Tops & Shirts

White and shades of white are often only worn in spring and summer as these colors are not always appropriate in the fall/winter months. White pants, beige pants or even grey pants are perfect for the summer. Jeans, trousers, loose pants and even shorts in shades of white are perfect for older women in the summer months. These types of bottoms look age appropriate, dignified and very fashionable for women over 50. These types of pants can be paired with colorful tops and shirts which are perfect for the summer.

Cropped Pants or Culottes

Cropped pants or three-fourths style loose culottes are all very much in fashion and perfect for the summer for older women. These types of plain pants can be worn with colorful summery tops which will be perfect for the season. These types of clothes can be worn for both casual and semi-formal occasions as they are very versatile as a summer choice. Summer is a great season for women over 50 as they do not have to wear layers and they can wear summery light clothes.

Denim Jeans with Loose Tops

To look a little stylish it is important to have a few denim jeans in the closet even for women over 50. Fitted denim jeans look really good on women over 50 and they should avoid baggy “mom jeans” at any age. These jeans are usually paired with loose tops and button-up shirts which work well with jeans. Such an outfit can be worn for casual events, brunches and can be worn even for some types of formal events.

White&Pastel Colored Dresses

Summer is a very nice season to wear midi style and maxi style white or pastel dresses. Formal pastel dresses with jackets and A-line designs are popular formal wear options for women in the summer season. Color like white, off white and shades of white, light pink, mauve, periwinkle, lilac, lavender, and other such shades are all popular with pastel colors. Plain colors, as well as light prints, are common in these types of pastel-colored dresses for the summer.

Pencil Skirts and Tops

Another great option for formal or celebratory events in the summer is pencil skirts and stylish blouses. Pencil skirts are a fitted type of mid-length skirt that has a straight and narrow cut. This type of skirt can be worn in formal suits for work or for just a regular casual event as well. These types of skirts work well with different types of tops and can be a great option even as party wears for women over 50.


Jumpsuits are a style that is becoming popular not just with women over 50 but with women in all age groups. This style is popular with older women in the summer months as it is a great choice for women of all shapes and sizes and is a comfortable single piece of clothing that can be worn for different types of occasions.

As mentioned above, there are different clothing styles and outfits that are popular with women over the age of 50 as fashion can be followed in all age groups.

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Most Efficient B2B Lead Generation Strategies for 2019

The biggest problem with B2B outreach lies in the fact that a lot of people don’t really understand how it works. On the one hand, there are those who believe it to be completely opposite to the B2C, seeing as how “B2C purchases are based on emotions and B2B purchases are based on rational decision-making”. This is, of course, oversimplified, due to the fact that businesses are run by people who are just as susceptible to emotions and impulses. Due to the fact that processes are a tad slower and purchases are a tad more valuable, B2B decisions have a more rational and analytical approach. With that in mind, here are several of the most effective B2B lead generation strategies that you should definitely consider.

1. Start with your social media presence

When it comes to boosting one’s social media presence, a lot of people believe this to be an exclusively B2C strategy. The truth is that they couldn’t be more wrong. Just because your audience is more likely to go to your website straight away rather than do their research on your Instagram profile or Facebook page, doesn’t mean that you can neglect social media presence. As for platforms like LinkedIn, they’re suddenly becoming a priority of your social media activity. While this is not talked about that much, LinkedIn is a platform with a rapidly growing user base. In just six years (between 2011 and 2017) the number of users on this network grew from 140 million to 500 million.

2. A/B testing

You also need to keep in mind that the expectations of people in charge of outreach in other enterprises are somewhat higher than those of individual users. They’re less often unrealistic but are not likely to tolerate bugs, glitches, and malfunctions. This is why it’s best if you were to test any change before implementing it. Also, when it comes to appealing to the emotional side of your audience, you need to understand that it’s still incredibly important. While the very term B2B may make the outreach seem quite impersonal or inanimate, you’re not reaching out to the entity, that is this other business, but to people who are in charge of it. This means that finding patterns and methods that are to their liking still seems to be quite important.

