Conversion Rate Optimization is crucial for successful e-commerce. It is important that you convert visitors into customers otherwise e-commerce will not be able to earn a profit no matter how many visitors it gets. Whenever a visitor decides to come to your store, there is an opportunity to improve the conversion rate.

To enhance CRO e-commerce needs to observe customer behavior and offer a shopping experience that will help in earning their trust and loyalty. Learn from the actions of the customers and position your website in a way that customers are encouraged to make purchases.

Successful conversion rate optimization requires proper planning and strategizing. Here are a few important dos and don’ts regarding CRO.


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  1. Technology has made its way into every aspect of our life. It is hard to imagine getting through the day without using your smartphone or laptop. To compete with other e-commerce businesses you must be aware of the latest technologies that you can use to improve conversion rate and improve sales. Digital marketing is continuously evolving and keeping up-to-date with all the emerging technologies. It is important to integrate the latest technology and you will be able to bring up the conversion rate.
  2. To improve the conversion rate you need to be observant and vigilant. You also need to take a scientists’ approach and test strategies of the e-commerce site. By testing strategies, you will know if you are dedicating your resources and effort to the right strategy or not. You should also keep an eye on the competitors.
  3. Measuring results is vital for CRO success. If you are not measuring results then you will not know if you are achieving your goals or not. Measuring results let you know about the effectiveness of the strategies you are using. You need to collect data and analyze it to get better results.
  4. You must not let any sales opportunity pass by. There are going to be visitors that are ready to make a purchase and are on your e-commerce just to explore. You need to figure out a way to encourage customers to come back to your e-store and make a purchase. Make sure that you allow signing up for an email alert or newsletter so that you can keep them updated about what you have to offer. Easy signups are effective in bringing customers back to the online store and make some purchases.
  5. Using exit-intent technology is a smart move as it offers a second chance to convert visitors just as they are about to leave the website. You need to offer a well-timed incentive that makes visitors curious and they are compelled to try out whatever you are offering.


  1. Never make the mistake of thinking that you can never be wrong. To achieve success you need to focus on numbers as they are instead of as you want them to be.
  2. It is not easy to find visitors for an e-commerce site because there is a lot of competition. If you are having trouble finding visitors then you should not just sit around and wait for visitors to come. Consider using paid advertisements as it will give you the boost you need.
  3. Mistakes are a part of life and to run a successful e-commerce business you will need to take some risks. You need to realize that not all of your strategies are going to work. You should always plan for the best but prepare for the worst. Do not get discouraged if you make any mistakes because they offer a great learning experience. Mistakes let you know what strategies you need to avoid in the future.
  4. Making drastic changes is not good for the conversion rate. It is the aim of every online store to quickly increase conversions but it is not something that is going to happen overnight. Conversion optimization takes planning and time as it is the science of making incremental changes and keep track of everything. Drastic changes do not pay off so it is better to add up changes and achieve the result you want.
  5. Never forget the importance of business metrics. Metrics help in tracking the progress of a business and find ways to increase the conversion rate.

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