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Sale Countdown Timer Extension for Magento

Magento merchants have always been enjoying a competitive edge over their competitors when it comes to sales and profits. Thebiggest achievementslie in its well-equipped capabilities of diverse and powerful extensions enabling most of the fulfillment of the sales on products displayed on the storefronts.

The Sale Countdown Extension is a superior add-on for Magento development which takes care of how you can handle your sales aspectsduring holidays or when some exciting offers are doing rounds to increase customer engagement as well as intrigue them to purchase.

It sounds quite interesting.As you implement that on your web store, your customers can see that countdown timer bar set against the product.

Overview: Sale Countdown Timer Extension for Magento

Sales Countdown Timer powered by Bytes Technolab is a significant tool for your Magento store that helps you add a quick and fast real-time count down bar for each product intended to generate curiosity, a sense of urgency and fear of missing out inprospective customers. So, the extension tool rightly pays heed to increase your conversion and sales simultaneously.

As deals come with a specific time period, it must show limitations. Here, our sale countdown sale can be of great help to reinvent new scopes with sales during holiday or festive seasons and drive more sales.

Sale Countdown Timer Module description

The sale count down timer module is designed as a bardivided into four blocks showing counters for days, hours, minutes, and seconds. The countdown runs in reverse order to zero and keep customers hooked to grab the special deals before its ends. You can use this tool forproduct promotion and other purposes like approaching your customer to register for the webinar before the time ends. Place it on the website home page or display it on a particular product page to allow your customers to know about the availability of the product or webinar.

With this, when you design an attractive sale countdown timer extension and implement it on your store, it is quick to unleash an impact upon your customers and readily creates a response. It is easy to install and flexible to configure. Do as you like to this module and schedule its launching on any page while doing customization to the block view. You can also set a particular timer for each product line.

Shopping Cart Price Rules and Catalog Price Rules are two major platforms that work in compliance with the Countdown extension for Magento. Theytell your customers about sales countdown.


Features of Countdown Extension:

  • An automated countdown block works in compliance with a created rule
  • CMS, layout or widgets updates help insert block
  • Countdown block is designed for any page and product
  • A specified countdown for different customer group
  • Enable/disable sale product link in Header & Footer section
  • Enable/disable sale updates in Cart Item & Order Detail sections
  • Enable/disable sale countdownin Product View Page
  • Quick configuration of change/update sale message
  • Easy customization of countdown blocks such as the prioritization of countdown setup, defining start and end date, adding URL to countdown block, describing HTML code, and edits of timer view
  • Countdown timer scheduling ability
  • Dynamic changes of values
  • Multi-store support
  • CSS-friendly


  • Magento Open Source (Community Edition): 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x

Installation Guide:

You need to follow the path bytestechnolab/module-sale-countdown.

Now, use the following commands in Magento 2 root folder.

php bin/magentosetup:upgrade>php bin/magentosetup:di:compile>php bin/magentosetup:static-content:deploy


After that, you need to run the following commands in Magento 2 Root folder

Admin must update bytestechnolab/module-sale-countdown.

php bin/magentosetup:upgrade>php bin/magentosetup:di:compile>

php bin/magentosetup:static-content:deploy


Steps to implementing Sale Countdown Timer Extension

Admin must follow the following commands to open the configuration page,

From the dropdown menu of Sale Countdown in the Magento Dashboard, you can access to this.

Sale Countdown > Configuration > List of options

Figure 1 Sale Countdown Configuration Page


Now, from the list of menus, you can configure all the settings to make it functional.

List of configuration you can do,

  • Module Enable/Disable
  • Configure customer group
  • List page Enable/Disable
  • Product view page Enable/Disable
  • Background color configuration and more

Figure 2 Configuration Lists

Product Setup as Sale Product

In the catalog section, click Add Attribute and add necessary sale product updates for the countdown.

Here, you can update or customize different attributes in Sell Countdown option by start time, sale end date, and discount type.

Figure 1 Sale Product Page

Product List Page

Configure your product list page with sale countdown timer block.

Figure 2 Product List Page

Product View Page

Set Sale Counter Timer in Product view page.

Figure 3Product view page

Cart Page

Display the sale countdown timer in the cart page too.

Figure 4Shopping cart page

Sale Product Link

Insert Sale Countdown timer in the sale product page.

