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How to Tell if Your Boss is a Bully

It’s an unfortunate truth that bullies don’t grow out of it by the time they leave grade school. Far too often, adults find themselves miserable in their workplace, wondering why they hate walking into the office every day. It’s possible that you’re dealing with a bully of a boss. Here’s how to know for sure.

Hindering Your Success

Are you finding it hard to advance in your career even though you put in a ton of work every week, show up on time, never take a day off and feel that the quality of your work is above and beyond what’s expected? Bully bosses will often try to hinder an employee’s success no matter how well they’re actually performing.


There are all sorts of ways that your boss may try to intimidate you. He could say he’s going to fire you if you don’t live up to his expectations (which may be above and beyond what’s actually expected of you). He may have threatening body language or even go so far as to say he’s going to do something to physically or emotionally harm you or your family. Even something as simple as regularly intruding on your space can be considered intimidation.


If you’re being left out of work meetings, get-togethers, birthday celebrations, office parties and other professional or social work gatherings, this could be a way to isolate you. When you’re not in the loop, it’s possible that management and the other employees are making big decisions without considering your input. However, if you think this is an oversight, you may want to learn about proper communication in the workplace at

Lack of Boundaries

Your boss may be crossing the line by intruding on your privacy. If you feel that your boss is watching you too carefully, spying on you or stalking you, you should do something about it right away before it escalates. You may also notice that your desk or belongings are being tampered with, which could mean that your boss is looking through your stuff when you’re out for the day or away from your desk. Often, the purpose of this is to find something to use against you.

Questioning Your Abilities

A bully boss will often try to knock you down by regularly questioning your abilities to do your job well or your commitment to your work. He may ignore, reject or make fun of your thoughts, opinions and ideas. This behavior may happen when it’s just the two of you, but it could also happen when other people are around. Another tactic that your boss may use is taking credit for work that you’ve done. Furthermore, they may make you feel that if you don’t work extra hours or over the weekend, your job could be in jeopardy.

Verbal Abuse

If your boss is verbally abusing you, that’s a big sign that they’re using bullying tactics. You may find that you’re being humiliated, criticized or insulted by your boss in front of other managers or your co-workers. If you’re being yelled at or sworn at on a regular basic, either in public or when alone with your boss, you’re being verbally abused.

It’s common for people to not realize they’re being bullied by their boss. Your boss may not even realize how their actions are affecting their employees. Knowing the signs of bullying in the workplace is the first step to calmly and responsibly fixing the problem, whether that means reporting it to HR, sitting down for a conversation with your boss or leaving your job altogether.


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Why Do You Need A Financial Advisor?

Since it involves your future, financial planning is something that must be approached in a professional way. Sure, you can do basic financial planning for some of your personal projects. But when it comes to your retirement or other important things that will affect your life in the future, you will need someone who is trained and experienced in financial planning.


Why Do You Need Professional Financial Advice?


In the areas of planning and budgeting, for the purpose of savings, retirement, tax management, education or insurance needs, you need good financial advice. There are basically two reasons why you must seek the advice of a good financial planner. It is very important that you understand them.


1) You need good financial advice to evaluate potential investments


Even an experienced investor needs good financial advice, if he doesn’t have professional training. This is all the truer if he is a newbie in investment. If you are just entering the investment field, a good financial advisor will help you assess how to properly allocate your assets in ways that will suit your current lifestyle.


Even if you already have an existing portfolio of investments, you still need good financial advice to evaluate if these investments can still satisfy your long and short-term goals. If you are not working as a financial planner, you won’t have the research tools, knowledge, time, experience and expertise to do the job professionally. Good advice can only come from a professional financial planner.


2) This job requires professional experience


For the sake of your investment, and your life as well, you need a professional to do it. Planning where to put your investment requires professional training and experience. Therefore, if you want the job to be done right, you will need a professional to do it. Perhaps you may have some inkling on what to do with your extra money. That doesn’t mean that you can go it alone in placing your hard-earned cash in the most attractive investment markets out there.

You have a job to do, and perhaps mouths to feed. Your concentration should be on your current job. Again, if you are not a well-trained and experienced financial planner, you won’t have the insights and expertise that you need to make a sound investment. These things are all part and parcel of a good financial planner. Why not just use his talents and skills to get jump start your financial goals?


Where To Look For Good Financial Advice


Now that you know the importance of goof financial advice, the next thing you need to do is find one. You can find professional financial planners in places such as your local bank, professional financial planning companies and business organizations, and some financial publications and journals. Some of them make use of word-of-mouth advertising. So, if you will keep your eyes and ears open when you are in an investment marketplace, you can find one that will suit your requirements.


