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6 Robust Marketing Trends That can Help the Life Sciences Industry

In less than two months, we will be welcoming the year 2021. Thus, it only makes sense that companies are ramping up their marketing efforts.

This includes identifying marketing trends that you can apply for the next year and beyond.

Whether you run a pharmacy, own a pharmaceutical company, or create biomedical devices, here are six robust marketing trends you need to know:

Content Marketing

Content marketing may not be a new thing, but it is a timeless marketing tactic.

For one, it allows Life Sciences companies to provide relevant and compelling information. In return, the readers pay attention to their content and trust their expertise.

Moreover, content marketing is a great way to get past the hurdles of “interruptive marketing.” That’s because it is the audiences who are looking for your content instead of shoving it to their face.

It is just a matter of identifying the right target keywords and incorporating them into your content.

Interactive Content

In relation to content marketing, another trend that Life Sciences companies should consider is interactive content.

Interactive content is any content that encourages human interaction. Some examples are quizzes, surveys and polls, and webinars.

Why should you implement interactive content? Doing so allows you to reap the following benefits:● High engagement rate● Capturing qualified data● Increased brand loyalty

Luckily, there are various ways you can leverage interactive content.

If you provide medication and treatment for people with diabetes, consider publishing an interactive quiz. The quiz will determine the kind of treatment that can suit their needs and lifestyle.

From there, you can collect their contact details. Use this to provide tips and product recommendations based on their quiz results.

Keyword Research

No digital marketing campaign is successful with the help of keyword research.

Proper keyword research allows you to create content that is relevant to your target audience. As a result, you get to improve your Life Sciences company’s online visibility.

That said, it is imperative to identify what search queries your target users often use. You should also keep user intent in mind.

For example, you manufacture glucose meters. A consumer is likely to use “glucose meter test strips” because he intends it for personal use.

On the other hand, a seller might use a “glucose meter accuracy comparison.” That’s because he may be looking for the best products that he can sell.

Once you can identify what keywords to target, the next step is to incorporate them into your content and other marketing collateral.

Voice Search Optimization

Do you know where else you can use keyword research? Voice search optimization.

Digital marketing experts are prominent in ensuring that your online assets are mobile responsive during the past decade. These days, it is imperative that you optimize your content for voice search as well.

This is due to the popularity of voice assistants like Siri and OK Google.

The key here is to focus on conversational search queries. These are full-sentence queries like, “Where can I buy a glucose meter device near me?”

And just like with keyword research, it is a matter of incorporating conversational keywords in your content.


If you are using a primarily business-to-client model, personalization could come in handy. After all, consumers prefer a more personalized marketing approach.

But according to Life Sciences expert, Michelle Dipp, you can also apply personalization in prescriptions and treatments.

Take Type 2 diabetes treatment, for instance. Nowadays, there are various pharmacological therapies available to manage blood glucose. This is in hopes of improving medical outcomes.

The beauty of personalization is that it relaxes therapeutic constraints. It also allows healthcare professionals to provide adequate care.

However, it causes the burden of detecting treatment nuances.

Shoppable Posts

If you think that social media marketing is not for Life Sciences companies, think again. However, we cannot deny that this can be a new space.

Nonetheless, there are effective ways to use social media. One of them is shoppable posts.

This is a Facebook and Instagram feature that allows you to sell products straight to your audience feed. You have to be wary about the platform’s regulations on promoting products and services related to Life Sciences.

Moreover, you need to have an approved Instagram business account if you want to take advantage of the shoppable post.

Nonetheless, social media is generally designed for storytelling. This means that you still need to be creative with your content, although you are using shoppable posts.

The Best Time to Shift is Now

Life Sciences companies can be notoriously cautious when it comes to digital marketing trends. However, these trends are proof that change is inevitable.

Whether you jump on the bandwagon immediately or after a year, a marketing trend will only work if you know how to leverage it.

If you are looking for ways to build awareness around your Life Sciences company, there is no better time to implement digital marketing but now.


10 Best Things to Expect During the Holiday Shopping Season in 2020

The shopping holidays season is around the corner, or is it? Every year, shoppers from across the globe wait for the holiday season to get the best deals on their favorite products.

But this year, it’s different. As COVID-19 has changed the way we shop, this holiday season is set to bring some changes in shopping. But no matter the changes, there’s a lot to take away for both shoppers and retailers.

From increased discounts to the closedown of offline stores, here are the ten best things to expect during the holiday shopping season in 2020.

1. Extended Holiday Season

In general, the holiday shopping season commences after Halloween. But several retailers began offering holiday season-like incentives from October. Many retailers are following this trend to provide customers with more time to do their holiday online shopping safely.