Figure 5 Sale product link

Summing up

This easy and flexible sale countdown timer extension has been designed by Bytes Technolab, a certified Magento development company with robust power at the core of its foundation to transform your online business. Irrespective of a particular extension need or diverse shopping development needs, we can assure you ofhigh performance and fully-functional Magento web store development for your business. Connect with us today.


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6 Things To Consider When Making Your Own Brand

Creating your own brand when building a business is essential to its overall success. A recognized loved and eye-catching brand will help you stand out from the crowd and become relevant amongst your target audience. When generating your brand it is of the utmost importance to ensure that you both have your customers in mind as well as being able to illustrate your business’s brand clearly and effectively. If you are competing in the same field or niche as other more established brands, setting yourself apart from the rest is vital. It is the number one killer to the impact you make on the market if you appear as just the same run of the mill brand. Identifying what makes your brand unique and using that to your advantage will benefit you and your business exponentially. The creation of an incredible brand will allow you to attract potential customers effortlessly while establishing a reputation and relevancy amongst your demographic. Successful branding is also imperative to presenting your clientele with a high standard experience from the get-go and set yourself up for making a great impression from the very first interaction with your business. 

This article will provide you with a detailed list of incredible advice and insights to give you the confidence you need towards successfully creating your brand. Arming yourself with as much knowledge and understanding as possible is essential to effectively achieve your goals.
Here are 6 Things To Consider When Making Your Own Brand:

1. Create An Eye-Catching Logo

The first element to consider when establishing your brand and type of experience you want to get across quickly to your audience is creating eye-catching Logos Brisbane. Do not be afraid to think outside the box and let your personality shine through when generating your logo. This will be your identifier when customers interact with your brand. This will be the first, stand out feature of your business and it is essential to ensure you are creating one that is noticeable, recognizable, and aligns with your brand’s voice. 

2. Establish Your Brand’s Vision

Establishing your brand’s vision is another vital element in creating your overall brand. How do you want your brand to be perceived by potential customers? Crafting a clear vision about what your brand is passionate about and what you can provide your customers with that others can not. If you believe in your business and what you are all about, the likelihood of your target market following suit and believing in your vision and brand, skyrockets. 

3. Determine Your Brand’s Voice

Along with establishing your brand’s vision is it imperative that you determine your brand’s voice. Do you want to communicate in a professional manner, more casual, friendly and inviting, technical, conversational, etc? There are so many ways you are able to get your message across and present your brand and this is important to determine an action from the get-go to maintain your brand’s consistency. 

4. Consistency

This brings us to our next important element to consider when building your own brand – consistency! Consistency is key when it comes to creating a solid brand that customers can rely on. Once you have made up your mind when it comes to how your brand sounds, is viewed, and captures its audience it is important to follow through and align your brand’s ‘feel’ consistently across the board. When your business comes across as though it is all over the place and your communication style does not align with your brand type, it can present as confusing and noncohesive. Consistency provides a level of comfort and professionalism to your demographic. 

5. Research Competitors

Unless no one else in the entire world provides anything similar to the products or services you are offering it is essential to your success to ensure you research your direct and indirect competitors. Although standing out and being unique is vital it is also extremely beneficial to see how other successful brands are dominating the market to provide a level of guidance. 

6. Identify Demographic

One of the most important initial steps of building a successful brand is to identify your target market, audience and demographics. This will help you greatly in achieving the above-stated objectives and align your brand’s attractiveness to your potential customers. This will also help you establish your brand’s logo, voice, and overall experience.

About the author

Kelly Wilson is an experienced and skilled Business Consultant and Financial advisor in the USA.  She helps clients both personal and professional in long-term wealth building plans. During her spare time, she loves to write on Business, Finance, Marketing, Social Media. She loves to share her knowledge and Experts tips with her readers.

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Check Out The Top Grill Covers Of 2020 Before Finalizing Your Decision

You have worked really hard to set a budget and finally purchase the finest grill of your choice. But, that is not the end of story. Once you are done with the grill, it is time for the covers to go with it. As a grill is one big investment, you can’t simply get any cover for it or just leave it un-guard when not in use. Well, for the best grill covers, thorough research is a must. Just run down through all the cover manufacturing companies and come across the best one that seems to be attracting you the most. Listed below are the top covers for your grill in 2020. Go through all the available options before making the final call covered.

