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3 Benefits From Fixer Upper

A New Approach To Home Ownership

Housing prices have been fluctuating like mad over the last decade, and there’s some places in the country where it’s just not feasible to buy a new home. Many homes that have had previous occupants are in perfectly fine condition as an alternative, but even those are exceptionally pricey. Then there are the fixer-uppers.

Fixer-uppers seem like more trouble than they’re worth, but this doesn’t have to be the case if you’re savvy and willing to work hard. Some don’t even require that much effort; you might just need to install some new faucets, paint the walls, redo the roof, put in a few months’ landscaping, and change out the carpets.

The level of work you’re willing and able to do will modify what sort of fixer-upper you ultimately choose. Also, your abilities may act as a limiting agent. However, there are some situations where a fixer-upper repaired through selective contractors can still turn a profit. So with this in mind, following we’ll briefly explore two primary benefits of a fixer-upper home.

1. Get More Than You Paid For

In Detroit you can buy mansions for just a few grand. Sure, they’re fixer-uppers, and they’re in neighborhoods unlikely to appreciate any time soon. But you get more than you pay for.

If you’ve got location-independent income, such as an online job may afford, such a situation can be perfect for you. Another tactic might be buying a house in a state where housing prices are low, allowing your dollar to have greater reach.

2. Flipping A Fixer Upper

A $19k Amazon tiny home kit provides a backyard residence while you fully restore a property over a couple years. Do it right, and $100k invested in both tiny home and fixer-upper can yield $200k of property value, or more. Doing a flip isn’t necessarily cheap, but even if you don’t go the tiny home route, proper interior infrastructural work can recoup your investment.

Fixer-Uppers Are Considerable

While we’ve only covered two distinct advantages of approaching homes that are a bit run-down, the truth is, there are plenty of advantages to a fixer-upper home. Granted, there are limitations; but those will depend on who you are, what you’re willing to do, and your budget.

Choose a fixer-upper that you can handle, and put real TLC into the restoration process. You can save money in acquisition, and turn sweat-equity into real money when you re-sell the upgraded property. Or, you can make the property part of your family’s assets, and have a fine home for a bottom-dollar price.

3. Perfect Vacation Home For You!

When purchasing an investment property, one should consider the home’s condition. But this is especially true when you are looking to buy a vacation home that you might not have the time or resources to make significant repairs or improvements.

Most likely, you are not going to be present to oversee any ongoing home improvement projects. In addition, extensive repairs might take away from your earnings.

Even if you do decide on a fixer-upper, try to choose a place that allows you to complete the necessary work at your own convenience while continuing to rent it out to vacationers along the way.

Even if you are unable to rent the property at a premium price, it’s better to have a vacation home with some earning potential right from the start. You can always raise the rent once additional improvements are made.

Designing your website
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4 Essential Tips in 2019 for Improving Your Web Design

Continuously improving your web design is important to keep your website relevant. Design can literally make or break your website, and it’s one of the most crucial phases in web development. In simpler words, you are supposed to plan it all out properly and make sure nothing goes wrong because even a single mistake in your website design can cost you a lot. You see, according to the statistics, your website’s design can make more than 30% difference in your conversions, so if you really want more and more people to click on your site and stick to it, then all you have to do is to focus on web designing.

The issue with web designing is that its trends keep changing with time. One moment it’s one thing that should matter for you, and the very next moment, what’s important changes. Keeping up with the changing trends can be difficult, but don’t worry because today we are here with some essential tips that can really come in handy for you when you are committed to improving your website design.

Maximize your internet speed

1- The Speed Of Your Site

The very first thing to fix is the speed of your site. It shouldn’t be slow at all because if it is, you’ll end up losing more audience than you can ever imagine. You need to understand once and for all that people don’t have the kind of time to stick to a website that’s too slow. If your site takes a lot of time to load, your audience will automatically shut it down and look for some other site that loads fast and responds quickly. So, don’t ever overlook this factor and make sure to do all you can to improve your site’s speed because it really does matter a lot.

