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The Guide To Property Investing In 2020

Six Fresh Trends Shaping the Face of the Real Estate Industry – Digitized House

Trends are an ever-changing phenomena, whether it’s the fashion industry, music, business, technology, or real estate market. These shifts, however, may not always be positive for the respective genre. But in the case of real estate, things are looking up. As 2019 winds down and we head toward 2020, there’s a strong movement toward real estate technology, known as PropTech. Let’s take a look at PropTech and other fresh trends that are shaping the real estate industry.

  1. Tech Companies Entering the Real Estate Sector
  2. Increased Investment in PropTech
  3. Green Is hot
  4. Alternative Forms of Housing
  5. New Technologies Are on the Rise
  6. Increasing Social Impact on Investment

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Home Selling 101 For 2020 – Tre Pryor

Real estate isn’t just a matter of training how to “talk” to people and convincing them to buy your property. A huge part of it is ensuring you’re providing them with the kind of product that they’ll surely buy – not just because they want it, but because it’s the best option for them. Home selling 101 is putting your home’s best foot forward. From the elements of the property itself to the updates to the presentation—making sure everything is in tip-top shape. Below are four keys to focus on that will make your house sell quickly for the highest possible price.

  1. Aesthetics Seal the Deal
  2. Repairs and Updates Can Improve Your Price
  3. Sometimes, It’s Location, Location, Location
  4. Documentation Matters

Home selling 101 means tackling all the important things. When it comes to a successful real estate transaction, it’s not just about a slick salesman. It more about what you are offering. Nothing makes a home sale better than actually showing off a good home.

With the above considerations in mind, you’ll have a good set of things you may want to ensure you have before you proceed with your home sale. And if you don’t have these elements in check, you might want to revisit the drawing board and plan your house sale accordingly.




Exteriors renewing

Selling empty properties means that interiors photos will not be quite as appealing as they would be for a furnished property, so it is vital that the exterior photos are exceptional. So how to make the exteriors be stunning? Don’t think it is a big problem. Take it easy and write down basic things which need to be done. For example, repainting the wall and the fence, mowing lawn, sweeping out all the dead leaves, collecting litter or removing broken objects are necessary to be listed… After finishing these things, your exteriors will look like new again. If possible, you can make use of empty land to plant some flowers or tiny trees. Try to make the exteriors stand out, because customers prefer to see something in those photos that will make them want to arrange a viewing.

Interiors preparation

Even though interiors is empty, it still needs some touching up because empty rooms can reveal many little flaws, scuffs, nail holes and cracks which you may have never noticed. However, these problems can be fixed by putting a fresh coat of paint on the wall. Painting rooms not only gives you the opportunity to neutralize the colors if your chosen hues were on the bold side, but also helps to convey subtly a sense of newness. Floor is another part you should keep an eye on if removing your furniture reveals worn-off wood finishes, dingy carpets, or blackened grout in high-traffic areas. Damaged sections of flooring will make the house look like abandoned, so if your budget allows consider getting them repaired. If this is not feasible then hire a good floor cleaning machine and tidy them up as best you can.

Staging the empty house

Empty rooms can be difficult for buyers to get a clear sense of how big the rooms. Empty dining rooms or bedrooms may actually appear smaller than they are, making buyers nervous about whether their furniture will fit. However, this problem can be fixed by adding a few tasteful items that can anchor the eye and show the relative spaciousness that your home offers. A neatly-made bed in the master bedroom can work well, or a painting hung near an accent chair in the living room. If you haven’t got the furniture to spare, you can use virtual staging service which doesn’t cost much. Using this service, you can stage your house with computer-generated items and your house will look like fulfilled and stunning as a furnished house.

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Easy ways to sell a property to a buyer even when you don’t speak their language – Kyero

One of the useful functions of Kyero we often talk about is the ability to translate your listings into 13 different languages. But some agents we speak to are reticent about using this to market themselves to international buyers because they’re worried they won’t be able to speak to them in their own language if they make an enquiry. To give you a little bit of extra encouragement we’ve come up with a few ways you could overcome the language barrier and make those international sales.

  1. Establish if there’s a common language
  2. Use Google translate
  3. Use a translator
  4. Let the property do the talking If you really can’t find a suitable way to communicate that works for both parties, there is another option – you can let the property speak for itself.If you provide the right information on your Kyero listings, provide attractive and honest photographs and use the Kyero translate function, your buyer will already have got a very good idea about the details of the property and whether they’re interested. The viewing should then become a formality.In which case you can guide the buyer to the property, point out the things that make it particularly special and let them make up their own mind.
  5. Establish key features to find the right propertyIf you receive a request for help from a potential customer with whom you can’t find a common language, it may be a good idea to aim to narrow down their search criteria so that you can focus on finding a property that meets their needs. Try using one of the methods above with the intention of establishing exactly what the enquirer is looking for. You’ll then be able to scour your portfolio for the right thing and avoid wasted time and frustration on both sides.Whichever method you choose, there’s no need for language to be a barrier to a successful sale.



