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10 Tips To Accelerate The Growth Of Your Business

Building traffic to your site is a necessary part of doing business that can be achieved by accomplishing one task at a time. Very rarely does a website become an instant hit and go from no visitors to 50k overnight.

Take advantage of traffic in the organic listings with a ranking on the first page of search results. 70-80% of people focus on organic listings because they believe they are more inclined to find credible information than the paid listings.

In fact, organic traffic represents a 5.66% more times the opportunity than a paid advertisement. 

Push your site to the top of the SERP’s by incorporating the following tips and strategies that will give your website more ranking ability to drive more traffic.

  1. Perform regular maintenance
  2. Make your site faster
  3. Improve mobile-friendliness
  4. Assign your keywords
  5. Establish search intent
  6. Link to and from internal pages
  7. Use alternate forms of media
  8. Optimize for SERP features
  9. Improve your credibility
  10. Build an audience

Perform regular maintenance

Establish a regular routine for when you run a site audit to avoid any errors that may contribute to a drop in ranking. As time goes on, every website will begin to generate errors-especially if there is content being added regularly. Errors could be anything from indexing issues to duplicate content.

An SEO consultant will run a site audit before the start of an SEO campaign. This keeps the data on the new project accurate and relevant. Eliminate any errors that arise before the campaign starts so there is no interference with how the page is being ranked.

Here are a couple of tools you can use to create a report on the errors your site is generating:

Make your site faster

Page speed is an on-going battle and should be a regular item on your to-do list. There is always something you can do to make your site faster. Google has openly stated that page speed is a ranking factor they use so staying below the industry average (three seconds) is one way to give your website a competitive edge.

Run a page speed test on any of the following sites to get a score on the speed of your site and the details for what exactly is slowing your site down. You can use any one of the following tools:

There might be items in your report that are complicated to fix however there are changes you will be able to make to improve the speed of your site. 

For example, the size of images is a major issue that slows down a lot of sites. Using a tool of your choice you can replace your images with smaller versions to speed up how fast they load.

Here a few tools to use:

For the other items on your report, you may see things like inline and minify CSS and JavaScript. These may present more problems if you’re not savvy in speaking those languages. There are plugins and CDN (content delivery network) solutions that can help to do most of the heavy lifting for those issues. 

Try using W3 Cache plugin, as it’s the most widely used for many of the issues that slow down the load time (minifies HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) This plugin can also be integrated with your CDN.

Cloudflare is a popular choice in CDN’s and they offer a free version that is effective in improving your page speed, security, and overall website performance.

Improve mobile-friendliness

Canonical tested one million websites for mobile-friendliness and found that 24% of the website failed the test. This statistic shows the opportunity to outperform competitors in mobile-friendliness.

Image source:

Although 99% of websites made today are made for mobile devices, there are sometimes structural elements that should be addressed to make your site mobile-friendly. Test your site out on Google’s Mobile Friendly Test to get a score for the mobile-friendliness of your website.

There may be small adjustments to make that would improve the user experience and make your site more competitive. 

Common issues on responsive sites include buttons being too close together or script running too close to the edges of the screen. Issues like these are small adjustments for your developer and will contribute to your competitiveness.

Assign your keywords

Every piece of content that is created for a website should start with extensive keyword research. This is to determine the best target keyword to optimize for as well as the keyword cluster to include on your page.

If two or more pages are optimized for the same keyword, it leads to keyword cannibalization. This will restrict rankings when search engines see two or more pages competing with each other.

Optimize your pages for a target keyword that includes the keyword synonyms associated with your topic. Make sure each page is optimized for a different keyword cluster in order to give it the most competitive edge.  

Establish search intent

Semantic search has forced the need for deeper levels of research in order for a website to appear in a top-ranked position. Search engines are ranking pages that can best answer a query based on the content they’ve provided.   

Your content must be able to satisfy the user who searches your keyword. If the content on your page leads a user to bounce from your site and continue looking elsewhere they obviously were not satisfied with what you’re providing.

The ability to satisfy search intent is a major ranking criterion that is measured through the content provided and the engagement statistics it generates. Dwell time, click-through rate and bounce rate are all measures of how much a user liked what your site offered.

Get to the source of search intent by finding exactly what users typing in your keyword want to read about. You may be offering the product they ultimately will buy but finding what content they engage in reading about your product will boost the interest people have in your content. 

Search forums and social media groups to see the pressing issues and problems people face so you can write about the solutions to those problems in your content.

Link to and from internal pages

Using internal links will enhance the optimization of your pages and spread link equity to give your pages more authority.

Use keyword anchor text links to signal what the page is about and lead users to related content that they will find helpful or interesting. 

Signal the importance of a page to your site can be emphasized by the number of links pointing to it from other pages within your site. Create the hierarchy of pages within your site by linking to the most important pages the most times.

Use alternate forms of media

Increased competition and a growing awareness of SEO has placed even more emphasis on producing original content that stands out from the competition. Use alternate forms of media to make your content stand out and rank higher in the search results.

