There is no denying that receiving gifts, and giving gifts, are one of life’s small pleasures. Not only is it an enjoyable experience, but it is a token of one’s gratitude and appreciation. When developing interpersonal relationships throughout life it is important to acknowledge another’s significance to you through an act of generosity. One gift has stood the test of time, offering wine gifts. These primarily take the form of nuptial gifts, birthday gifts, and most commonly business gifts.

When it comes to weddings, wine is a popular choice as it celebrates laughter and merriment. Accompanied by a delicious cheese selection, or on its own, a beautiful bottle of wine is always a crowd pleaser. Celebrating the union of two people over a glass of wine is a priceless experience. Birthdays are also an excellent time to bestow a bottle of wine. They are best presented in accompaniment with chocolates, truffles, salted nuts, and even a slice of birthday cake! Choosing a premade assortment of small bites is the easiest option, as professionals have hand crafted baskets of treats that pair best.

Wine has been known as being an excellent gift for celebrating business goals, promotions, or holidays in the workplace. Enjoying a glass of wine with coworkers facilitates a bonding experience that you do not always get during the work day. However, it is important to note how to appropriately conduct corporate gift giving. Workforce discusses how to properly bestow gifts in a professional environment. One of their key points is to be sensitive to people’s personal preferences or know when alcoholic presents are not suitable.

Finally, is the method in which you select your wine gift. There are three main distinctions in wine; red, white, and rosé. Beyond this is a vast realm of expertise and craftsmanship that can extend beyond the breadth of common knowledge. Reds, as they may appear, are much darker and heartier than their counterparts. They are usually better for meal pairings and evening drinks. Whites are light and crispy and are best for day time drinks. Rosé wine is an interesting middle ground as it is sweeter than red, but much less bodied. Forbes has written an excellent article on the distinctions between which wines, and which bottles to choose for party occasions. If neither red, white, or rosé are appealing, alternatives such as champagne can prove to be excellent choices. It is best to always come prepared to any event with a bottle regardless, as it is seen to be a gracious demonstration of etiquette.

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Wine is truly a great gift for so many occasions. But just because it is a convenient gift does not mean you should not give it any thought. After reading this article you should be able to appropriately determine when and what kind of wine to give. However, if you cannot choose, there are professional gift basket services which can supply you with delicious and beautiful wine pairings.

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