Hire Property Management Agency! – Morris Invest

If your goal is to maximize your profits and expand your portfolio, then managing your own investment properties wouldn’t be very practical, even if you feel you’re capable of pulling off the job. This is where a property management company comes in. They can successfully manage your real estate investments and ultimately funnel more money into your bank account! Here are reasons why:

  1. Avoid Financially Draining Vacancies with Proper Marketing Strategies
  2. Escape Financial Risks by Weeding Out Bad Tenants
  3. Efficient Rent Collection Ensures a Consistent Cash Flow
  4. Boost Your Revenue by Achieving Higher Tenant Retention Rates
  5. Save Thousands by Letting a Management Company Handle Property Repairs
  6. Build Great Wealth by Investing in the Best Rental Markets
  7. Grow Your Portfolio by Seeking Out Other Profitable Real Estate Investments
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Reinvent Your Cloud Potential with these Top AWS Tips and Tricks

With over 100 on-demand cloud computing services under its belt, Amazon Web Services is a force that propels the Internet forward. In fact, it occupies a sizeable 34% of the whole cloud (IaaS and PaaS) space easily over competitors like IBM, Google, and Microsoft.


The wide service offerings of AWS include some heavy-weight cloud-computing services like elastically provisioned servers (EC2), object storage (S3), payment processing (DevPay), monitoring (CloudWatch), content delivery networks (CDN), among many others.


The USP of AWS lies in its on-demand availability, quick scalability and also affordability. In fact, a service like AWS is considered to be the backbone that strengthens the IT operations of modern-day organizations.

Source: Pexels

AWS helps all kinds of enterprises meet their computing needs, from startups to giant corporations. But, given the complicated spectrum of services and also the pace at which they are constantly updated, a lion’s share of AWS’s true potential is under-utilized.


Here are some ways how you can tap into that untapped potential that will not only improve your organizational performance but might also save you some costs.


Leverage the Free Elastic IP Feature

Unknown to many, and even if known, not used properly is the Free Elastic IP feature in AWS. By default, AWS provides one free Elastic IP for every running instance. This free Elastic IP in AWS assigns a static IPv4 address which helps in dynamic cloud computing services. This elastic IP address helps in covering up any software downtime or instance failure by remapping the affected instance to another instance.


Save Costs with Amazon Load Balancers

AWS Application Load Balances can help cut down your ELB costs by at least 90%. AWS has priced its ALBs at $0.0225 per Application Load Balancer-hour (or partial hour). AWS ALB also supports host-based routing and path based routing. Most importantly, a single ALB can replace upto 75 ELBs. The only catch is that AWS ALBs do not support TCP protocol, however, support is available for HTTP and HTTPS.


Configure Multiple Cloudwatch Alarms

Normally, Cloudwatch alarms are raised when instances breach a set threshold. The alarm is notified to a team which is responsible for troubleshooting and fixing the issue. However, if the same alarm is to repeat, it is not possible to alert a different team, possibly a higher authority who could fix the issue.


Configuring multiple Cloudwatch alarms will help notify such breach instances and take timely action. The good news is that AWS Cloudwatch has such an option to configure multiple alarms for various breach instances to alert different teams.


Source: Pexels


Use Compression at the Edge Feature in Cloudfront

AWS allows you to compress certain file types and also serve the compressed files directly to users. The compressed files sometimes are just one-fourth of the original size. Since the cost of Cloudfront data transfer is based on the total volume of data delivered to users, Compression at the Edge feature would save tons of money. Also, compressed JavaScript and CSS files will help accelerate your page loading speed thus delivering superior user experience.


Save Small-Sized Chunks in Glaciers

Amazon Glacier storage offers a safe and scalable way to archive data for the long-term. But, retrieving data from glaciers is a time-consuming affair. Also, it can prove to be expensive too depending on the volume of data that is being retrieved.


You can save time and effort in such a data retrieval process by uploading data in small-sized chunks. Organizing files into small-sized chunks will make it easy to spot the right dataset that needs to be retrieved easily and quickly. The small-sized retrieval also ensures that your data retrieval costs are contained to a bare minimum.


Use Versioned Object Names in Cloudfront

It takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete a single invalidation request in Cloudfront. If the size of the CloudFront cache purge request is big, then the time taken would also be proportionally longer. Now imagine getting 1000 requests or so every month. It can hamper a web administrator’s productivity significantly. But, not purging CloudFront cache can lead to invalidations too. Using versioned object names is a better and faster way of handling invalidation requests.


In-Built Usage Monitor

As a scalable cloud-computing service, AWS is billed based on your actual usage. So, it is wise to keep a constant check on your usage, just to keep track of any spikes that you may not be aware of. Also, you can also set soft limits for specific regions to keep your AWS billing within limits. Rest assured, cost-savings could be well-planned and achieved with AWS.

Final Thoughts

AWS has achieved a cult status in the cloud computing space. Its competitors are nowhere close to matching the giant’s offerings. The fact that it was spun off from Amazon’s very own enterprise IT operations makes it flexible and scalable for all kinds of businesses.


These tips will help you make the most of AWS without having to break the bank. They will help you keep your cloud computing costs within limits and also take your cloud infrastructure efficiency to new heights.



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