The thing that you need to do immediately when someone from your family or friends get arrested is that get the person released on bail. The nature of the case and the current state laws around it determine the bond amount. If you know a trusted bail bondsman in the city, such as Castle Bail Service Columbus, you can expect the bail bond process to go smoothly. The person can come out of jail as soon as the company pays the bond. However, to ensure everything goes in the right order, you have to pay attention to a few things.

Bail bond process

As you may know, accuse has to pay some money as bail to get rid of the imprisonment temporarily. It is a form of guarantee that the person will visit the court at a scheduled date and time as required. The magistrate decides the amount, which the accused can pay himself or ask his dear ones to deposit. In this process, they may take the help of a bail bondsman. A bail bond company mediates between the government and the accused as it assumes the responsibility that the person will attend the court hearing. The company charges a fee for the service. If the accused doesn’t appear in court, the bonds company has to clear the amount to the government.

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Usually, these companies charge 10% of the total bail amount from clients. Anyway, you should know how much the firm would take before you hire it. You will need to sign an agreement, too, and pay back the rest of the amount as per the negotiation.

Online search

You can find a reliable bail bonds company online. Make sure to look at the reviews, if possible. What others are saying about the service can reveal if you should opt for it or not. When you go through a couple of them, do pay attention to their background and experience. The companies should be trustworthy and reputable. Else, you can talk to your lawyer also for a reference. Since they have to deal with them frequently, you can get a useful contact for your needs quickly.

However, make sure you don’t believe anyone blindly. Check the status of the license the company holds. Sometimes, the charges of misconduct or legal action from a client can result in restriction or revocation of their license. So, be sure to find out if the concerned bail bondsman is facing any such issue. Plus, be specific about how much the company would charge and what they need to post bail.


Signing agreement is mandatory. Before you seal a deal, read all the terms and conditions carefully. For example, if you have convinced the bondman about partial payment of the fee along with monthly installments, then it should find mention in the papers. Plus, it should also declare the interest rate (if any) charged by the company.  Then, these companies can ask for collateral, where you may have to pledge your home or some other asset. Any terms or conditions around it should also feature in the documents. And, yes, don’t forget to collect invoices.

Since honest bail bonds companies understand the pain of the defendant and are conscious about their reputation, you would not have to worry about their services.

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