Do you catch the worm or chill away in the mornings?

Due to the nature of most jobs and the obvious challenges that come with them (regardless if working from home or from the office), it seems everyone has a steady morning routine they follow.

But, not all of them are honing down on their routines to make them successful.

That’s why we are sharing how some very successful professionals are setting up their mornings for success.

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You will see how these professionals get into the “zone”. These are habits that they incorporate and they work for them. You just might find that they will work for you too. Read through them. Tweak them and twists them. Make your own, unique routines. Create methods that get your creative juices flowing and then do them every day.

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is think of at least 5 things that I’m grateful for and set my intentions for the day. I make my bed the second I get out of it and then drink a cup of warm water. This basic routine always sets me up for a great day.

Every weekday morning I take a time out while I’m getting ready to drink my coffee. For just 10-15 minutes I enjoy that delicious cup of caffeine and catch up on the news with some morning newsletters, like the “New York Times Morning Briefing” and “Need to Know”. It’s a little me time before the rush of the workday!


My morning routine is often a juggle between getting my 3 girls ready for school and tackling a few client tasks before we head out to the bus stop. That just means my mornings are a tad crazy. I will usually schedule social media content or paste a blog post in some of the Facebook blogger support groups I’m in. I do NOT check email first thing in the morning; I save that for after school drop-off.

I start my day by trying to sleep for as long as possible to keep my 18th-month-old son sleeping. I then get up and change his diaper and get him cleaned up and clothed for the day. We then go downstairs and proceed to feed him the food my wife has prepared. We then play a little bit. After that, I try to respond to emails from parents from the studio and do studio business. We start teaching at around 3:30 pm most evenings. We finish lessons at 8:45 pm. That is a typical day for me.

As an entrepreneur and mom of 5, mornings are the best (and often busiest) part of my day!  A really good morning for me is when I can get up before the kids get up to have some quiet time with God, read and organize my priorities for the day. Because after the kids get up, it can be a whirlwind!  But even with the bustle of the morning, I try to connect with each child and send them off with a good breakfast and a hug. And, for the days when things don’t go as planned or when time and tempers are short? Then it’s important to me that everyone hears “I love you” before they walk out the door. There’s something about that moment when they leave for the day that matters more than any other in the morning.

If there’s one good thing I’ve picked up ever since I joined my husband in his military lifestyle, that is definitely being as much of an early bird as one can be. I wake up at 5:00 sharp and start my day with some stretching. Having a toddler, and carrying him in my arms all the time requires I also exercize and keep my back strong. After that, my day – followed with a cup of coffee and light breakfast – can start. My kids get up and we start to tackle every day as is.

  • Lindsay Burton  of explains that sometimes a slow start is best:

I’m awful at getting out of bed after the first alarm so I usually lay in bed checking my emails and scrolling through Young Broadway’s and Kids on Tour’s social media feeds. We’re mainly a news website so I try to check first thing if news broke while I was sleeping. Then once I’m a little bit more awake I get dressed, do my hair and makeup, eat breakfast, then immediately start my work day with gathering articles, photos, and videos to post.

A morning with two toddlers is the sweetest way to wake up, fortunately, they are morning people. We have smiles, cuddles, and a rush to who can make it to the bathroom first to brush their teeth. Unfortunately, actually eating breakfast is often a challenge. After breakfast, momma works while the kiddos play together. Sometimes there are fights, sometimes there is whining, but there is literally no morning that I wish it was any other way. My mornings rock…bedtime, that’s a whole other ball game.

  • Sania Siddiqui of proves that some people go against the trends:

My day starts will a shrill alarm just when the sun is about to peep out. Involuntarily, I pick my phone. Yes, I am guilty of checking the notifications first thing in the morning while my eyes are still trying to adjust the focus of ‘light and life’! I know this is not healthy and fair but so are many other things in life. Five minutes later, I become this multitasker, superwoman with magical powers to finish off umpteen chores within an unrealistic time window of 35 minutes before I send my daughter off to school. A brisk walk of five km and I come back famished. Time for a hearty breakfast and to get ready for work!

Get outside! Morning sunlight will give your daytime energy a boost (and help you fall asleep at night). Not only does it balance your circadian rhythms (a body’s natural cycle impacted by many things from hormones to proteins to the rise and fall of the sun) but exposure to sunlight prevents melatonin release, which is what tells us to “go to sleep!”. So whether you check emails, enjoy coffee, work in the garden, take a run, read a book or sit in meditation be sure to do it outdoors. Get outside daily, as soon as the sun is up, and you’ll experience more energy and clarity throughout your life.