People retain 65% of the information from articles with images as opposed to 10% without images. Videos are shared 12X more on social media than links and text posts combined. Podcasts are also taking off with more Americans listening more frequently (up 32% on a monthly basis) than ever before. 

Use as many variations of media when it comes to differentiating your content from your competition. Use what your competitors are using AND what they’re not using to outperform their pages in every way possible.

Optimize for SERP features

For the first time ever, in 2019 Google searches have produced more than 50% zero-click searches. That means that more than half of the searches that are made on Google end up on a Google property with no click at all made to any websites.

The emergence of featured snippets, local packs, knowledge cards are all sucking away the clicks that can be made to any organic listings. If you aren’t optimized for the SERP feature that appears for your keyword, you’re losing out on targeted traffic.

One of the highest converting sources of traffic is from localized searches. 46% of all searches have local intent making local SEO a lucrative addition to driving traffic to your site.

Improve your credibility

Backlinks are still one of the largest ranking factors search engines use to determine the credibility and authority of your website. Ahrefs studied almost a billion pages and concluded that more backlinks equals a higher ranking.

Choose from a variety of methods to build links to your page. The more links you build the more authority your page receives. Get your links from credible sites within the same niche. Keep in mind that websites with higher DA will have a bigger impact on your ranking and improve your site’s authority.

Build an audience

One of the best ways to instantly get eyes on your content is to post to your social media network. If you don’t have one it’s never too late to build one.

Social signals are a ranking factor so it definitely helps to have people sharing your page, however, the real value is in the traffic that flows to your page. Increased traffic brings more potential for new clients and a higher likelihood of your page being linked to by another website.

Continue to stay active in the social media site that is best suited to your industry. If you are producing good content, your audience will build over time and become an incredible asset for traffic generation.


These strategies are among the most influential ranking signals that contribute to pushing your site up in the rankings. Accomplishing each strategy effectively will move the needle and get your site to the first page of results, generate more traffic and fuel the growth of your company.

Christian Carere is an SEO consultant and the owner of Digital Ducats Inc. Christian specializes in SEO services custom-designed to improve traffic and lead generation.

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7 Tips for Becoming a Successful Brand Manager

A career in marketing is one of the most lucrative ideas that an aspiring professional should have in the business world. Why? Well, because there are more enterprises out there than ever before and even one-person startups often need consultation services from renowned brand managers. Still, how does one become a brand manager or, even more importantly, how does one become successful and gains renown in this field? Well, here are the top seven tips for becoming a successful brand manager.

1. Get some formal education

The first thing you need to do in order to be taken seriously in this field or even get a chance is to get some form of formal education. At the very least, you need a Bachelor’s degree in a field that’s relevant to branding or marketing. So, business, administration, or science are your safest bets. Science is particularly effective, seeing as how an efficient brand manager spends so much time analyzing and interpreting harvested data. Also, make sure that the university that you go to has all the right reputation and accreditation. Otherwise, you might find yourself in a bit of a pickle. 

2. Develop a necessary skillset

As always, a degree can only get you so far. In order to really make it in the field, you need to possess the right skillset. When it comes to being a brand manager, you need to have great analytical skills and attention to detail. Also, you need to possess a thirst for knowledge and self-improvement, seeing as how trends evolve and new emerge on a daily basis. Then, you need to know how to do the right budgeting and be resourceful with the budget you have. Lastly, you need to be creative and possess the right team working (even leadership) skills. With all of this under your belt, you just can’t fail.

3. Get some experience in the field

The next thing you need to understand is that no one has ever started as a brand manager. Before that, you need some experience in the field, in the form of an entry-level job or at least an internship at the esteemed branding agency. Then, you need a letter of recommendation (or a couple of them) as well as a professional portfolio. Any major project that you’ve collaborated on needs to be listed. Even more importantly, you need to understand that you’re not really doing this for the portfolio. You’re doing it for experience, so try to learn something from each of these projects.

4. Get tech-savvy

Due to the fact that you’ll mostly work in a digital environment (via collaboration tool) and employ services of those from the same branch, it’s incredibly important that you get tech-savvy as quickly as possible. Your smartphone is your office and the more specialized tools you get to use, the greater your efficiency will be. Even your payments need to become smarter, which is why you might want to apply for  a payroll card. With so many freelancers and telecommuters on your retainer, managing all of their wages becomes so much easier this way.

5. Focus on networking

One of the most important things in the field of brand management is definitely networking. Why? Well, because you can’t manage a brand on your own. You need content writers, web designers, analyst specialists, social media managers, and more. Even if you do some of these things (for smaller projects) on your own, you still may need someone to ask for advice when going gets tough. In other words, start mingling with professionals from your industry.

6. Keep growing as a professional

The field of branding, marketing, and brand management in general, is the one that evolves quite rapidly. This means that you’ll have to follow journals, do independent research, and keep attending seminars, trade shows, and keep taking courses on new trends. Also, regardless of how long you spend in the field, you can always use it with a bit of mentoring from someone a tad more seasoned than you. This is why networking is so important and should never be neglected. Furthermore, every single one of these courses and seminars that you get crossed off your checklist should be listed on your resume and included in your portfolio.