2- Responsiveness

The second most important thing is the responsiveness of your site, and if it’s not responsive, you can really lose a lot of customers. This is because people nowadays use their mobile phones more to access different websites. If you won’t cater to these phone users, you’ll lose all of your following, which is the last thing on Earth that you’d want to happen. In a nutshell, if you want your site to be successful, then all you have to do is to make sure that it can open up on any device and any mobile.

3- Keep It Simple

People don’t like fancy visuals that are nothing but a distraction, and fancy visuals are no good for your website, either so you keeping it all simple can be more effective. Try finding that fine line between unique and simple and then use it on your website. A lot of people think that using shiny and glittering visuals can help them make their website more attractive, which isn’t always true. You need to keep the design as simple and unique as possible.

Content is king

4- Good Content

Good content is the most important thing of all, and you should take this very seriously. Believe it or not, if the content on your site isn’t good enough, people won’t ever come back to you, and they will probably never even look at your site again. It’s not only the people, in fact, even Google will kick you out of the search engine rankings if you don’t upload quality content. Hire a good writer, write things that really matter to you and your business and then publish it all.

Conclusion: Improving Your Web Design

These are some of the basic essential tips to follow in 2019 for improved web design. Use these tips, and we assure you that you’ll end up with a higher conversion rate than ever, and you’ll be happy with the outcome.

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How Python Is Different From Other Programming Languages?

Ignoring digital revolutions can hack you into pieces. To be more precise, emerging programming languages have changed the whole story in one go. Python, Java, JavaScript, Perl, Tcl, or Smalltalk. Comparisons to C++, Common Lisp, and Scheme are some of the most enlightening languages used by developers across the world. With so many options available, it becomes extremely crucial to choose the right one; I mean, one wrong move can give you a pile of trouble instead of a well-paid job you enjoy doing.

By now, I am sure you have already made up your mind to choose Python development as a future profession, but somewhere still, you are looking for affirmation from the world. Well, here in the following post, I would like to shed some light on certain benefits of Python compared to other languages. But before we delve deeper, let us find the where, why, and for what Python is used for. Being created 40 years ago, I have got thousands of sites and other software projects based on this technology. YouTube, Google, Yahoo! Map, Shopzilla, Ultraseek are some of the most renowned brands that use Python. Many web developers across development companies have fallen in love with its peculiarities, which make Python stand out from other programming languages. Take a look!

#1 it’s fun! – Contrary to what most people believe, Python programming language isn’t named on the nonvenomous snake, Python. it is named after the British surreal comedy group in the 1970s called Monty Python, which van Rossum loved following their plays. The main ideas of the group were incorporated into Python code and culture. As a result, the language turned out to be quite fun to use, and people using such language were often known as Pythonists, Pythonistas, or Pythoneers to avoid any kind of unnecessary complexities. For instance, Pythonistas use lesser syntactic exceptions and special cases than programmers in other languages like C or Pascal.

In addition to this, unlike others, this language integrates playful references in its documentation materials; for example, the metasyntactic variables are called spam and eggs in place of the traditional foo and bar.

#2 Simplicity– Python can be considered as a minimalistic language as it is quite easy to write and read. In case, any problem occurs, developers can easily focus on the issue at hand, instead of focusing simultaneously on the language and its syntax. Some of its interesting principles include:

  • Beautiful is better than ugly
  • Simple is better than complex
  • The Complex is better than complicated
  • Readability counts
  • In the face of ambiguity, refuse the temptation to guess
  • There should be one — and preferably only one — obvious way to do it
  • If the implementation is hard to explain, it’s a bad idea

Other than this, Python is way easy to read as its code seems to be quite neat and uncluttered. Other programming languages often make use of punctuations, whereas Python uses English keywords. When it comes to delimiting code blocks, white space indentation is highly used instead of using curly brackets.

Moreover, there is no need to place semicolons after statements.

