As we turn the corner from all the challenges of last year, businesses quickly adapt to a newer way of conducting their business operations. 

Those adaptations include offering more and more remote work that decentralizes the office. However, one of the challenges of providing more remote work is the breakdown of inter-office communication and on-the-spot troubleshooting. 

That said, job satisfaction among remote workers reportedly is at near all-time highs, so it’d be wise for team managers to find a way to continue to offer remote work options, whether it’s solely a remote position or in some hybrid form. 

The main complaint that remote workers had was the lack of socialization that they miss from an office environment. Still, overall, respondents claim to be happier and more productive at home than the previous arrangement. 

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Improved Sales Doesn’t Guarantee Better Customer Satisfaction

The fact that remote work has a higher level of job satisfaction is not news to any sales team. Most sales teams are out of the office during a workday or week, and popping into the office is a small obligation that the salesforce has in their job roles. 

As businesses look to pivot to include more remote options, improving sales will always be a point of focus. So how does a business entity rethink its business operation while still expanding its brand reach and overall sales?

One thing that shouldn’t be overlooked with a doubling of efforts to expand sales is that improved sales can’t guarantee one thing. Improved sales don’t ensure better customer satisfaction

In fact, just because you’re able to sell more units doesn’t mean you’re building better brand loyalty. Much like a popular band before “making it big,” the idea that as your brand grows, you may be losing early fans to your product. That’s because as you and your business grow, there’s a personal connection lost with customers. 

Too often, increased sales come at the expense of customer satisfaction, and as a business, you need to consider what makes your customer base enjoy your product and what will have them come back again. 

6 Ways To Keep Customers Happy 

To increase customer satisfaction, understand why they want to purchase your product.

  1. Uniqueness: Products that are unique and are identifiers are attractive on a psychological level. Being a part of a tribe is ingrained in us on a biological level, so having a product that a person can attach an identity to is an attractive thing. 
  2. Exclusivity: Everyone wants to feel special. That’s why exclusive offers have such a strong pull on our psyche. 
  3. Flexibility and Ease Of Purchase: People want to buy something the moment they make the decision. A good way to turn off a potential customer is to have a complicated sales system and delay receiving the purchased item. 
  4. Loyalty Programs: Making someone feel that they have value with your business is an excellent way to increase brand loyalty. We know that repeat business is worth more than finding a new customer, so creating a loyalty reward program is a good way to improve customer satisfaction with your brand.
  5. Cost: People want to get a deal on a product that they have an interest in. Sometimes paying a little more for an exclusive product can be an enticement, but in general, the best deal is the most attractive. 
  6. Benefits: Products that offer multiple benefits are most attractive to buyers and improve customer satisfaction significantly if those benefits add value, such as price. 

As we discussed earlier, the purchase speed and the ability to access the product are some of the best ways to improve customer satisfaction with your brand. One way to increase the speed from purchase to delivery of the product is to utilize a fulfillment option. 

If you’re wondering is FBA worth it for your business, consider the benefits that fulfillment options like fulfillment by Amazon offer the small business. 

In an FBA arrangement, you pay a small fee to Amazon to store your brand and type of product. They hold, pick out, pack, and ship for you every time a sale concludes, and the proximity of their FBA warehouse to your client will speed up the process from purchase to the product in hand. The quick delivery time is one of the most advantageous for your brand. 

Additional benefits of utilizing an FBA program are avoiding costly overhead such as lease costs for a warehouse, labor to operate, insurance costs, and shipping costs. These benefits save you money, allowing you to expand on your sales growth without sacrificing speed of delivery to your customers, and that definitely is one of the things that make me happy for it. 

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