If you’re going to sell clothes, you’ve got to stage them. Mannequins are ideal for this purpose, but you don’t want people in your store undressing your mannequins to try on some jeans. You need clothing racks to stage clothes and store them. Depending on the kind of store you’ve got, style is also something to think about. Consider the five following tips here:

1. Low-Cost Shipping 

It’s important to find a solution that includes low-cost shipping options. Especially if you’re a large retailer, you’re going to need to order multiple racks. Shipping costs can add up quickly. While you will generally get a discount for ordering multiple racks, that doesn’t do you any good if you pay out the nose in shipping. When buying wholesale, seek shipping deals.

2. Existence Of A Warranty -3 Years Is Good

When you’ve got clothes hanging from a rack for long periods of time, that’s going to initiate wear and tear. This will incidentally break down any rack eventually. This is especially true if you’re selling heavy clothing, like winter coats or sweaters.

Accordingly, before buying racks, be sure there is a warranty available. A three-year warranty will likely see you getting your investment back over time. Of course, this will depend on what kind of clothes you’re selling, and how expensive they are.

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3. Know Store Or Home Needs—More Is Cheaper

You don’t have to only buy retail clothing racks for some outlet you manage; you may as well buy them for your home if you need them, or you’re organizing your closet. That being said, when you buy racks singly, rather than as a group, you’ll pay more for them.

However, the more racks you buy, the greater the potential discounts you can enjoy. The companies selling the racks are able to offset the discount through increased revenue. For the best deal, see what sort of discounts the provider you’re considering offers should you buy in bulk.

4. Rack Height, Size, And Appearance: What’s It Made Of?

How tall are the racks you’re considering? What sort of space will they be in? How do they look, and what are they made of? Sometimes you’ll find racks that have a wooden appearance, sometimes they’re starkly metallic. Sometimes they’re painted in dark colors which hide material makeup. What are the racks you’re considering made of, and how does that relate to your premises?

Answer these questions right off the bat, because if you’re buying retail racks in bulk, they’re going to get shipped to you, and you may not see them until they arrive. So know exactly what you’re looking for, and what it will look like when it’s displaying clothes in your store.

5. The Right Racks For The Right Clothes: Heavy Duty Options

Some racks are made deliberately stronger than others. Not all racks need to support heavy clothing items. So you need to know whether or not the clothing you’ll be displaying will stress the racks or not, and buy accordingly. When buying, seek a provider who has a variety of options. They should have heavy-duty racks, and others for less heavy clothing.

Finding The Right Racks For Your Store

There are a lot of options out there. Bolun racks provide heavy duty options, package deals, cheap shipping, multiple sorts of racks in terms of style and size, and extended warranties. Going with a group like this for your clothing racks can help you enjoy the greatest return on this infrastructural investment.

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