#3 Extensive Support Libraries– By using Python, you will be able to use a set of large standard libraries, including areas like string operations, Internet, web service tools, operating system interfaces, and protocols. Most of the highly used programming tasks are already scripted into it that limits the length of the codes to be written in Python. Apart from that, the enterprise application integration makes it quite easy to develop Web services by invoking COM or COBRA components. Also, it processes XML and other markup languages as it can run on all modern operating systems through the same byte code.

#4 Productivity– By using robust process integration features, unit testing framework, and enhanced control capabilities, Python developers can aid well in increasing speed for most applications and productivity of applications. On and all, I will say it is an excellent option for building scalable multi-protocol network applications. It optimizes your speed without forcing you to rewrite your entire code base from scratch.

#5 Scalability- This one is quite unpredictable! One might never know when your user numbers surge, and you find yourself prioritizing the ability to scale over anything else.

That’s why Python is such an optimal choice, with its reliability and scalability. Some of the most prominent players on the web, like YouTube, have bet on Python for that very reason.

Author Bio

H.P Morgan working as an IT Consultant at, which is one of the software companies in Melbourne, you can visit the website to learn more about his company. He is having seven years of experience in a Technological domain and helps the organization of all shapes. He loves to travel to Spontaneous places.

magento 2
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How You can Migrate the Product Data Easily with the Help of Magento 2 Import/Export Extensions?

Chances are, you are going round and round in a circle to find a thing that can help you migrate from one platform to another. The major problem is, even if you find such a thing, it should be able to do things quickly and without much effort. This particular concern can be resolved by Magento 2 import export categories extension. With the help of this Magento 2 bulk categories import/export, it is possible to migrate product data, product attributes, product reviews, wishlist products, and categories at a swift pace. With its help, you can effortlessly customize your data, which would make your store up and running without wasting any time.

There is always a sort of discomfort associated with change because it makes us feel uncomfortable. However, you might have heard the proverb “Change is the only constant.” Once you have an eCommerce store to manage, change becomes an integral part of your life. In case you are looking to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2, it is essential to manage your product data efficiently. If you go for the manual mechanism, it can take a lot of time. And if there is any mistake, it can have a disastrous effect on the SEO performance of the website, customer experience, and conversion.

Let’s now look at the simple mechanism to migrate products from one platform to another with the help of Magento extension.

In case you are looking for a stress-free way to import-export data to your Magento store or find an effortless alternative for exporting data to another platform, it is time to select one that offers convenience so that you can save your time, money, and effort.

Let’s now divert our attention to some of the Magento 2 import-export products that make your life effortless.

Import Export Product Extension

This ingenious extension has been developed to import and export products at a quick pace. With its help, you can import products and update images with a CSV file. It can assist you in importing and export all types of products like grouped, bundled, configurable, downloadable, simple, and virtual products. You can import and export products with specific fields, which gives you even options to customize your experience.

Import Export Product Attributes

As a default in Magento 2, you can import and export products with the help of the CSV file. However, the default function does not have attributes. Attributes are nothing but building blocks of any product catalog. It ultimately increases the customer experience, which cannot be ignored. You can even try Magento 2 import export categories extension to manage bulk product attributes like attribute group, attribute type, attribute sets, attribute options, attribute values, etc.

Import Export Product Reviews

For any business and particularly an eCommerce business, it is vital to get customer reviews to attract people to purchase your products. While migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2, you should never forget about product reviews. Instead of manually moving them, use Magento 2 import export product reviews extension that will assist in managing the product reviews. This includes status, review title, status, and ratings. With the help of a single CSV file, it is possible to migrate customer data connected to the reviews.

Import Export Categories Extension

Magento 2 extensions can also come handy when it comes to migrating categories. Select Magento 2 import export categories extension to manage root categories, subcategories, and also assigned products. This way, all the category data like meta descriptions, meta title, meta keywords, anchor, category description, category image, page layout, and custom layout will get migrated with a CSV file. It thus, makes editing the categories very straightforward.

