When you first started your company, there is no doubt that you spent a fair amount of time and energy thinking about what the brand would be and what it would represent. This is the message you send out to the public, and it is that first impression they get of your company, so you want to be sure that the brand comes across in a positive light. And while that may have worked well for the company in the beginning, it’s not unusual to get to the point where a re-branding is necessary and makes sense.

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Before you jump right in, there are some tips you can use that will help ensure the rebrand is successful from the get-go.

Will This be a Total or Partial Rebrand?

The first thing you need to think about is what kind of rebranding this will be. Are you just looking to rebrand certain parts of the business or is this going to be a complete rebrand? Experts will often tell you that a partial rebranding can be the smarter move, as it can help better retain your customers since certain aspects will stay the same. It really comes down to your goals and reasoning behind the rebrand.

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Will You be Changing the Company Name?

Another thing to consider is whether you’ll be changing the company name as part of the rebranding. This can be a bit risky, but if done properly, it can really pay off. You can play around with the company name by reusing a current word, creating an acronym, adding a suffix or prefix, change up the spelling, and so forth. This helps to retain some of the familiarity.

Make Sure You Take Everything into Account

Far too often people get caught up in the name of the company or a redesign of the logo, but a rebranding is so much more. You need to be aware of the total package – meaning the entire message you’ll be sending out to customers from the name of the company, to the way the website appears, and even the messaging you use on the site.

Don’t Be Afraid to Hang On to Some Features

While you will have big rebranding plans and want to really shake things up, it should be said that there is nothing wrong with keeping some features. You can just give them a modern twist instead.

Don’t Hesitate to Bring in the Professionals

The final tip is to know when to seek help. You don’t want to hesitate to bring in the professionals to help you with your rebranding project. A professional branding firm will understand what the best steps are to take, how to ensure your new messaging is clear and concise, and that you don’t lose loyal customers in the process.

The fact is that rebranding your company can be a huge undertaking and while the rewards may be large, you still need to make sure you’re taking the right steps to ensure success.

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