  • Greg Fleischaker from has recently changed up his morning routine:

In the past year, I have sent both my children off to college, and have found that my old morning routine is now obsolete.  Instead of focusing on my children, school lunches and carpools, my morning now focuses much more on personal development.  I have a list of activities that I perform each day, in order, that allow me to win each morning, get work done and stretch my physical and mental boundaries.  For instance, the first few items on my daily list go as follow:  wake up – then walk and feed the dog – then meditate for 15 minutes – then yoga for 30 minutes – then write at least one page of book – then…

A key element of my morning routine is to have my phone programmed to avoid interruptions –no emails, no texts, basically, airplane mode — for the first hour I am awake. This little bit of uninterrupted “space” allows me to think through my day or get ideas without being bogged down by work before I’m even out of bed.  I also enjoy using that time to connect with my family without immediately jumping into texts, emails and being disconnected from real life.

I’m at my most productive in the morning so I tend to hop out of bed early, get dressed and do hours work before breakfast. That way I already feel like I’ve broken the back of my work and can relax with a rush-free breakfast of soaked oats and a cup of tea. I like to browse through social media at this point and connect with my friends before taking a spiced tea up to my office and start tackling my emails. The rest of the morning passes in a blur of blog posts, content writing, and photo editing and it’s often 2 pm before I start thinking about lunch – and only then because my cats remind me that they want to feed too!

As soon as I get up, I start the mighty ritual of making coffee. I usually drink bulletproof coffee in the morning, then sit down to meditate for 10-15 mins. This helps me to settle my thoughts and wrap my head around the day. Then, I start journaling. My journal is not for being productive or anything like that – it’s a great therapy and helps me to unwind. Sometimes it makes me aware of an underlying issue that has bothered me and kept me back from being productive.

“I’m an early morning dude. Not by any virtue or discipline. That’s just my nature. So I like to stack my meetings as early as possible starting around 6 am. However, my best mornings are the ones I carve out the first 45 minutes or hour to write on the next thing that’s due. No social. No email. No distractions. Just writing. Starting my work day like that sets a powerful tone and I get a lot more done.”

We normally kick off the day with an espresso, we are big fans and I am not sure how we could live without it! We then go on to see all the submissions that are sent to us throughout the world and play them live, and look out for the gems! We then plan out our day engage our writing teams to get the reviews up on the site and push out as much content from unsigned artists as we can. We then touch base with our clients and start planning campaigns for that day! If you want to know more about us please check us out

My day starts with some morning affection from my two cats with some coffee, on days I have the boys we make breakfast together and get ready for school, upon returning I generally re-heat my coffee and sit in my black chair beginning the day making Dance Attack happen with our events answering and sending out needed emails! generally hit the gym around 11 and return to continue on my day of building Dance Attack, until its time to get the boys from school!
I am most productive in the early AM. Around 4:30AM when everything is quiet I can get more work done in 30 minutes than I can for the rest of the day.


I start the everyday with a clean mouth and fresh face before doing anything else. After brushing my teeth with a natural whitening toothpaste, I gently wash my face. I have very sensitive skin, so I blot my face dry with bath tissue, instead of a towel. Afterwards, I apply a small amount of blackseed oil to my face. I concentrate on areas that tend to get dehydrated during the day like, under eyes, t-zone and lips. I allow sometime for it to soak in before applying my makeup. This keeps me naturally glowing throughout my whole day.

My morning routine is so important to me! I just feel a little bit off all day if it doesn’t happen. I love waking up early, drinking coffee with my husband, spending time in prayer, getting myself ready for work, and eating a healthy breakfast before getting my kids up and ready. My quiet mornings are often the most treasured hours of my day!

Never expect the routine to go perfectly. It’s not about perfection, it’s about showing up.

“With a toddler and a 3rd grader, getting them out the door so my older one can make the bus in time is often challenging. To save time in the morning, I’ll ask my oldest daughter to pick out her outfit the night before. With my youngest daughter who’s filled with toddler on-the-go energy, I sometimes have her even sleep in her next day’s clothes if I know we have to be somewhere extra early. We’ll eat a simple breakfast, and then the girls do ‘The Routine’: wash their faces, brush their teeth, and go to the bathroom if they haven’t already done so. Then it’s out the door to the bus stop. Mission accomplished!”