Selecting the Right Magento 2 Extensions to Migrate Your Product-Related Data

We have summed up various Magento 2 extensions that can make your lives easier and convenient in the long run. The key is never to use the default option. Instead, employ extensions that allow you to edit fields as per your specific requirements and complete the process swiftly. Also, do not forget you can always count on the support from your selected Magento extension development company. By having Magento experts working on the process means that your migration process will be not only seamless but also stress-free.

If you are looking to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 platform, contact a professional Magento eCommerce development company like Elsner, your trusted Magento migration partner. With the help of its class-apart Magento migration services and ingenious Magento 2 extensions, your product data will get migrated without much hassle.

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Why Social Media Marketers Should Rely Less on Facebook

Social media marketing is a must these days. No longer is social media a simple website or application on the Internet for connecting with people in different parts of the world, no matter the timezone. But rather, social media has taken over digital marketing these days. In fact, it’s one of the most effective ways on how to promote and sell a brand’s product or service. JSMM is a social media marketing agency that specializes in a lot of digital marketing tactics, so they can pretty much attest to how social media helps accelerate a brand’s interaction and engagement with users, as well as its online visibility.

One of the most popular social media platforms today is Facebook. Facebook is arguably the most powerful and most used social networking site ever to exist. With Facebook, you can connect with your family and friends, collaborate with colleagues, and even meet new people. That’s why a lot of companies globally use this platform as one of their primary channels to market, promote, and sell. More than that, it also helps in establishing a stronger online presence.

However, some experts may not agree with Facebook being an effective and efficient tool in social media marketing. In fact, social media marketers are even advised to rely less on Facebook. Curious? Here’s why:

Ads Are Getting Too Costly

Startup businesses that rely on social media marketing in today’s digital era can attest to this. Lately, Facebook ads are starting to get costly, with little to no improvement in their overall performance. While this is not an easy feat for small businesses, larger and established companies can better provide a budget for this. That is, of course, if you’re willing to splurge on Facebook ads. Might I suggest you do your research first and plan ahead so you can allocate finances and budget, and, be able to pay for this commitment in the long run.

Consumes So Much Time

While there are automated Facebook services available to do the job for you, these programs and software can’t do everything still. At the end of the day, you have to rely on yourself, your team, and your skills to be able to respond to most of your customer concerns, queries, and feedback. On top of that, you also have to check-in on your analytics, analyze reports, and such for you to be able to improve in delivering and optimizing your content.

In turn, if you fail to manage your reputation on Facebook, then your supposed social media marketing strategy could potentially hurt you in the end.

Insufficient Privacy

These past years, Facebook has had issues regarding privacy, and it is, in fact, one of the major concerns of most Facebook users – whether personal account holders or companies. Although Facebook has now simplified its privacy settings, it’s still safe that you stay out of this platform if you’re trying to build your brand’s name. One incident of getting hacked, and you permanently damage your business’ reputation. Now, you wouldn’t want that. So, since the stakes are high, you might as well opt for other social networking platforms where you can secure your brand like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram.

Slowly Losing A Hold On Its Marketing

Long gone are the days of Facebook skyrocketing in the field of social media marketing. Today, more and more marketers shift from Facebook to other social networking platforms simply because Facebook has lost its charm in marketing. Originally designed to be an interactive platform where people could share information, Facebook has gone downhill by losing control of who posts such circulating information and what exactly is included in these posts.

Of course, as a marketer, you intend to uphold and protect the image and reputation of your brand. However, today, it has become so easy for random users to post malicious content on your wall – a few of which may possibly come from competitors, and that’s the sad reality of it.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, a lot of social media platforms like Facebook are provided for marketers all over the world. However, before fully immersing your social media marketing strategies on these platforms, make sure you’ve done enough research so as to avoid spending on platforms that wouldn’t and couldn’t bring your business any good. Social media marketing plays an important role in your business, and, in fact, takes up a huge chunk of your budget and overall performance. The least you can do is integrate your company with tools and platforms that do not deliver as what they have promised.

