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Why Outsourcing Payroll Makes Sense For Small Businesses

Payroll is one of the key operations that any business has to manage, regardless of its size and scale. Most small companies do it in-house as they think that outsourcing is for enterprise-level organizations. They often end up relying on manual bookkeeping or DIY apps for the job, which can get complicated as the team grows in size. However, collaborating with a service provider can be the smartest approach that can streamline HR operations for smaller organizations while serving value for money. If you are still contemplating the move, let us explain why it makes sense.

Allows in-house resources to focus on business

Even if you run a small company with a limited workforce, payroll can be a headache for your managers. It involves multiple aspects, from handling deposits and checks to looking after withholdings and keeping track of the changing tax requirements. Combined with the complex calculations, they can make the entire process complicated and time-consuming for the managers. By handing the process over to an expert, your team will have more time and less stress, so they will be able to focus on core business functions.

Improves compliance and reporting

Compliance is often a challenge when it comes to payroll management. Even small businesses have to struggle a lot while keeping pace with wage and hour laws, filing deadlines, tax regulations, state-specific legislation and frequent changes. Also, there are heavy-duty reports to prepare for a clear picture of current operations and future projections. Outsourcing payroll administration is a good idea as these experts cover you on both these fronts. They do everything on time and without errors, which means that there wouldn’t be compliance issues.

Offers access to innovation

Sticking to outdated legacy payroll systems will eventually make your small business fall behind. With outsourcing, you get access to the latest technology without having to spend anything. It helps as your employees expect an innovative approach to the payroll, such as direct deposits and easily accessible pay records.

Moreover, switching to technology can speed up and align the payroll operations as your company grows in size and gets more people on board. Partnering with a payroll service makes your business future-ready as they often have the best technologies in place, which offer the benefits that you may just be looking for.

Curbs risk for your business

Payroll goes much beyond signing checks at the end of the month, and there is a scope for errors and risks you may not expect. If you fail to adhere to the tax rules and government norms, fines and penalties may pile up fast. Similarly, not operating payroll on time and correctly can cause dissatisfaction among employees and ruin the reputation of the employer.

Leaving payroll to specialists is a good idea as they will curb these risks and keep your company safe.

Letting your in-house team handle payroll may sound tempting if you are a small business owner looking to curb expenses. However, outsourcing a specialized service is a wise decision as it saves you a lot in the long run and offers the benefit of scalability. No matter how quickly your business grows, the provider will be able to handle your needs with the right technology and expertise.


How To Choose Bathroom Partitions

Choosing the right bathroom partitions can be a little tricky. It’s tricky because these partitions come in different materials, including; solid plastic, phenolic core, plastic laminate, stainless steel and powder coated steel. Each material comes with its own pros and drawbacks so studying it all in detail is important if you want to make an informed decision.

If you are here trying to learn how to choose the best partitions for a restroom then this is the right place to stick with. For starters, you need to understand that there’s no “best material” for partitions. It all just depends on the style, design and feel that you are looking for.

1- Powder coated toilet partitions

One of the most regularly used partitions are the powder coated partitions. They are quite popular because firstly, they are light in weight and secondly, they are solid. The material is solid because it’s made with great care. It’s a combination of honeycomb cardboard that’s covered with metal sheets. The cost of this material is reasonable and it lies somewhere between $200-$300. The only issue is that this material comes in a limited number of colors so you won’t have much choice in that regard.

2- Plastic laminate partitions

If you are looking for something that’s widely available and comes in different colors then the plastic laminate partitions will work just fine for you. These bathroom partitions are cheap so it’s a great option for those who are on a tight budget. It’s just that you shouldn’t opt for this material if there’s a lot of exposure to water. If it’s a shower cabin or a restroom near a pool, you should opt for solid plastic instead of plastic laminate.

3- Phenolic partitions

Here layers of paper are squeezed together and then they are covered with phenolic tar. This type of partition is best if you want the walls to hold tight and hold up well even during intense conditions. Why most people opt for this material is because it’s sturdy and has a long life expectancy. These partitions are extremely resistant to vandalism. Moreover, the phenolic partitions are easier to maintain and they are resistant to rust and bacteria. In a nutshell, if you are looking for something highly resistant to unfavorable conditions and something that’s sturdy and lasts for a long time then this is the right partition to opt for.

4- Stainless steel partitions

These partitions are the highest point of line. These partitions will give you a modern, sleek and sophisticated look. If you are looking for something for your office restroom then we’d highly recommend you to try stainless steel. These partitions are extremely appealing aesthetic wise. The only issue is that they will cost you a little more than the other materials but it’s totally worth it.