The Abba Patio Grill cover outdoor

The Abba Patio is a decent outdoor cover for your grill, available within a reasonable rate. It comes with higher quality built with the help of premium fabric. The item remains fairly large and it just measures at 53 inches right in its length and 45 inches in height, which can easily fit the standard grills with ease. Just to make the item a little bit resilient, it is manufactured using polyester material, known to be fore-resistant. It can further resist mold formation. Just use a wet wipe to clean the item. As the fabric is quite thin, it can be folded into small parts very easily and can be stored anywhere.

Kingkong 7553 / 7107 grill cover

Whether you are looking for the Kingkong 7553 or the 7107 option, both are known for their desirable strength and long lasting option. These covers are just perfect for Weber Genesis E and S Series grill. Known for their high quality, these covers are practically made out of vinyl to make the item water resistant. It is also UV and crack-resistant and will safeguard your grill from those harsh weather conditions.

Waterproof grill cover from Sun Patio

Sun Patio is the perfect example of BBQ or grill cover manufacturer, known to present some of the waterproof and heavy duty items. It can cover 65 inches of item, making it a perfect cover for outdoor gas grill. The item happens to be fade resistant as well. So, even after placing the cover under the sun for long hours, the color will remain intact and won’t fade.

FadeSafe Grill Cover

If you are looking for a cover with nice built and can fit sizes up to 58 inches, then FadeSafe Grill Cover is the one for you to watch out for. The best part is its lifetime warranty from the maker! So, if anything happens, the experts are there to cover it for you. It is made using the fade resistant dyed fabric from Montlake, for enhancing durability.

Apart from the options mentioned above, you have some other items under the grill cover right now. Those are BBQ grill cover from Unicook, Texas gas grill cover, and more. Always check out the available options before making the final call.

Sketch the essential thought of the Cover:

Make a point to just picture out the state of gas or charcoal barbecue first. Despite the fact that you are probably going to gauge the measurements later, getting a fundamental barbecue picture will assist you with going over the correct size, alongside its state. 

  • You can additionally quantify the tallness of the flame broil directly from top to ground in its inches, which will incorporate the stature of the stack for the smoker-type barbecue. 
  • Now, by holding the tape, begin to quantify only one size from the back of the flame broil to front handle and that is your width you have to center at. 
  • Don’t neglect to quantify the length from edge of one side to another, which will incorporate the side burners and the racks also, assuming any. 
  • Now, the time has come to search for fronts of a similar size or only an inch or two bigger than the component of your flame broil. 
  • It is presently time to look at the representation of the bundle, just to guarantee that the size of the cover matches that of your barbecue. For the flame broils with burners or retires on the two sides, the cover will be fit as a fiddle.
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5 Ways Fitness Businesses Can Benefit From Using Chatbots

One way fitness companies can improve their business is by communicating with customers online. Here is how these businesses can benefit from using chatbots.

67% of customers have gotten support from a chatbot over the past 12 months. Is your fitness business missing out?

Running your own fitness studio can be tough, but what if there was a way to increase your clientele and also help them reach their exercise goals faster? Thanks to the benefit of using chatbots, you can.

Read on to learn the top five ways that chatbots can help your business, and why you should get started today.

1. Improve Your Customer Service

With the help of chatbots, you can improve customer support by replying to customers instantly. Chatbots reply as soon as a client sends you a message, even out of hours.

Do clients frequently have questions about their membership plans, need to cancel a class, or need to make a change to their account? Instead of having to call or email, they can get customer service right away, with the help of chatbots.

2. Reach More Clients At Once

It would be great to train many clients as well, but your personal trainers only have so much time in the day. What if you could train hundreds of clients as well, taking into account their weight, BMI, and background?

With chatbots, you can. Instead of limiting your reach to a handful of clients, you can scale your reach and help hundreds of clients at the same time.

Create workouts and nutrition suggestions, based on their personal data, allowing your clients access to fitness services easily.

3. It’s Convenient

One of the important chatbot features is that they work on the platforms your clients are already using. This includes Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Slack.

There’s no need to download additional apps, taking up space on your phone, when chatbots work perfectly with the platforms you’re already using.

4. Keep Clients Motivated

We can all struggle from time to time with motivation, especially when it comes to working out. Chatbots are great for providing daily motivation and encouragement.