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What You Should Know About Marketing as a Career

For new graduates, marketing is a popular destination, and it’s easy to see why. Marketers are the individuals that prompt us to take action in regards to purchasing a particular product or service. The role is all about identifying the demand for a product or service and then looking for ways in which customers can buy them in optimum amounts so that the company can be lucrative. To be more specific, marketing involves market research, distribution, and design of the product analysis, where to sell it or the place, pricing as well as promotion (well known as the 4 p’s in the marketing domain.

By tapping into the buying habits of consumers, your role is to develop new products, design the packing in order to make it distinct, PR, creating advertising strategies for the various media forms like newspapers and TV and finally, after-sales service.

The primary reason why so many individuals find the marketing domain luring is the prestige that is usually associated with working on some of the most reputable, big brands like Virgin, Coca-Cola, etc. However, as with most things in the world, it is not all glitz and glamour. If you are interested in a career in Australia, for more info you should read this article.

There’s marketing that’s directed towards luring people to eat more veggies, utilize less energy, and purchase health insurance. Then there is the business to business marketing that promotes office and industrial products, direct marketing through mail, telephone, TV, and online.

One of the most appealing things about getting into marketing is the numerous opportunities to specialize in particular domains like direct marketing and market research or diversify into other related domains like advertising and PR.

People who are new to marketing often begin their career as a Marketing Executive. However, in a world where branding and re-branding are the most common, this role often goes by Assistant Brand Manager or Product Manager. Market Researcher is another popular entry position in the marketing industry.

Go up the ladder, and you will get to the Marketing Director and Manager position. This is an industry that currently has around one million workers, but it is very fast-paced. Even though it might be glamorous at some times, it involves hard work throughout.

Employment is, for the most part, permanent, and as the media selection becomes more and more diverse, in combination with an always available appetite for consumerism, the demand for creative and skilled marketers will always be there, and so will the rewards. So, if you’ve always been impressed by marketing, you shouldn’t have a doubt about making it your career.

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Marketing Ideas To Grow Your Dental Practice

One of the key factors to a successful business is proper marketing. The same holds true for a successful dental practice. Apart from providing quality service to its existing patients, offering the latest treatment options, competitive pricing helps add new patients every month. In order to attract new patients to your dental practice, a need for a good marketing plan is vital. Listed below are some effective marketing ideas to grow your business. 

Do an SEO on your Website

One of the most common ways of searching for any service is through a quick look at one of the search engines. The chances of your business being visited by a user and making an appointment are higher if the ranking on the search engine is higher. For the website to be ranked higher, it has to be optimized using on-page SEO which involves making the site more user-friendly, having good content and much more. After the on-page SEO is done, backlinks have to be created along with the regular posting of content. A well-optimized website is bound to get organic traffic and that can be a great marketing strategy. 

Optimize the My Business Page

This is the simplest and the best marketing strategy that consumes very little time. By optimizing the Google My Business page there will be an immediate growth in the organic traffic as the local listings come up when there is a location-based search. While filling out the following ensure that you cover the following:

  • The business category which helps the users search for their specific requirement
  • Business description
  • Main phone number, address and hours of operation
  • Review section 

Use email marketing

Email marketing is one of the important forms of marketing and it holds true even for a dental practice. It can not only engage existing patients but also invite new ones and try to pull former patients back and is one of the successful marketing ideas. For such great ideas, you will need professional help.  It is one of the best ways to increase conversion rates by just creating a series of newsletters or emailers.  Ensure that you send weekly content to the target audience and subscribers to get better revenue.

Referral bonus system

A patient bonus referral program is a great motivation for existing patients to bring new ones to your practice. If an existing patient recommends someone to your practice and that person visits you then the referrer is rewarded with a discount, a dental product or other such things. This is a win-win situation for both you and the patient, as they get a bonus and the practice gets new patients. Moreover, doing this is simple as all you have to do is, hand the old patients referral cards or send them as an mail. 

Appointment reminders

One of the major problems in a dental clinic is that patients may not show up for their appointments. So it is essential to have reminders, be it a phone call or an app to remind patients of the visit. One can use the calendar alerts to send reminders via email or phone and remind booking confirmations.