These are some of the main material types used for bathroom partitions. Now that you know where you should use each material, it will be easier for you to make a decision. Other than all of this, you also should ensure that you are getting the best quality partitions. Just opt for a reputable brand that takes quality seriously and does deliver you your desired product. Even though partitions for bathrooms don’t cost a lot, you still should look for a durable one because this isn’t the kind of investment you can make every single month.

Now without waiting any further, pick any one material out of the ones mentioned above and start looking for a design that suits your restroom area in the best possible way.


10 Best Things to Expect During the Holiday Shopping Season in 2020

The shopping holidays season is around the corner, or is it? Every year, shoppers from across the globe wait for the holiday season to get the best deals on their favorite products.

But this year, it’s different. As COVID-19 has changed the way we shop, this holiday season is set to bring some changes in shopping. But no matter the changes, there’s a lot to take away for both shoppers and retailers.

From increased discounts to the closedown of offline stores, here are the ten best things to expect during the holiday shopping season in 2020.

1. Extended Holiday Season

In general, the holiday shopping season commences after Halloween. But several retailers began offering holiday season-like incentives from October. Many retailers are following this trend to provide customers with more time to do their holiday online shopping safely.

In fact, a lot of retailers have started offering Black Friday-like benefits from October-November. Therefore, you don’t really need to wait for Christmas or Thanksgiving to get the best deals.

2. Offline Stores to Close Their Doors

For years, Thanksgiving has been one of the biggest shopping festivals in the US and across the globe. But this year – due to the COVID-19 pandemic – many offline retailers like Walmart and Kohl’s have decided to stay closed on shopping holidays to reduce massive crowd gathering.

This gives an opportunity for online retailers to make the most out of the Thanksgiving sale.  Since offline stores will remain closed, consumers will seek holiday online shopping to fulfill their shopping needs.

3. Reduced Consumer Spending

This pandemic has been difficult for everyone, not only healthwise but also moneywise. Many consumers have lost their jobs, and those who haven’t, are working on salary deductions. In all, the spending power of the customers has reduced.

This means there will be a decrease in customer spending during this holiday season. Holiday season shopping statistics suggested that the average holiday spending per person could decrease from $627 in 2019 to $515 in 2020. Several other studies have also suggested that overall spending this year could surge by up to 50%.

But what this also means is that vendors will offer massive discounts to encourage customers to make a purchase. Therefore, customers can expect to get some exciting online shopping deals during this holiday shopping season.

4. Online Shopping Will Overtake Offline Shopping

Even after a significant surge in online shopping, offline shopping remained to be the go-to mode for customers during the festive season. This year, this trend is going to change. As discussed, people are shifting to online shopping due to COVID-19 pandemic. Also, many offline retailers have announced that they’ll remain closed.

This offers a massive opportunity for online vendors. Ecommerce stores can create robust marketing strategies and customer acquisition plans to give them a head start before the actual holiday shopping season starts.

5. Reduced Relevance of Black Friday

If you’re a Black Friday shopper, there’s some news. Since many retailers are already offering Black Friday-like discounts, you don’t need to wait till Black Friday. In fact, 41% of consumers aren’t planning to shop on this Black Friday, stated the report by KPMG.

You, as a customer, can consider this as both negative as well as positive. On the downside, you won’t be able to get the same Black Friday shopping experience as before. But on the upside, you don’t need to wait for the Black Friday sale as many retailers are already offering similar advantages.

6. Shopping By Appointment

If you’re a brick and mortar store, you can capitalize upon the new “shopping by appointment trend. If you have a social media page or website, you can ask your customers to take appointments and assign them specific time slots to shop. This way, you will provide your customers with an in-store shopping experience along with alleviating the risk of the spread.

Stores that don’t have a digital presence in the form of a social media page or website can make appointments via phone. Just hang a banner at your storefront with the phone number and the necessary instructions.

7. Shipping Delays

Several studies have suggested that fast delivery is one of the key factors that impact customers’ buying decisions. But in this festive season, you might experience some shipping delays. These are hard times for eCommerce vendors as well. And though they’re trying to offer the best service, the current circumstances are restricting. Hence, it may take more than usual time for your orders to be fulfilled and delivered. Moreover, some retailers may also charge an extra delivery fee, given the current circumstances.