7. Build a personal brand

Previously, we’ve talked about a formal education, experience in the field, and seminars that you need to attend in order to grow as a professional. Well, wrapping all of this up in a unique nice-looking package can be even more important. What you need to bear in mind is the fact that building a personal brand takes time and patience. First of all, you need to make your own website, start a blog (this is paramount), and start producing some niche-relevant content. This establishes you as an authority within the field. You can also leverage your social media influence by being active on your social media profiles. Needless to say, LinkedIn always takes precedence.


In the end, one of the things you need to consider is actually talking to a brand manager and inquiring about their experience in the field. Ask them to tell you the truth about what it’s like, seeing as how it’s not an easy career path to tread upon. Only when you’re 100 percent certain should you proceed with some of these steps.

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5 Essential Reasons to Invest in Real Estate

Owning real estate is always an excellent and exciting investment strategy. Of course, there are different types of investments, so it is vital to know your ambitions and reasons behind investing. Based on that, you can flow into the investing adventure and make the right call. Here are five essential reasons why investing in real estate is beneficial.

You’ll earn passive income as long as you live

There is no better thing in the financial world than a passive income. Making a substantial amount of money each month while doing (almost) nothing is more than attractive. However, every real estate investment is different. For example, some people find it challenging to own and maintain a property on the opposite side of the country. In that case, you can consider using some of the modern software solutions that make things a lot easier. Also, it is necessary to attend investment property seminars and learn more details before making your first investment.

Real estate value increases over time

The longer you hold onto your real estate, the more money you will make over the years. Even when it seems that things are going in the wrong way, you should wait for uncertain times to pass. Remember, prices will always return to normal or even jump higher. If it ever happens to you, it is essential not to panic, and patiently wait for things to settle down. Also, real estate investing can provide a renewable source of capital. Re-financing options are excellent when property values increase, and mortgage financing decreases.

Portfolio diversification

Every smart investor will strive to reduce potential risks by allocating funds to different types of assets. Also, every expert in this field will tell you the same thing – not putting all the eggs in one basket is a wise thing to do. The variation of your assets will increase the value of your portfolio over time and reduce the overall risk level at the same time. Adding real estate investments to your collection is always beneficial because it helps you offset the volatility of other riskier assets. And finally, when you have investments in different regions or states, you will be exposed to different economic cycles. Why is it good? Because you can capitalize on the market benefits once you decide to sell a particular property.

Tax advantages and benefits

It is vital to understand that the value of your real estate investment is sheltered from taxes until you sell your property. In other words, if your property increases in value over the years, that capital gain ($20,000, for example) will be protected from tax until selling. Such benefit compounds if you own multiple properties. Also, there will always be several tax deductions when investing in real estate. Usually, the cost of operating your property can be deducted from your income. That includes property taxes, repairs, maintenance, mortgage interests, and other similar expenses. However, fees are a specific matter, so it is always wise to talk to professional tax accountants before making decisions.

Potential wealth creation

Investors’ ambitions are different. Some people are willing to invest more, and consequently, to expose themselves to higher risks. On the other hand, other investors like to be safe and invest only in one or two properties. But, in the world of business, the high risk usually results in high rewards. Therefore, multiple strategical real estate investments can, over time, become vehicles for wealth creation. Increased equity and wealth are coming when investment properties increase. At the same time, the corresponding mortgage financing will be reduced through regular mortgage payments. However, to create wealth over the years, you have to be smart about your investment, but a bit daring as well since the risk is unavoidable.

Keep in mind that investing means serious, strategical spending money, and not a type of gambling. Hence, sometimes, it is better to talk to professionals and more experienced people before you decide to make your real estate investment.

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5 Tips on How to Get an Excellent Credit Score

A credit score is an analysis of your credit; it represents your creditworthiness. It relates to how likely you’re to repay your debts. 

Having a good credit score is beneficial in numerous ways, including lowering your interest rates on loans, and it’s a key factor that lenders consider when assessing your funding requests.

There’re numerous models of calculating credit scores, but Fico, one of the leading scoring agencies, puts an excellent credit score anywhere at 800-850.

In the article below, we shall highlight the top five tips for improving your credit score. 

However, understand that the journey of improving your credit score is not a sprint but rather a marathon. It will take time, and you need to be patient.

Always Pay on Time

First things first, always keep your debts in the green, and this shows the creditors that you’re responsible for your debt.

Experian states that payment history heavily influences your credit score.  It usually forms the basis and the most influential factor of VantageScore and Fico.

Remember that credit score is a reflection of your ability to repay your loan timely. From the creditor’s perspective, if you have an established history of timely payment, it’s a good indicator that you can handle your future debts responsibly.

Therefore, you would want to stay at the top of your payment and avoid issues such as late payments, defaults, repossession, or third party collections.

Anything that may indicate a non-performance of a loan, such as filing bankruptcy, is going to dent your credit score severely. 

