Grand Rapids is a city of constant economic expansion. With no signs of slowing down, Grand Rapids continues to grow and add to its stock of homes, businesses, and other buildings. However, as the city soars to new heights, local bat species have less room to spread their wings. In constant search for safe shelter, bats are now turning to residential and commercial properties for vacant space to settle down. This has created an expanded need for professional bat removal.

Bat Trapping Troubles

Bats are intelligent creatures, but they often can’t tell the difference between n building where they are unwelcome and an underground cave. Once bats enter your home or business, they can quickly roost, reproduce, and start to raise their young. Typically, a multitude of bats gather in the same roost to spend maternity season in a safe and contained colony. Unfortunately, this means that your infestation can double within just a few months.

Although bats can bring devastating damage to your building, there are severe consequences for dealing with them on your own. Multiple bat species are state- endangered and protected by Michigan law, which means unlicensed removal is prohibited. Unless you seek professional wildlife management for your bat infestation, you’re at risk of violating the law while putting wild animals in harm’s way.

Dangers of DIY Bat Removal

Removing bats and moving on from their mess takes time and careful cleanup, and one false step anywhere in the process could cause severe damage. For example, conducting a faulty exclusion could accidentally trap bats within a confined space and fatally injure them inside your home or business—leaving behind a foul odor that could potentially attract even more animals. Likewise, mishandling bat guano could cause airborne spores to spread disease and severe infection. Some of the most common contagions spread by bats include:

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● Histoplasmosis – an infectious disease that can cause symptoms ranging from fever to fatality
● Rabies – which requires immediate medical attention to remedy severe symptoms

To limit the risk of infection to you or your residents, tenants, guests, and pets, the exclusion of bats from your home or business should only be attempted by professional pest removers.

Hangings bats in their natural habitat

Signals of a Bat Infestation

A bat infestation isn’t always obvious. However, there are a few signs that definitely indicate an issue. Although you won’t be able to narrow down the exact species, here are some warning signals to tell if your pest problem is the result of bat behavior.

● Visible bat feces in piles of thin, black pellets
● Bat sightings near your property around dusk or dawn
● Grease marks near entry points, or on walls, ceilings, and floors
● Rustling and squeaking noises during late hours
● Sights or strong smells of urine

If the above signs are present in your building, contact expert pest removal services immediately to survey your space, understand the details of your wildlife issue, and quickly get started on a humane solution to carefully guide your property from removal to restoration.

Grand Rapids Bat Removal and Prevention

If bats are getting comfortable in your Grand Rapids property, the team of trained pest removal technicians at Critter Control® of Grand Rapids can control your bat problem and create a system that keeps your property in prime condition while still ensuring the safety of protected bats. Starting with your first inspection, the source of your infestation will be determined and a systematic approach will be designed to alleviate your bat problems. Then, local and state wildlife laws will be consulted to ensure a humane and regulated removal. Finally, all entryways will be sealed, interior spaces sanitized, and any damage to your attic and insulation will be restored.

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