For any business, big or small, data management is no longer an important component for its growth and progress. Today, it is a critical component for organizations that sets them apart in the market. Thanks to many web pioneers, organizations and government bodies are now benefitting extremely from their innovations. These businesses are now shifting their perspective when it comes to strategies and is developing new ways via which they are able to transform their businesses with the help of Big Data. In the process, these businesses are discovering the fact that Big Data is not one technology, initiative or technique. It is rather a trend that crosses several areas of both technology and business.

An insight into the true meaning of Big Data and its impact on organizations

Experts in the field of business and modern- day technology state Big Data refers to those initiatives and technologies that are very diverse, massive or transforming fast for traditional technologies, skills and other infrastructure to address effectively. It can be explained in a different way that is simple for everyone to understand- Big Data is that velocity, volume, and variety of data that is really great!

Big Data and Database Management – choosing the right database system for data analytics

Note that Big Data is any kind of data or information that is too large for a business or an organization to process using a traditional method like Excel sheets, text processors or PowerPoint. Some business houses often resort to parallel software that operates on several servers for managing Big Data. Today, there are things like social media marketing, keyword research and trend searches that use Big Data. The same holds true for users of the Internet as well. If you surf the Internet for information, you too are interacting and involved with Big Data!

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Database management and Big Data

In the world of Big Data, NoSQL is a hero. NoSQL systems are non-relational and distributed databases that are created for storing data that is of a large scale. This data is high in performance, and it crosses many commodity servers. Big Data generally arises for the requirements of performance, scale, and agility. It can support several cases, including real-time predictive and exploratory analytics. NoSQL databases have been established by major Internet companies for keeping pace with Big Data. It has been created and designed in such a way to scale across hundreds, millions and billions of people using it for reading and updates.

How do NoSQL databases empower Big Data?

In order to understand how NoSQL databases empower Big Data, you first have to understand the basics of the NoSQL system. It is one of the most popular relational databases among Oracle, Microsoft SQL, and MySQL.

Experts from the esteemed database management company, state that NoSQL databases do not use the regular data model that one finds present in relational databases. In simple words, this system does not organize information and data in rows, tables, and columns.

If you examine the name of NoSQL, it is evident that the system does not use SQL query for access to data and information. Instead, the system uses an alternative language that is matched to the data models.

The importance of NoSQL Database for analytics of Big Data

Experts state that those databases that work for traditional data are dysfunctional for Big Data. The latter tends to push the limits of traditional techniques for data management that makes it impossible or difficult to manage with other relational databases. Big Data is so huge in the quantity that it cannot be dealt with traditional databases.

Why are NoSQL databases preferred for Big Data?

NoSQL databases are also known as Not Only SQL Databases. They are better over relational databases in the given scenarios-

  • Data has inconsistent or little structure
  • It should be distributed across many machines
  • Speed has greater importance over the accuracy
  • The application needs data analysis or types that traditional databases are ineffective to manage.

One should relate NoSQL databases to the time when one is accessing the Internet and applications in real-time. Experts say that for the management of Big Data, NoSQL databases are available in several diverse options that are custom designed for the collection and analytics of Big Data.

So, are NoSQL Databases the future for data management?

This is an obvious question that arises in the minds of many business organizations and individuals from the technological industry. As mentioned above, NoSQL databases are ideal for the management of Big Data; however, not all data is Big Data. There are information and data that can be managed by relational databases. Experts state that one should never expect, NoSQL databases to eclipse relational databases. Note that a NoSQL database that is perfect for an application in real-time might not be effective for traditional statistics. Experts say that both NoSQL and relational databases have equal value and role in the world of data analytics.

When it comes to choosing the right database for the management of data, one cannot afford to make a mistake. The wrong choice will cost the business or organization dearly. With experts in the field, it is crucial to understand the goals of the business so that you can choose the ideal database for data analytics. Companies that have specialization in the field of database management can help you. The experts of these companies will guide you and provide you with the information you need for effective management of data and information that is customized to meet and match the needs of your business.

Therefore, from the above, it is evident that NoSQL databases are ideal for Big Data. However, one should never undermine the role and importance of relational databases for managing traditional information or data. One should consult experts in the field of data management and Big Data in order to understand NoSQL databases better. With the help of qualified and experienced database management professionals business is able to choose the right database for the management of Big Data without hassles at all!

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