Clients can ask the chatbot for motivation whenever they need it. Not only that, but chatbots can provide accountability, acting as virtual workout buddies.

Chatbots speak in a warm, conversational manner as if you were speaking to a friend or coach.

To help your clients achieve their goals, create a schedule template of workouts that they can do with their chatbot.

5. Help Clients Any Time of the Day

You likely run your fitness business to set hours, but what if clients have questions or need advice when you’re not online or in the office? Or, what if you have clients across multiple time zones?

Chatbots work 24/7 and aren’t limited to business hours. Your clients will love the peace of mind of knowing they can get support anytime they need it, such as before an early morning run or late-night workout.

Can Your Fitness Business Benefit From Using Chatbots?

Now that you have a better understanding, do you think your business can benefit from using chatbots?

For most fitness businesses, the answer is yes! They can help you help your customers in a whole new way, increasing client satisfaction and minimizing your administration.

Get started with chatbots today and start enjoying the advantages they can bring.

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Use an accounting firm
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How To Choose The Right Accounting Firm For Your Business

When legislators make changes and tweaks to the tax laws, this creates a whole another level of hassle for average citizens who don’t know how the changes will impact them personally or impact their business. You may be left scratching your heads when you face situations where you have to make some important financial decisions. In a nutshell, if you are running a business, whether small or big, you don’t want fall victim to any tax or accounting issues, so you need to stay in touch with an accounting firm as do most professional people running businesses of any size. If you aren’t using a firm like this, it’s high time for you to do the same, and that’s what we are going to talk about today.

Why You Should Hire an Accounting Firm

Here are some of the basic things that you need to consider when choosing an accounting firm for your business. These things are important because there are man companies offer such services, and you clearly don’t want to end up with the wrong one.

Use an accounting firm

1- Fees

There are two types of accounting firms, starting with the ones who will charge you a fee as per the project. The fees, in this case, are fixed vary from task to task. For example, if you want the company to prepare a profit and loss statement for your company or fill a 1040 personal income tax form, the charges will be different. On the other hand, some accounting firms that charge by the minute. You need to know what you want and then choose the firm accordingly because money does matter here.

Hire the right accounting firm

2- Experience

You can’t just hire any ordinary accounting firm even if you are running a business on a small scale. The firm you opt for must have at least 3 to 4 years of experience in this field. The people working in it need to have an adequate amount of experience to know the tax laws and the details that can get you in trouble. Speaking of which, you can opt for Accountants Doreen. The company has years of experience when it comes to helping people with their financial decisions. At least with them, you won’t have to worry about any trouble because they will be there to take care of your company in the best possible way.

3- Level of Service

It’s better to always look for a full-service accounting firm so that you don’t have to pay the additional money for services that they don’t offer. There are companies that pay more than what they should just because they hire a CPA to handle routine bookkeeping tasks. If you don’t need the bookkeeping assistance, firms without the overhead of bookkeeping employees will charge you less, and this way you can save yourself some money. If you think you need to use the services of an accounting firm for a longer time duration and if you want them to cover different tasks, then hire a full- service firm.

Hire an accounting firm with the right expertise


These are some of the most important things that you should be considering when choosing the right accounting firm for your business. Just don’t rush the decision to hire an accounting firm. Take your time to do proper research and then make a final decision accordingly.


SEO for your functional medicine website
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Top 5 SEO Tips For Your Functional Medicine Website

If you are here today, it’s obvious that you have started your functional medicine website or are about to, and now you want to know how to take itit. Well, for starters, if you’ve done some research already, then you probably do know the importance of SEO.

SEO is the buzzword of the digital market, and without it, you shouldn’t expect anything from your website. This is a fact, and this is the reality for the past 3 years, at least. On top of it all, the sooner you strengthen your site’s SEO, the better it will be for your website because SEO is here to stay!

On the other hand, it’s absolutely true that SEO is a little complicated. It’s tricky and complex, which is why you do have the option of seeking help from professionals like These people are pros when it comes to helping a functional medicine practitioner in growing his market online and bringing more patients. In other words, we’d totally recommend you give them a try.

Acupuncture model

However, if you want some tips on how to strengthen your site’s SEO then here’s what might come in handy to you:

1- Connect to Google Analytics

For those who don’t know, Google Analytics helps at a whole another level in tracking the traffic that you are getting on your site. When this happens, you get a lot of valuable information about the people who are trying to use your services. This way, you become aware of your target market. All you have to do is to connect with Google Analytics by making an account and registering your site.