3. Get your finances in order

Previously, we’ve mentioned the fact that B2B leads are based on numbers and are not that affected by appearances. This is why the first thing they might look at is your credit history, your company’s financial status and your ability to meet all the legal obligations. Even a hint of failing to pay your taxes may be interpreted as a serious misstep by your potential partners, which is something you want to avoid at all costs. Now, there are some taxes that are applicable to the entire country, yet, there are those that depend on the state that your company is in. A perfect example of this is payroll taxes, which vary from state to state. This means that your NSW enterprise needs to find tax consultants from Sydney in order to ensure that everything on this front is in perfect order.

4. Prepare for voice searches

The next thing you need to prepare yourself for is the concept of voice search. More and more people are using this feature on a daily basis due to the fact that the technology itself has become quite sophisticated. In the past, the engine behind the feature was crude and unable to understand anything but the simplest words uttered in perfect English (in some of the most standard dialects such as the UK, US or Australian). Nowadays, the technology consults your previous search history, tracks your location and does an excellent job of recognizing the language you’re using. This, on the other hand, means that you have to optimize for voice searches, and especially dedicate your efforts on voice search SEO.

5. Identify and fix broken pages

Having a broken page on your blog or, worse yet, multiple of them, may result in a scenario where your rank drops and your reputation in the digital world suffers. They may cause you to lose audience, customers and drastically hurt your conversion rates. It’s even worse if a broken link is on your own domain. Imagine a scenario where a person clicks on a link that should lead to a product they want to purchase only to find it malfunctioning. Fortunately, tending to this doesn’t take that much effort. All you have to do is figure out an adequate tool and start using it on a regular basis.

6. Mobile should be paramount

The last thing you need to consider is the importance of making mobile-friendly pages. First of all, in this day and age, where the majority of people online are browsing the internet on their phones, Google is strict to penalize anyone who doesn’t focus on mobile web design. Nonetheless, just because so many people are using their phones to browse the internet, it doesn’t mean that they’re doing it via a browser. Therefore, it might be for the best if you were to develop an app. Any investment in this area is bound to give you an outstanding ROI.

The very last thing worth keeping in mind is the fact that all of these trends also benefit your B2C lead generation, which makes this into a win-win scenario. However, those who want a rapid and reliable expansion need to focus on both.

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10 Kitchen improvement areas under $80

Kitchen and living rooms are an important part of every household. Partly because we spent most of our time here and partly because these are the rooms where we introduce our guests. Remodeling or refurnishing kitchens can be a costly affair. Hence we have prepared a list of 10 kitchen improvement ideas that are budget-friendly and can assist you in changing the appearance of your kitchen. You can also request free catalogs via mail for similar solutions.


  • Paint the cabinets


Instead of replacing the whole set of cabinets, you can revamp your existing set of cabinets by painting them with trending colors that go well along with other elements of your kitchen. With proper prep, you can achieve the desired results. Fill in the gaps with putty, polish surfaces with sandpaper, and let the paint dry completely to have smooth finish and texture. You can repaint your cabinets for just $70 to $75.


  • Change hardware


Replacing handles and knobs of the cabinets is also a good idea as they are subjected to wear and tear with constant use. You can opt for an antic or rustic look just by changing knobs and handles of the cabinets.


  • Revamping sink


Polish your sink with the help of sandpaper and paint it with the spray paint that is meant for metal surfaces. This will give your sink new look for considerable less cost when compared to buying new sink altogether. You can also replace old faucets with stylish and sophisticated ones according to your taste.


  • Creating Attractive Backsplash


You can give your kitchen a beautiful and attractive look by utilizing Vinyl peel-and-stick flooring box which cots only $40. All you will need is vinyl flooring box, box cutters, levels to draw straight lines, measuring tape, and Loctite Power Grab which you will apply to the vinyl floor before pasting it to the wall. Loctite Power Grab ensures that vinyl floor tiles are secured tightly against the wall.