8. Online Shopping Rewards

Online shopping stores will be providing exciting rewards for shopping to attract more customers. These rewards could be in the form of cashback, gift cards, or upfront discounts. Many retailers would be willing to waiver delivery charges if your cart amount reaches a certain threshold.

9. Credit Card and Wallet Rewards

At the same time, customers should keep an eye on their credit card companies and mobile wallets. Since digital payments are on the rise, more people will shop from credit cards and wallets.

This gives an opportunity to wallets and credit card companies. Many of these providers will offer cashback and discounts on shopping from their cards and platforms. Customers should watch out for the offers to get the most benefits.

10. Social Media Shopping

Social media isn’t the place that it used to be. Now, it has become a platform for brands and customers. Retailers are readily utilizing social media to get in touch with their customers and promoting their products. Customers are also engaging with brands on social media. This festive season, many retailers will use social media as their primary channel to sell their products.


In all, there won’t be a holiday season like it used to be before. Though the times could be a bit difficult for retailers, the opportunities and benefits of shoppers are endless. As a customer, you can expect exciting deals and massive discounts during this season. And customers like to shop online for fashion items during this season.


6 Ways Internal Communications Can Impact Your Organization

Are you experiencing problems with employee productivity, engagement, and collaboration in your organization? You have tried everything you could think of, but nothing seems to work. Have you thought about improving your internal communication? Many organizations have been in the same position as you. Rarely anyone think about this aspect’s great importance in the business world. Still, as soon as they enhanced their internal communications, the organizations were back on the right track. Don’t make the same mistake and underestimate the power of effective internal communication. Here is a breakdown of six ways this aspect impacts your organization.

Crisis Management

In a crisis such as the ongoing pandemic, careful and timely communication with employees is essential for keeping things under control. Throughout the crisis, the management and team leaders should communicate regularly with employees and provide updates. Announcing the latest decisions, notifying employees about the newly introduced policies, and sharing relevant information keeps everyone calm in a stressful situation. No matter whether your employees work from an office or home, you can use intranet systems to communicate and manage the crisis. When you communicate with employees, you actually have the power to steer their perception in a positive direction. You keep them informed thus they are prepared for whatever might come. On the other hand, when they are kept in the dark, they easily lose trust, start feeling frustrated, and the whole situation might escalate.

Source: Pexels


It’s easy to start a rumor mill in an organization, especially a large one. If employees hear it and start believing in it, their dissatisfaction will grow negatively affecting their productivity and relationship with the management. Nonetheless, you can rely on good internal communication and keep things as transparent as possible. This doesn’t mean you should share every little thing with your employees. Share only matters and information that concern them. Laying your cards on the table right from the start shows integrity, which employees value the most in an employer. It also helps you build a strong and honest relationship with your employees and puts an end to any workplace rumors.

Employee Retention

Employee turnover is a growing problem for organizations all around the US. Employees leave their jobs because they look for flexible working hours, growth opportunities, or better payment, among other things. Every time an employee quits, it leaves serious consequences on the staff and business. Managers have to go through a demanding recruitment process, while employees feel discouraged. To increase employee retention in the company, you should give and receive feedback, assign challenging tasks, offer training, and increase engagement in the workplace. The easiest way to decrease employee turnover rates is through internal communications. Make an effort, get to know your employees, and let them know you and the company. When you know each other well, it is easier for the company not only to retain the existing staff but also to attract new employees.

Source: Pexels

Middle Management

Most organizations follow a top to bottom hierarchy when passing information and communicating. Often, that information gets stuck in the middle among managers. Because of that, there are delays, breakdowns in communication, and problems with feedback. In such a large chain, employees have to depend on themselves and their coworkers for information. Enhancing middle management and using various communication channels allows an ongoing and effective flow of information. It’s also a great opportunity for training and promoting employees into managers. Apart from distributing messages efficiently, employees learn how to manage teams, negotiate, persuade, and solve conflicts. Allowing your employees to learn and develop also helps with their retention.

Arming yourself with important data such as project management statistics can help you supervise this important part of the company.

Remote Staff

Managing a remote staff isn’t an easy task. There are many challenges to overcome. For instance, various time zones, teamwork, team spirit, cultural and language obstacles, etc. Every challenge you face while managing remote staff can easily be overcome through internal communications. If you have to coordinate various time zones, consult your employees and find an overlap that suits everyone. For maintaining team spirit and collaborating, employees simply have to communicate effectively. If your remote team is also a diverse one, then encourage them to get to know each other. This way, cultural and language obstacles will no longer be an issue.