While at it, it’s worth noting that staying on top of your payment not only applies to the conventional lenders, but also other entities such as bills, including utilities, rent, and cell phone services.

Optimize Credit Utility Ratio

Creditors often compare your credit utilization rate when determining your credit score.

Credit utilization refers to the amount of credit card balance compared to the credit limit.

Generally, the scoring agency recommends that your credit utilization stays below 30%.

There’re numerous methods that users can employ to shrink the balances owed while at the same time maintaining or increasing the amount of credit.

Here are some of the common methods of improving the credit utilization rate listed by Fundera;

  • Paying more than the monthly minimum;  this helps to reduce the card balances
  • Asking for a higher credit limit
  • Leaving your card open after paying them off

Leave Old Debts On Your Report

I know it’s tempting that once you’re through with the student loan or even mortgage, you might get impatient and want to rid the loan from your reports.

But as long as your payments were timely and complete, no need to scrape them off.

In any case, they may have a positive impact on your credit score.

See, many of the lenders will usually go back in history to see your credit metrics and loan performance. And if you have an account with a long history and a solid track record of paying your loans promptly, it shows you’re responsible.

Regularly Monitor Your Credit

Human is to error, and at times, there might be inaccuracies in your credit report.

Regardless of whether they’re unintentional, they can derail your journey to a great credit score.

So, you must be always up to date with your current financial status.

Regular credit monitoring is necessary, and if you catch any inaccuracy on your credit report, you can file a dispute to the scoring agencies, and they will rectify.

Regular monitoring of your credit not only helps you to see all your financial accounts under a single roof but reviewing them may also be an incredible way of spotting inaccuracies or even instances of security theft.

Take Advantage Of Score-Boosting Programs

Experian and Fico are the leading scoring agencies in the market.

These two agencies have programs that allow consumers with thin credit profiles to boost themselves.

The Experian Boost program, for instance, will allow you to incorporate online banking data, utility payment, or even communication to your report.

While these programs will not improve your credit rating in leaps and bounds, it will still have a positive effect on your overall score.


Raising your credit score is easier than you think.

While the mentioned tips are by no means conclusive, following them religiously will see your credit rating improve in no time.

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Safeguard Your Business Against IRS: Here’s How

Getting in trouble with the IRS is the last thing that you would want to do. For this reason, it is always advisable to be regular with your tax returns and payments. A major concern for taxpayers is criminal charges by the IRS. If you are going through investigation or expect a potential audit coming up, you need to be aware of the situations when the authorities may file criminal charges against you.

Though this may sound scary, remember that you will not get implicated unless you have intentionally done something seriously wrong. Honest mistakes, on the other hand, are not illegal and you will probably not go to jail for them. The key lies in being proactive and knowledgeable so that you can get help when you require it for preventing such a situation. Here are some facts that you should know about criminal charges by the IRS against the taxpayers.

Tax fraud can implicate you

Deliberately cheating on your tax returns is a crime and will definitely not be taken lightly by the IRS. If you misrepresent your annual income on the return to avoid paying taxes, you are doing a tax fraud. Once the IRS is able to prove that you did the fraud intentionally, they will go ahead and prosecute you for tax fraud.  The burden of proof in such cases lies in the tax authorities, which is the reason that the IRS would rather avoid such cases. But if you are found guilty of tax fraud, be ready for jail time and large fines as well.

Tax evasion can also lead to criminal proceedings

Tax evasion is essentially a subset of tax fraud and carries similar penalties because it is also intentional. Evasion involves misrepresenting the true state of your affairs to the authorities just to reduce the amount of tax that you need to pay. Obviously, this will not be a mistake and you will know when you are intentionally claiming an income lesser than the actual. Similarly, overstating your deductions significantly is a form of evasion.  Even making large and questionable donations to charities for claiming deductions comes under the scope of evasion. Such situations can also cause criminal charges by the IRS.

There are certain red flags that the IRS will look for

When it comes to initiating a criminal investigation, the IRS will consider certain red flags that indicate fraud or evasion. Experts at Travis W. Watkins Tax Resolution & Accounting Firm have a checklist of the indicators of wrongdoings that the IRS may bear while considering criminal charges against a taxpayer. Here are the ones that may put you under the lens:

  • Consistently underreporting your income
  • Destroying your records deliberately
  • Maintaining inadequate or shady accounting records
  • Concealing your assets intentionally
  • Dealing exclusively in cash
  • Illegal activities
  • Fictitious deductions
  • Omission or understatement of substantial amounts of money
  • Refusing to cooperate with an examiner or auditor
  • The irrational explanation for the behavior

Unintentional mistakes will not implicate you

While the IRS will definitely not spare you for fraud and evasion, they will not implicate you for unintentional mistakes. Being negligent with your tax returns and payments is also not illegal. When you do it without wrong intentions, you are not lying about your income or concealing it deliberately. These are genuine mistakes and the authorities are trained and experienced enough to make out the difference. You should not be concerned about criminal proceedings in such situations because they will probably not happen. At the same time, you should make your best efforts to avoid such mistakes. Hiring a tax professional to handle your returns and payments is the best approach in this context.