  • Play Dressup


Change old, dull and rugs and curtains with trending colors, prints and patterns. Go for bold and bright prints for Bohemian theme, Aztec or geometric patterns for contemporary or warm and bright hues to give a rustic feel. You can also replace old and heavy rugs with runners and seat covers. Changing upholstery can give your kitchen an overall revamped appearance without having to spend much.



  • Lighting


Proper lighting can be a complete mood changer. Instead of going for large and expensive chandelier, buy simple vintage lamps that cost around $20 each. Choose fancy, rustic, modern or chrome lamps that are affordable and also suit your personality and range between $30 to $70. You can also utilize a simple string of led lights that can illuminate dark space below the shelves and cabinets without you having to break your bank.



  • Remove clutter


Removing clutter from your kitchen won’t cost you a penny and it will also make your kitchen more spacious, tidy and manageable. So give away all the utensils, appliances and chinaware that no longer serve you in the kitchen.



  • Spruce the countertop


You can revamp your countertop with marble, zinc, wood or stain resistant material that too without breaking your budget. Sealed countertops made of wood like walnut, imbuia or anigre are durable in nature as they are sealed with acrylic finishing. Other durable materials that can be utilized are glass top, zinc, Oak slab, etc. You can choose one which suits your requirements and aesthetics of your kitchen.



  • Install a chalkboard


Turn empty wall or fridge door into a chalkboard with the aid of magnetic primer and chalkboard paint. It costs you only $30 and also makes the kitchen more functional.



  • Expand storage


Get a dish rack or turn cluttered drawers, empty walls and used cabinets into storage for books, pantry, extra dishes, chinaware, etc. Costs of this depend upon the size and area of the storage.  


Final verdict

There are many ways and DIYs which let you improve the aesthetics off your kitchen without you having to spend hoards of money for the same. Whether you opt for changing upholstery, hardware, countertop, storage or paint sinks and cabinets depend on your requirements, taste, and overall theme of the kitchen.


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Steps for Boosting Your Child’s Academic Success

Every parent wants their child to be successful. Even though academic success cannot guarantee professional success as well, it does give your child more chance of getting the job they want and leading a better quality lifestyle. And even though there’s only so much you can do until your child moves to college and away from your supervision, there are ways to help your child be better in school so they can be just as good during their college years – and after. With that in mind, here are a few tips that should help you boost your child’s academic success.

Read to them

One of the best things you can do to help your child do better in school is read to them – and encourage them to read as well. Also, don’t just read – discuss what you read. Talk about the stories, characters, actions, etc. Besides boosting your child’s vocabulary, reading is a great way to teach your kids about decisions and consequences. It’s also a great way to build good habits – they will inevitably have to read actively for high school and college, so you might as well teach them how to do that while they are still kids.

Know what your child is studying at school

You can’t really help your kids if you don’t even know what you’re helping them with. So, look at their notebooks from time to time, talk about their day at school, and feel free to talk to their teachers as well. Plus, knowing what your child is studying gives you a chance to actually talk about it with them and help them when needed. For instance, if you know that they are struggling with English, and you’re not good enough to help them yourself, you can get them professional English tutoring to help them out. In short, they are more likely to tell you which subject they are having trouble with and why if they know that you’re familiar with their subjects and assignments.

Practice discipline and respect at home

Most teachers would agree that disrespect is a pretty common issue in the classroom. Discipline and respect are things that need to be taught at home and then brought to school and not the other way around. After all, if kids aren’t required to behave at home, they sure won’t do so in the classroom. And if they don’t respect the teacher or pay attention in class, they are also less likely to take good notes, understand the study matter, and consequently, get good grades. So, make sure to practice respect and discipline at all times – through your relationships, friendships, colleagues, etc. Show your kids what it means, and they’ll respect their teachers too.

