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10 Best CBD Packaging Designs

What is CBD? What are the trends in CBD packaging?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the many components of the Cannabis plant. A lot of noise is being heard about CBD, and many are curious about its effect on the human body. There are several ways to consume this compound, and it includes inhaling of cannabis smoke or vapor, as a spray into the cheek, and by mouth.

You can have it as oil which has CBD as its only component and not THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol. Even in the past, the cannabis plant is generally used as a cure for some illnesses. Until now, ongoing research and studies are being conducted to verify the benefits of these plants.

The origins of CBD

CBD gain popularity because of its helpful claim to treat anxiety and chronic pains. Luke from [Health Rebels] says that that it can help patients with insomnia so they can sleep better. It is also found out that it can also help to cure several kinds of skin problems. It is also believed to improve skin complexion and make your skin healthier.

The benefits of Cannabis plants attracts a lot of people to try CBD products available in the market. This will, in turn, can trigger an increase in the demand which businesses can take advantage of. As of now, there is a steady increase in CBD products in the U.S, which come in different CBD packaging, uses, and effects for its buyer.

Cannabis production

Types and Strain Of Cannabis

People are usually confused between the types and strain of Cannabis. In a brief explanation, the cannabis plant can be divided into three subspecies: the Cannabis Ruderalis, Cannabis Sativa, and Cannabis Indica. The ruderalis is not usually bred since it has a smaller size, and its medical potency is not as significant as the other two. On the other hand, sativa and indica plants are the ones being bred by growers due to their ability to be used in medicines and other industries.

The difference between Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa lies in their anatomical characteristics and the physiological effects they produce. The sativa plants are usually longer in height, and the branches are thinner compared to the indica species. In contrast, indica species are shorter and bulkier-looking, with its leaves appearing broader and thicker than sativa species. In terms of effects, indica species tend to make the body relax and decrease its energy, which gives like a “body high,” while sativa stimulates the brain function giving you the feeling of “mind high.”

Here are other differences of Sativa compared to Indica species:

  • Sativa plants require more time to grow fully compared to Indica subspecies.
  • Indica species have more odor that can be earthy, skunky or musty.
  • Sativa species tend to have fruity, sweet odor. The difference in the aroma is brought by the presence of terpenes, which is a compound found in these Cannabis plants.

Know Your Cannabis

It’s essential to understand not only the subspecies of Cannabis, but it’s also good to know that there a lot of Cannabis strains. Cannabis has at least 1,000 strains being bred by growers in different areas of the world. Strains or hybrids of Cannabis plants came to be by breeding different species of the plant, which aims to produce a new strain of Cannabis with more beneficial results than the parent plant.

However, different strains of Cannabis may have different results on the body. Users and growers must understand and familiarize themselves with these strains to make sure that they are growing or using the right Cannabis strain for your body or to whichever reason you want to use it.

There is a lot of available information on the internet and medical books on the different strains of Cannabis and its effect on the body that offers interesting information about these species. For example, Indica often has more CBD than others and Sativa takes longer time to flower than others. Here, you find out more information about one of these strains.

CBD oil packaged in glass with dropper

Top Packaging For CBD Products

Since the demand for CBD products has increased, many products have come out in the market, and the competition has become fierce. To gain more clients, a business must bring innovation and creativity in creating its own products. Aside from creating great products for consumers, it is essential to make a unique brand that will gain attention from the people. A well-made packaging will definitely attract consumers. It will make the business grow much better.

The packaging and its content are essential in creating the overall quality of the product; this will help in promoting the brand well. All the necessary information must be printed in the product’s packaging. Also, you need to choose the desired design with its color, shape, and sizes that will stand out in your customer’s view. It is especially true for Cannabis since there are still people who are not yet convinced of the effect of Cannabis.

Here are a few CBD packaging designs ideas you may want to try if you’re planning to sell cannabis products.

1. CBD Packaging With Illustrations

One thing you can do to promote your Cannabis product is to put a good illustration that shows the benefit of the plant to the body. Since these plants have also been used in illegal drugs, you have to tread carefully in making logos and illustrations that showcase the benefits of Cannabis.

Make sure you don’t put illustrations that product recreational uses of the. It is also crucial since social media platforms can be restrictive in terms of Cannabis ads and promotions.

Use of the leaf in CBD ads

2. The Familiar Leaf Logo

The leaf logo of the Cannabis plant might be a bit cliche for you, but its still an easily identifiable mark for CBD products. Since customers do not have a lot of time in screening products, a familiar leaf logo can be a great help to make people remember your products.

