Businesses using video animation for their ads are getting the highest rates in advertising and know their audiences will sit through the entire ad. Now, with everyone being lockdown due to the coronavirus, companies are not using real people to sell their ads due to social distancing. Animation videos are an excellent avenue because the ads can take you anywhere from Maui to the tombs of the Ancient Egyptians! Everything weighs on the imagination of the creators.

It’s All Entertainment

We all seem to be surrounded with doom and gloom about coronavirus but we need an avenue to focus on something else once in a while. Think of the vast number of animated commercials that we have all grown to love. Think back to the Geico piggy commercial that placed Geico as offering the very best animated commercials holding the #1 spot for a very long time. Right now, everyone needs stuff that distracts us and is loaded with humor and takes us away from doom and gloom.

Companies can create short movies with any number of characters that viewers are going to flock to and leave everyone with a big smile on their faces. Viewers will have something to look forward to instead of feeling depressed while stuck in their homes and listening to the negative stuff coming off the news. Animation can bring in a concept of life that helps people become uplifted and production companies should come to realize how very fun and unique these animated videos can be, it’s a win-win situation.

Helping People Become Aware

Being aware of our surroundings has become critical, especially during these times with a life-threatening pandemic like СOVID-19. This disease is extremely contagious because it spreads so quickly through contact. Therefore, it’s really important that we use animation to educate people on what they should and should not do. Creating good videos loaded with valuable content like how to practice safe social distancing, how to properly clean your hands, and what you must know about the coronavirus should a family member or friend becomes affected by it.

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The production of really good, informative videos will spread like crazy and help everyone by providing information that will help them during this critical time. Keep in mind, really good, informative could save someone’s life, including yours.

Marketing Campaigns

Time and time again, animated videos have been very effective marketing tools because these ads are both physically and psychologically appealing to viewers and offer really high engagement. This, in turn, is essential for marketing because it fulfills the desired effect. You will know you have done a really great job when your ads go viral with your viewing audience.

Adding to that, when videos hit a higher shareability, you have entered an excellent engagement rate. There will be a connection with your audience that will relate to them and therefore lead to higher conversion rates.

Video animations are not only entertaining but marketers can weigh them to explain difficult concepts that are not lost on the viewers. They are a great deal more cost-efficient than other marketing techniques which, for now, marketers really need because of the economic impact from coronavirus and its impact on companies.

Education Must Be On The Rise, No Matter What!

The coronavirus has taken its toll on the education industry by shutdowns, putting parents, students, and everyone else in a really bad situation. Education is such a critical part of our lives, anything short of getting it up and running is unacceptable.

To help out, online educations is stepping up to the plate and is not compromising in any manner. Unfortunately, students are not exactly eager to get online and get an education. They should consider, they are stuck at home in an undesirable and very uncomfortable situation. It might not be the best environment for being educated, but it’s heading in the right direction.

What you might not know, animated videos might just be the change that will help students get back to work. If educational institutions were to invest in videos, spending a little time and energy to create animated videos for teaching, students might just look forward to online classes and get into valuable lecturers. Students will get a much-needed break from hearing about the pandemic while not harming their education.

Ever since the СOVID-19 pandemic, businesses are working remotely in an effort to keep their businesses going. Working from home is not easy, especially for office workers. Communication, motivation, and productivity has taken a major hit. This is why they should be taking advantage of tools and resources that are available to help make working from home more effective.

Animated videos play a large part as useful tools during a time like this. They can increase the emotional connection with your team while providing attractive visuals. These videos can be a motivational message, an important announcement, or even a birthday greeting. Also, employees are less likely to skip these videos because they are so incredibly engaging and a lot of fun.

Have fun staying in touch with your team and let them know you have not forgotten them during challenging times like this.

Videos In The Medical World

The medical world has always been an important part of our lives. They treat us for colds, mend limbs harmed in sports, and especially now for the coronavirus. There is no secret that animated videos are also used in the medical world. Videos assist professionals in examining the body or guiding them to the right spot for a delicate operation.

Using an animated explainer, doctors and other professionals can simulate the spreading of coronavirus and use the video to understand more clearly what’s going on. Also with the shortage in the medical world of doctors, nurses, staff as well as medical students, inexperienced medical staff can get excellent training using 3D animated videos and help out professionals.

Video animation is an amazing thing and incredibly flexible for so many different purposes. It doesn’t matter if you are creating a video for a marketing ad, a student, or a kid looking for something to do while stuck at home, video animation will help you out. As we move forward with social distancing, animated videos are going to play an even more significant role for all of us.

Guest post by the talented video production company Inovit.

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