Prosecution by the IRS is less common than you imagine

If the IRS approaches you with a grave matter such as audit, evasion or fraud, you should take it seriously. Rather than having a panic attack, you should seek help from a tax attorney and respond properly. Scary as a criminal case by the IRS may sound, it is less common than you imagine. Statistics indicate that it is very rare for a taxpayer to be investigated for fraud. Further, the rate of prosecution in such criminal proceedings is also low. Despite this, you should still be genuine and honest with your returns and taxes to avoid the situation in the first place. If you are still worried about an impending criminal investigation or charges by the IRS, you should see a tax lawyer sooner rather than later.

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How To Make Sure You Get The Right Bail Bondsman?

The thing that you need to do immediately when someone from your family or friends get arrested is that get the person released on bail. The nature of the case and the current state laws around it determine the bond amount. If you know a trusted bail bondsman in the city, such as Castle Bail Service Columbus, you can expect the bail bond process to go smoothly. The person can come out of jail as soon as the company pays the bond. However, to ensure everything goes in the right order, you have to pay attention to a few things.

Bail bond process

As you may know, accuse has to pay some money as bail to get rid of the imprisonment temporarily. It is a form of guarantee that the person will visit the court at a scheduled date and time as required. The magistrate decides the amount, which the accused can pay himself or ask his dear ones to deposit. In this process, they may take the help of a bail bondsman. A bail bond company mediates between the government and the accused as it assumes the responsibility that the person will attend the court hearing. The company charges a fee for the service. If the accused doesn’t appear in court, the bonds company has to clear the amount to the government.

Usually, these companies charge 10% of the total bail amount from clients. Anyway, you should know how much the firm would take before you hire it. You will need to sign an agreement, too, and pay back the rest of the amount as per the negotiation.

Online search

You can find a reliable bail bonds company online. Make sure to look at the reviews, if possible. What others are saying about the service can reveal if you should opt for it or not. When you go through a couple of them, do pay attention to their background and experience. The companies should be trustworthy and reputable. Else, you can talk to your lawyer also for a reference. Since they have to deal with them frequently, you can get a useful contact for your needs quickly.

However, make sure you don’t believe anyone blindly. Check the status of the license the company holds. Sometimes, the charges of misconduct or legal action from a client can result in restriction or revocation of their license. So, be sure to find out if the concerned bail bondsman is facing any such issue. Plus, be specific about how much the company would charge and what they need to post bail.


Signing agreement is mandatory. Before you seal a deal, read all the terms and conditions carefully. For example, if you have convinced the bondman about partial payment of the fee along with monthly installments, then it should find mention in the papers. Plus, it should also declare the interest rate (if any) charged by the company.  Then, these companies can ask for collateral, where you may have to pledge your home or some other asset. Any terms or conditions around it should also feature in the documents. And, yes, don’t forget to collect invoices.

Since honest bail bonds companies understand the pain of the defendant and are conscious about their reputation, you would not have to worry about their services.

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The Guide To Property Investing In 2020

Six Fresh Trends Shaping the Face of the Real Estate Industry – Digitized House

Trends are an ever-changing phenomena, whether it’s the fashion industry, music, business, technology, or real estate market. These shifts, however, may not always be positive for the respective genre. But in the case of real estate, things are looking up. As 2019 winds down and we head toward 2020, there’s a strong movement toward real estate technology, known as PropTech. Let’s take a look at PropTech and other fresh trends that are shaping the real estate industry.

  1. Tech Companies Entering the Real Estate Sector
  2. Increased Investment in PropTech
  3. Green Is hot
  4. Alternative Forms of Housing
  5. New Technologies Are on the Rise
  6. Increasing Social Impact on Investment

Concept house - 70

Agent 2020: How to remain relevant in the age of digital disruption – The Real Estate Conversation

Customer Experience 

The relevance of agents in the year 2020 will be heavily dependent on the experience they provide to each customer they deal with. If the experience is world class, then the customer will see value and provide repeat and referral business. It is the same reason we now use services such as AirBnB and Uber because of the customer experience, trust and story we get to tell, as opposed to the poor experience of booking hotels or taxis that gave us no choice.

CoreLogic recently released the report ‘The Future of Real Estate’ that found Vendors want an agent to hold their hand through the selling process, they want a world class experience, a story they can tell and most importantly they want to deal with someone they can trust. Evidence of the experience, story and trust can be seen every day with companies like Apple or Facebook.


