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5 Ways for Companies to Appeal to Younger Customers

Businesses worked hard to appeal to baby boomers because they were the biggest block of consumers for a long time. That’s no longer the case. Millennials and younger are some of the biggest blocks of consumers now. The following are five ways to appeal to younger customers so that your business has a chance to grow.

  1. Social Media Platforms Make a Difference

If you want to reach younger customers and drive them to your website, it’s essential to get on social media platforms. Everyone is online, including older folks, but none are more active than younger customers. You want to get on every social media platform you can get on and be active. It’s important to show some care with these platforms. You have to invest in the pictures and videos you post because quality matters. Be sure to share meaningful posts. All of this matters to the younger consumer, and it will help you in the long run.

  1. Eco-Consciousness Matters

Another way to appeal to younger consumers is to focus on sustainability. Millennials and younger care about the environment and want the companies they visit to care about it, too. Do everything you can to show that you care. For example, you can install an EV charging station in the customer parking lot as a way to welcome young consumers who are driving electric cars. Even if they aren’t your customers yet, they might become interested if they need the charger. Make other changes to your business, like going paperless to be green.

  1. Socio-Consciousness is Important

Being eco-conscious is one thing, but your business should also be socio-conscious. Being a good corporate citizen is a good thing because it shows that you care about what’s going on in your community. The way you do this is up to you. For example, you can show your support for LGBTQ+ rights, or you can simply make sure everyone in your community knows that your business sponsors the local football team. Both of these make you look good, but one of them is a little more controversial than the other. You should honest about what you support, and make sure you do so because people do care.

  1. Being Authentic Really Wins

The next thing you want to consider doing is working on your transparency. Younger generations want to feel like they know you and what your company stands for. They want to feel like they can find out everything about you and that you’re always going to be honest with them. You’re going to have to work on transparency, and there’s a lot of ways to show transparency. For example, you can introduce a traceability feature. This feature allows customers to trace back the products you offer to their origin to make sure your products were made fairly and everyone was paid well. Authenticity also means owning up to mistakes before you’re exposed.

  1. Start Hiring Them and Listen

It’s important to hire some of these young folks. The more young people you have working for you, the more you’ll learn about them. Be open-minded about what they have to teach you even if you’re used to doing things in a certain way. Try to hire some of them to help you reach younger generations. The reality is older generations usually have a hard time connecting with younger ones. They have trouble speaking their language, often coming off as fake, and that’s not what you want. Do your best to be open to their suggestions. The more diverse your workplace is, the better things will be for you.

These are some things you could do to try to reach that young block, but there’s always more you can do. Consider hiring a marketing team that’s had some success reaching younger customers if you want this to work.

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Best Practices to Drive Productivity

Nothing is more important to a small business than its people. Thus, employees’ productivity will rise if they are happy, which is just what business owners need to drive their company towards growth and development.

Minor modifications in the workplace can dramatically boost a company’s production and efficiency. With this, companies can complete more high-quality work in less time and spend less time on non-essential tasks, a win-win situation for both business owners and their stakeholders. 

With that, here are the best ways to boost business productivity:

Focus on Employee Satisfaction

While increasing employee satisfaction is not a cure-all pill, it can have some remarkable effects on a company. Specifically, a happy, engaged, and motivated employee contributes to the company’s success, positively impacting the rest of your team.

The most important advantage of ensuring high employee morale and overall satisfaction is that people rarely consider quitting their current positions. Veritably, employee satisfaction is critical for employee retention. For long-term growth and guaranteed success, companies must drive to retain deserving and skilled personnel, that is, by upholding employee satisfaction.

Communication is Key

Communication is essential in every aspect of a business. It is also critical that an organization’s internal communication and their employees’ communication skills are effective, particularly now that the economy has driven a rising number of people to work from the comfort of their homes.

Furthermore, a united company attempts to build strong communication among its employees. When everyone understands what their coworkers are working on, they may better assist one another, achieving a common, shared goal of increasing productivity.