The leaf logo may be an overused icon, but you can always put a unique touch for your own brand, You can make the leaf logo stylized or make the with modernized appearance. Don’t hesitate to add some elements to make your brand unique and catchy to the eyes. Sone topnotch CBD selling companies have been using this kind of packaging design, such as Bionico and Lazarus Naturals.

3. The Use Of Green and Organic Design

Another best packaging design of popular CBD products is the use of color green or muted brown in their packaging. Due to these color combinations, the CBD products can appear very natural and organic to the customers. It would also be useful to add how the product is grown, which can showcase the natural root of your products.

Although the color is not many, most companies use this kind of design strategy to persuade the customer that CBD products produce good benefits to the human body.

Buying the right CBD oil

4. Leverage The Health Benefit of CBD With Health Symbols

Since people are now starting to see the medical benefits of medical marijuana and other CBD based products, businesses are trying to leverage that information and use it to promote CBD products. It is extremely beneficial when persuading customers who might still be hesitant in using the products due to its possible bad connotations with recreational drugs.

Companies are taking advantage of these health benefits by putting pharmaceutical symbols in their packaging design. It’s not uncommon to see the cross symbols or other medical-related logos on most CBD products.

5. Minimalistic Packaging Design For CBD Products

Keeping it simple is also the name of the game in most product designs. Most companies are taking the leap from striking logos to simple yet elegant packaging design. The same is true for popular companies that sell CBD based-products. Creating a minimalistic design for their packaging reinforces the idea that CBD can be used as a tool for relaxation and meditation.

This kind of packaging design has been able to appeal to the younger generation of clients successfully. It’s also a good thing since it can open the door for broader acceptance of CBD products in different age groups.

6. Play With Words

Some companies still package their CBD products with a clever reference to how it used as recreational drugs. By adding an explicit reference to its recreational uses, their products can appear fun and playful which can be an advantage if the company wants to stand out with the growing competition in the CBD industry.

7. The Use of Glass Packaging With Dispensers

Like how other natural oils available in the market, the use of small glass packaging is also becoming a trend in CBD packaging. These glass packages usually come with a dropper or dispenser to help the user get the right amount of CBD oil from the bottle.

It is also a popular CBD packaging design since it gives a similar impression when using essential oils. It’s a good packaging strategy as there is quite a growing market for essential oils nowadays.

8. Sustainable Packaging

It’s a well-known fact that people are now more conscious consumers than ever before. Due to this, the packaging of the different products has aimed to put sustainability as part of their strategy. The same can be said with CBD companies who now include creative packaging solutions in their CBD products.

Some of the few examples of this sustainable packaging strategy include the use of recyclable options such as metal cans, pouches, card boxes, and compostable bags.

CBD in cosmetics

9. CBD Packaging for Beauty and Personal Products

Beauty products infused with CBD oil have also been getting popularity due to its excellent effects and results. Thus, CBD has been added to create beauty care products such as cream gels, lotion, balm, and moisturizers. Due to this, a lot of packaging relies on the use of tubes, jars, and amber glasses which is ideal storage for these products. The use of amber glass with a dropper is a common packaging strategy as it can also block direct sunlight from the product.

10. Supplements

CBD can also be packaged as a supplement in the form of tablets, soft gels, capsules, and even gummies. This kind of packaging design is a popular choice for many topnotch CBD companies since its more convenient for buyers to buy CBD in this form.

Last Reminders And What To Look Out For In Packaging CBD

While FDA just has small information for the labeling of products using CBD, businesses should follow the administrator’s basic mandatory requirements.

The FDA required food label should have the following parts:

● General food labeling
● Name of the food.
● The net amount of its content
● Ingredients
● Nutrition labeling.
● Claims

The FDA required a supplement’s label should have the following parts:

● General dietary supplement labeling
● Identity statement
● The net amount of its content
● Nutrition labeling
● Ingredients labeling
● Claims.
● Premarket notification of new dietary ingredients

It’s better to put the name, address, and contact information of the manufacturer or distributor. Also, it’s important to know the different state has different rules regarding CBD products labeling.

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Most Impactful Ways To Generate And Nurture Your B2B Leads

The number one question for every business:

“How to generate leads?”

And while 47 percent of marketers prioritize generating quality leads, a report revealed that 32 percent of marketers said that lead generation is also that one area that poses the biggest challenge. 


So, how can you generate and nurture B2B leads?

Integrated Content Strategy

An effective B2B content strategy needs to be tailored to the needs of their prospects at different stages of the sales and marketing funnels. This also means that that sales and marketing teams need to seamlessly work together in order to create the most effective silos at every stage. 

