Home purchase requires a lot of money as it is an expensive task. Buying a home requires a handsome amount of investment. You need to protect your investment as well.  Avoid temptation by television and online ads pitching home warranties. The home warranties are the type of contracts that provide you guarantee to pay the cost of all types of repair, damage or replacement of appliances, plumbing, heating, and air conditioning systems if they stop working. The home warranties are a source of peace of mind but finding a better business bureau is necessary. As most of the companies deny to pay you the cost when you need it. To protect yourself from such type of scam and fraud is necessary. If you buy Dubai Land properties for sale and you are investing a huge amount, that huge amount should be protected from these types of fraud bureau.

The first step for buying a home warranty is to evaluate that this warranty is covering everything that you need? Study the contract properly following are the question you have to ask yourself before buying a home warranty.

Do I Already Have Protection?

The appliances of a new home are usually covered and sometimes the used appliances are covered as well if you have done the purchase with a credit card. Some credit cards have long term warranty. So if you don’t need any type of coverage than avoid buying a home warranty.

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How Much Will This Warranty Cost?

Different kinds of plans cost you differently. These plans are of three types like a plan for a particular appliance, a plan for all your appliances, and a plan for your plumbing and electrical systems along with your appliances. The location of your home will affect the cost of a plan. You have to pay additional charges if anyone of your appliance is covered and has stopped working. The fee ranges from $60 to $125 for additional charges.

Am I Clear About What the Warranty Covers?

Carefully read the terms and conditions and the whole contract before buying a home warranty. Sometime misconception can put you in high money loses in the future. Most of the customer doesn’t get the whole contract and then make a company responsible for the extra charges. These contracts have different policies like some will cover your refrigerator but not the icemaker, some policies were only for water heater but not the hot water tank.

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