SEO for your functional medicine website

2- Use Google Search Console

The second thing to do is to use the Google Search Console to check which of the keywords are ranking for your website. SEO is all about gathering crucial information that can be valuable for your website. When you know the right keywords, that’s when you can target the right ones and get the most traffic on your site. It’s a time-consuming process, but yes, it does bring results.

3- Google My Business Page Information Update

You want more traffic on your functional medicine website, which means that you want more customers. Well, if that’s the case, then you need the assistance of Google My Business, no matter what. All you have to do is to put your company’s information there. If you already have it there, just update it. Google My Business is a free tool that will help you verify your name, your address, and your number. In case you already have a listing that exits there, just make sure to claim it.

Homepathic medicine

4- Content Optimization

The most important of all things to do is to optimize your content for SEO. Believe it or not, this is quite important, and you shouldn’t be overlooking it. Content is the king for all companies, all websites, and all businesses that are operating online. You need to study the SEO guidelines for the content and then post things accordingly.

5- Mobile Responsiveness 

Do you want to boost your site’s SEO? Well, for that, you have to make your website mobile responsive, and they’re clearly is no option B. This is imperative because, according to Google’s algorithm, a site needs to be mobile responsive in order to rank high on the search engines.


These are some of the basic things you need to do if you do care about your functional medicine website. These tips are important and following them will surely bring you results that you never even thought about.

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How YouTubers Are Saying No to Advertising in 2020 by Using Snugg

The Truth: Subscribers watch your YouTube channel for you, not for ads.

In 2020 brand authenticity is king. With 1 out of 3 people using ad blockers it’s incredible to think that influencers would still trade their brand image for pennies on the dollar using outdated business models. 

But let’s be fair, it’s not their fault and YouTubers aren’t alone. Influencers from every platform accept that it’s ok to interrupt their content with commercials and some even push sponsorships that run the risk of damaging brand authenticity. 

YouTube influencers put a ton of work into their channels and want to create deep lasting impressions with their subscribers. In an ideal world, an influencer would be empowered to quit their day job, focus on growing their channel and build a lifestyle centered around being their most true and authentic self. 

“Moving away from advertising and towards authentic human connection”

Influencers are moving away from advertising and towards authentic human connection. YouTubers adopting this new strategy not only see an increase in their brand image but in revenue potential.

Snugg is a unique platform that is defining the future of authentic connection by offering new ways for YouTubers to monetize their network. Like a backstage pass to their YouTube channel, influencers direct subscribers to their Snugg page where they can interact in a much more personal way. 

Snugg’s most popular feature is paid video chat which allows subscribers to schedule one on one video calls. 

“After the call is over the influencer gets the funds deposited in their Snugg account”

Influencers set topics they’re willing to discuss and set the price of each call. Everything is handled through Snugg’s application so there’s no need to give out a phone number or Skype ID. After the call is over the influencer’s funds are deposited in their Snugg account and subscribers can choose to leave a donation or setup a new call. Influencers control the session from start to finish and have the power to end the call at any time. The platform is free for influencers and Snugg takes a 7% cut of whatever the influencer charges. 

Lindsay Johnson, LiJo on YouTube, is a co-founder of Snugg and has about 10,000 subscribers. She describes Snugg like a “backstage pass” for your YouTube channel and a way to offer deep human connection that subscribers crave. 

“YouTube should be used to bring people closer together,” Lindsay said, “it’s great when influencers find a sponsor that aligns with their brand but they shouldn’t be pressured into using advertising to keep their channel alive when they have subscribers waiting for the opportunity to talk with them.”

“Snugg influencers can grow their channel faster and make 3 times more”

YouTube advertising has been a tiny stream of revenue at a huge brand cost for a long time. With platforms like Snugg, influencers can grow their channel faster and make 3 times more a month from video chat as opposed to advertising.

Before releasing Snugg, Lindsay wanted to test the concept on her own channel. 

“I posted the link on one of my videos to see what would happen. I immediately had 10 calls booked. I had a moment where I was like, holy crap. It’s working. Then being on the calls… It was like we already knew each other.” 

Lindsay reports that, of the first ten calls, three of her subscribers rebooked as soon as the call was over. 