Here’s how content marketing can help generate leads:

  • Offering valuable and relevant information which solves pain points
  • Building a respectable brand identity and online presence
  • Engaging audience member and initiating Calls To Action
  • Providing carious contents targeted to relevant audiences at every stage of the funnel: webinars, e-books, native ads, social media posts, and blog posts

Utilize Marketing Automation Tools

If your lead generation process is not yet automated, then you have been missing a lot. Automation can help:

  • Send emails at sale
  • Segment your email list, targeting them with relevant message and content
  • Moving qualified leads over to the sales team for better conversion
  • Notify you when leads perform an intended action
  • Offer better alignment between marketing and sales


In short, automation can make your lead generation and nurturing campaigns less tedious to manage while still giving you accurate results.

Optimize Your Websites and Landing Pages

Good website design not only offers a professional and trustworthy feel on your brand, but it also helps bring more traffic and better engages any potential leads regardless of how they got to your site, both paid and organic. In addition, relevant content that directly appeals to the interests of the audience and addresses their pain points is crucial to the success of the website. 

Landing pages, on the other hand, should also be optimized in terms of design and messaging. Call To Action buttons need to be in the proper placement as it plays a crucial role in lead generation. 

Host a Webinar

Webinars are forums not only designed to educate participants but to also connect with your prospects. Leads that are generated via webinar signups are typical of higher quality than those generated from other gated offers. Why?


People who attend webinars are typically in the advanced stages of information gathering. And they are looking for in-depth data that should enlighten them more and help decide on a deal.

Influencer Marketing

Not only for B2C companies, but influencer marketing is also crucial for the B2B organizations since it generates quality referrals and positive word-of-mouth interactions which are crucial to online engagement. 

Thus, you will need to research and engage with influencers in your industry across multiple channels. It is a powerful way to reach relevant audiences in huge numbers by positioning the influencer as your B2B brand’s advocate. 

Call Warm Leads

If you’ve been nurturing leads for a while but have not managed to convert them, then it is time to start making some calls. Call a warm lead:

  • When free trial ends
  • A few days after a pdf download
  • If you do not hear from them after a webinar

The lead’s last action should be your opening line for the conversation. For example:

  • If they completed a trial, ask if they need an extended trial period. 
  • If they downloaded a material, ask if it was helpful and if they need any more reading material or in what other way can you help. 
  • After a webinar, ask if you can visit their office or if they are open to having a one-on-one demo. 

Warm leads are a lot closer to a buying decision than anyone who has not had contact with your brand before. And a simple call can be the only thing to propel them to finally buying. 


These are just some of the best ways to generate and nurture B2B leads. Consider including these to your strategy and prepare to see better lead generation results!

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Want to Create Compelling eLearning Content? Consider These Points

It is rightly said that ‘content is king’. No eLearning course is successful without content which is well-researched, informative, and compelling enough to grab the attention of its audience. Hence, it is a driving force and also a crucial factor in providing you with an edge over your competitors. But, how to create high-quality eLearning content that engages? It’s not a strenuous task! In order to find a substantial answer to this question it is first necessary to clarify another mystery i.e. How to start blogging which would then allow eLearning firms to create relevant pieces while keeping up with the interactive quotient.
However, there are certain points that must be taken into consideration while you are creating your eLearning content. Applying the following tips and utilizing modern tools and services can assist you in the same alongside various
content providers for eLearning.

Set clear objectives

Why are you creating the respective eLearning course in the first place? What are the insights you wish to provide to your audience? What specific knowledge do you want them to gain? What particular skills do you wish them to master? These are some of the prerequisite questions you must have answers to as it will help you set a crystal clear objective and provide a good idea of what goals you want to achieve.

Include visuals and media

Once you have your well-defined objective and have already started with the creation of the eLearning program, keep in mind to add relevant media irrespective of what the content is about. This will help you engage your target audience and create a smooth learning process for them alongside providing a satisfactory user experience. The different forms of media which can be incorporated into your eLearning content include images, videos, infographics, charts, animations, and interactive content like quizzes and puzzles.

Follow a specific theme and organize your content

Some other solutions for eLearning content needs include following a specific theme and organizing your content. So, plan well in advance what type of content will be included and in what order it shall be presented. Try using a storyboard as it can help maintain an outline while you create your course and it will help you include all important points without venturing into unnecessary ones. Storyboarding actually brings together all the elements which will make up the course. For instance, you can start your storyboard with writing your course title which is followed by a brief course overview. 

In fact, your eLearning courses should have a specified time for each module and every unit should comprise a specific set of learning materials. For instance, a lesson or unit may consist of a 15-minute educational video, a 30-minute powerpoint presentation, and a 10-minute quiz.