“5 AM Large Fresh brewed espresso lightly sweetened splash of heavy cream, mobile device, and ready to peer into what the world is up to today”

Mornings should be for snuggles, big breakfasts, and hot coffee. Instead, they end up with me running around like a lunatic, screaming at everyone to get dressed in a timely manner, jamming whatever I can find for breakfast down my family’s throats and hot coffee (hmm – yeah right, try ice cold coffee!) I am trying extra hard to prepare at night for the next morning. That really is key. It seems so simple but what joy it brings.

My mornings usually start at 5 AM very first thing is to get the day started and enjoy a large fresh brewed iced espresso lightly sweetened with a splash of heavy cream. Then while enjoying my drink grab my mobile device, and I am ready to peer into what the world is up to while I slept.  With the internet and social media so much happens and can be quickly ascertained.  I usually spend about an hour to an hour and a half reading through the internet, emails and social media to get my daily schedule lined up being in a  global network, as well I am mindful of time frames in different parts of the world to be sure I reach a global audience. From there I am ready to take Oliver, my Jack Russel for a nice morning walk usually about a mile or 2, this time is helpful to organize with a clear mind. Once done walking with my dog then I am ready to dig in and get into what kind of action sports news is to be delivered, whether it being news, video, featured or highlights.

“As a mom to a school-aged child and two under two, I find that teaching my oldest son responsibility is key for a smooth morning.  The night before we discuss what we are doing the next day.  I set his alarm, we pick out clothes to wear for the next day.  Then in the morning he wakes up to his alarm, gets dressed and brushes his teeth on his own.  I get myself and the babies ready for the day and we all meet in the dining room for breakfast.  I am very proud of my oldest son that he is able to do this and it helps my morning run very smooth knowing he is able to handle this part of getting ready on his own.”

“I get up about an hour before everyone else does.  That way I can have my coffee, catch up on the news or any school delays and get breakfast prepped for my husband and my oldest.  After they head out to school and work, I then work in my planner and plan out the goals/plans for the day.  I should say at least plan what I’d LIKE to get done that day.  By then my youngest is up and I get her breakfast together and get her ready to go to school.  I find if I sleep in those extra 30/60 minutes and get up when they do, my day is out of whack.”

“Although I am not a morning person, the most crucial part of my morning routine is to take a moment and give my kids a big loving squeeze before I send them off to school. Nothing makes kids happier and healthier than getting a boost of affection from their parents to start their day.”

“My alarm clock goes off at 5:30 and I snooze about 3 times to make sure I don’t fall back to sleep while saying my prayers. My children’s nanny rings the doorbell by 6 and if there’s a power cut she bangs on the door real hard. It’s time to get up. My husband gets the door for the nanny while I jump in the shower. Soon I hear the children screaming blue murder because they don’t like brushing their teeth. She’s good with them so I can concentrate on applying my “war paint”. Someone doesn’t want to eat. Someone didn’t finish their homework the night before. We’re late because I had to change my blouse again. Shoo, shoo, everyone out the door. Kisses to hubby who’s stretching out in front of his computer since he owns his business. I pull out of the gates and park right in the middle of the street because that’s where the traffic starts. It’s slow going from there till I drop off the boys and run right back into traffic on my way to work. Just a typical morning in Lagos.”

I always start my day with a written plan. There’s something “magical” about the pen meeting the paper. It creates a mental contract on which my mind focuses intently on fulfilling.


Every morning I get up and prepare my son’s breakfast! Since becoming a mom I am the queen of trying to multitasking so I also use this time to check my emails and from my phone, in case there is anything of importance that may need my immediate attention.  My blogging routine has definitely changed and 50% of my work is now done from my phone.

I always wake up at 7am and for the first 15 minutes, I’m meditating and setting my goals for the day, expressing my gratitude and observing my thoughts. Then I’m playing music on YouTube and singing loud under the shower. That keeps me stay positive throughout the day and it keeps me motivated. It’s unbelievable how much my life has changed since I started with this routine!