In fact, a lot of retailers have started offering Black Friday-like benefits from October-November. Therefore, you don’t really need to wait for Christmas or Thanksgiving to get the best deals.

2. Offline Stores to Close Their Doors

For years, Thanksgiving has been one of the biggest shopping festivals in the US and across the globe. But this year – due to the COVID-19 pandemic – many offline retailers like Walmart and Kohl’s have decided to stay closed on shopping holidays to reduce massive crowd gathering.

This gives an opportunity for online retailers to make the most out of the Thanksgiving sale.  Since offline stores will remain closed, consumers will seek holiday online shopping to fulfill their shopping needs.

3. Reduced Consumer Spending

This pandemic has been difficult for everyone, not only healthwise but also moneywise. Many consumers have lost their jobs, and those who haven’t, are working on salary deductions. In all, the spending power of the customers has reduced.

This means there will be a decrease in customer spending during this holiday season. Holiday season shopping statistics suggested that the average holiday spending per person could decrease from $627 in 2019 to $515 in 2020. Several other studies have also suggested that overall spending this year could surge by up to 50%.

But what this also means is that vendors will offer massive discounts to encourage customers to make a purchase. Therefore, customers can expect to get some exciting online shopping deals during this holiday shopping season.

4. Online Shopping Will Overtake Offline Shopping

Even after a significant surge in online shopping, offline shopping remained to be the go-to mode for customers during the festive season. This year, this trend is going to change. As discussed, people are shifting to online shopping due to COVID-19 pandemic. Also, many offline retailers have announced that they’ll remain closed.

This offers a massive opportunity for online vendors. Ecommerce stores can create robust marketing strategies and customer acquisition plans to give them a head start before the actual holiday shopping season starts.

5. Reduced Relevance of Black Friday

If you’re a Black Friday shopper, there’s some news. Since many retailers are already offering Black Friday-like discounts, you don’t need to wait till Black Friday. In fact, 41% of consumers aren’t planning to shop on this Black Friday, stated the report by KPMG.

You, as a customer, can consider this as both negative as well as positive. On the downside, you won’t be able to get the same Black Friday shopping experience as before. But on the upside, you don’t need to wait for the Black Friday sale as many retailers are already offering similar advantages.

6. Shopping By Appointment

If you’re a brick and mortar store, you can capitalize upon the new “shopping by appointment trend. If you have a social media page or website, you can ask your customers to take appointments and assign them specific time slots to shop. This way, you will provide your customers with an in-store shopping experience along with alleviating the risk of the spread.

Stores that don’t have a digital presence in the form of a social media page or website can make appointments via phone. Just hang a banner at your storefront with the phone number and the necessary instructions.

7. Shipping Delays

Several studies have suggested that fast delivery is one of the key factors that impact customers’ buying decisions. But in this festive season, you might experience some shipping delays. These are hard times for eCommerce vendors as well. And though they’re trying to offer the best service, the current circumstances are restricting. Hence, it may take more than usual time for your orders to be fulfilled and delivered. Moreover, some retailers may also charge an extra delivery fee, given the current circumstances.

8. Online Shopping Rewards

Online shopping stores will be providing exciting rewards for shopping to attract more customers. These rewards could be in the form of cashback, gift cards, or upfront discounts. Many retailers would be willing to waiver delivery charges if your cart amount reaches a certain threshold.

9. Credit Card and Wallet Rewards

At the same time, customers should keep an eye on their credit card companies and mobile wallets. Since digital payments are on the rise, more people will shop from credit cards and wallets.

This gives an opportunity to wallets and credit card companies. Many of these providers will offer cashback and discounts on shopping from their cards and platforms. Customers should watch out for the offers to get the most benefits.

10. Social Media Shopping

Social media isn’t the place that it used to be. Now, it has become a platform for brands and customers. Retailers are readily utilizing social media to get in touch with their customers and promoting their products. Customers are also engaging with brands on social media. This festive season, many retailers will use social media as their primary channel to sell their products.


In all, there won’t be a holiday season like it used to be before. Though the times could be a bit difficult for retailers, the opportunities and benefits of shoppers are endless. As a customer, you can expect exciting deals and massive discounts during this season. And customers like to shop online for fashion items during this season.

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5 Tips For Choosing The Best Lawn Care Services In Orange County

If you are living in orange county, you must have a lawn in your home. Orange County is a beautiful place. It is the 3rd most famous country in the world. Having a healthy lawn can add more beauty to your home. Every homeowner wants his house to look beautiful. A beautiful lawn can enhance the beauty of your home. It’s very difficult for an owner to look after his lawn on a daily basis, or he is not that much experienced to take care of a lawn. For this purpose, he needs a good lawn care service. You must hire a lawn care service that is experienced and has knowledge about the roots, soil, and planting. The following are some of the essential tips you need to consider when choosing an Orange County Lawn care service provider. 