Too much information is menacing

Well, the theory ‘the more the better’ doesn’t apply here at all. Hence, you need to make sure that you don’t overload your course with too much information. It will not make it effective or informative but will rather scare the users away. Also, keep in mind to not include too many visuals and graphics and it is advisable to incorporate them only when required. 

Moreover, you must pay attention to the length of the course as well as the human mind consumes maximum information within the first 45-60 minutes. So, make sure it takes an employee not more than 60 minutes to consume a particular lesson.

Proofread always

Lastly, there is always some scope of improvement hence it is recommended to make sure you proofread and edit your course content. It must be perfect along all lines especially that of grammar and syntax. For the same, you can also utilize various proofreading and editing software available and check every paragraph for typos and mistakes. 

The aforementioned tips are highly effective and help in creating high-quality eLearning content. So, implement these today as a part of your course creation process and keep the knowledge of your employees up to date. Set clear goals, prioritize your audience’s interest, stick to a course, add relevant media and you’re just one step away from designing an amazing eLearning course.

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How to Become a Brand Manager

I think you will agree when I say: starting a new career in brand management is hard. What does the role entail? 

Which skills do you need as a brand manager? How much do brand managers make annually? These are some of the questions you’re probably asking.

Turns out starting a career in brand management is easy if you know what you’re doing. And in today’s post, we show you exactly how to become a brand manager that every team wants. 

Read on to learn the basics of starting a successful career as a brand manager.

Who is a Brand Manager?

A brand manager is responsible for “defining and promoting a company’s personality, both on the shelf and in the community.” The main role of a brand manager is to create a branding strategy for a company.

Brand managers wear many hats in an organization, covering everything from market research, branding, advertising, product development, packaging and so on.

Generally, brand managers are responsible for a company’s brand image and reputation in relation to the target market

They carry out market research to determine what ticks, and then use the data to formulate creative branding and marketing campaigns that lead to customer engagement.

It’s an interesting career choice for anybody with a knack of creative thinking and a good grasp of analytical skills. A passion for all things marketing is an added plus.

Salary Prospects

If you want to become a brand manager, you’re probably wondering how much the job pays. Well, brand management is one of the better-paying marketing jobs. 

Most brand managements work within teams on a full-time basis, which comes with bonuses, health insurance, house allowances, commissions, and such benefits.

According to Payscale.com, brand managers take home anywhere between $60,000 and $130,000 per year depending on skills, experience, and the size of the company. 

Your salary goes up as you earn certifications and gain more skills and experience.

How Does the Future Look?

The future is bright for all brand managers especially with the advent of digital advertising and social media marketing. 

Every organization needs a brand manager to remain competitive and expand their market share. You might have the best product in the market, but if your branding fails, you won’t sell much, if anything.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “…overall employment of advertising, promotions, and marketing managers is projected to grow 8 percent from 2018 to 2028, faster than the average for all occupations.”

That being said, how do you become a brand manager?

5 Top Tips to Start a Career as a Brand Manager

In the following section, we cover a couple of tips to help you cover your bases as far as becoming a brand manager goes. The tips will help you prepare for any brand management role, and ace the interview when you start job hunting.

Get the Right Education

Most employers require at least an undergraduate degree in marketing, business, brand management, advertising or a related major. Some employers will also require a post-graduate degree such as an MBA for high-level positions.

Since brand managers must play many roles on a day to day basis, a bachelor’s degree is a great starting point for building a successful career. 

Formal education offers you advanced instructions in various fields such as advertising, business, and economics, all of which come in handy as you scale the corporate ladder.

Gain Experience

Most employers usually require their ideal candidate to have some years of experience before applying for the job. You’ve seen this repeated in nearly all job postings. 

It goes without saying that the more experienced you’re, the better your salary becomes like a brand manager. This applies to entry-level, middle-level and high-level jobs; more experience means better career prospects.

But if you’re just starting out, how are you are supposed to have experienced for the job? Well, you can start with a brand management internship.

Most companies are more than eager to offer brand management internships that come with a lot of on-job training.

An internship can help you develop real hands-on experience as a brand manager. The best part is most companies will offer you a salaried position after the internship.

But even if the internship doesn’t lead to direct employment, the experience you gain will look good on your resume when applying for a brand management job.

If you cannot get internships, you can try pro-bono work. Talk to your friends, charities, religious groups, and local businesses, and do their branding to gain experience.

Earn Professional Certifications

Academic qualifications show the employer you have the background to fill the position. Professional certifications, on the other hand, show the employer you have the relevant skills, expertise, and passion for the job.

