Facebook is one of those platforms that is constantly pumping new features. Facebook Live was introduced a couple of years ago, but that was not all. It did not take too long to launch another improvement – Facebook Stories.

The number of daily Facebook users is in billions. And everyone knows that when something has a lot of people in one place, it makes that place a perfect target for marketing and promotions.

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The following Facebook stories guide will reveal how businesses can use this recently introduced feature to boost their sales, and what are the best ways to do that.


Perfect Location

Let’s start with the fact that Facebook Stories appear at the top of the application. It means that whenever someone logs in, it will be the first thing they see. You could not ask for a better situation.

Freedom of Creativity


You have a fair share of built-in tools to go crazy with your creativity. Filters, masks, emojis, you name it. There is no need to bother with looking for outside help, everything is already there for you.


One of the most difficult things in any business is to gain the trust of your customers. One of the most common techniques to accomplish that is by showing your authentic side.

Facebook Stories are the perfect format to take small steps and show your followers that there are plenty of things going on behind the scenes. Introduce them with the employes, share exclusive information, and just show them that you care about establishing a real connection.


Keeping track of everything that you do is crucial. It shows where you need to improve, especially if your goal is to reach more people.

Facebook Stories are part of Facebook Insights. You can analyze the demographics of those who are viewing your stories and figure out the ways to improve the campaign.


Despite being around for only a couple of years, Stories have made a big impact. Facebook numbers say that roughly 500 million users are using this feature. Leveraging that for your brand should be a no-brainer.

How to Make the Most out of Facebook Stories

Now that you are aware of all the benefits, it would be wise to move on towards the ways to maximize the efficiency of the stories. Here is what you can do to stand out from the competition and lure more customers:

Sense of Urgency

Stories will stay up for 24 hours. Some would argue that this is nothing but bad news. However, the reality is quite different. 

You can inject urgency by making people begin to fear. What is there to be afraid of? Well, the phobia of missing out is real. If you introduce the tactic of offering something exclusive via stories, you can expect a lot of followers to be on a constant lookout for them.

Lure them in by announcing a weekly giveaway via Facebook Stories, or exclusive information. This will ensure that your campaign becomes successful.

Focus on the Brand

Despite the fact that stories are short, they can still work great if you want to showcase your brand. Create something that is unique to your brand. Meaning that the colors, font, background, use of emojis, etc. are relevant to you, and only you.

It is quite difficult to accomplish that, mostly because it is easy to get lost along the way and take things over the top. To make sure that this never happens, make sure to check out how other companies are doing it, and learn from them. Also, it would not be a bad idea to have a dedicated position for this job.



There are plenty of other companies and influencers who would be more than happy to give you a hand, especially if you are flexible and willing to work out a great deal.

Seeing you cooperate with big players will do wonders for your reputation. It will increase people’s trust of you tenfold when they see someone that they like together with you.

Create Something Memorable

Facebook Stories can be a great way to leave a long-lasting impression and accomplishing that is quite easy.

Imagine that there is a bit event coming up, or a new product that you are about to reveal. Create a series of stories leading up to that. Start with a teaser, then reveal bits of information little by little, until you reach the crescendo. 

Include people who are participating in the event, or those who have worked on the product. This particular idea works on so many levels and is perfect to enhance your brand.

To conclude, after reading this one, you should no longer be surprised to see so many businesses focusing on Facebook Stories. It is one of the most rapidly-growing techniques on the internet marketing front. You should get on it as well before it becomes too saturated.

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