Learn what motivates your child

Your child should want to do their best because they see value in their effort and not because they are afraid of punishment or disappointment. Moreover, fear puts additional pressure on your child, and being under stress can only make succeeding harder. So, instead of studying for grades, your child should be studying for knowledge and everything that comes with it, from personal growth to the ability to help others as well. Therefore, learn what it is that motivates your kids, whether it is pure ambition, ability to contribute to the society, or something else. Remind your child from time to time why it’s important to do well in school – because they’ll be more likely to achieve whatever it is that they are aiming for.


Praise and encourage

You should always be your child’s biggest cheerleader, for the simple reason that it means much more to your child than you might think. Some kids lack confidence, and some don’t believe in themselves as much as they should, which is why they all need somebody to believe in them even when they don’t. So, keep praising your child, encouraging them, and telling them how proud you are every time they do their best. This way, they will be more likely to actually study, knowing that their success is appreciated and celebrated by the people closest to them.


Your child’s academic success does depend on how much they study, but there are many other factors that influence it as well, from their motivation to their parents’ reaction to their successes and failures. With that in mind, there are things you can do to improve your kid’s chances of success. So, consider the listed suggestions, apply them to your child, and you’re guaranteed to see the results sooner than you might think.


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Digital Nomad Fashion – New Outfit Rules

Most people who work from 9 to 5 don’t understand the lifestyle of digital nomads. Instead of getting paid by their employers, getting all their benefits on the row, and traveling on vacation, these globetrotting professionals need to think about their day-to-day logistics 365 times a year. On the other hand, people are intrigued by their social media updates, check-ins from eclectic waterfront coffee shops, airy hotel rooms, verandas overlooking the valleys of greenery, and neatly packed minimalistic wardrobes. The unbearable lightness of traveling that these young people promote has become a source of inspirations for many fashionistas and designers, who’ve now embraced the concept of a comfortable yet stylish capsule wardrobe.

Simple but well-made

Much more than simply a way of running the business, the digital nomad life is a choice that demands that you’re often on the road. Once you’ve decided to accept it, you must also accept that your wardrobe needs to shrink accordingly. Schlepping a heavy suitcase around the terminals and narrow streets doesn’t really work for anybody. However, before you get to optimize your wardrobe, you need to consider a quality backpack. It needn’t be one that lets you camp out in Alaskan bush bivouac-style for two weeks – a 60+20 liter capacity is more than enough for hopping between places. It will be enough for carrying your clothes, toiletries, and essentials, while the detachable rucksack will take your laptop as hand luggage, or be your primary bag for town exploration. The choice of clothes needs to be basic, but the price tag shouldn’t compromise the quality. Instead of getting through three or four pairs of cheap jeans every year, it makes more sense to pay a bit more for something that lasts longer.    

Bright new outlook

The freedom to work from wherever they want is the main motivation for many digital nomads. In most cases, it means working somewhere where the weather is warm and the sun shines much more often than it does in their home country. This also means that sunglasses should be a quintessential part of their wardrobe. When it comes to sunglasses, the vast majority of models are manufactured by the same company which works with most fashion houses and owns a lot of brands. While there are smaller brands who’re struggling to stay on the surface, online sales are their only chance. Your choice will ultimately depend on your personal preferences, but you should look somewhere along the lines of Oakley Holbrook, Tom Ford Henry, Ray-Ban Aviator, and Persol. These models come with durable plastic and metal frames while having a glass instead of polycarbonate lens makes cleaning much easier. Just make sure you don’t lose their hard case, as they’re to be knocked about quite a bit every time you need to move place.