  1. Experienced 

Only an experienced person can keep your lawn healthy and beautiful. Before you hire anyone, you need to make sure that the person knows about the planting and gardening. A person who is not familiar with the soil type, the roots, and land, he will not be able to take care of your lawn. In fact, he will destroy it. So you have to be very careful. Lawn service providers who have experience of years are able to make your lawn look fascinating and enchanting. They also have acquired the skills and resources that can treat most of the problems regarding the lawn. 

  1. Reputation  

The reputation of a company or center matters a lot. It is an era of internet and social networking. Nowadays, people believe in online reviews before buying anything or hiring someone. So you need to see their reviews online. Suppose the company does not have any online page. You need to consult with their past customers and take reviews from them. Dig profoundly and hire anyone. The selection of wrong services will lead you to destruction. 

  1. Proper material and equipment

Your lawn needs to look beautiful. It is only possible when the material used is suitable. You need to tell the company about your land and soil type so that they can use the appropriate material. The next thing you need to see is the types of equipment used for the cutting of your lawn. You must opt for an organization that takes great consideration of everything. The cutting edges of a trimer opt to be changed out or honed for at regular intervals. Do not fear asking how regularly they change out their cutting edges. 

  1. Customer services 

You must invest in a company that you can communicate with easily, and you can ask when a query or issue comes up. Garden organizations ought to endeavor to enable their clients to ask the problem that is damaging their yard. They should embrace a proactive way to deal with a yard and give proper guidance and backing to their customers. Customer service is very important. If the attitude of an organization is not right, it can also affect the way of their dealing with the yard. 

  1. Rates

Cost is typically a significant factor when contracting lawn organizations. Try not to confide in an organization that ensures a yearly rate without seeing your type of grass first. Keep in mind that the garden care organizations with lesser rates are frequently not suppliers who offer the highest caliber of lawn service. These kinds of organizations are costly, try not to be astonished if your lawn care company demands high rates. 


Lawn care services in Orange country are easy to find. But you have to keep all these points in your mind before you opt for an organization. You must want your lawn to look more beautiful than your neighbors, so decide everything wisely!



Hiring An Attorney After A Car Accident; Top 4 Reasons

Unfortunately, there are a large number of vehicle crashes each year in the world. Some are minor knocks, and some are more serious. Whether or not you feel all right or not after the mishap, be that as it may, there’s one thing you should consistently do after you’ve exchanged insurance details and called an emergency vehicle. And, that’s hiring an attorney.

There are numerous reasons why this is so significant, yet we’ve boiled these down into 4 key reasons that link into the more extensive picture.

Helps in collecting the evidence and assessing the claim

Your car accident claim is just as solid as the evidence you can proffer. It is pivotal to get proof from the scene including photographs, video, contact data for witnesses, and other physical proof. Your attorney can help you gather and save significant proof by conveying a spoliation letter.

It is significant to figure out what your auto crash claim is worth. According to the Grandelli personal injury lawyers, this relies upon the nature and extent of your injuries and the risk of the litigants in question. Regularly you ought to have the option to get car accident remuneration for medicinal costs, lost wages and torment, and languishing.

Helps proves the liability with experience and expertise

A fruitful auto crash claim relies on whether you can demonstrate obligation in court. To do this, you’ll need proof from mishap reports, witness declaration, and different bits of information to help your case. Legal advisors are gifted at gathering and introducing this information to give your case the most obvious opportunity concerning winning.

Remember that insurance agencies are ready to go to bring in cash. They need to secure their advantages first, which means paying out as meager as could reasonably be expected. An accomplished auto crash lawyer guarantees you get a level playing field and get treated decently.

File a personal injury lawsuit if possible

A huge advantage of employing an auto crash legal counselor to deal with your case is that the lawyer can instruct you regarding the entirety of your legitimate choices. If the insurance agency is reluctant to offer a sensible settlement sum, lawyers are set up to record an individual physical issue claim to assist you with getting the pay you merit.

This progression is regularly the activity that pushes the insurance agent to offer a reasonable settlement, even before the case goes to court. Nonetheless, lawyers are constantly arranged to indict a case if it is to the greatest advantage of the customers.

Give legitimate counsel

Is it right to say that you are uncertain what to do to determine your car accident? Possibly you’re thinking about taking the proposal from the insurance agency, yet you don’t know. Hiring an auto crash legal advisor offers you master understanding and guidance on the most proficient method to continue.

