Fashion is not something that is limited to a particular age group and women from all age groups like to look good and be fashionable. Women should in general wear age- appropriate clothing. Fashions for young women tend to be slightly different in comparison to fashions for women that are older than 50. Every season people need to change the type of clothing that they wear as climate changes and fashions change accordingly. The following are some of the best summer outfit ideas for women over 50:

Best Summer Outfits for Women Over 50

Loose Trousers & Tops

Palazzo pants have become really popular in the last few years with women all over the world. These types of trousers are very loose and comfortable for women over 50 and work well in the summer of 2019. These palazzo pants are plain with bright tops or vice versa and bright with different types of prints including floral prints and animal prints.  These types of loose pants can be paired with different types of tops and blouses either fitted or loose depending on the type of occasion and comfort.

Bohemian Maxi and Midi Dresses

Bohemian style is a slight hippie and slightly more free and flowing style of clothing which is defined with multiple colors, bold prints and a loose fitting style of fashion perfect as summer wear for women over 50. Floral dresses, maxi style multicolored dresses, shirt style multicolored printed midi dresses are all very trendy in this age group for the summer. In this style of clothing colors like fuchsia, orange, electric blue, brown, purple, green, and all the colors of the rainbow are perfect for these types of dresses.

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White Pants or Shorts with Loose Tops & Shirts

White and shades of white are often only worn in spring and summer as these colors are not always appropriate in the fall/winter months. White pants, beige pants or even grey pants are perfect for the summer. Jeans, trousers, loose pants and even shorts in shades of white are perfect for older women in the summer months. These types of bottoms look age appropriate, dignified and very fashionable for women over 50. These types of pants can be paired with colorful tops and shirts which are perfect for the summer.

Cropped Pants or Culottes

Cropped pants or three-fourths style loose culottes are all very much in fashion and perfect for the summer for older women. These types of plain pants can be worn with colorful summery tops which will be perfect for the season. These types of clothes can be worn for both casual and semi-formal occasions as they are very versatile as a summer choice. Summer is a great season for women over 50 as they do not have to wear layers and they can wear summery light clothes.

Denim Jeans with Loose Tops

To look a little stylish it is important to have a few denim jeans in the closet even for women over 50. Fitted denim jeans look really good on women over 50 and they should avoid baggy “mom jeans” at any age. These jeans are usually paired with loose tops and button-up shirts which work well with jeans. Such an outfit can be worn for casual events, brunches and can be worn even for some types of formal events.

White&Pastel Colored Dresses

Summer is a very nice season to wear midi style and maxi style white or pastel dresses. Formal pastel dresses with jackets and A-line designs are popular formal wear options for women in the summer season. Color like white, off white and shades of white, light pink, mauve, periwinkle, lilac, lavender, and other such shades are all popular with pastel colors. Plain colors, as well as light prints, are common in these types of pastel-colored dresses for the summer.

Pencil Skirts and Tops

Another great option for formal or celebratory events in the summer is pencil skirts and stylish blouses. Pencil skirts are a fitted type of mid-length skirt that has a straight and narrow cut. This type of skirt can be worn in formal suits for work or for just a regular casual event as well. These types of skirts work well with different types of tops and can be a great option even as party wears for women over 50.


Jumpsuits are a style that is becoming popular not just with women over 50 but with women in all age groups. This style is popular with older women in the summer months as it is a great choice for women of all shapes and sizes and is a comfortable single piece of clothing that can be worn for different types of occasions.

As mentioned above, there are different clothing styles and outfits that are popular with women over the age of 50 as fashion can be followed in all age groups.

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