Marketing your dental practice needs a lot of patience and dedicated work and if you don’t have the time you can always consult an expert. 

Check your Instagram followers
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5 Ways To Check if Your Instagram Followers are Fake

Let’s face it. The “likes” on Facebook and “followers” on Instagram can be very deceiving. You, like many businesses, buy followers from someone. You, as a business, trust them to provide you legit and authentic accounts, but you have to be careful. There are some people who will charge you hundreds of dollars deceiving you with bots and fake accounts. This is a serious issue, and for a business owner or an influencer, this matters a lot because you clearly aren’t paying all that money for some fake likes and follows.

Yes, it’s a smart thing to buy followers from someone because if you don’t, it will take you years to establish yourself on Instagram. But as said earlier, fake likes and fake followers are the last things on Earth that you want because even your users can now identify if there’s something fishy with your followers’ figures on your profile.

Speaking of which, today, we are going to jot down some of the best ways to check if your Instagram followers are fake. Do take notes because this really can help you identify if someone selling you followers, is trying to make a fool out of you.

Are Your Instagram Followers For Real?

Are your Instagram followers real?

1- The Hide And Seek

The best technique is the hide and seek technique in which if a bot account follows you, you have to follow it back, and if it doesn’t approve your request, it will become clear that it’s just a bot. Bot accounts take full advantage of the fact that one can make his account private on Instagram. This makes snooping on them very difficult for other people, but well with this technique, you can figure things out a little.

2- Empty Accounts

Most bot accounts and fake accounts have nothing in them. No profile picture, no posts, and no information. These accounts only exist for one purpose, and that is to follow the command of software whenever it says to like or follow another account. In short, an account that has nothing on it is a big red flag that it’s a bot.

3- Use An Online Checker

People are smart now, and where there’s a problem, there’s a solution too. You can do a fake follower check on Instagram, and you’ll have all the results right on your screen. There are a lot of online sites and apps available on the Play Store that allows users to identify fake followers of an Instagram account real quick. So yes, you can opt for this if you want to check the real following of your account.

4- Look At The Followers One By One

You paid the guy, your followers increased by thousands, and you are very happy with the figure. But wait, did you check these followers individually? If not, then head to your profile and check those “increased” followers. If these accounts are blank, empty with no profile picture, and no activity, then know that it’s a bot or a fake account.

Don't follow bots

5- Peep The Numbers

Another obvious way to tell if an account is a bot or not is to check its followers. Yes, you read that right! If an account has followings in hundreds and thousands but has little to no content published, it’s clear that it’s a bot account and that you have been fooled by the person who sold you followers, likes, and comments. Again, you can conduct an Instagram fake followers check here to ensure that those extra followers you got are some fake and bot accounts.


These are some of the best ways to check if your Instagram followers are fake. Use these tips, and you’ll know the number of real people who are following you and liking your product.

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9 Rules to Create an Awesome Business Website

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • 9 Rules to create an awesome business website
  1. Define your website’s purpose
  2. Pick an easy-to-remember domain
  3. Get an eye-catching logo
  4. Make your website mobile-friendly
  5. Keep the pages uncluttered
  6. Keep it easy to navigate
  7. Place your contact details above the fold
  8. Have a clean & compelling CTA
  9. Keep your website’s design simple
  • The final word


In today’s fast-changing business ecosystem, an online presence is a must for any business — from brick-to-mortar. No matter whether you’re a seasoned business owner, if you have not created an effective website yet in this changing environment, you may lose significant business opportunities.

So no matter whether you’re just getting off or an established business owner having no online presence, building a website is inevitable. As per a recent study published by Bazaarvoice, online research greatly impacts the in-store shopping decisions. The report, The Robo Economy demonstrates that about 82 percent of smartphone users consult their phones on shopping they’re going to make in-store, while around 45 percent read reviews before they purchase.

