Amish quilts are elegantly made using fine fabrics and classic designs. The quilts also show historic moments, for instance, the Log Cabin quilt exhibits American life through exceptional designs. Amish women are responsible for quilting the Amish quilts using various designs like piecing, patchwork, and sewing.


Purpose of Amish Quilts

You can give a family member or friend an Amish quilt as a gift for special occasions like the birth of a baby. Amish quilts for babies range from traditional geometric designs to appliqué designs. These quilts are perfect for the baby’s crib or nursery.

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A handmade Amish quilt is also an appropriate gift for a wedding ceremony. Since Amish quilts are quite expensive, you can look for discounted Amish quilts from an online store to purchase a beautiful quilt for your personal use at home. For instance, a blanket-sized quilt or coverlet-sized quilts are suitable for beds.


Types of Quilts

  • The Journey
  • This is a Queen Quilt A combo of hand quilting, piecing, and hand appliquéing. The quilt depicts a journey that came together when a friend’s husband died of cancer. C Jean Horst created the exquisite watercolor wall quilt during that period. The Journey hand quilting has eight stitches per inch, and an attractive theme of butterflies is quilted into the design of the mid-border section. The quilt is available in king and queen size, and it has a background pattern design of Bargello Wave.
  • Mountain Echoes

This is a beautiful King-size quilt. It is appropriate for the bedroom because of its beautiful colors ranging from shades of green to creams of cotton batiks. Dolores, the designer of the quilt, pieced the top while an Amish friend hand quilted the quilt with eight stitches per inch. Additionally, the quilt’s back section is made of soft-white 100 percent cotton muslin.

  • Vintage Blues and neutrals Quilt

This is stunning Tumbling Blocks Queen size quilt with blue, brown, and neutrals tones. The quilt was designed using patchwork style and fine quilting by C Jean Horst. The quilt is made of 100 percent cotton fabric, and it is 115-inches long and 98-inches wide

  • Log Cabin Quilt

The pattern of this Amish Quilt is one of the best quilt designs. It is a combination of black, blue with a burgundy center. An Amish woman pieced and hand quilted the quilt beautifully. The Log Cabin Quilt brings vibrancy to a home with its merged colors and classic designs that depict the American life of the past.

  • Brown Blue Log Cabin Lone Star

This stunning quilt is a combination of the Lone Star and Log Cabin designs. The quilt is made of beautiful brown, blue-aqua fabrics with a gold shimmer. The classic design is elegantly hand quilted around the star points to reveal an exceptional quilt.


In conclusion, you should consider getting a handmade Amish quilt to add vibrancy to your home. You can use the quilt or give it to a friend or family member as a gift. Since Amish quilts are available in different categories, you can purchase an Amish quilt from a physical or online store.

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