Get the Right Equipment  

Nothing is more inefficient and frustrating than wasting time waiting for important documents to print because a company lacks quick printing technology. Thus, it is critical to provide employees with the appropriate tools and equipment to do their tasks efficiently and on schedule. 

Not only do high-quality, current programs and equipment benefit employees, but they also improve how a company gets perceived across different lenses. Companies should seriously consider investing in the correct equipment.

Examples of this are a production printer or an upgrade to the payroll software. Ultimately, you do this by getting equipment that will save employees time and effort.

Become as Efficient As Possible

The best possible utilization of resources is what efficiency is all about. Efficient businesses optimize outputs from limited inputs while lowering expenses. Furthermore, you can reduce a company’s costs and its competitiveness improved by increasing efficiency.

For one, automation minimizes the amount of paper that passes through a company and allows employees to be more strategic in their job. As employees get rid of mundane, tedious tasks, they become freed to devote themselves to higher-value duties essential in company growth.

Positive Reinforcement Goes a Long Way

Every day, small business owners get challenged with their employees’ actions. Thus, it may be time to join the legions of behavioral experts who believe that creating a pleasant workplace — one that encourages positive reinforcement — is just as important as writing a business plan in terms of business success.

Positive reinforcement is an effective, evidence-based method for increasing workplace productivity and morale. Moreover, positive reinforcement always leads to better behavioral results. Bosses must deliver positive reinforcement correctly and immediately to be effective.

Set Realistic Goals

Setting realistic goals will provide companies a firm, clear direction. Business goals provide a tight framework for business owners, preventing them from straying and keeping them focused on a specific path. Moreover, it is common among successful businesses to have started from setting realistic goals that are:

  • Specific: The objectives should be specific, clear, and devoid of ambiguity. You must define the goals in a concise and detailed manner.
  • Measurable: The objectives should be quantifiable. Setting a goal such as “greater revenues” or “better quality” is not a good practice and may not help companies. Rather, goals should be measurable and scalable to allow for progress assessments toward them.
  • Timely: Efficient goals are time-bound, having a clear start and finish date. Company objectives may become redundant if there are no time constraints, and their achievement may never even come to a realization.
  • Simple: There should be no jargon in the goals. They should be simple enough for everyone working in a company to understand, allowing unity to work on a shared goal.

Undoubtedly, it is pleasant – although sometimes ignored – to show employees how much a company appreciates, respects, and values them on a personal level. Thus, if employers want their employees to work to their full potential, they may consider and use a couple of these suggestions and prepare to reap a wealth of benefits.

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Employee-Directed Branding

We all know how important customer directed branding is, but few businesses pay enough attention to internal brandings. Employee-directed branding, or “employer branding,” is becoming more necessary than ever. This is because it is becoming more and more difficult to hire talented workers, and this, in turn, also makes it hard to retain the talent you have. It is now a business necessity to build a strong culture and great atmosphere in which to work. Here we will explore some of the ways that successful corporations are branding themselves to their employees.

What you can learn from successful corporations

If a company is highly successful, it makes sense to analyze what it has done to contribute to that success. With that in mind, there is a lot to learn from the ways that large corporations brand themselves to current and future employees. One way to do this is to examine a successful advertising campaign. While a large-scale advertising campaign is off limits to all but the largest corporations, it is worth taking a look at what large corporations are trying to accomplish when they launch such campaigns. For instance, in GE’s famous “Owen” campaign, the company is sending a simple, clear, positive, and repeated message: Owen is changing the world just as you are changing the world by working at GE. This campaign shows the importance of having a clear and repeated theme to your internal marketing. Ideas such as specific ways your company helps others or the ways employees are supported are good because they are a clear and simple message that can easily take root. Whatever that message is, it needs to be reflected in reality in order to succeed, and some of these examples below should help get you thinking along the right lines.