Source: Pexels

Employee Performance

Most employees believe internal communication is crucial for their performance in the workplace. They need to have all the relevant details regarding an assignment or a project, along with superior’s expectations. Such details and upfront expectations help them stay focused and deliver their best work. If some details are missing, such as deadlines, or client’s information, they will have difficulties with their performance at that particular assignment. Similarly, they like to have easy access to information. Therefore, communicate with your employees if you want them to perform well.


Tips For Recovering From Injury And Getting Back To Work

Did you know that a workplace injury occurs about every 7 seconds during the workday? That amounts to almost 3 million workplace injuries each year.

If you’re ever injured while on the job, it’s going to be very important for you to take the right steps before getting back to work. Recovering from injury is going to be key and will ensure that you’re ready to do your job to the best of your ability moving forward.

There are some people who try to rush through the process of returning to work from being injured—and they often pay the price for doing it. Many times, they end up getting hurt again or continuing to deal with the pain associated with their original work injury.

You can avoid finding yourself in this situation after sustaining injuries that put you out of work. Check out some tips that will help you get healthy and get back to work.

Start by Reporting Your Injury to Your Employer

The first thing that you should do before you even begin to think about trying to recover from an injury sustained at work is report the injury to your employer. They need to know about it, especially if it’s something that’s going to keep you off your feet for a few days, a few weeks, or even a few months.

Your employer should put together a full report on your injury. They should talk with you and others about what happened, what kind of injury you sustained as a result of it, and more.

Don’t jumpstart the process of recovering from injury prior to talking to your employer about it. Otherwise, you could end up not getting paid for however long you’re out of work. You could also have trouble getting back to work later on.

Arrange to Have Your Injury Looked at by a Doctor

In addition to talking to your employer about your work injury, you should also meet with a doctor about it. Even if you don’t think the injury is all that serious, it’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to workplace injuries.

You should take a trip to the emergency room or schedule an appointment with your primary doctor so that they can evaluate you and tell you what kind of injury you sustained. Once you know what’s wrong with you, you should then go back and tell your employer about it.

Do Whatever Your Doctor Tells You to Do to Heal Your Injury

After your doctor has figured out what’s wrong with you, they’ll come up with a plan of action as far as your recovery is concerned. They’ll give you some advice on how you should go about getting your injury to heal.

In some cases, the only thing that you might have to do is take some Advil and get some rest. But in other instances, your doctor might recommend that you go to physical therapy or even have surgery to correct whatever health issues you’re having due to your injury.

Follow your doctor’s recommendations so that you can heal up quickly. If you put off doing physical therapy or having surgery, it could result in your injury getting worse.

Speak With a Lawyer About Potentially Taking Legal Action

If your work injury knocks you off your feet and forces you out of work for an extended period of time, it could lead to you missing out on paychecks before long. This could put you in a financial bind and force you to try and go back to work sooner than your doctor might like.

Instead of doing this, why not see if you might be entitled to workers’ compensation? You can request legal help from a workers’ comp lawyer and get the money that you deserve in the aftermath of your injury.

Make Sure You’re 100% Healed Before Going Back to Work

Recovering from injury isn’t something that’s a whole lot of fun for most people. They’re often in a rush to get back to work as soon as they can.

While you should try your best to heal up so that you can work again, you shouldn’t get back to work until you’re 100% ready to do it. Your work injury needs to be completely healed before you even think of clocking back in at work.

If you go back to work too soon, you could aggravate your injury and put yourself right back on the sidelines. You could also put others at risk if you’re not up for the challenges associated with your job.

Return to Your Doctor If You Experience Any Pain After Returning to Work

Once you return to work after recovering from injury, you might be under the impression that you’re in the clear. But this isn’t always the case.

You might still have some pain from your work injury that lingers. If this turns out to be the case, you should make a return visit to your doctor to talk to them about it. They can tell you what you’re going to have to do to get that pain to go away.

You should also keep in touch with your employer about your injury and the pain that continues to come along with it. They might be able to find you a new role that won’t be quite as intense as your old one. 

Recovering From Injury Can Be a Long, Hard Process for Some People

Recovering from injury isn’t always something that you can do overnight or even over the course of a few days. You might have to spend weeks and even months working at recovering from an injury.

Use the tips found here to speed up your recovery process slightly. They should provide you with a chance to get back to work sooner rather than later.

Interested in finding out more about the workers’ compensation you may be entitled to following a work injury? Read through some of the other articles on our blog to learn all about it.