There are a number of industry certifications available to all aspiring brand managers. Some notable certifications that will help you better compete include CBM, CPM, and ACPMPO among others. Earn as many as you can, and stand out from the crowd.

Certifications offer you advanced skills and resources that make you a better candidate in job interviews compared to individuals without certifications.


If you want to work alone, branding (and even marketing in general) should be the last profession on your mind. 

Brand management involves actively working with others in a rapidly changing environment. You will work with people, and that’s the end of the story.

As such, you should invest in building a network of likeminded people. While working with your team on a daily basis is great, you need to expand your network to people outside your company.

Network with other brand managers and marketing professionals via social media. On top of that, attend networking events to meet up with other people in the industry. 

Don’t just go for the business card; endeavor to cultivate real relationships that can lead to better career prospects down the line. In other words, foster professional and/or personal relationships with your network.

I say this because you never know who will recommend you for your dream job. Don’t make it all about you; networking is supposed to be a mutually satisfying activity for all parties involved.

A simple “brand management events” search in Google should point you in the right direction. To be a successful networker, brand manager and marketer in general, you need to develop a cocktail of other skills, which leads us to our last point today.

Develop Your Soft Skills

As a brand manager, you must develop a couple of soft skills to thrive. It’s vital to keep in mind that you will need to communicate with your superiors and juniors on an ongoing basis. 

This means you must hone your communication skills to ensure your team creates a cohesive brand image.

You’ll rely on said communication skills to explain your strategies to superiors based on real-world data you collect from astute market research.

The successful brand manager must also be creative. Brand management involves a lot of creativity, and the ability to come up with ideas that help the company stand out at any given time.

Other than that, you need to develop other soft skills such as responsibility, conflict resolutions, time management, focus, trend savviness and so on.

When you combine soft skills, experience, academic qualifications, experience, certifications and networking, nothing will stop you from becoming the brand manager every employer wants.


Becoming a brand manager is easy when you know what you’re doing. We hope our tips help you to start a fulfilling career in brand management. As we have seen in today’s post, the job is both exciting and lucrative for the passionate candidate.

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Please let us know. Cheers to a successful career as a brand manager.

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Experts Discuss Small Productivity Tips for 2020 That Bring Big Benefits

In everyday work, there are a lot of challenges and sometimes even obstacles that prevent us to stay in focus all the time. It doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur, manager, assistant, junior or on any else position, it is important not to lose the thread. Here you will find many useful advice on how to save your time and energy, and at the same time to make the highest productivity.

Productivity in a Nut Shell.

Our partners from Managementguru suggests “Productivity in a Nut Shell”.

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”

Productivity can’t be better explained. Productivity is the result of a commitment to excellence, smart planning and focused effort. Remember – Effective people are preferred to, rather than efficient people as the former does the right thing and the latter does things right. Procrastination is like a credit card. It’s a lot of fun until you get the bill. The only difference between success and failure is the ability to take action. Managementguru is the number one source for all things business. They’re dedicated to giving you the very best of information, with a focus on social media marketing and strategy.

Be more realistic about what you can deliver as a team.

Our partner Sherene Funk from Rain Retail suggests to “Be more realistic about what you can deliver as a team”.

We recently had a goal-setting session in which we determined that, in order to be more productive, we needed to be more realistic about what we can deliver as a team. It’s always best to under promise and over deliver. Realistic goals prevent overwhelm, increase motivation, and heighten the sense of achievement when projects are completed on time, or before.

Productivity is doing more with the tools and making sure the outcome meets standard of quality.

Our partner Andrea Curry from Zenefits says that “Productivity is doing more with the tools”.

There’s a lot of buzz words that are thrown around when talking about productivity. How many Medium blog posts or LinkedIn articles have you seen about “super-charging” our workday, “hacking our way” through a project, or “tips and tricks” to increase output with minimal input? For me, productivity is doing more with the tools I have and making sure the outcome meets my standard of quality. Honing productive habits help get this done. Step one is to get organized (and that doesn’t mean having an inbox with zero unread messages, though that helps!). Projects can get messy, so be sure that you use a system that helps you keep control and look at the big picture. I love using the online tool Asana for this reason. It helps with capturing my thoughts, outlining workflow, and I can easily update deliverables and due dates. The next thing to understand is that distractions will constantly come up. It takes a lot of self-discipline not to be pulled in different directions. It’s helpful to have an understanding of what is your “north star” — aka your purpose or big picture goal. If people or other projects pop up, ask yourself if this helps you achieve your goal, or if it will derail you. Finally, remember not to burn yourself out. You won’t be productive if you’re running low on fuel. Incorporate the things that help feed your creativity and bring you joy — whether it’s exercising, spending time with family, or taking a walk outside.