Updating the work environment: Given that most people will spend nearly half their waking hours at work, it makes sense that people would be greatly impacted by the nature of their work environment. A drab, cramped, and old office will not only increase turnover, but it will also decrease the quality and efficiency of the work being done. Happier employees stay longer and are more productive, so it is a worthwhile investment to update your offices. There are a number of simple changes you can make right now:

  • Add a water cooler system: Water coolers make employees feel cared about, increase employee health, and provide a good place for natural team-building to occur. Ideally, you can even step it up with a more advanced system such as a reverse osmosis system – this will multiply these benefits.
  • Re-decorate: This can be something as simple as changing the furniture, all the way up to a complete overhaul with new paint, light fixtures, and art. Given the enormous impact changes like these can make, they are usually well-worth the comparatively small investment it takes to implement them.
  • Add fun areas: Some of the classic communal areas such as break rooms and water coolers can be easily turned into a point of pride if you replace them with activities that encourage team-building. Even something as simple as a foosball table can help make work a far more pleasant place to be. If you really want to make an impression, many of the most dynamic companies have gone so far as to install entire game rooms and coffee shops.

Conduct an employer brand audit: You cannot craft an employer brand if you do not know what your brand currently is. To accomplish this, it is vital to use an employer brand audit. You are trying to find out the answers to two questions: how does my company present itself to employees and candidates? And how do employees and candidates actually perceive the company? To do an audit, first gather up everything that an employee or prospective employee might come across: internal communications, job postings, onboarding materials, social media profiles, etc. You can use these materials to determine how you currently present yourself to employees and applicants. Next, interview current employees to ask how they perceive the company and provide applicants with exit surveys. This information will give you information about how your message is received.

Attracting and retaining talented employees has never been more important than it is today. Unfortunately, it has also never been more difficult. Most businesses are used to cultivating a brand image when dealing with customers; however, it is now a business necessity to also cultivate a positive brand image within a company itself. The future of every business that has ever existed depends upon the employees that conduct business on a day to day basis. Take the time to review some of these ideas and develop an employee directed branding plan that will help take your business to the next level.

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Benefits Of Starting Your Own Business

Have you always dreamed of starting your own business? Have you had an entrepreneurial spirit for as long as you can remember and prefer to be your own boss? Well, what’s getting in the way? Maybe it’s fear of the unknown or fear of failure. On the other hand, you could be unsure of where to start. Many small business owners will tell you that they were very fearful in the beginning, but that it’s part of the journey. If you are thinking about starting your own business, the best thing you can do for yourself is research and weigh the pros and cons. In this blog post, we will give you some benefits of starting your own business and why it can be life changing if done right! 

Work/ Life Balance 

One of the biggest benefits to starting your own business is the ability to create your own schedule. Although it takes dedication and diligence, working for yourself allows you so much more flexibility than if you were to work for an employer. From working wherever you want, to setting your own hours, to wearing whatever you want while you work–who could complain! If you are someone who enjoys going to morning yoga at 10 am or you must pick up your son from school at 3pm, working for yourself allows you the flexibility to plan work around your priorities. Not only that, but if you plan a 2 week vacation in the Bahamas, you can bring work with you or even take a pause without having to consult anyone about it getting approved. Overall, the work life balance is spectacular if you start your own business! 

You Can Follow Your Passion 

Many entrepreneurs say that the long hours they invest in their own business don’t feel so bad because they are having fun while doing it. If you are passionate about what you are creating, it won’t feel like work. Not only that, but it will be like raising your own baby. You will see it grow, change, and evolve as time goes on. If you find something you’re passionate about and start a business around it, chances are it won’t feel like work! 

You Get To Choose Who You Work With 

Unlike walking into a work environment where you may not like everyone you work with, when you own your own business, you get to choose who you employ or hire. The greatest thing is, you can work with friends, family, or other business owners who you  have previous connections with. You deserve to surround yourself with people who give you the optimism and encouragement you need to move forward. Weed out the people who have a negative vibe, because let’s face it, who needs that?