Selling a House with Leased Solar Panels? – Home Light

Solar panels


  • No upfront cost to buy the panels; you can invest saved money in other value-adding improvements to increase your home’s marketability like painting and staging
  • No early buy-out fee


  • Complicates the selling process; necessitates more discussion between the seller and buyers
  • May turn off buyers uninterested in taking on lease
  • Limits your offer pool to buyers who are able to qualify for the solar lease in addition to a mortgage
  • Extends closing period until the new buyer is approved to take on the solar lease
  • Potential lease transfer fee

Follow these steps to transfer your solar lease to the new buyer:

  1. Notify your solar company that you are selling your home. Most companies will connect you with a service transfer specialist who will provide you with information on transferring the lease.
  2. Connect your agent to your solar service transfer specialist. The solar representative will provide them with a copy of your solar agreement and supply information on the leased solar panels so your agent can effectively market your home and communicate solar benefits to interested buyers
  3. When you’ve found an interested buyer, provide them with a copy of your solar agreement and give them your solar service transfer specialist’s contact details in case they want to discuss the details of the lease.
  4. The buyer will need to bring the solar agreement to their mortgage lender when they apply for their home loan. The lender will review the agreement and check that it contains a transferable warranty. Basically, the lender needs assurance that the buyer is not responsible for costly repairs to the solar panels which could disrupt their ability to pay their mortgage.
  5. Once the buyer receives the green light on their home loan, reach out to your solar lease transfer representative and request they send the service transfer form to you and the buyer. You’ll both fill out and sign the form—a process you can usually take care of digitally via editable PDFs or online forms.
  6. The solar company will run a credit check on the buyer as they will be responsible for making the payments. Most solar companies require a credit score of 680 or higher though some may allow for lower scores in exchange for a higher interest rate on the lease.
  7. The solar company will send you and the buyer a document confirming the buyer is approved as the new tenant under the solar lease. The approval window can take as little as 2-3 days, depending on the solar company.
  8. Lastly, you need to inform your solar transfer specialist when the home escrow closes to finalize the transfer.

Home Selling 101 For 2020 – Tre Pryor

Real estate isn’t just a matter of training how to “talk” to people and convincing them to buy your property. A huge part of it is ensuring you’re providing them with the kind of product that they’ll surely buy – not just because they want it, but because it’s the best option for them. Home selling 101 is putting your home’s best foot forward. From the elements of the property itself to the updates to the presentation—making sure everything is in tip-top shape. Below are four keys to focus on that will make your house sell quickly for the highest possible price.

  1. Aesthetics Seal the Deal
  2. Repairs and Updates Can Improve Your Price
  3. Sometimes, It’s Location, Location, Location
  4. Documentation Matters

Home selling 101 means tackling all the important things. When it comes to a successful real estate transaction, it’s not just about a slick salesman. It more about what you are offering. Nothing makes a home sale better than actually showing off a good home.

With the above considerations in mind, you’ll have a good set of things you may want to ensure you have before you proceed with your home sale. And if you don’t have these elements in check, you might want to revisit the drawing board and plan your house sale accordingly.




Exteriors renewing

Selling empty properties means that interiors photos will not be quite as appealing as they would be for a furnished property, so it is vital that the exterior photos are exceptional. So how to make the exteriors be stunning? Don’t think it is a big problem. Take it easy and write down basic things which need to be done. For example, repainting the wall and the fence, mowing lawn, sweeping out all the dead leaves, collecting litter or removing broken objects are necessary to be listed… After finishing these things, your exteriors will look like new again. If possible, you can make use of empty land to plant some flowers or tiny trees. Try to make the exteriors stand out, because customers prefer to see something in those photos that will make them want to arrange a viewing.

Interiors preparation

Even though interiors is empty, it still needs some touching up because empty rooms can reveal many little flaws, scuffs, nail holes and cracks which you may have never noticed. However, these problems can be fixed by putting a fresh coat of paint on the wall. Painting rooms not only gives you the opportunity to neutralize the colors if your chosen hues were on the bold side, but also helps to convey subtly a sense of newness. Floor is another part you should keep an eye on if removing your furniture reveals worn-off wood finishes, dingy carpets, or blackened grout in high-traffic areas. Damaged sections of flooring will make the house look like abandoned, so if your budget allows consider getting them repaired. If this is not feasible then hire a good floor cleaning machine and tidy them up as best you can.

Staging the empty house

Empty rooms can be difficult for buyers to get a clear sense of how big the rooms. Empty dining rooms or bedrooms may actually appear smaller than they are, making buyers nervous about whether their furniture will fit. However, this problem can be fixed by adding a few tasteful items that can anchor the eye and show the relative spaciousness that your home offers. A neatly-made bed in the master bedroom can work well, or a painting hung near an accent chair in the living room. If you haven’t got the furniture to spare, you can use virtual staging service which doesn’t cost much. Using this service, you can stage your house with computer-generated items and your house will look like fulfilled and stunning as a furnished house.

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How Does A Short Term Loan Benefit Your Business?

Every business needs to maintain a minimum financial balance in order to carry out smooth operations. Seeking a loan or a credit from a financial institution is a very common practice. And, there are many options available in the market as well.

Still, a quick boost in cash deposits for any small business is best met with short term loans. For example, you can get a short term loan here, and clear of your outstanding debts to start afresh. They are easy to get and repay, and offer the much-needed flexibility without burdening the borrower with long-term repayments of the loan.

So, what exactly are these short term loans?

Simply put, like any other loan, short term loans are also credits that can be secured from a financial institution. There is an interest to be paid by the borrower on the principle amount borrowed, according to a monthly installment plan. The only difference lies in the term for which these loans are offered. Usually, the term for such loans range between 3 to 18 months.