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Getting Ready for an International Business Trip


Even if you don’t like going on business trips, this is one of those things we just have to do if we want to take our business to the next level. However, you can’t just pack your bags and fly off – there are a few things you need to take care of before you board your plane. Getting ready for a business trip might sound like the hardest job in the world, but it’s actually much easier than you think. Therefore, here are a few tips that might help you along the way. 

Check your passport

Many successful entrepreneurs spend a lot of time traveling for work and having all the documents is the first thing they usually pack. We’ve all heard about people heading to the airport and preparing to find their gate only to discover that their passport has expired. This isn’t just an urban myth passed on from one generation to the next – it’s something that can happen to you as well. That’s why you need to find your passport and check the expiration date. In case your passport is about to expire soon, you should renew it before it’s too late. This process might take a while, so do it ASAP and save yourself some trouble at the airport.

Check other documents

Unlike business trips you take in your own country, heading to another country means you have to bring some extra documents too. Some countries require you to have a visa, and doing that can be a lengthy process that requires your immediate attention. In addition to that, you should look into rules and regulations that are active in specific countries because you don’t want to get there and find out you can’t enter the country. The same goes for your vaccinations, in case you’re traveling to a country that requires certain vaccines, so getting informed on time is crucial.

Figure out your finances

A few decades ago, people who traveled to another country – both for business and pleasure – used to take cash with them and didn’t have to worry about anything. Now, however, the situation has changed, and you don’t have to rely on the cash only. You can also take a credit card and pay for things even more easily. Instead of counting your money every single day, you could opt for a practical overseas spending credit card and complete your payments in a matter of seconds. These credit cards come with an option to save you some money upon every payment, so you’ll be actually saving money while spending it!

Pack your bags

Depending on the length of your business trip and what you’ll be expected to do there, you might be packing anything from a tiny carry-on bag to a massive suitcase. Of course, packing your luggage is never easy, regardless of the context, so make a plan in advance and stick to it. Figure out how much clothes you’ll need and stick to your favorite pieces that make you feel good and comfortable because this will help you feel good while talking to your business partner, clients, and investors.

Learn etiquette

While most business people focus on the business portion of their business trips, they shouldn’t forget that it’s still a trip, and that means going to a foreign country where your local rules don’t apply. Learning about the local etiquette can, therefore, go a long way and make your business trip much more enjoyable, productive, and lucrative. Learn how to behave when doing business with people from another country, but if you really want to impress your hosts, learn a thing or two about the place where you’re going and its history.


International business trips are always hard and exhausting, but if you think about the aforementioned things in advance and get prepared, your business trip will surely turn into success!


Hiring An Attorney After A Car Accident; Top 4 Reasons

Unfortunately, there are a large number of vehicle crashes each year in the world. Some are minor knocks, and some are more serious. Whether or not you feel all right or not after the mishap, be that as it may, there’s one thing you should consistently do after you’ve exchanged insurance details and called an emergency vehicle. And, that’s hiring an attorney.

There are numerous reasons why this is so significant, yet we’ve boiled these down into 4 key reasons that link into the more extensive picture.

Helps in collecting the evidence and assessing the claim

Your car accident claim is just as solid as the evidence you can proffer. It is pivotal to get proof from the scene including photographs, video, contact data for witnesses, and other physical proof. Your attorney can help you gather and save significant proof by conveying a spoliation letter.

It is significant to figure out what your auto crash claim is worth. According to the Grandelli personal injury lawyers, this relies upon the nature and extent of your injuries and the risk of the litigants in question. Regularly you ought to have the option to get car accident remuneration for medicinal costs, lost wages and torment, and languishing.

Helps proves the liability with experience and expertise

A fruitful auto crash claim relies on whether you can demonstrate obligation in court. To do this, you’ll need proof from mishap reports, witness declaration, and different bits of information to help your case. Legal advisors are gifted at gathering and introducing this information to give your case the most obvious opportunity concerning winning.

Remember that insurance agencies are ready to go to bring in cash. They need to secure their advantages first, which means paying out as meager as could reasonably be expected. An accomplished auto crash lawyer guarantees you get a level playing field and get treated decently.

File a personal injury lawsuit if possible

A huge advantage of employing an auto crash legal counselor to deal with your case is that the lawyer can instruct you regarding the entirety of your legitimate choices. If the insurance agency is reluctant to offer a sensible settlement sum, lawyers are set up to record an individual physical issue claim to assist you with getting the pay you merit.