Considering the latest shopping trends, having a business website to attract buyers is crucial to growing your business. But what are the fundamentals of creating one such website? For many business owners, creating a website seems daunting. They think that creating a website needs extraordinary skills and cutting-edge tools and technologies. But it’s not true. You’ll need to know just a few rules to create a powerful business website.

Here are the top 9 rules to create an awesome business website:

1. Define your website’s purpose

Before you go ahead with the website development, it’s important to identify the purpose of your website. What do want to achieve?

You must clearly understand what your USP (unique selling point) is and what is your plan to come across. Merely knowing your industry and determining the content strategy is not enough.

Once your fundament purpose is defined, your focus should shift towards determining the actions that you want from your visitors to take after they land on your site. Is the website just for information, or to sell products/services, or to get signups?

The answers to those questions will significantly give you an overall idea of how your website design should be.

2. Pick an easy-to-remember domain

Selecting a domain for your website is tricky. Your domain or web address should be so easy and sticky that anyone after seeing it can remember for a longer period. Don’t include any number as it can confuse surfers and dashes. Also, such web addresses are not SEO-friendly.

Pick a dot com domain as most people are familiar with this extension.

3. Get an eye-catching logo

Images and symbols are the most effective way of communicating your message. A logo, which is often called the face of the company, is crucial to convince your customers. People will make a perception of your company based on your logo. In fact, a logo should be one of the most essential branding investments. You must not create your logo design casually.

Apart, you should also take care of other graphic design elements of your website. If you’re not sure which graphic design and logo fit your business website, hire a professional graphic designer to get them done.

4. Make your website mobile-friendly

The number of Smartphone users worldwide is growing rapidly. As per the Statista, Generation Z shoppers use a Smartphone while making an in-store purchase. They use smartphones for comparing products’ features, prices, and reviews. Therefore, it becomes imperative to have a smartly designed mobile responsive website for your business if you plan to run a successful business venture.

5. Keep the pages uncluttered

Studies have suggested that website visitors love to read clear, precise and short information. A website having too much and irrelevant information, it simply diverts visitors’ mind which leads to increased bounce rate. Give ample blank space on your web pages to breathe in. Also, whitespace increases the readability of your copy. Make sure that text and graphics on your web page are in good proportion and present a clean page.

Brainstorm if your website really needs social widgets like Tweeter feed etc. If the widget content doesn’t meet your purpose, remove it right away to make your page clutter-free.

6. Keep it easy to navigate

Creating a different website by using attractive Flash presentations may look tempting, but it might be a little difficult for your customers to quickly find what they are looking for. Therefore, it’s always advised to take the medium route when it comes to your site navigation. You should use drop-down lists with clear headings which present on every page of your website, incorporate a site map and the search bar at the top right-hand side so that it can be easily traced.

7. Place your contact details above the fold

What’s the benefit of having a website if no one knows how to get in touch with you? Of course, such a website is of no use. In fact, a website must include a “Contact Us” tab on your home page. Make sure that the contact us page contains information such as your address, phone number / mobile number and email address so that your potential customers can easily reach you out should there be any business related query.

Also, put social media links, either at the header or footer, if you use social media to connect with clients.

8. Have a clean & compelling CTA

Once the visitors have found something interesting on your website, you would like them to take an action — buy a product/service, call, sign up or download. Make sure that all of your pages have relevant call-to-action buttons/links that are clear. Also, the area around the CTAs must be clutter-free. If possible, keep them above the fold so that visitors do not have to scroll down to find the call to action.

9. Keep your website’s design simple

Avoid using fonts, colors and animated gifs which you think can distract visitors from the focus point. Keep the paragraphs short and informative, the ideal length of a paragraph is less than six sentences. Also, use bullet points that draw readers’ attention thus increasing readability.

The final word

Having a website for every business is crucial in the present day shopping environment where most shoppers search online before they finally reach a buying decision. This article aims at guiding new entrepreneurs and established business owners with no online presence alike to create an awesome business website. I hope these 9 simple rules will guide you through the process.


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LinkedIn Branding and Sales Tips For Beginners

Today, most businesses are on LinkedIn, probably including your company. But with your current efforts, are you even generating leads and converting it into sales? 