But there’s one thing that you need to remember when it comes to investing your hard-earned cash. No one really cares about where it is going but you. So, you must seek out a financial planner who is not only good, well-experienced and has the proper credentials. You must also seek someone that you can really trust.

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Top Three Benefits of Truck Driving Jobs

If you have been looking for job opportunities, you might have come across more than a few opportunities to become a truck driver. However, you could be unsure of whether or not this is actually a good career option. Of course, different people have different preferences when it comes to their dream jobs. For many, though, truck driving can be a wonderful profession. These are just some of the many benefits that you can enjoy if you do choose to get a job as a truck driver.

1. You Get a Lot of Freedom

For one thing, if you are a person who cannot stand being cooped up in an office all day long, you might love the flexibility and freedom that go along with driving a truck. It’s true that you might be stuck in your truck for many hours a day, but you can enjoy all sorts of scenery. In many cases, you might work for several days in a row, but you then might have several days off so that you can spend time with your friends and family or so that you can just relax and do the things that you enjoy. You can also choose from a lot of different types of truck driving jobs, and you can even choose to own your own business as an owner-operator if you would prefer. If you are someone who would prefer a lot of freedom and flexibility over a more traditional work environment, then working as a truck driver might just be right for you.

2. You Can Make a Good Living

Of course, even though it might be important to you to have a job that you enjoy, it is probably equally as important for you to be able to make a good living. After all, you probably have bills to pay, and you might have a family to support. Plus, you might want to have a little bit of cash left in your budget so that you can buy and do the things that you want and enjoy. Luckily, truck driving jobs in California and elsewhere across the United States can pay quite well, so you can bring in a good income and make a good living.

3. You Can See and Experience New Places

Driving long distances can be a lot of fun, and you can see things that you have never seen before by traveling. Some people love to take road trips so that they can see all of these things, but you can actually get paid to see these exciting new sights rather than having to pay to do it. Of course, being a truck driver isn’t exactly a vacation, but it can still be a nice way to see and experience things that you might have never seen before.

As you can see, if you have never really thought about pursuing a job in the world of truck driving, you could be missing out on a wonderful career opportunity. If you look into your options, you could find that it’s right for you. Then, you might find that driving a truck is the best job that you have ever had.

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How to Choose a Business Credit Card

When used correctly, a credit card can be an effective tool to manage your money. If you have to make a large purchase, putting it on credit may make it easier to pay for that purchase over time. If you need groceries before payday, a credit card can provide the cash necessary to avoid hunger until Friday. What are some variables to consider when choosing a credit card?

How Good Is Your Credit?

Credit card companies may determine eligibility for a card based on your credit score. Often, there are different tiers of cards for those who have excellent credit, those who have good credit and those who have average credit. Anyone who has filed for bankruptcy in the recent past may have to apply for a secured credit card.

Secured Cards vs. Unsecured Cards

A secured credit card is one that is secured with an initial deposit. Generally, your credit line is determined by the original deposit that you made when applying for the card. An unsecured card means that a lender has no collateral backing up the loan. The interest rate and other terms are determined by your credit score and other variables that a lender may deem worthy when making a lending decision.

What is the Interest Rate?

Credit cards have an average interest rate of about 15 to 17 percent. However, it may be possible to get 0 percent interest for up to 21 months as a new cardholder from certain companies. Typically, the best credit card is the one that has the lowest interest rate after this period expires. Credit unions may be able to offer lower rates compared to national banks and other credit card issuers.

What Other Fees Does the Card Have?

It is not uncommon for a credit card to come with an annual fee of up to $35 or more. Credit card companies may also charge late fees if a payment is not made on time. You may also be charged a penalty interest rate in addition to the late fee. Payment return fees may also apply if there are insufficient funds to make a purchase.

Does the Card Offer Any Rewards?

While a credit card should not be used simply to get cash back or other perks, it can be a helpful way to save money on your next vacation. It can also be helpful for those who travel on a regular basis and receive cash back on the gas that they buy. In some cases, credit card companies will offer 5 percent discounts at certain retailers or have other deals that may be worth taking advantage of.

Credit cards can be an easy way to get into debt if you aren’t careful. However, if you make your payments on time, the positive credit history that you build can be helpful in many ways. For instance, good credit may make it possible to get a mortgage, lower rates on auto insurance and even get a job.

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Four Reasons Why Your Band Should Rent Equipment Rather Than Buying It

If you are involved in a band, then you might think that you will have purchase all of the amplifiers, microphones, lighting equipment and more that you will need for all of your shows. However, even though some bands do this, this is not really a necessity. For many bands, it can be a better idea to simply rent equipment from a company in each town where you will be performing. These are a few reasons why this can be a better idea.