This progression is regularly the activity that pushes the insurance agent to offer a reasonable settlement, even before the case goes to court. Nonetheless, lawyers are constantly arranged to indict a case if it is to the greatest advantage of the customers.

Give legitimate counsel

Is it right to say that you are uncertain what to do to determine your car accident? Possibly you’re thinking about taking the proposal from the insurance agency, yet you don’t know. Hiring an auto crash legal advisor offers you master understanding and guidance on the most proficient method to continue.

To summarize, these are a portion of the reasons that better show why you need to hire an auto crash attorney. Ideally, this snippet of data may better assist you in your future undertakings.

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Selling A House As-Is? Here’s What To Look Out For!

Getting The Most For Your Property

When you’re selling a property, especially an “As-Is” house, there are a lot of things to look out for. Many agencies exist which could help you, or could prove a hindrance. It depends on the home buying agency. There are a few things to understand, though, if you’re going to get the most value you can.

First, understand that those who purchase as-Is properties are going to pitch you a very low price. They’re not trying to steal from you—well, some are, but most aren’t. Basically, if they’re going to make a profit, they have to “flip” your “as-is” property. That, or they have to bulldoze it and use the land underneath.

There may need to be a real estate appraisal on the property; but the more complicated a deal is, the more likely it will fall through. You should have your own home appraisal options. Here’s the thing: if there isn’t a cash payment, the likelihood a sale will fall through is higher. For most as-is transactions, you’ll have somebody come out from the agency, look at the house, and give you cash.

Now certainly, a transaction like this won’t happen overnight. It will take a few days or weeks, but it’s unlikely to take ninety days like it would with a traditional home sale. The longer and more complicated an as-is transaction, the more red flags should pop up in your brain. Here we’ll explore a few other things you should consider to get the best deal.

Use A Fair Price In Your Appraisal

Price your as-is property fairly. Some aren’t really all that bad, some are barely standing. You need to be realistic. With a vehicle that was once a classic, should components be broken down and repair costs be high, you’d be a fool to sell at basic bluebook list value. It’s just the same with a home that—though classic in architecture—has a lot of problems. Be fair.

Don’t Be A Doormat, Do Be Flexible

Flexibility will work in your favor. It’s better to have something with a price slightly higher that you’re willing to negotiate on, than a non-negotiable price. With an As-Is property, unless you’re going with a buying agency, there’s not a high likelihood you’re going to get many potential buyers. And if you’re selling As-Is, you can’t be too picky.

Obtaining Inspections Helps You Avoid Underhanded Buyers

As you consider “As-Is” buying agencies, know some are more trustworthy than others. You want to have information to help arm your understanding of a reasonable price for your home. Get an appraisal or inspection as feasible. Sometimes you can get them free, sometimes there’s an associated fee, sometimes you know the property well enough to do so yourself.

Still, an official appraisal will give you better negotiation power when the time comes, so this is quite a recommendable tactic. Also, it will help you see when some buying group is seriously undercutting you, and help you find more truthful buyers in whom you can actually trust.

Maximizing Profitability Potential For Your As-Is Property

If you’re going to get what your property is worth, it will mean you’ve got to put a little work in. You’ll want to be flexible. Inspections are worthwhile. A fair price is wise. Be careful to avoid buyers that make things too complicated. Use multiple websites and online resources to help broaden the buyers you have access to.

Also, if you’re looking for a residential lease agreement template, click here.

You don’t want to just roll over for a potential buyer, but simultaneously, you don’t want to be too strict in what you’ll sell your property for. There’s balance. Do a little research, figure out true value, and sell for a fair price. “as-is” property sales can be profitable for your situation, but if you’re not careful, you may let the house go for a price that’s too low.


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4 Benefits From Fixer Upper

A New Approach To Home Ownership

Housing prices have been fluctuating like mad over the last decade, and there’s some places in the country where it’s just not feasible to buy a new home. Many homes that have had previous occupants are in perfectly fine condition as an alternative, but even those are exceptionally pricey. Then there are the fixer-uppers.

Fixer-uppers seem like more trouble than they’re worth, but this doesn’t have to be the case if you’re savvy and willing to work hard. Some don’t even require that much effort; you might just need to install some new faucets, paint the walls, redo the roof, put in a few months’ landscaping, and change out the carpets.

