Celebrities care a lot about their personal appearance and health, which is precisely why most of them engage in various types of workouts to maintain their good looks. Obviously, the things they do work amazingly, and luckily for the rest of us, it’s not impossible to learn more about the workout trends and gear that celebs tend to swear by! If you want to get in shape just like someone from the red carpet, definitely consider the following options.

1. Boxing classes

You might not have expected to see boxing on this list, but this particular activity seems to be all the rage among the popular crowd. Essentially, practicing boxing with a partner or boxing bag is a great way to stay in shape, carve out the muscles, and boost one’s strength. It’s not just about how hard you can hit but strengthen your core as well together with your legs and overall posture. Boxing also leads to improved flexibility and coordination, which is something both celebrities and the rest of the world can always benefit from.

2. Dance cardio

Keep in mind that celebrities are also human, and just like the rest of us, they can get bored after a while when it comes to the same workout routine. This is precisely why more and more celebs, runway models included, opt to spice things up with a dance cardio workout. As you probably already know, cardio is amazing for toning the body and shedding excess weight. And if you want to bring fun into this particular workout, dancing is definitely the right way to do so. The combination of different moves and music is bound to make this sweat parade more enjoyable for everyone and not just celebrities.

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3. Home gyms and workouts

As you can imagine, not all celebrities have the time or desire to leave their home in order to get their body in shape, when they can do the same in the comfort of their own home. Of course, you probably think that it’s easy for them to fit a gym inside their huge cribs, which is probably true, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most out of your own place if you dislike going to actual gyms and other workout centers. With an exercise mat, a couple of weights, an exercise ball, and a jumping rope you can achieve a lot, especially when following instructions from fitness videos. You can also save space with one of the most popular celebrity trends nowadays when exercise gear is concerned and get a whole-body vibration machine which provides more results in less time for a lower cost.

4. Running

There’s nothing new or special about running in order to get in shape and tone your body,\ but it’s still one of the most popular workout trends in the celebrity circles. After all, this is a simple exercise that you can do wherever and still get a complete body workout from it. Not to mention that running improves your mood, strengthens your joints, and can effectively increase your energy levels and motivation for whatever you have planned to do next. However, celebrities always find a way to make things more posh, even if we are talking about something as ordinary as running. That said, if you want to up the effect of your physical effort, you might want to consider using one of the latest celebrity workout trends during your jog, and put on cumulative resistance bands.

5. Aerial fitness

If regular aerobics just isn’t exciting enough for you, don’t feel bad – neither is it for the celebs. And if you enjoy a bit of adrenaline rush, why not make flying a part of your fitness routine, just like many celebrities are doing? Thanks to aerial fitness, you can shape and tone your body by performing workouts in the air, hanging from the ribbons suspended from the ceiling. It might be a bit more challenging than what you’re used to, but if your goal is to get a celeb-like hot bod and to simply add more excitement to your workout routine, definitely consider aerial fitness.

We spend so much time following the lives of our favorite celebrities on social media, which has become a norm in this day and age. With that being the case, why not focus more on the things they do for their great looks as well?

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