Workplace injuries are commonly associated with risky and physically demanding professions. However, injuries can happen in all kinds of organizations and some are more common than the others. Even the employees who work in seemingly the safest places may get injured due to such common incidents. It is significant to be aware that even the most unexpected types of injuries come under the coverage of worker’s compensation and you can claim them from your employer. Here are the common ones you need to know about.

Machinery accident injury

Faulty machinery or equipment or its misuse is one of the leading reasons for people getting injured at workplaces such as factories and construction sites. However, such mishaps can happen in offices as well, with equipment such as copiers or paper shredders being in common use. Burns or scalds are the injuries that employees at restaurants and eateries may come across. If you have sustained an injury while using a machine for your job or at your workplace, you can claim for worker’s compensation.


Surprisingly, overexertion is also covered by worker’s compensation. It usually happens when employees strain or pull a muscle or joint. In worst cases, you may slip a disc, which can be excruciating. Such problems often happen in physically tasking jobs such as factories and construction sites though people in other professions may experience them as well. Overexertion is possible in an office while moving files or even at a restaurant while carrying food.

Slips and falls

Slips and falls can happen anywhere, including your workplace. An employee can trip on a loose carpet, slip on a wet floor indoors or slip in the rain outside. Such incidents can cause minor sprains and bruises or something as major as fractures and traumatic brain injury. Since fault may be hard to prove in such cases, it is best to have an experienced personal injury lawyer handling it. Such incidents are covered by worker’s compensation if they occur during a job task or within your workplace.

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Repetitive strain injury

As the name implies, these injuries occur when you do the same motion or action over and over again. Tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, and bursitis are common instances of repetitive strain injuries. Like slip and fall accidents, these may be tricky to prove because they develop over years rather than overnight. You need to be vigilant enough to report the symptoms and associate them with a workplace task that you do as a part of your duty.

Highway accident injuries

People who work as truck drivers, delivery drivers, and police officers are susceptible to highway accidents during the course of their work. Even other employees who have accidents while driving for work tasks can claim for highway accident. As a rule, any injury that happens while you are on job duty, even while traveling or running errands, is claimable under the worker’s compensation law.

With this clear classification of workplace accidents and injuries, it will be easier to decide when you have a legitimate case. Your compensation is something you deserve and you must certainly go the extra mile to get it.

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