“I’m amazed. I knew a certain percentage of my subscribers would book with me but in no way did I expect it to take off like this.” 

“We’re experiencing the next big wave in entrepreneurship”

Snugg’s goal is to help Youtube Influencers quit their day jobs and make a living by being their most true authentic selves. The company’s mission states: “Everyone should be able to make a living by offering true value to others without expense to their brand. We’re experiencing the next big wave in entrepreneurship and we want to empower future generations to lead us into a more honest, authentic world.” 

Snugg plans to roll out a suite of features that encourage deep personal connection while allowing influencers to centralize their brand into one simple page. 

“A lot of YouTubers feel stuck right now and have no idea how to support their channel,” Lindsay said, “I want influencers to know they can take control of their brand and make a living just by being themselves.” 

If you’re interested in learning more check out Snugg or book a call with Lindsay to talk one on one.

Worldwide COVID-19 epidemic
Digital Branding

How To Grow As an Ethical Brand During COVID-19

With COVID-19 spreading throughout the world, there’s absolutely no doubt that we all are experiencing a crisis situation. The whole world is terrified, and people are suffering from a huge loss in businesses due to lockdowns. However, with all the current insane situations, we need to keep one thing in mind that all of this will soon be over. There will come a time soon when we’ll find a vaccine for this virus, and then we’ll be able to continue with our happy and healthy lives.

Speaking of the pandemic, businesses are suffering, and as a result, the economy isn’t great either. Everything seems like falling apart, but the bright light shining at the end of the tunnel is that businesses can use the break to prepare for the future.  It’s time for us to buckle up, get some motivation, and get back on our feet to bring our businesses back on the success track.

Today we are going to mention some of the most useful tips that you can use to ethically grow your brand during COVID-19. You’ve got plenty of time to do some research, and you’ve got plenty of time to work on your business.

Here are the tips that you should be using nowadays!

Work at home during COVID-19

Growing Your Business as an Ethical Brand

1- Lean on your assets

Are your files and social media accounts filled with contacts you thought were useless? It’s time for you to check them out – the emails, the social media profile links, the online groups. You need these people, and you need them to drive your sales now that everyone’s locked up in his house. Take the opportunity to ramp up your communication and build your network from scratch. Right now, you can lean on those assets of your business and use them to grow ethically and financially.

2- Work on your online presence

First of all, an ethical brand always has a strong online presence. If you don’t have one, it’s time to get it developed because, without it, your survival isn’t possible. Especially during this situation, all you can do is that you can rely on your website, your social media profiles, etc. This is how you can communicate with your customers and be there for them. In case you already have social media accounts and a website, then put some effort into improving them and fixing the issues that you’ve always wanted to but couldn’t find the time for it.

Launchn ew prouducts

3- Launch new products

Be there for your customers and be active. You’ve always worked behind your desktops in an office before, but now you have to do your work from your house. Even though you are in a different setting, you can still launch new products. People want things like hand sanitizers and masks, etc. at affordable prices. During this situation, meeting the demands of hour, such as introducing face masks at a reasonable price will be enough to grow your brand’s presence.

4- Interact with your people

You don’t want your customers to forget you, right? If yes, then this is the time to ramp your interaction skills too! Just talk to your people, engage with them, and let them know that you are there for them all the time. Even if you just discuss the current COVID-19 situation with your customers and how they can cope with it, it will be enough for them to remember you!

Help supply others during COVID-19

5- Help others you build your ethical brand

We are talking about growing a business ethically here, which means that you need to help other people who are fighting this virus and the current situation of the world. If you can’t donate something on your own, the least you can do is to do some marketing for those who are working for a good cause and supporting people financially.


These are some important things you should be doing right now for your business. Believe it or not, it will help you grow ethically, and once all of this is over, these efforts will bring you great results.

LinkedIn for your business
Digital Branding

 4 Reasons Why You Need LinkedIn for Your Business

It’s an undeniable fact that we all are living in the digital era which means you need a solid online presence if you want your business and your professional identity to survive. If you have the kind of time and money to get a website developed for your business or your profession, it’s great, but if you don’t want to take it to that level yet, then start with social media.

For starters, social media is free! This is probably the best news for you. All that matters on these platforms is your effort. The more you invest time and effort into building a good social media identity, the better it will be for your business and for your career.