Your personal brand’s website is essential in creating connections. To establish yourself as an expert in the field, you must have great content. LinkedIn is a great platform to establish your brand, share valuable content, and convert leads into sales.

Indeed, lead generation is an essential part of the business. If you wish to gather paying customers, then you must have a good stream of leads. However, doing it on LinkedIn is not always easy. It demands skills, effort, and time. 

Thus, in this article, you will learn tips on how to generate sales leads on LinkedIn. 

1. Optimize your LinkedIn Profile

To optimize your page, polish it to make it as engaging as possible. Make it visually pleasing to make the content optimized during searches. Here are some steps on how to do it: 

  • Make Your Profile SEO Friendly – When you are filling out the information on LinkedIn, it should be SEO friendly. This can increase traffic, return on investment (ROI), and brand awareness.  Furthermore, you can compete with other business rivals and grow your business. 

Do this by conducting proper research to come up with keywords to optimize your profile.  Check what are the keywords your clients are searching for and incorporate it into your page. Proper keywords can provide you with direction, new topics, and wise use of your time. 

  • Fill Up All The Information – Fill up all the information in your profile completely. Research says you will more likely to receive inquiries if your page has all the information needed by the customers.  
  • Create A Vanity URL – A vanity URL, or branded link, refers to a descriptive and easily recognizable URL. It is a long URL that is converted to a short link to redirect from one location to another. It is different from short URLs of because it does not include the brand name of the person who created the link. It works by giving the audience a clear indication of the owner of the link. 

A vanity URL can increase brand awareness and improve your LinkedIn SEO. You can establish trust with your clients since people can easily recognize and remember your page URL.

  • 30-Second Commercial – Create a 30-second video commercial that answers the question “What do you do in your business?” and “What are the services that you provide?” Make sure that you include the text in your profile. This is a video pitch.
  • Showcase Your Projects – You have the chance to post the URL of your portfolio on your LinkedIn profile. Seize this opportunity. With projects, you can highlight your past work. You can demonstrate your talents and let clients understand the services you offer. 

As soon as your profile is done, don’t abandon it. Continue nurturing your page. To be a constant figure in the feeds of your clients, update your page regularly. 

Spend a minute each day to post an update for your LinkedIn network. Every time you post an update, your profile will be displayed on the feed of your connections. Make sure to add value to every post you make. See to it that everything is inviting and practical. Write articles, or share your business presentations. Finally, always take note of your goals. 

2. Write Effective Connection Requests  

Building your network is important to get the word out about your brand. When you reach out to people, you have reasons in your mind to justify why you want to connect with them. To connect with people, check their profile first. Look for something interesting and make sure to mention it in your personal message. 

For connection requests, the limit is 300 characters only. Make sure that you use this space wisely. Be straight to the point while also being genuine. 

3. Engage With Clients And Partners 

Encourage your contacts from other social media networks to connect to your LinkedIn profile, too. Thereafter, find opportunities on how to generate sales leads on LinkedIn from their connections.

Try manual searches to invite potential clients to visit your page. Join social media groups and be active in answering their questions. Post links to direct your contacts to your page. 

Remember, give the prospects what they want and need. At the end of the day, they are interested in building professional relationships. Thus, make sure that you avoid shallow marketing. Focus on professional engagement instead. 

You can achieve this by planning and conducting research. Be as detailed as possible to come up with a viable niche. Then, tailor your message to create a lasting impact. 

4. Write Recommendations For Your Contacts  

Write and post recommendations for your prospects and key contacts. After this contact approves your testimonial, it will appear on their LinkedIn profile. With this, they are more likely to return the favor. This can be a recommendation or referral, which would reflect positively on your brand.


It is possible to start generating leads on LinkedIn. But achieving hundreds of leads will not happen in one day. Learn to optimize your profile, connect with key people, and post content regularly. You will need to be creative on your posts to be noticed by prospects. If you are willing to exert time and effort, you will get leads in no time and win the hearts of your audience.