Shoes made for walking

No matter where you travel, you’re likely to do a lot of walking, so having a pair of comfortable and lightweight shoes is more important having several statement pairs for different occasions. A quick visual survey of some of the most prolific digital nomad fashionistas’ Instagram profiles reveals that digital nomads have been following latest men’s Adidas footwear trends, appreciating the premier materials and timeless look of their sneaks that is easy to pull off with even darker jeans as well as with jogging pants. Those who are more into innovative materials and designs should consider some of modern Merino wool shoes with lightweight rubber soles. While wool shoes might not sound like something one would wear all day, Merino wool used in Allbirds Men’s Wool Runners has great temperature regulating and moisture wicking properties, and none of that irksome scratching we usually relate to wool.

Packable puffer jacket

Wherever you go, the nights are likely to get cold and rainy, even in the subtropical regions at a certain time of the year. With this in mind, a versatile and functional jacket is more than essential. However, not all jackets are made the same. A down-filled puffer jacket can protect you from wind and rain, but also be surprisingly warm, in case you find yourself in a part of the world where winters are real. The best feature, however, is that it can be rolled up and stored in your backpack, taking no more space than your Dopp kit. Unless you specifically plan on visiting extreme climates, toting a heavy-weight jacket around just in case doesn’t make sense.

While your clothing ultimately depends on the location and climate, breathable cotton or performance fabrics that can be easily washed on the go are always a great choice. While mainstream fashion experts have been developing the capsule wardrobe concept, the same evolution has been unfolding in backpacks of millions of digital nomads.

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How to Boost Thermal Comfort in an Office Environment

With the number of time employees spend in their offices during the day, one of the main consideration for the employer should be to create an environment that is pleasant and comfortable to work in. The surroundings not only affect employees’ well-being and productivity, but also their satisfaction, dedication, and creativity. With this on the mind, modern office designs should strive not only towards creating inspiring and motivating spaces but also providing optimal comfort that ensures a smooth work process.

Specific challenges

As the global temperature is rising, the issue of thermal comfort in commercial environments is becoming more and more important. Interestingly, even with all the technological advancements we’ve accomplished to this day, the idea of a thermally comfortable office isn’t always realized. More electronic equipment generates additional heat, and every employee is different when it comes to a subjective level of thermal comfort and metabolic rate, which makes finding an optimal temperature inside the office impossible in some cases.

Insulate walls and roof

The first step in optimizing the thermal comfort in any indoor environment should be improving the wall and roof insulation. As in most commercial buildings internal walls are made of wood and drywall, they are thinner than the exterior ones and lightly insulated, which allows for easier heat transfer between the rooms. In addition, the roof can be a constant source of heat in the office, especially if your offices are located on the top floor. By upgrading the exterior and interior insulation, not only can you improve the thermal comfort for the employees, but also maximize your building energy efficiency.

Building orientation

Apart from wall and roof insulation, another constituent in your office thermal performance is the orientation of the building, position of windows and their exposure to sunlight. For example, in the southern hemisphere, offices that face north receive significantly more sunlight, and sun-generated heat, than those with south-facing windows. On a global level, sunlight yields about 164 Watts/m2in a 24-hour period. Although the figure varies greatly on the latitude and other geographical factors, considering solar thermal gains help you better understand the heating and cooling needs in your office.

Consider different window design

Different climates will require different solutions. For example, although they share about the same latitude, and should receive the same amount of sunlight throughout the day, Perth, Australia, and Santiago, Chile has a considerably different climate throughout the year. To an extent, exposure to sunlight can be controlled and modified by upgrading the window design. For instance, having double glazed windows in Perth can maintain a comfortable room temperature throughout the day, while allowing you to take advantage of the cool morning breezes coming from the sea.  Optical grade acrylic glazing used in these windows is up to 6x more thermally efficient than glass.

Shortcomings of HVAC systems

While most offices rely on their HVAC systems for thermal control, they have proven insufficient in many cases, as their BTU formulas don’t include specific office features like renovations, different layouts, cubicles, as well as the heat from the electronics. HVAC calculation also disregards the orientation of windows, the position of the sun, and natural shade. When considering solutions to improve the thermal comfort in an office, all these factors need to be taken into account.

