The legal cannabis industry is a multi-billion dollar one, and your marketing skills are in high demand – even if you happen to have a bit of experience with the actual plant.

Leading cannabis companies are looking for well-rounded and experienced marketers to manage their business and branding efforts. The following are some useful tips from Greens Canna Care to ensure that you build a solid foundation for competing in this new industry:

1. Join the conversation

You will not always run across “the next big thing” while reading at mainstream cannabis news websites. To be a well-rounded marketer, you need to get your information from the source directly – which is the industry experts.

There are plenty of ways that the cannabis industry offers where you can join in the conversations right from your phone or laptop. There are plenty of Facebook Groups that are dedicated to discussing local and state policies, entrepreneurship, or consumption trends. There are also some good email newsletters, such as WeedWeek that are sent by experts on a daily or weekly basis.

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2. Brush up on current policy

Federal, state, and local laws all impact the cannabis industry. This means that marketers who are interested in this industry need to obtain a deeper understanding of the way government works as well as how it relates to the business.

Cannabis policies frequently include restrictions on labeling, packaging, and advertising, which can all have a direct impact on your business. That is even more reason why you need to do your homework on policy related to cannabis before you start to work with clients from the cannabis industry.

3. Have an open mind. 

As you are working to stay ahead of the curve within the fast-paced cannabis industry, it can’t hurt to try the product out. However, even when you don’t, your success is going to depend on understanding and being receptive to cannabis consumers, as well as their preferences and experiences.

Open up your mind when it comes to new ideas regarding cannabis, to stay one step ahead of trends like delivery methods and new product launches. That awareness will educate you and guide you through your marketing techniques.

4. Network at events

It’s time for you to get new business cards printed and break out your most comfortable and classiest shoes. Networking at cannabis trade shows, parties, and local groups is practically a necessity to keep current on all of the newest developments within the space. Traveling to those conferences and shows will up new cannabis markets up for you and each of them has something interesting and new to offer you.

The year’s top business conferences are put on by either the National Cannabis Industry Association, which is a lobbying group that has state-level affiliates, or Marijuana Business Daily.  There are also more state-based consumer shows such as High Time Cannabis Cups or The Emerald Cup. To find local events, you can look through the EventHi online events marketplace listings.

5. Know your audience

Thoroughly understanding cannabis consumers and their preferences are key to being a successful marketer within this industry. Stereotypes are from the past and outdated. Although millennials do make up a high percentage of the customer base, increasingly customers are middle-aged, educated, and wealthy.

In order to create effective marketing campaigns, take an interest in finding new archetypes and study statistics. Research on the cannabis consumer is still growing and business intelligence companies like Headset are conducting it. They regularly post helpful infographics, reports, and blogs.

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