Take Charge Of Your Email Not The Other Way Round

Our partner Dr. Anthony Llewellyn from AdvanceMed suggest to “Take Charge Of Your Email Not The Other Way Round”

Dr. Anthony Llewellyn, is a successful online doctor coach. He writes about the importance of getting in control of your email.
With so many points of contact into your business its hard not to feel overwhelmed at times. But whilst email is now considered by many as “low tech”, the “email list” still remains one of you greatest assets. So its important to be able to dedicate time to your email management. But that doesn’t mean it needs to always take away your focus.
One great tip I developed sometime ago came out from of a bit of frustration. You see I was getting a bit sick and tired of being included as a “CC” into a whole lot of company wide and team email discussions. It often felt like I was being included either on a “just thought you should know” basis or even at times because the email sender didn’t trust the recipient and wanted some witnesses!!
So I went through my email inbox and saw how many emails I was getting on a CC basis. And I thought to myself. Would it be that different if I just chose to ignore these emails. So I set up a bit of an experiment. I set up an email rule to divert these CC emails into another folder before I could even notice them. Strangely enough the sky didn’t fall in and the world kept rotating. I blissfully forgot about the presence of this folder for a few weeks and then I remembered it.
So I went back in and checked all these emails and to my great satisfaction I realised that all the issues in these emails had either been inconsequential to me or dealt with in other ways, i.e. someone had come to speak to me about the issue or emailed me directly.
I’ve since used a variety of rules with emails to cut through and focus on what is important.

Budget at least 1 day per month to training yourself

Our partner Alyson Taylor from People Managing People suggest to “Budget at least 1 day per month to training yourself”.

My small productivity tip: budget at least 1 day per month to training yourself—all of the HR tools you’re already using, along with other types of business productivity or collaboration apps you might use at work, come with lots of extra features to help you reduce the amount of time you spend on manual tasks. The trick is in setting aside time regularly to train yourself—to learn the features, to become more systematic, and to take advantage of all the automation that’s available to you.

Productivity is all about streamlining your tasks

Our partner Pedro Suarez from Five to Nine says that “Productivity is all about streamlining your tasks”.

Productivity is all about streamlining your tasks. I love to test out new tools and software that allow me to better organize and that can integrate into my routine naturally. Beyond functionality, I really look for a UI/UX and design that work for me and my thought process. What could be a great tool for my workflow could be a nightmare for someone else. I don’t think there’s a one size fits all hack to productivity, as we all have different ways of processing and working.

Recognize Your Strengths

Our partner Lori McKnight from CSI Stars suggest to “Recognize Your Strengths”.

Most people are much more productive when working on things that utilize their strengths. Identify what you excel in and focus the majority of your time on those activities. If you are in the right job, these things will be what most moves the needle and delivers results. The same goes for your team. Spend time getting to know each of your employee’s strengths. It is far more productive to leverage your peoples’ strengths than fix their weaknesses.

Identifying your employees strengths and recognizing their contributions will drive higher employee engagement. This in turn will boost your own productivity as you spend less time interviewing and re-training. Consider these stats:

Organizations that excel in employee recognition have 12x better business results
High recognition organizations have 31% less voluntary turnover

Who knows…maybe a team members’ strengths will even complement a weakness of yours!

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The Definitive List Of The Best Blogs To Follow In 2020

Blogging has become one of the very common occupations worldwide. From its appearance in 1990, its usage has been changing, so today blogging has grown into a platform used by millions of individuals. It is important to be in the loop with the latest trends so that you’re not missing out on any opportunities. In order to keep you in touch with the most important and useful blogs, we’ve made this list for the year 2020.

1) KVColor

KvColor is a Digital Marketing Firm having years of experience assisting companies to reach their branding goals as well as financials. Over the years, they have worked with various organizations and new startups. Some of their clients have presence international or some have strictly focus on a local clientele. KvColor has delivered the results our client need. They generate your business by making a presence in the local market, nationally and internationally.

2) Digi12

Digi12 is AI-First Digital Marketing Agency, that helps Startups, Small Businesses, and Entrepreneurs grow by taking an Artificial Intelligence & Data-Driven approach to Digital Marketing.

3) Planable

Planable is a collaboration tool for social media managers and their clients, making it easy to plan, visualize, discuss and approve social media posts.