The level of work you’re willing and able to do will modify what sort of fixer-upper you ultimately choose. Also, your abilities may act as a limiting agent. However, there are some situations where a fixer-upper repaired through selective contractors can still turn a profit. So with this in mind, following we’ll briefly explore two primary benefits of a fixer-upper home.

1. Get More Than You Paid For

In Detroit you can buy mansions for just a few grand. Sure, they’re fixer-uppers, and they’re in neighborhoods unlikely to appreciate any time soon. But you get more than you pay for.

If you’ve got location-independent income, such as an online job may afford, such a situation can be perfect for you. Another tactic might be buying a house in a state where housing prices are low, allowing your dollar to have greater reach.

2. Flipping A Fixer Upper

A $19k Amazon tiny home kit provides a backyard residence while you fully restore a property over a couple years. Do it right, and $100k invested in both tiny home and fixer-upper can yield $200k of property value, or more. Doing a flip isn’t necessarily cheap, but even if you don’t go the tiny home route, proper interior infrastructural work can recoup your investment.

Fixer-Uppers Are Considerable

While we’ve only covered two distinct advantages of approaching homes that are a bit run-down, the truth is, there are plenty of advantages to a fixer-upper home. Granted, there are limitations; but those will depend on who you are, what you’re willing to do, and your budget.

Choose a fixer-upper that you can handle, and put real TLC into the restoration process. You can save money in acquisition, and turn sweat-equity into real money when you re-sell the upgraded property. Or, you can make the property part of your family’s assets, and have a fine home for a bottom-dollar price.

3. Perfect Vacation Home For You!

When purchasing an investment property, one should consider the home’s condition. But this is especially true when you are looking to buy a vacation home that you might not have the time or resources to make significant repairs or improvements.

Most likely, you are not going to be present to oversee any ongoing home improvement projects. In addition, extensive repairs might take away from your earnings.

Even if you do decide on a fixer-upper, try to choose a place that allows you to complete the necessary work at your own convenience while continuing to rent it out to vacationers along the way.

Even if you are unable to rent the property at a premium price, it’s better to have a vacation home with some earning potential right from the start. You can always raise the rent once additional improvements are made.

4. Budget for Security Features

In addition to changing the locks and making home safe. There are various other security features that not only protect your assets but improve the resale value of your home. People often shirk spending extra on enhanced security because they have other spending priorities– the appeal of shopping for a beach wedding dresses while trying to find a registry while planning a wedding far exceeds the desire to shop for locks and motion sensors.

One of the main security features to budget for, if not already included, is a home alarm that you can connect to high-speed internet. Crimes take place in quiet neighborhoods because of the opportunity. In other words, living in a nice area often results in complacency.

Other things to budget for– if they aren’t included in the home already– are motion sensor lights to install in dark areas of the yard and ground-floor window bars. Criminals will often look for people who are in the process of moving into a home, as they are often caught unprepared.

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Different Schedules Within a 501c3 Application


While many nonprofit organizations are familiar with the 501c3 application, few are aware that the application itself is not all that needs to be filled out. There are multiple components of the form, including schedules that come after the initial questions about the organization. These schedules are required if the organization intends to apply correctly, especially if they meet the requirements of the schedule itself. The complete list of the 501c3 schedules is as follows:

Schedule A: Churches
Schedule B: Schools, Colleges, and Universities
Schedule C: Hospitals and Medical Research Organizations
Schedule D: Section 509a3 Supporting Organizations
Schedule E: Organizations Not Filing Form 1023 Within 27 Months of Formation
Schedule F: Homes for the Elderly or Handicapped and Low-Income Housing
Schedule G: Successors to other Organizations
Schedule H: Organizations Providing Scholarships, Fellowships, Educational Loans, or Other Educational Grants to Individuals and Private Foundations Requesting Advance Approval of Individual Grant Procedures
As you can see, there are a variety of different schedules. They are easy to discern by simply reading their headings, but it can sometimes require a closer to look to see if your organization should truly fill out a schedule in addition to the 501c3 application. To determine this, let us target the most commonly utilized schedules and expand on their requirements and which organizations should fill them out.

Schedule A: Churches

In spite of their religious properties, ministries are not required to fill out Schedule A. Unlike churches, ministries are typically separate entities that operate differently and do not necessaryfollow the same routine or worship service as a church. Therefore, only full-fledged churches are required to fill out Schedule A in addition to their 501c3 application. The IRS classifies a churchas a religious organization that holds the following characteristics:

A distinct legal existence.
A recognized creed and form of worship.
A definite and distinct ecclesiastical government.
A formal code of doctrine and discipline.
A distinct religious history.
A membership not associated with any other church or denomination.
Ordained ministers ministering to the congregation.
Ordained ministers selected after completing prescribed courses of study.
A literature of its own.
Established places of worship.
Regular congregations.
Regular religious services.
Sunday schools for the religious instruction of the young.
Schools for the preparation of ministers.