Placement of ventilation inlets/outlets

While the fact that cold air settles down and hot air rises are known to many, most people are unaware that the placement of inlets and outlets also has significant effects on indoor air circulation. By placing the outlet duct in the opposite direction from the inlet, you can increase the air turbulence in the room. While not all office designs and layouts will make this possible, if you manage to find the most favorable location for inlet and outlet ducts, you’ll be able to save on your cooling, as well as to recirculate the hot and stale indoor air.

When you consider and apply few of these solutions, apart from optimizing the thermal comfort in your place of business, which is directly related to the overall employee comfort, satisfaction, and productivity, you can also end up using energy more efficiently, cutting utility bills, and even increasing the property value.

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Smart Ways to Reduce Startup Expenditures

Starting a company is always a great challenge, with many uncertainties waiting around the corner. Is your idea good enough? Will people respond to it? Are you going to cover all the costs and create a sustainable business? All these questions and many more linger in the minds of those about to embark on the track of entrepreneurship. Still, everyone agrees that the way you start has the greatest effect on the future.

So, what are the typical problems at a very early age? Securing financial backup and having a clear idea about how the business should be run spring to mind. With around 90 percent of all startups failing in the first year, getting it right from the very beginning is crucial. One of the things you need to ensure is that you don’t waste any money, especially when starting a company. Let’s take a look at some tips that should help you keep your costs to the minimum.

Rental costs

Success can greatly depend on the location of your office, as we all know. The more you depend on it, the fewer options you have at your disposal. If you have to work 24/7, sharing the premises with some other business in order to save money on the rent is impossible. However, if your business is such that will allow you to split the rental costs with some other company, make sure you use the opportunity to do so. Sharing office space with another business can be tricky, but if done correctly, it can save both you and the other company a lot of money and could easily be the difference between making it and breaking it.

Purchase in bulk

It’s understandable that startups wish to limit the expenditure by buying small quantities of items they need and repeating such purchases more frequently. However, in doing so, they are actually spending much more than necessary. Office equipment and stationery are the things each company needs and they are best bought in bulk. Also, finding a reliable supplier, like Winc Australia, for example, who will offer free delivery and match any lower price you find for the same items, is very important if you want to keep your expenditure low. Naturally, you shouldn’t clutter your office with the stuff you won’t be needing any time soon, but if you have a suitable storage facility, this is a chance to save some big bucks.

Streamline and automate as much as possible

Many startups fall into the trap of having everyone doing everything, powered and inspired mostly by the thrill of setting up a new business. Still, that fuel doesn’t last forever. People get tired, disillusioned and realize that there is no method in the madness. The right way to go about it, which is going to save you both human and financial resources, is to automate processes such as payroll, accounting, and administration as much as possible from the start. The more you allow yourself and your colleagues to focus on work, the better it will be for the company.

Consider hiring freelancers

If the nature of your business allows it, think about employing freelance employees instead of full-time ones. The latter cost more, since you have to pay for a full-time salary, sick-leaves, benefits, equipment, and other expenses. Such costs are non-existent when it comes to freelancers and that can save you quite a lot. Just make sure you aren’t breaking any laws when offering such employment since one lawsuit can easily be the end of your startup.

Plan and monitor expenses

It’s vital that you make a plan for your expenditure and monitor where, when and how much of your money is spent. Make sure you don’t forget things such as insurance, utilities, salaries, and others, which are often overlooked as something that will figure itself out. Without a plan, you’ll never be able to know if you’re doing something right and if your business is successful or not. What you also have to plan is the period after which your company should start making a profit. However, in order to live to see that day, you have to be extremely careful with your expenditure before that moment.

What you need to understand when starting up a business is that there are no guarantees and that in order to succeed, you have to do several things right. In the beginning, you have very little margin for error, which makes the task even more challenging. On the other hand, every successful company was once a startup, which means you too can do it. However, you need to be doing a lot of things right from the onset.