1. Use the Right Equipment for Each Venue

For one thing, you should think about how each venue in which you perform is different. Some might be indoors, and some might be outdoors. Some might be small, and some might have a huge capacity. In each of these different types of venues, you may need different equipment. By renting equipment for each show, you can choose the perfect equipment for putting on the perfect gig in each venue. This can help you ensure that everyone who has come out to see your show sees the best possible version of your band.

2. Save Money

Another reason why renting some of your equipment is a good idea is because it can save money. Of course, you and your band members will probably need to purchase certain types of equipment for practicing. However, if you also have to buy gear for performing at shows, you might find yourselves going way over your budget. You can save a lot of money by renting this equipment instead, which can at least be helpful until your band makes it big and has a bigger cash flow.

3. Avoid Issues with Storage

If you buy all of your equipment, you have to worry about where you will store it. After all, this equipment can be quite valuable, so it can be at risk of being stolen or damaged. By working with audio visual companies Dallas or companies in whatever town where you will be performing, you can avoid storage-related issues. Instead, you can simply use the equipment when you need it and return it afterward.

4. Avoid Worrying About Transportation

Just as having to store your equipment when you aren’t using it can be a big hassle, having to worry about transporting it can be a big hassle as well. If you are traveling from one city to another, hauling or shipping your equipment can present a whole lot of challenges that you might not feel like dealing with. If you rent your equipment, however, you might be able to have it delivered straight to your venue when you need it, which can cut down on the things that you have to worry about.

As you can see, if you are a member of a band and are thinking about investing in equipment that your group can take to all of your gigs and shows, you may want to reconsider. Instead, consider renting the necessary equipment from a company in the city where you will be performing. For these four reasons and more, you might just find that this is the better choice for your band.

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Understanding the Costs of Business Vehicle Operation

A car owner spends an average of $9,000 a year for the maintenance of their vehicle and fuel costs. Fortunately, solutions exist to help you pay less. To provide an example, the purchase of used parts to repair a car can be a source of significant financial savings for vehicle owners.

Also, to minimize the wear of the car and thus the appearance of many problems mentioned in this article, there are some relatively simple tips listed here. These tips are especially valuable in the city, where the many changes of pace and the alternation of gears leads to wear of the system elements faster. The clutch is therefore regularly used it the city, and it is subject to wear.

However, a clutch can hold up for up to 100,000 miles or more when the vehicle is mainly used on roads or highways requiring fewer gear changes. Also, regularly check the levels of automatic transmission fluid, anti-freeze, brake fluid, steering fluid, oil and windshield washer fluid. The air conditioning system must also operate regularly to stay well lubricated and not allow bacteria to settle.

Remember, by waxing the bodywork twice a year with a polishing wax, the risk of oxidation is significantly reduced. For this reason, it is essential to clean your car regularly. In some cases, you may just need to remove a piston and look at the bottom of its socket to ensure the cleanliness of the whole. Also, view this link for more data.

Oil changes are also a genuinely essential element and one that you should not neglect, as it is one of the most important things you must do to maintain your car. Remember, an oil change will not happen magically on its own. Also, whenever you start the engine, avoid jolts, aggressive accelerations and high speeds before having traveled a good few miles.

Today, you mechanic may also supply all the accessories you need for the car. To take care of your carburetor, you can also invest in carburetor cleaner. Remember, this regular maintenance is necessary. Knowing that you will need to check the engine oil in your car regularly, it is possible to realize that the level of the oil may be below the required level. Also, view this link for more data.

Learn to handle your engine the right way, and to anticipate traffic to avoid unnecessary braking and acceleration. These tips can save you costly repair work further along the road. You may have been faced with car problems in the mornings when it’s cold or rainy days or a car that does not start but without being sure of the cause of the issues. If this is the case, then there is a problem with your engine that you should check immediately.

Also, if you follow this advice your car will work better, and you will have fewer problems. Indeed, time is valuable and sometimes we go to the garage closest to us, without worrying about its reputation, its rates and its quality. However, when changing your engine oil, examine the oil used.

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Simple Tactics to Get Customers Requesting You By Name

Building brand awareness if one of the most imperative things you can do to establish a successful business. It doesn’t matter how good your products are if people don’t know they exist. Think about what a Coke, Kleenex, and Band-Aid all have in common.

None of these are physical products, rather they are brand names. Because of the highly creative ability of the marketers for these companies, their brands are known to everyone across the globe. To give you the edge over your competitors, we have compiled a short list of simple marketing tactics you can employ to grow your brand.