Should your nonprofit church check all of these boxes, then you must fill out Schedule A of the 501c3 application. The actual schedule itself asks questions pertaining to the listed characteristics, as well as different questions, such as how many members the church has, if the church hosts baptisms and weddings, and a description of the worship services.

Schedule B: Schools, Colleges, and Universities

Schedule B looks at education institutions, such as primary schools, secondary schools, preparatory schools, high schools, colleges and universities. This would not, however, include after school programs, daycares or home schools. To qualify as a school, the IRS requires that it be an institution that:

Has a regularly scheduled curriculum.
Has a regular faculty of qualified teachers.
Has a regularly enrolled student body.
Has a place where educational activities are regularly carried on.

Basically, the schedule requires that the school explain its structure and operations in detail. The 501c3 application does not provide such specific questions that match up with a school, or any other of the schedules, which is why a nonprofit is able to provide further information through a schedule.

Schedule C: Hospitals and Medical Research Organizations

Schedule C can be a little tricky if you have not done it before. This schedule does not include ‘hospitals’ that are group homes for children or the elderly, or institutions whose primary purpose is to train disabled individuals in pursuing careers. What it does look for are already existing hospitals and medical facilities, as well as medical research organizations that operate in conjunction with a hospital. Basically, if the hospital is providing medical care and treatment of any physical or mental condition, it will need to fill out Schedule C.

This would also include organizations such as a rehabilitation institutions, outpatient clinics, community clinics and drug treatment centers. As far as medical research goes, Schedule C must be filled out by medical research organizations that are actively conducting research.

Schedule E: Organizations Not Filing Form 1023 Within 27 Months of Formation

It is common of nonprofit organizations to submit their 501c3 application shortly after incorporating. Sometimes this is put off due to different reasons, be it a change in board members, financial difficulties, or unforeseen circumstances. However, if it has been more than 27 months since the organization incorporated, they will need to fill out Schedule E. If the organization meets the exceptions for late filing, then your 501c3 approval will be effective from the date of incorporation. If the organization does not meet the exceptions, then it will be effective from the date of the filed 501c3 application.

Some examples of organizations that typically meet the exceptions are Churches or other religious institutions, public charities with annual gross receipts that are $5,000 or less, and public charities that are filing 90 days from the end of the tax year in which their gross receipts were more than $5,000.

Schedule F: Homes for the Elderly or Handicapped and Low-Income Housing

Organizations that provide homes for the elderly or handicapped must select this schedule if they meet the particular needs of the elderly and handicapped in question. This includes needs such as physical, recreational, health care and transportation. Basically, they must be equipped to provide anything that an elderly person or handicapped individual might require to live and function comfortably.

These organizations must have homes that are within the financial boundaries of the elderly and handicapped. They must also have distinct and established policies to maintain their tenants as residents, even if the tenants eventually are unable to pay the monthly expenses. Regarding low-income housing, the organization must provide affordable housing for individuals in the community it is servicing.  

Schedule H: Organizations Providing Scholarships, Fellowships, Educational Loans, or Other Educational Grants to Individuals and Private Foundations Requesting Advance Approval of Individual Grant Procedures

Last but not least, we arrive at a schedule that is intended for organizations that provide funds to individuals, as well as private foundations who are seeking approval of grant procedures. There are necessary characteristics that the IRS requires for organizations providing scholarships and other funds. If an organization selects an individual to award funds to, it must be done:

In a non-discriminatory fashion in terms of racial preference.
Based on need and/or merit.
To a charitable class in terms of being available to an open-ended group, rather than to pre-selected individuals.

Likewise, the individual must use the funds for educational purposes and educational purposes alone. These purposes include tuition, books, supplies and other course-related materials. They do not include room and board, travel expenses, research and materials that are not required for courses.

Other schedules exist, as you can see from the initial list of schedules that was provided, but the schedules that were explained are among the most common used by nonprofit organizations seeking 501c3 approval. If you wish to know more about the other schedules, or are just applying for 501c3 approval in general, please contact CharityNet USA to speak to our nonprofit specialists at 407-857-9002. It is our pleasure to help you and your nonprofit succeed.