But, the real question still stands unanswered- how do these short term loans benefit your small business?

Well, here we have listed some of the benefits of short term loans:

Short Term Loans Are Easily Processed

Applying for a short term loan is easier than ever. With the financial institutes offering loans online, the processing time is reduced from days to a matter of minutes.

In fact, all you need to do is fill in the application, upload a few needed documents. And you’ll receive a notification about the money being credited into your account not later than the next day.

With the ease in processing and securing of loans, short term loans offer stress-free conduct to business owners like you.

Short Term Loans Offer Flexibility In Repayment

Another benefit that short term loans offer is the flexibility in repayment of the loans. In other words, the lender may accept a flexible payment for the installments they receive. Moreover, the lenders are more interested in retaining a customer; since short term loans are easily cleared off, and there is no limit to how many loans you can avail at the same time.

Furthermore, short term loans, are customizable in terms of rate of interest, and the amount for installments. Since these loans usually entertain small amounts of money, this allows the borrower to easily compare and manage their loan repayment.

Short Term Loans Are More Cost-Effective

As already mentioned a short term loan can be customized, the interest rates vary for each application. Usually, the financial institutes consider a number of factors such as your credit history, your annual turnover, the assets you have, and more alike, in order to offer the best loan deals for you.

Flexibility in the rate of interest makes these loans more cost-effective with any other type of financing option. The typical range for short-term loans varies from 5% to 35% depending upon the amount requested and the period of the loan, along with the aforementioned factors.

Short Term Loans Are Usually Unsecured

While most of the other loans are secured, meaning they need some sort of collateral to secure the repayment of the loan, short term loans are usually unsecured. This means, you don’t need to place your property, or even your assets for that matter as collateral to avail a short term loan.

This can further enable you to exercise the liberty and use the loan amount as per your needs. For example, you can avail of a short term loan without having to put your shares or stocks at stake and use the amount to further expand your inventory.

Short Term Loans Can Help You Manage Your Business Capital

One of the most common situations, when a business struggles to manage, is when it runs short on business capital. As already mentioned, every business needs to hold on to a certain amount of capital for smooth operations. On the contrary, in the event of a shortage of capital, it could be a bumpy ride.

Short term loans can get your business out of these situations, almost instantaneously. For example, there can instances when you may need to pay a vendor of yours, but your business has not generated enough profits. This could create a tense atmosphere for you and your vendor. Thankfully, you can apply for a short term loan to pay the vendor, and carry on with the operations, smoothly.

Short Term Loans Are Best Suited For Emergency Needs

As the popular proverb goes, change is the only constant, business scenarios are bound to change. The circumstances can take grave turns, unannounced and you may find yourself amidst an emergency situation. For example, its payday, and you’re running short on capital. This is just one instance where securing a short term loan may help. There could be a number of situations where you may need the capital all of a sudden.

Since short term loans are easy to process and require minimal documentation, it can be a perfect solution to your emergency financial needs.

Having known the benefits of short term loans, you may feel an urge to know more about it and how to avail it.

Here’s some bonus information that may help you secure a short-term loan, easily.

Look for online financial institutes

With the digital revolution, even the financial institutes and large commercial and public banks have taken their operations online. You can access the information online regarding short term loans and the institutes that offer the same.

Compare the rates of interest

Once you’re done preparing a list of institutes that offer short term loans, you need to compare them. Look for the ones that can offer you the maximum amount for the shortest period at the lowest rate of interest. This would enable you to repay your loan easily and continue with your life, stress-free.

Choose the best plan

Now that you have the sorted list of banks and lenders, the wait is almost over. Make sure you choose the plan that suits your needs the best, along with meeting your budget. Because eventually you are to pay back the loan and you need to ensure that you can repay comfortably.

Hope that this information helps you secure the best deal for your financial needs.

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6 Tips To Simplify And Streamline Employee Scheduling

Creating employee schedules and ensuring that your workforce sticks to them is one of the critical business functions. However, this is easier said than done because a lot of effort is needed to allocate tasks to teams and manage shifts optimally. At the same time, it is something that you cannot survive without. Proper schedules determine the overall productivity of the employees, minimize the wastage of hours and optimize business operations.

But do you really know what goes into simplifying employee scheduling? Is it possible to prevent understaffing or overstaffing and ensure that there is no wastage of work hours? The answer lies in streamlining employee scheduling and software tools make the best bet for busy entrepreneurs. Also, here are some tips that can help you to create effective robust and time-saving schedules.

Tip #1: Know your business first

Even before you start creating an employee schedule for your business, you must understand its requirements. A good schedule goes much beyond putting the resources on the right tasks. Rather, it is making sure that the right resource is at the right place and at the right time. Investing in a software solution that provides a 360-degree view of your business is a great idea. Essentially, it should empower you to decide when you need to schedule more employees and when you can manage with less.