Financial Security 

When you are successful in business, chances are you will be shocked at how easy it is to make money and create financial security. Given the circumstances of the 2020 pandemic, we all understand how quickly things we love, like our jobs, can be taken away from us. If you have your own business, you don’t have to worry about these things. Given, your business becomes successful, you can spend the extra money giving back to the community or shopping without the guilt. For instance, you can invest in the fine estate jewelry you were dreaming about for so long. Or, buy yourself a new wallet that you have been putting off for a while now. Point is, with more of your own money and success, you have additional financial security and freedom to spend as you wish, and as much as you want to be financially secure, your business need security like Krywolt Insurance as well.

You Can Challenge Yourself

No more doing the same mundane daily tasks at your office desk! If you start your own business, you can challenge yourself to take the risks you want. It will be filled with new opportunities to challenge yourself, sometimes without your consent! Starting a business will be difficult in the beginning, especially when you’re coming in without experience. However, human beings grow when challenged and you will learn so much about yourself through the process. You will learn something new everyday by simply having your own business! 

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These 3 Writers Help Your Business Stay on Brand

Writers are essential for your brand. They share the heart of what you do and who you are with your audiences. Talented writers help every aspect of your business. While you may understand that marketing writers are valuable, did you know that technical writers and content writers are also critical for keeping your message consistent on all platforms?

There are different kinds of writers who have different goals. The goal of a copywriter is to help sell your products. Content writers communicate information that can inspire or educate your audience. Technical writers create technical documentation to help others understand and learn. Each of them are an important piece of your brand writing and can help your brand in distinct ways.

The key is to make sure all your writers are on the same page. You want them to understand the company goals and the brand voice that they should speak in depending on the types of writing they will produce. It’s also important to note that different writers have different strengths. Just because someone can write amazing copy, does not mean they are right for creating technical documents. And vice versa.  


If you’re in marketing, you know all about copywriters. These guys help your company sell. It’s critical that they write in a consistent brand voice whether they are creating Facebook Ads or writing an email sales series. Your products won’t sell themselves, so you need a skilled and talented copywriter to help you create sales copy that connects with your audiences in real and genuine ways.

Copywriters know who they are writing to, they understand the things that will connect with them, and they tell stories. Let’s face it, a good story can keep anyone engaged, simply because they want to know what happens in the end. Copywriters weave stories that lead customers through the sales process so that in the end your company sells more of its service or product. They are one of the many front-faces of your brand. Their messages need to be consistent.

Technical Writers

While your copywriters might be your rock stars in the company, the technical writers are critical to help the company succeed. They take complex information and data and make it more useful. If you need to create a brand manual, their skills are invaluable. Technical writers break down processes and tasks into bite sized pieces to make them simpler to understand.

If you want to create a bridge between your IT department and marketing, often your technical writers help create that connection. During a re-brand, these writers help communicate changes internally so that everything flows seamlessly. Re-brands often impact multiple departments simultaneously so it’s important to have writers who can clearly communicate those changes. Additionally, these writers would be your go-to’s for creating courses, user guides for customers and so much more. Your brand depends on good technical writers to keep the information and documentation consistent.

Content Writers

Lastly, your brand needs content writers. While the technical and copywriters have a unique niche, content writers carve out their own space too. If you want relevant, helpful, and fascinating content, these are your writers. Content writers produce pieces for websites, social media, and online stores. The explain and describe things. They understand WordPress, SEO, hashtags, and so much more. Their skills help you connect to your audience. While the goal isn’t to sell, a content writer also weaves in an element of story to help audience stay engaged.

Your brand needs content writers who can produce pieces for social media and your blog. Need a piece about writing on brand? Ask your content writer. Need a piece talking about the company history? Use your content writer. Their pieces are the connections in between the sales pieces that help audiences know, like, and trust your brand.

You know writers are valuable for your business. Your brand needs writers in each area who understands the heart of your brand and can communicate it through their words. They are the messengers and can share how your brand can make an impact. With the right technical writers, copywriters, and content writers in place, your brand will have all the writing it needs to succeed.