In the virtual domains of the internet, nothing is truly public. The photos we share, our contact and personal details, they can all be preyed upon by phishing and scammers. Firewall or antivirus/anti-malware software can only take care of the programs, but what about when you need to secure your browsing history and habits?

A Virtual Private Network or the VPN is a very popular platform along with other system tools which have become a vital component of the desktop, laptop and Smartphone set up for individuals who want to maintain complete privacy while on the internet. VPNs are affordable and easy to use; it is the perfect solution to online bans by the government and ISP (Internet Service Provider) or for watching the Netflix show that is not available in your region. For a complete guide into the various VPN services, you can install for your browsing requirement log on to today!

How does it work?

For an average internet consumer, the chances are you don’t know much about private browsing. You might want to keep your activities private or access web-pages that have been banned by your government or the Internet Service Provider. Maybe you want to download and watch a movie using the illegal torrent services. Installing a trusted VPN is the way to go in such cases.

Let’s elaborate!

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There are different types of VPN services available for the millions of internet users. Your employer might offer you one at the workspace for remote working, or you can install one at your place for enhancing your online privacy and avoid any form of internet censorship. The VPN service offers you encrypted connection for your desktop/laptop/smart device with a server situated at any location which is completely immune to any online snooping and advertisement tracking.

If you install a VPN service on your platform of choice, you can circumvent various location-based restriction for web browsing sessions and protect your browsing history and data from commercial surveillance by the ad trackers. Additionally, you can keep your activity completely anonymous, as long as you don’t sign in to your account.

The advantages of using a VPN service

Secure browsing on public networks

Having a secure connection when using the public Wi-Fi networks is something all of us want. But the truth is no public network is safe and fool-proof. When you are out shopping, traveling or a cup of coffee, many of us use the free Wi-Fi services to go online and check the social networks, e-mail and even pay bills. As long as the browsing is unencrypted, you can fall prey to phishing scams and theft of your personal data like the bank account and card number. Malware from the router can also find its way into your device. If you want to overcome these problems and browse the internet securely over a public network install a VPN service on your platform today!

Location-based restrictions

Depending on the part of the world you reside in, some services, web-pages, and streaming links might be censored or banned by the government or the Internet Service Provider (ISPs). These location-based restrictions are a thorn in the side when it comes to accessing the internet which is basically free to use for users all over the world. A proxy server can circumvent these difficulties, but it results in very slow browsing and data streaming. However, with VPN services you can specify a local server from the hundreds of available servers and stream your favorite series and events securely free from the location-based restrictions.VPN services can also be employed to browse for data and pages without raising a red flag at the government security apparatus. Every online action is private with VPN services.

Shop safe and cheap

You should install VPN services to shop safely and save a lot of money. Firstly, with a VPN service, all the browsing and activities are anonymous and encrypted. Therefore all your private account details and online transactions are safe from phishing and online scammers waiting for people to slip up. Secondly, VPN services can allow you to modify your source location which might offer up discount prices for you when you are doing online shopping. Some products are available at discount pricing depending on the location of the purchase. With VPN services you can get the best deal for yourself while shopping online. What’s more, you can even get cheaper air tickets the same way! Installing a VPN service is the best way to save a lot of money in today’s day and age.

Improve your online gaming experience

This one is for the hardcore gamers involved in multiplayer FPS battles and other strategy games. VPN browsing allows you more bang for the buck when it comes to the speed of the connectivity. No more graphics locking and refreshing of the game stream. All you need to make sure is that the VPN server you are using for gaming purposes is local and is capable of handling the load to avoid speed and bandwidth issues.

Private and secure voice calls and online chats

Typically any VPN service will keep your voice calls, video calls and chat messages secure and safe from online snooping. The encryption services provided by the VPN are top notch and challenging to hack into. Are you afraid that your voice chats, video calls and messages over the common platforms like the WhatsApp or the VOIP (voice-over-IP) can be made public? Use VPN services to keep your communication 100% secure and anonymous. Remember you can use VPN can be used for messaging and calling over all the social network platforms including Skype, Google Duo/Hangouts, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Sensitive research without interference

There is a lot of government interference these days when it comes to browsing for sensitive content be it educational or entertainment. Even with torrent service, we are seeing a large number of bans over the last few years. The internet is supposed to free and easily accessible to all parties. Invest in a VPN service and through anonymous online browsing, get the power of information back at your fingertips today.

There are numerous advantages of browsing through VPN than not using one. Read, research and invest in a VPN service today to keep using the internet the way it was meant to be!

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