Referral Perks 

People like free stuff. This marketing tactic is based solely off of this fact. Use the old method of word-of-mouth to have clients spread your business name and offer them a little incentive for doing so. This referral tactic is commonly utilized in the car sales industry. For example, a customer buys a car from a salesman. The salesman tells the customer if they refer anyone straight to them, they will get $100 in return if the person buys a car. By offering a small percentage of his commission the salesman is able to successfully grow his customer base.

Car Wraps 

This is a fairly new marketing tactic that has been widely starting to catch on over the past decade. One of the reasons that many old service companies become well-known over the years is their presence of service vehicles on the road. They had the company name and number plastered on the side. Use this concept and get some car wraps. This is a great way to help your marketing efforts for businesses that don’t have service vehicles. Many companies will pay random individuals to put a wrap on their car with the company’s information.

We believe it’s best for companies to offer employee incentives for those who choose to put the company logo wrap on their vehicle. If people see your employee near their car at the grocery store or gas station, your employee is going to be more knowledgeable about your business than just a random driver.

The Freebies Approach 

This is probably one of the most well-known tactics, as it does work for everyone. Again, people love free stuff. Get hats, t-shirts, koozies, frisbees, and pens made up with your logo on them. Hand them out at local events to boost your publicity.

Social Media Contests 

This little tactic can bring you a lot of customers fast. With the push of a button, your existing customers can share your contest post with all their friends. All those friends can, in turn, share the contest post with all their friends. The cycle keeps going on and on. Social media is one of the quickest ways to get the word across. This is assuming you have something that people will want to share. This requires two different things. First, you need a contest that is simple for everyone to join. The harder it is to participate in the contest, the less likely people are going to want to participate.

Second, your contest prize has to be something people actually want. If you are just giving away a $5 off coupon, not very many people are going to feel very moved to share the post. However, if you offer a free motorcycle, you’re likely to get a ton of shares. If you don’t know how to set up these contests, you can talk to a media marketer who will likely charge you according to their inbound marketing pricing.

By using the simple tactics described above you can start to drastically increase your brand awareness. Customers will start becoming more and more familiar with who you are and what you offer.

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6 Benefits of Enterprise Mobility Management for Businesses

Considering the high competition in the business sector, any idea that can simplify business management should be embraced. There is no doubt that smartphones have been instrumental in the running of companies. Enterprise mobility is an upcoming trend that uses smartphones to enhance proper functioning of companies.

Enterprise mobility enables employees of a company to utilize cloud services in carrying out their work duties on their mobile devices. The platform allows employees to work from anywhere since they can access all resources comfortably. The system thus increases the company’s efficiency.

Importance of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)
In as much as enterprise mobility is beneficial, it poses various security risks. Enterprise mobility management systems are designed to minimize the critical challenges facing enterprise mobility thus maximizing the benefits of enterprise mobility. Here is what a business mobility management system can do for your business.

Enhancing device security
When mobile devices that are used for business mobility are lost, stolen, or are in the hands of a resentful employee, the safety of the organization is at stake. A good managed IT services provider offers comprehensive solutions to dealing with such issues. An EMM system can be used alongside a viable education security policy that minimizes the risk of employees being used for sabotaging the security plan.

Minimizes cost
The use of enterprise mobility enables companies to move their data to the cloud thus saving on It infrastructure expenses. An EMM makes this process way easier by providing a centralized control system that companies can put into use.

Empowers field workers
Most companies have field workers who manage their networks outside the business premises. For instance, salespeople need to market the company’s products so as to attract clients. While in the field, workers need to communicate some information such as the challenges and breakthroughs. Enterprise mobility ensures that this information is relayed immediately. A credible EMM ensures that the platform runs efficiently.

Control over data and mobile apps
A sound EMM makes it possible for companies to manage third party apps that employees use when carrying out work related tasks. A good management system will put together customized applications that employees can use to access data. Companies can also use EMM to whitelist or blacklist app stores such as Google play. An organization may even choose to establish its enterprise-specific application stores that contain all apps needed to carry out their duties.

Boost productivity
When workers cannot be at their workplaces due to unavoidable circumstances, they cannot perform their duties, which is quite time wasting. Now that they can work remotely, there is no wastage of time. An EMM system offers flexibility to the organization’s workers by providing the required management controls.

Restricts third party app downloads
When a security policy does not work fine, employees tend to ignore it and download third party apps that have not been vetted by the IT department. A good EMM system allows the managers to implement a system that restricts the download of restricted apps.

Many organizations are going mobile, and as they do so, it is important to maintain the security of the system. That is why companies using mobile enterprise systems should consider getting a good Enterprise mobile management system. While at it, remember to go for trusted dealers such as