4) FreeeUp

The FreeeUp Marketplace recruits, interviews, and vets hundreds of freelancers and agencies each week, only allowing in the top 1% of applicants onto the platform. FreeeUp was built as a time-optimized, low turnover marketplace in response to the headaches other systems cannot break free form. Today, FreeeUp boasts top freelancers and agencies offering over 65 different skill sets ranging from $5 – $75/hour. Over 5,000 businesses have registered and are hiring through FreeeUp. More than a hiring marketplace, FreeeUp also gives great advice on remote work to business owners and freelancers.

5) Broadcast2World

They are dreamers and strongly believe that they can connect people and build trust by telling great animated video stories that are true, and consistent with positive values that bond humanity. As storytellers, they strive to be more responsible and support great ideas that can positively impact our world and spread joy. They dream that if slowly and gradually this world accumulates great ideas, and if we are lucky enough, we would be able to experience a world without borders, a world filled with trust and joy.

6) Techno’s Club

They provide you with tech-related 100% unique articles. Dancing and also Songs can additionally be thought about as an additional type of Enjoyment as songs aids in alleviating your stress and also provides you leisure additionally it provides you a possibility to have social interaction. Another type of Amusement can be Gamings; Gamings are played by someone or by the team of individuals for their very own Amusement as well as it is taken into consideration to be preferred in nearly all age.

7) SatGist

SatGist is a newly launched website that aimed to bring new ideas and sharing information on Satellite tv. Tutorials guide on Satellite tv, IPTV, Phone and Gadget review shall be emphasized. They also specialized in satellite tv software for fixing minor bugs and add more features to the existing devices. SatGist aimed to be the top and most influential website for people across the world and also to help an individual to solve their problem through acquiring skills and knowledge in the field of Technology.

8) Lobster Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Company in Cardiff specializing in website design, inbound marketing, social media management, email marketing and more. Lobster Digital Marketing is your marketing department wrapped up in a single agency. You no longer need to procure separate agencies to build your website, optimize it and market your products. Now you simply employ the services of Lobster Digital Marketing and they’ll handle it all for you.

9) Kate De Jong

Kate De Jong is a former Scientist & Consulting Engineer for fifteen years turned a passionate entrepreneur and business coach. She is dedicated to helping you become a successful business owner so that you can make the difference you’re here to make! She believes you have an important message and contribution to make through your business, and she believes that you can become a highly successful, thriving entrepreneur with the right knowledge, strategy, and support.

10) Digiperform

Digiperform is the largest “Exclusive Digital Domain Specific” training provider in India. It’s a young organization that aims to bridge the huge gap that exists between the industry’s digital training needs and the availability of trained talent by offering hands-on training programs and certifications. With headquarter based in Noida and 40+ centers all over India. In addition, they have worked with a major Indian media company and one IT giant in enabling and certifying their entire sales force in Digital Marketing Concepts under their Digital Transformation Initiative. They provide a lot of texts, about career, marketing, media and so one. One of it is Digital Marketing For Fresher – A Complete Guide, Enjoy your reading!

11) Simplitechinformer

Simplitechinformer provides basic and advanced level tech and trending knowledge about technology, internet, and computer for free, and how to get free PAYTM cash, without investment earning, etc. tips and tricks. You can ask a question about your problems request a video. It is specially designed for beginners (who don’t know anything about these topics) they read their articles and watch their tutorials. After practicing you can be specialized in this.

12) CoreHealth Technologies

CoreHealth Technologies Inc. is a total well-being technology company trusted by global providers to power their health and wellness programs. Our wellness portals help maximize health, engagement and productivity for 3+ million employees worldwide. We believe people are the driving force of organizations and supporting them to make behavior changes to improve employee health is in everyone’s best interest. With the most flexibility, customizations and integrations of any software in its class, CoreHealth’s all-in-one, multi-lingual, white-labeled wellness management platform helps grow great wellness companies. Simple to sophisticated, based on you. 

13) Techpapa

Techpapa solves its clients’ toughest challenges by providing unmatched services in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. They are driving innovation to improve the way the world works and lives. With expertise across more than 40 industries and all business functions, they deliver transformational outcomes for a demanding new digital world. Their values shape the culture of their organization and define the character of their company. They live the core values through individual behaviors.

14) Blue Cow Marketing

They’ll work closely with you in a 1:2:1 structure to understand your challenges first before they can make any recommendations on solutions for your marketing, sales, and service. Once they’ve identified what is challenging you, they want to know what’s important to you in your business goals. These two key areas will help them make the guiding recommendation of how you will together overcome those challenges and get you to where you want to be in your business. They are a small firm with a big heart and they only work with businesses that have an equal passion for the work they do, and the clients that they serve. If this sounds like you, let’s start by scheduling a connect call together.

