Ticket sales are down and you’re scratching your head to figures out what needs to change to improve the situation…sound familiar?

Well in reality it could be a whole number of things and to truly find the source you need to monitor the various aspects, i.e. what is your reach? If you’re getting in front of the right people in the right volumes and you’re still struggling to sell tickets, then you could definitely benefit from making some tweaks to your conference package.

Moreover, if your conference has been running for some years and you’re not seeing a good percentage of returning delegates, there is definitely a problem here to address.

Understanding Audience

Before you go about revamping your conference, its worth spending some time taking stock and working out the areas which are contributing to your current situation.

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Above all else, it’s vital to know what your audience needs, how they operate, how the conference would significantly benefit them and where to reach them.

A great question to ask yourself is – why would anyone want to make the financial investment to attend this conference? What will they gain specifically?

Increased Choice

The more flexibility you can offer potential attendees, the more likely they are to attend your event. This is because people are innately different, meaning one offering will only be attractive to some. Therefore, broadening your options for attendance with greatly improve the chances of someone deciding to attend or not.

For example, you could offer a range of access options, so delegates can pay for tickets to attend certain ‘zones’ or ‘sections’ of your conference rather than just a single ticket to attend the whole event. Now, if you’re thinking this sounds like a logistical nightmare – with the support of ID card software, you can easily track and manage your delegates whereabouts, without draining your resources.

In order to decide which ticket options, you should offer, its worth first spending some time researching why some of your audience haven’t attended your conference and also look at any competitors and what they offer – this will help inform your decisions.

Unique Aspects

Thinking outside the box can pay dividends when it comes to event ticket sales, having unique elements as part of your conference package will help set you apart from the rest.

Get creative and really go to town on the possibilities. For example, just because its not a wellness event, it doesn’t mean you couldn’t a relaxation corner where attendees can get massages and other treatments.

Ultimately, if you can provide a valuable and memorable experience, where people leave having gained something, they will return and they will tell others. In time, you won’t need to spend much time on reaching out to your potential customers as they will be coming to find you! How good would that be?


People love a freebee! Offer as many as possible, from free Wi-Fi, to free food and alcohol all will go down extremely well with your attendees. After all, who wants to pay for a ticket only to have to pay even more once you’re through the door.

However, don’t go overboard, remember you still need to make a profit! Instead focus on areas which will add the most value and be most sort after.

Reduce Negatives

Another aspect which could significantly improve the attractiveness of your conference is to avoid doing the classic things that put people off.

What puts people off most?… Excessive spammy’ emails!

When it comes to communications, a less is more approach is advisable. Aim each to be engaging and achieve a purpose. Keep them succinct and purposeful.

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