To summarize, these are a portion of the reasons that better show why you need to hire an auto crash attorney. Ideally, this snippet of data may better assist you in your future undertakings.

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6 Best White Hat Link Building Techniques In 2019

Link building is considered as one of the key elements of search engine optimization (SEO). But, many webmasters haven’t yet understood the concept well and go on to make mistakes which hurt the SEO.

Acquisition of White Hat links to your website can significantly boost your search engine ranking, but Google has been changing the link building algorithm over the years. Irrelevant comments on random blog posts to build links, no longer work for SEO.

What is Link Building and White Hat SEO?                            

When you get hyperlinks to your website from other websites, it is called link building. What this means is that you are telling Google that your site is relevant and trustworthy, and other sites are directing their users to you. This not only brings visitors from other websites but also boosts your ranking.

There are plenty of techniques for websites to rank higher, but not all of them work. Some are helpful, while some can even negatively impact the SEO. The SEO techniques that work positively and are done using proper methods are called White Hat SEO techniques.

Link building is done using both proper and improper methods. Proper methods can include guest blogs, while improper ones can include commenting on random posts with the link of your site. The proper method of link building is called White Hat link building.

Source – Pexels

White Hat Link Building techniques:                        

1. Guest blogging

One of the most efficient methods of link building is writing guest blogs for other websites. There are several websites and blogs that allow submission of guest articles. Leverage this opportunity for SEO improvement of your site.

The guest blogging is not only good for SEO but also helps you build relationships with other website owners. If you end up building good networking, chances are that they will allow more submissions from you.

Make a list of the websites that allow guest posts. Explore those websites and ensure that your guest post should be relevant to the niche of their site, otherwise it wouldn’t be accepted. Now contact the site runners and tell them about your experience with their site and your interest in submitting a post.

While writing a guest post, don’t be too promotional about your site. A couple of links in Author Bio and introduction will do. When they publish your work, share it with your customers and social media community. When the guest post publishers will find that your post is also helping them widely, then they would like to publish more of your work.

2. Ask your network for backlinks

As a website owner, you might be having a lot of friends and relatives who have their own websites or blogs. You can connect with them and ask for adding a link to your site in their next blog post.

If you have partners in your business, then leverage the partnership for link building. You can request a link back or do a deal of including a link to websites of each other in the next article. Further, keep on building your network and use it for your advantage.

3. Directory submission

There are plenty of good web directories available on the internet where you can list your website or blog. While listing your site on a directory, you should take care of a number of things, like choosing the right category for creating backlinks, checking the domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA) of the directory site, and whether the directory is reliable.

If the DA and PA of the directory site is not of high quality, or if it contains spam links, then it would be better to stay away from such options. The low-quality directories wouldn’t help your site to boost SEO. Research properly before submission so that you can avoid any negative impact on your SEO.

4. Convert your brand mentions into backlinks

This is another easy method for white hat backlinking. There might be several blogs and websites which have mentioned your brand name in reviews, recommendations, or testimonials without hyperlinking your site. What you need to do is find those mentions using Social Listening tools.

Once you have found all the mentions, build a strategy to reach those mentions via social media channels or contact forms and request a backlink to the mentions. Since there is no harm to those sites in hyperlinking your site to your brand name, they will very likely to do the needful for you.

5. List your business in local directories

If you are a small business, then a business listing can significantly help you. For example, you can easily list your business on Google for free. Other than Google, there are several more local directories, like Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, TripAdvisor, etc.

The aim of these local directories is to help local users find the relevant places they are looking for. For example, if someone in your area is searching for places nearby, then you can appear in search results. Since the listing will have your website link, it can work for you.

Source – Pexels

6. Maintain your own blog

Don’t ever underestimate the power of a blog. The reason most of the websites have a blog is that it drives traffic to the site and helps in white hat link building. Maintain a blog and publish posts regularly, which should be relevant to the services or products you provide.

Try to cover everything related to your solutions to make your blog more appealing to visitors. Since the blog posts will be having backlinks to your products and services, it will bring visitors to your site and improve SEO.

Use images and visuals so that the content doesn’t become boring for visitors. Allow users to comment and share the posts on social media platforms right from the same page.


Wrapping up

If you apply the above-mentioned techniques to your website, it will surely work for you. But you have to remember that link building is not going to happen overnight. It will take time as you reach other websites, directories and your network.

Also, never go for black hat backlinking techniques, because Google can penalize your site for it.

Know of more white hat link building techniques? Feel free to share via the comments section below.

Author Bio:

Mark Coleman is a passionate writer, currently working as an Editor at MarkupTrend. Markup Trend offers free resources for developers, designers, and webmasters and is updated daily. Mark is available for hire for product and business promotions.