  • Cristina, a mommy blogger from Momsie’s Blog who enjoys sharing her Filipino culture and her transition to life in Canada, shares:

I started my blog as a just-for-fun blog, I would write about my personal life experiences or opinion about different things. Until I started to receive feedback and messages from my blog readers then I realized having a blog is a huge commitment, you need to dedicate your time and energy to keep your blog.  Since then, things that concern my blog has been part of my morning routine.  I start my mornings checking my emails on my phone.  Then while eating breakfast I would have my laptop with me to start responding to emails or if I am working on a certain blog post, I will try finishing it.  Morning is my most productive time, it’s when blogging ideas come to me, that’s why I see to it that I have my notepad within reach so I can jot down the ideas that come to my head.


“I wake up at 7:00 am, hit the gym and take an ice cold shower. I repeat this 7 days per week and it has transformed my life in ways that words cannot explain.”

“I typically wake up between 4 am and 5 am during the week and between 5 am and 6 am on weekends. I’ll pray, hit the gym on certain days, and get ready for the day. Then, I’ll tackle the most important things that generate my income first like writing and marketing. This is what works for me and I continue to perfect it.”

“The first thoughts of your day will have an influence on your energy, feeling and attitude during the day, so start your day with positive thoughts. Think about your dream, your loved ones, your next trips or simply whatever that make you happy”

  • Arantxa Mateo, a trained biologist, nutrition specialist and weight management coach from shares her morning story:

“I wake up at six am. Early, right? Yeah, I think so too. Especially after coming home really late from ballet practice! But since my daughter has to be at school at 7, I have to. However, that doesn’t mean I get out of bed willingly! When my alarm rings, I usually groan, roll over, and go back to sleep. After five minutes of snoozing, I lift my head up and open one eye to look at my dog Luna, who is looking at me. Luna is the only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning. Her wagging tail inspires me, and I roll out of bed to her licking my feet and jumping on me. As I walk groggily to the kitchen, she pants and trots by my side, waiting for breakfast, and her piece of bread… her price for being the only one waking up with me.”

As a mom of three, blogger and podcast, chaos is inevitable. However, I spend my first 15-20 minutes in the morning and follow Vishen Lakhiani’s 6 Phase approach and have found that it helps the day run much smoother.

“My mornings have been crazy-busy for years as a Morning Radio Show DJ in Los Angeles. Then the kids. Now the school drop-off! But I learned a lot having to be “camera-ready” by 5:00am. I took these tips with me that can change your whole day. Set out clothes the night before..not just for the kids but for ME! I use an under eye cream & lip/cheek tint next to my toothbrush! Pat, swipe, brush in under 3 minutes. Keep a bottle of sunblock & moisturizer in the car door like my lavender spray from Original Good Goods and drench face, neck & back-of-hands. In the glovebox, I always store a set of hoop earrings, hairbands & cute hairpins just in case me or my daughter need a little something. Now you’re ready to confidently go host your own “Morning Show” whether it’s in a tv studio or in the valet line.”

“As an entrepreneur and mom of 3 kids, getting up one hour early in the morning grants me a few precious, quiet moments to myself. My mornings start by chugging 2 big glasses of water and then a couple of minutes of stretching while I brew some coffee. Maybe that sounds weird, but I find that I’m much more able to focus when I get my brain and body warmed up before jumping into work. It’s not like I’m rolling out the yoga mat in the kitchen, but just some simple stretching of my shoulders and neck really help wake up my brain so I can get stuff done. Then, while I drink my coffee, I can get started on any tasks I have to complete for the day. For me, it’s a great time to check off a few of the little tasks I need to complete like adding to my social media schedule, creating blog graphics, responding to comments on blog posts, etc. By the time the kids are getting up, I’ve already checked a few things off my list and am feeling pumped for another fabulous day..”

“Morning for me isn’t complete until I’m fully dressed, and have my coffee made. I’ve noticed if I get dressed before I allow myself a cup of coffee, I tackle more during the day.”

“My alarm is set to Affirmations. I pour myself a hot lemon water, kiss and hug my son and then back to bed to meditate for about 10-20 min. I move on to my green tea while I hang out with my son for about 15min watching cartoons. Then I pack his lunch, get both of us ready drop him off at daycare and I go to the gym. I work out for about 30 – 45min. I read my intentions for the day, put a beautiful ocean view on youtube and then get to work. I check my Amazon store, then my Groupon store, to ensure all orders and customers have been taken care of and Advertising budget is on track. I do everything on my calendar next. Once that’s cleared, I check email, write a post, and then post it to social media.”