Speaking of social media and business, today we are going to talk about one of the most powerful platforms that you can use to promote your business’s interest. We are talking about none other than “Linkedin”.

Clients can find you on social media

Using LinkedIn for Your Business

Here are some convincing reasons that will explain why you need Linkedin for your business;

1- Google Your Name

Let’s put it straight! Google is the platform people use to search for businesses online. Now there are two ways to get on Google. The first is to get a website developed, and the second is to create a Linkedin profile. When you have a Linkedin profile, Google will automatically show you if someone searches for your business. If you want people to get in touch with you, just fill up your “contact us” page on Linkedin and then leave it all to Google.

2- It Speaks For Your Business

There are millions of business accounts on Facebook and Instagram, but honestly, when it comes to Linkedin, only the professionals know how important it is. In other words, when you have a solid profile on Linkedin, people automatically assume that you are the person they’ve been looking for and that you are professional. Furthermore, you can customize whatever information you want to put on your Linkedin account. You can tell what your business is about, and you can put a great impression with just a little effort and research!

Find clients on LinkedIn

3- A Solid Linkedin Profile Can Do Wonders For You

It’s true that it will take you some time to build a solid Linkedin profile, but it’s not impossible, right? On top of everything else, there are platforms like  InBusinessNinjas who can generate leads for you and increase your followers. These people are professionals who know how to get the type of account you are supposed to have for your business. You can get in touch with them directly at We assure you that you won’t be disappointed with their services and they will do wonders for your business’s success.

4- Fastest Way To Reach Your Next Client

As said earlier, the entire world has gone digital so you can now get to your next client easily without any hassle. With just some research and marketing, you can get the top clients for your business. In a nutshell, this platform can be the next best thing that will happen to your business.


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Commercial window installation
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What To Look For When Hiring The Best Commercial Window Installers

No matter what the services are, hiring a commercial repair company will always be a daunting task, especially when you don’t know where to begin. It’s a major problem that most people face, but if you are here today, things might not be as difficult for you as others.

Today we are here to talk about hiring commercial window installers. If you search the internet right now, it’s true that you’ll come across several commercial installers, which is great, but it’s confusing at the same time. Especially if this is the first time that you are looking for a commercial company to install windows for you, you are going to have a tough time deciding who’s worth hiring and who is not.

However, as said earlier, we’ve got you covered today. Today we are going to jot down some important things that you are supposed to consider when hiring a commercial installer. Take notes because these things can actually help you land on a great contractor that will do things just the way you want him to.

Commercial window installation

1- Look for someone who is experienced

You can’t just hire a newbie company that just stepped into this field. Especially on a commercial installation you should not take such risks. No matter what people tell you, you need to understand that window installation isn’t as easy as it sounds, and you need people who are experienced. So the first thing to ask a company or a contractor is his experience and his working years. He should at least have an experience of 3 to 4 years to begin with.

2- Online Reviews

One of the major things to consider when hiring not just a window installation, but any company is online reviews. These reviews say a lot about the company, its services, and its performance. So you need to keep track of that too. In other words, here, the internet can be your best friend, and you can use all the research you can do here. Just make sure that the reviews people have given on the internet, they are all positive. If not, and if you see any red flags around, you can easily skip that company out and find another one.

3- Check if they specialize in the commercial installation or not

Not all window installers will specialize in commercial installation, and it’s important for you to understand this. You need to talk with the company and discuss what they specialize in. You see, commercial windows are different from residential windows, and they are made up of different types of glass and frames. Now, if the company you are interested in doesn’t have the kind of experience that’s required for commercial installation, they’ll probably make huge blunders that you won’t be able to afford. So asking for specialization is imperative here.

Commmercial glass installers

4- Portfolio

Each company and each contractor has a portfolio. People often bypass looking at their portfolio and contacting references, and then they end up regretting the person they hired for the job. You don’t want poor work when you could have hired someone else, right? TO give you confidence you are making a good choice, check the portfolio of the company that you are hiring. If it makes sense to you and if they have a track record that shows they do their work right in accordance with what you are looking for, then hire them.


These are the things you need to look for when hiring the best commercial window installers. This isn’t a lot to ask for, and it’s just that your research plays a huge role here. Don’t rush the decision when it comes to hiring someone and just take your time. This is the only way you’ll get the services that will be worth your time and money.