As per the present state of affairs, the video holds the pinnacle when it comes to communication and marketing strategy. Full-scale marketing campaigns for all your venture needs, a simple inspirational message from the CEO, or for the memories of an event or ceremony; a videographer Jacksonville FL (or your local area) is the choice for everyone. Statistically speaking motion pictures and videos comprise about 65% of all the internet content and estimates say it will grow to a whopping 80% by the end of 2019.

But to bring your ideas to life, you need a video production company, and with so many available options it is quite difficult to make the perfect choice that will suit your requirements to the “tee.” It is a tricky path to navigate, and any possible wrong turn could lead to wastage of time and money. In the following article, our experts have compiled together a list of important considerations that you need to be aware of before investing in a video production agency.

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Here are the vital points that you need to consider before selecting a video production service,

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1. Face to face communication is important

A face to face communication is ideal while choosing a video production agency. It can be a casual catch up and exchange of ideas over a cup of coffee or proper planning with PowerPoint presentations, you and the agency needs to work as a team and find time to get together. Shop around to gather quotes; a general rule of thumb is to get quotes from 3 different video production agencies to make the ideal choice.

To cement the perfect future and plan and execute the video profile for your entre fruitfully always insist on a face-to-face meeting where ideas can be exchanged, and you can get a clear picture on how the wavelengths match between you and the video production agency.

2. Go through the portfolio for the video agency

A production company worth their salt will have a portfolio where they maintain all of their previous work in chronological order. Ask to see the prior work of the agency and don’t be afraid to be pushy about it, since you will invest your hard earned money.

Examples of previous work will give you a feel and idea of what you are getting into and what you can expect from the video production agency. Be it the variety of the work, the expertise of handling the camera equipment, logistics and post-production work; you need to take into account the entirety of the services provided for by the agency. Video production is a fast-paced and dynamic industry and the techniques of last year won’t be working for the current year. Avoid a one trick pony; instead, select an agency with a repertoire of thinking outside the box. If you are going to invest in a video, you have to make sure that it will feel fresh and maintain audience retention. The only way to achieve that is by making the perfect choice for your video production agency.

3. Perform a credential check

It is always a great idea to do a check of the credentials for the firm you are thinking about choosing. The following are some of the critical points that you should gather information on before signing the dotted line,

  • The experience of the agency
  • The equipment used by the video production agency for shooting as well as editing and other post-production work
  • Does the firm own the equipment or will they hire it and if yes how much of the rental charge will you have to bear as the principal investor
  • Does the agency have a personal studio?
  • Agency officials for camera work or hired freelance talent?
  • Handling of the post-production by the firm or outsourcing of the same from a different agency at a different location
  • Will they be able to handle animation if that is your requirement?
  • Architects and drafters who can render diagrams and business charts into the videos
  • Can they shoot is more than one format like the use of time-lapse, drone footage, hand-held documentary type or the primary tripod filming

You need to do thorough background research for the agency you will be investing in. It is essential that you do your homework as it can be a cornerstone for a long and fruitful relationship. Your agency needs to be flexible with your requirements and demands. So shop around to search for the quality of services you deserve.

4. Finding the match

A word of advice from our experts! Ideally, you should avoid an agency that offers its services for a low rate. Chances are a company quoting less than the industry norm is an amateur agency trying to increase the experience. That will result in an amateurish production for your video which will hurt your venture in the long run. The proof of a company is the final product on offer. So ask for reviews and recommendations from previous employers of the video production agency.

5. Make sure your company uses innovative ideas

You have to understand the purpose of a video when it comes to online marketing. You are looking to stand out in a crowd of thousands of competitors in the over-populated market. A professional video production agency will bring out the salient features and the unique selling points for your firm and venture. The best bet is to go with a video production agency that is known for doing unique work. Avoid practices performing routine jobs. Pitch your ideas to the agency and check their prior work for a clear view about the use of original and creative ideas by the agency personnel and crew. If your agency cannot come up with inspirational and unique ideas, it is advisable to look for a new one.

6. The quality of the production

Post production and the production quality of the video is a vital aspect for any video as a poor quality video takes the shine out of any unique selling point you might want to advertise about your venture. Check the recent works to get a clear picture of the camera and sound work. Resolution and post-production work should also be factored in.

Make sure of all of the points mentioned above never to put a foot wrong while selecting a video production agency for your venture requirements.

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