Tip #2: Review the existing resources

Once you are clear about your requirements and goals, you need to get a comprehensive review of the existing resources. Check the availability, suitability and exemption status of the staff members for each shift. Availability means whether an employee can be at a job location at a specific place and time. Suitability refers to the skills they must have to fit the role. Exemption status indicates if you need to pay the employee for overtime.

Tip #3: Enable seamless communication

Communication keeps an organization running like well-oiled machinery, which makes it mandatory for the success of the business. Having a smart scheduling software solution is a good idea because it can handle this requirement well enough and serve as a powerful communication tool. For example, Deputy offers powerful scheduling tools that can be used to publish and share workforce schedules easily. They also enable you to send across notifications related to shift changes to the employees and managers with the help of SMS, emails and push notifications.

Tip #4: Provide flexibility for the employees

Another useful tip to simplify and streamline employee scheduling is by providing your employees a good degree of flexibility. Look for a solution that gives them the freedom of choosing the shifts when possible. Though you cannot give them the choice every time but having control over their schedules motivates the employees and enhances their performance to a considerable extent. A software solution that enables them to switch shifts subject to availability makes a good choice for businesses in this context.

Tip #5: Consider employee preferences

Providing flexibility regarding shift changes is vital for keeping your employees happy and motivated. But that is not where you should stop when it comes to effective and employee-friendly scheduling. Rather, you should take a proactive approach and consider individual preferences while preparing the schedules. Keep track of the kind of tasks that individual employees want to do and the shifts that work for them. Unless there is shortage of resources, try to allocate them work and shifts on the basis of these preferences. This ensures a positive culture and high levels of motivation and productivity within your organization.

Tip #6: Reward good attendance

Make rewards a part and parcel of your employee scheduling process. The system can go a long way in encouraging the employees to be regular with their shifts and always show up on time. At the same time, the reward practice drives workforce satisfaction and discourages no-shows and indiscipline within the organization. You need not spend a fortune on rewarding your best employees, even small but meaningful perks can be enough to make the scheduling practice effective and successful in the long run.

These tips can go a long way in simplifying and streamlining the employee scheduling process for any business. In addition to enforcing them as a part of your business operations, you should invest in a software solution that has the right set of features to automate the entire workforce scheduling process. If you don’t already have one for your business, the best time to get it is right now. Just be sure about choosing the right one because it will be a long-term asset rather than a short-term expense.

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3 Most Important Tips for Positioning a New Brand in a Fast-changing Market

Modern business world is full of buzzwords we’ve all heard, though we may not always know exactly what they mean. “Positioning” is definitely one of those that people often use, without actually knowing its right meaning or what it entails. Basically, it refers to trying to find a place for your brand in the minds of your customers, who would hopefully choose products offered by the same brand they’ve learned to love and trust. While positioning takes place, it’s one of those things you should start working on as soon as you set up a company. To help you understand what that means, we’ve prepared the following tips, which should help you do it properly.

Know the competition and market

Each company has its strengths and weaknesses and your task is to find those that belong to your competitors. Once you identify them, you can move to analyze their strategies, objectives and target groups and identifying the niche which you could dominate. Equally important is to know your target audience and market, so that you could create valuable content that would not be just advertising your brand, but also providing value and engagement. The more engaged people are, the more likely they are to opt for the brand whose messages they respond to. When addressing your audience, make sure you insist on your unique selling point(s), so that you can distinguish your company from the rest. Finally, don’t expect everyone to love your company, but focus on your target audience. They will be your most loyal and faithful customers and it’s vital you position your brand among them as the one that provides the most for the money they’re ready to spend.

Focus on USP

No-one will opt for a product that offers the same as a similar, already well-established competitor’s product. Customers have to believe they are buying not only the product but some other unique feature as well when choosing your product over a competitor’s. That’s why you need to focus on all useful attributes of your brand, especially if other companies lack them. It could be your more favorable price, outstanding client care or coverage. Companies operating in Australia, for example, understand that locals react to specific strategies, which is why they turn to experts in the field and hire a brand design agency from Sydney, which can help them position their brand in the best possible way locally. Remember that what works well in one market doesn’t have to be the best option elsewhere, which is why it’s important to pinpoint the particular demands of local markets.

Nothing is carved in stone

What you really need to understand is that no strategy is unchangeable. As a matter of fact, you have to constantly revise and adapt your strategy, since the conditions in which you operate are changing. That means that even if you’ve opted for the right approach from the beginning and you see that you’re getting the results you were hoping for, there is no time for rest. Your strategy needs to be tested constantly and continuously. This includes harvesting data from surveys, groups, and interviews and processing them in a way that you receive some valuable information, which will be the cornerstone of your adapted strategy. What this will help you achieve is position your brand as a forward-thinking one, which is always ready to meet the demands of the market, rather than one which takes its time to respond to the ever-changing shifts in consumers’ preferences and priorities.

If you position your brand correctly, i.e. apply the right positioning strategy in the right way, your brand recognition and awareness will be truly well established. Your particular strategy will depend on the circumstances in which you operate and your niche. However, it’s vital that you constantly monitor the situation and adapt your strategy to maximize the results. These three tips will surely help you with that.