“I like to start my mornings with 5 minutes of “Gratitude”. As soon as I wake up I force myself to start to think about everything in my life that I am grateful for. Then meditation, I first do 3-5 minutes of alternate nostril breathing which then sets me up nicely for 10-15 minutes of meditation. This helps me start my days with more clarity and focus, after my morning meditation I’m ready to go through all my emails for the day, but first, I have my yogurt & muesli and get my kids off to school.”

“My morning routine is fairly simple, considering I have two little ones. They both wake up at 7AM, hop into our bed for fifteen to twenty minutes before they decide that they need breakfast. We then make breakfast together, my eldest (3-years) loves to help make her own breakfast, and I encourage her where possible, as I think it is important to promote independence from an early age. We then wash up and get dressed ready to get on with our day.”

  • Steven Watts, the founder of Newt Labs shares:
“I try to take care of myself by going for a run first thing or hitting the gym after breakfast although I often have days where I’ll just grab a coffee and head up to my home office. The first thing I do when I get to my desk is to write down my daily tasks to help me reach towards my 12-week goals. My daily tasks could be along the lines of go to the gym, engage online and play games after work, which helps me reach my quarterly goals such as getting fit, gaining clients and spending more active time with loved ones. I think it’s important to actively work on all areas of your life in order to not burn out and spend your entire life working.”
“I usually wake up very early in the morning because my youngest son with Autism Spectrum Disorder does so. After saying a little prayer, thanking God for another beautiful day, I assist my son to his bathroom and hygiene routines. After I settle him down, I do mine. Then I cook breakfast and prepare the things needed by the entire family for the day. After my eldest and hubby leave the house for school and work respectively, I prepare my youngest to school. After dropping him there, I do unfinished chores and get busy with my writing or business duties while waiting for the laundry to finish or the food to cook until it’s time again to fetch my youngest son in school. Isn’t it obvious that I am good at multitasking? LOL!
“My morning routine is based on being as organised as possible, and doing as little as possible before setting out on the school run. This means getting organised the night before. I have uniform ready, school bag ready, my clothes ready and my bag all ready to go. This means that mornings can be dedicated to sorting breakfast and getting ready to go. My son is picky at breakfast time, so I have a range of cereals and options like toast that are quick to do, and then I work to the clock. We do not live that far from the school, so 8.20 is cut off time for getting washed and dressed, and 8.40 is the time we need to leave. This usually proves to be more than enough time. For me, I wash with Creme La Mer foaming wash, and always tone as I heard something about washing stripping the moisture from the skin. I only wear the slightest touch of makeup – basically a baked foundation from Laura Geller and a touch of eyeliner. Unless I am heading straight out, the hair goes into a simple bun or ponytail. Basically, five minutes and I am ready to go.”
“The first thing I do is get food into my kids before they turn into wild animals. I drink a big glass of warm water with lemon and then we head outside. There’s something special about that morning air. Once we’ve gotten grubby and ‘earthed’ we head in for showers and the kids watch a bit of TV while I get myself and the lunches ready. Perfect!”
“I snooze. I purposely set my alarm early so I can snooze. There’s something about that half awake half asleep phase. I come up with creative solutions to challenges, I have new ideas, if I’m really struggling I’ll say a prayer and ask God and the universe for help.
I check my phone to look at email to see if there’s anything that needs immediate attention. I also check the teaching schedule for any changes I didn’t see the night before. I look at Facebook for any marketing posts that have come up.
I make coffee, take a few minutes to enjoy the peace of morning and I’m off! Shower, make up, hair, clothes, work bag, lunch and out the door to return 12 sometimes 14 hours later. Yes, running your own business requires more time than most imagine!”


“My morning usually begins with around 6 am. I take my dog for about a 30-minute walk. If I am lucky when I get home everyone is still asleep and I can take a quick shower. However, more often than not, my toddler twins are waking up and ready to eat. We make breakfast, while they eat I ask them about their dreams. They usually make for an entertaining story. After the boys eat, I eat breakfast while through my emails and checking the news. After a quick shower it is usually a race to get everyone dressed, snacks packed and out the door on time.”


“My morning routine always includes coffee, checking the news, visiting my calendar and prioritizing my tasks for the day. Usually in that order. I like to start my day off with a good vision of what I need to get accomplished and how much time I’ll likely have to make it happen.”


