Have you ever developed a website? I mean not literally with coding and stuff but have you ever had to hire a team, work with them to get a website developed. If yes you would know it’s not as easy as fishing in a barrel. There are plenty of factors that affect website development like cost, delays, and team management. It’s better to understand these things before you hire the website development company or a freelance developer.

When you don’t exactly know the requirements of your website, there is a high probability of making blunders. That can be a set off for bringing the business to the website. Here are some of the ways to save your website from that and help drive business to it.

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Pick Your Functionality

Developing a website is a bulky and time-consuming thing unless you are just picking a template and launching it. It takes a considerate amount of time in building it from scratch, finding the right partner to do it for you, and by the time you launch it, the precious time has gone.

To cut down the delay, decide the most important functions of the website before passing through the development phase. Let me put it this way, a good website is way better than having a perfect website in far in the future.

Sometimes, it’s the time you need to take the most advantage of. Start with an MVP model and get in the digital world at the earliest.

Design That Everyone Can Connect

“Design is not just about how it looks and feels but it is also about how it functions.”

So, instead of scrutinizing the design images in the jpg format and have a lot of discussion and improvement in those images and then do it all again in the functional website. It is better to be able to see the design live in the browser, have a discussion and make the changes accordingly. A functional website is way better than static images. It would be easier to make a decision with a live website.

Newer Needs, Higher Cost

If you hire a company that has adequate experience in website development, they will help you figure out the essential features or the ones you are missing out and a fair estimate of the same. In the absence of that, there might be a chance of missing out key features which you have to add at a late date and have your budget all up and down. They can help you review and show you what’s best for your website and the best ways to drive the appropriate amount of traffic to your site.

Security Blunders

One of the reasons for losing traffic from your website can be security issues. Make sure that the developer keeps the backup or copy of every single thing. The CMS and the code have to be kept as secure as possible. Try to set a complex password, versions updated, and several layers to security for utmost security. The help of a professional is always appreciated.

Mobile Compatibility

The website must be mobile compatible as a large amount of traffic is driven from a mobile device. The design has to be such that it works on the device with every type of device and screen size. Make sure that it does not crash when it opens on the mobile device and avails the user with great user experience. Also, the loading time should not be too long. Long loading will definitely drive the user away instead of inviting them.


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I am Pratik Kanada, founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, an iPhone and Android app development company which makes app ideas into reality. We also provide unique design and development services globally. I generally write blogs on mobile technology, app development services, app marketing, website designing, and development. 

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