“My morning actually starts the night before when I set up my coffee pot to brew at 6:30 am. I generally shower at night, otherwise–even with school-aged kids–it will be noon before I get a chance to clean up. My alarm goes off at 6:30, and by 7 I’ll manage to roll out of bed and into some yoga pants. The first thing I do is divide the coffee into two 32oz travel mugs–one for me and one for the hubs. It’s not that I drink coffee on the go, I just figured out it’s the only way my coffee can stay hot all morning. I’ll start the wake-up process for my youngest kid next, pack lunches for everyone, poke the kid again, fix a toaster waffler, poke the kid again. My oldest is a teenager, so thankfully, he’s self-sufficient. After I get everyone out the door I finally turn the focus onto myself and start writing.”

“My morning routine is usually busy. I wake up as early as 4am on most days. Thanks to my husband who ensure I get up sometimes. I usually spend time making breakfast, getting my girls ready for school, respond to clients enquiries and getting some work done – I discovered I am most effective in the early hours of the day. ”

  •  Emma Reed says:

“My morning usually starts with my 6-month-old baby, William, waking up and smiling up at me (he is such a morning person, I am not!) Then my crazy 4-year-old lad, Jake, runs in and jumps all over us in bed. He has pre-school a few times a week so the battle is then on to get him dressed, fed and organised ready for his day ahead. The baby is pretty good and thankfully lets me get on with all the little jobs I need to do. I have found a good routine of putting the kettle on, popping bread in the toaster and whilst that is doing its job I can feed the dog, feed the cat, tidy the kitchen a little and then go back to our brekkie. Once we are all fed I dress Jake in the clothes I try to lay out the night before if I have the time, dress the baby and then leave myself until last. Once Jake is dropped off, William has a nap and it is time for me to start checking emails, writing blog posts, posting on social media and so on. I usually get an hour and a half in before he wakes for a feed. It is a juggle but I love it and blogging gives me the opportunity to work from home and to retain a little piece of me. (

“I’m a natural early riser and need some quiet time to myself first thing, so get up around 6 and do some work (usually creative stuff like my diet and fitness blog writing) with a cup of tea before getting my 5 and 9 year old daughters up and ready for school, though not until I’ve fed our two cats who won’t leave me alone until I do! Sometimes I wake as early as 5, in which case I’ll do a HIIT workout instead of leaving it for later in the day. I can barely think straight after the kids go to bed in the evening, but first thing I’m alert and at my best, and it’s my magic hour all to myself. ”

“My morning routine starts with a soothing alarm clock sound and my kittens greeting me with love and lots of purring in anticipation of their breakfast. I then look at my dream board hanging on the wall in my bedroom. This helps me stay motivated in the morning and throughout the day. As I get ready to head to my dance studio Access Ballroom, I think about my goals for the day, verify my schedule and check emails for anything urgent. I strongly believe that it is crucial to start your day right from the beginning always keeping in mind your goals and dreams, as it sets your day, week, month and entire life for success.” –

“The alarm on the phone rings four times starting at 6:30, with a few snoozes and finally I am out of the bed at 6:55. I am always in a rush to get out of the door to drop my son to school. But after brushing I always get a light makeup on. This is a new ritual for me that started only 5 years back (around the time I returned to dance and performance world). As I apply coconut oil to my face, my skin feels wonderful and rejuvenated, as if saying ‘good morning’! A touch of eye-liner and lip gloss give me an immense sense of confidence to start the day. As I use them regularly I prefer natural based cosmetics. Once ready with makeup, I go downstairs to grab my protein shake, lunch and breakfast boxes. My breakfast, that I mostly eat in office, includes oats, nuts and blueberries in almond milk and is prepped previous night. My 11 yr old son is the independent kind and takes care of his breakfast all by himself. Finally, right before leaving, I grab a glass of lukewarm water to drink. I know when I reach my desk, my to do list of priorities will be there as I always end my work day creating it.”

“First thing that I do in the morning when I wake up, I just try to plan my day, how many hours will I train today, what master classes I would attend and what new tricks I will practice. I usually start my morning with a warm up. This is one of the most important parts of any training, it prepares your body for the routine and prevents injuries. I do stretching almost every morning before breakfast. It can be a short stretching but you need to perform it regularly. It usually takes 20-30 minutes to do a warm up for different types of muscles. After warm up I do some spins to feel my hands sticky and also dance around the pole. Then I do some pull-ups on shoulders and full pull-ups with elbows. I can do it spinning or static. It helps me to activate my shoulders and it increases strength. After one hour training I feel energized and I am prepared for my day!”

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