15) Agnes a Gaddis

Agnes is from North Brunswick, a small New Jersey suburb. She is a graduate of communications. She has been doing writing and SEO for about eight years, working majorly in real estate. She found out she also loves digital marketing. So, why not mix real estate writing with digital marketing right? Anyway, She writes long-form content on real estate and digital marketing. Her writing style is a mix of conversational and authoritative with a focus on being actionable.

16) GrayCell Technologies

GrayCell is one man’s entrepreneurial vision and over 70 professional’s way of life today. GrayCell really is its people. It has been so when GrayCell was a 3-member team way back in its founding year of 2004, it is the same when its team is a formidable 70 today. GrayCell’s mates come from all walks of life, speak a dozen different tongues, just like the country we belong to. The common thread that connects all of us is our love for technology and the ability to constantly find ways to keep the excitement in app building at an all-time high.

17) SMA Marketing

They help companies across the globe connect with prospects and customers in a more human way. Are you ready to grow? Contact them today.

18) The One Question

The One Question, a SaaS feedback platform, helps businesses around the world grow through the power of Customer and Employee Happiness.

They regularly share insightful blogs that help business owners collect more insight, marketers achieve better results, HR teams build stronger bonds with their teams and Operations teams improve their products and services.

19) The Mom Kind

The Mom Kind is a Parenting website dedicated to helping parents and families with everyday life. Advocating for Autism & Special Needs.

20) Accutrac Capital

No matter your circumstance, they have the financial resources to finance even the most complex situation. Whether you are a start-up, a high growth company or a business in transition, they can help with easy qualification, cost-effective financial solutions, and convenient high-value services.


21) Volodymyr Kuzma

Volodymyr Kuzma is an SEO expert and a certified Google Analytics specialist. He has programming skills (Front-end). He always keeps an eye on modern trends in his specialization, as the profession is very dynamic and the requirements for work change frequently. During his work, he always adheres to his principles, but he does not forget about flexibility, which is very important and fundamental in solving tasks.

22) Whizz Marketing Services

Whizz Marketing is an SEO Company in Hampshire who provides transparent and cost-effective online marketing solutions to small businesses. Whizz Marketing Services in Fleet Hampshire was formed in 2011 by Louise Cranstone who found that many local businesses were finding it increasingly difficult to find new customers without actively marketing the products and services they offer on the Web. The Web is their information highway, it is where they all go to find what they are looking for and with so much information available on-click, it is hardly surprising that those businesses who didn’t make the digital transition some time ago, are now likely to be finding it very challenging indeed to attract new business through traditional methods alone. If you are looking for an SEO company in Hampshire, you have landed on the right website!

23) Tech Crack

TechCrack is a technology blog founded & managed by Romit Sharma. TechCrack is a destination which updates you about the latest technology by providing info on tech news, gadgets, how to’s, apps & softwares, gaming, business, marketing and much more… Our aim is to look for Tech In Every Thing. That’s why we say –Crack the Technology. There are different Categories as ‘Gadgets’ gives you info about new devices, phones etc., ‘How To?’ category helps you by providing Tips and Tricks on various topics. In the ‘Apps & Tools’ category, you can find reviews of various apps & information on software tools, ‘Business’ category updates on business tips for startups & entrepreneurs who want to get knowledge on business-related topics and ‘Marketing’ category is there for all the marketers to read about different marketing tactics. Therefore, our target is providing you information about everything which relates to tech and we hope you would be satisfied by visiting this blog.

24) Whtnext

Welcome to tech blog whtnext.com – An Initiative to make youth aware of the latest updates about tech blog, blogging, SEO, Affiliate Marketing & digital Marketing tips. Here you will get enthusiastic blogs which will be related to an internet lifestyle or any field currently which is trending. SEO Techniques, Affiliate marketing Guide, Online Money Making Tips.

25) JoomDev – A Joomla Resources & Tutorial Blog

JoomDev is a Joomla themes and extensions development agency. If you are looking for some really good Joomla resources like extension and templates or Joomla tutorials, you can check JoomDev’s official website or YouTube Channel.

26) Mighty Themes – WordPress Resources & Tutorial Blog

Mighty Themes is the WordPress themes and plugin development company developing really good themes. They recently launched a powerful widget plugin for Elementor page builder which increases the power of your designing tool. You can find amazing resources and tutorials on their official website.

27) RedBlink Technologies

RedBlink Technologies is uniquely suited to revolutionize your business and meet the upcoming challenges in the IT world. Their focus on maintaining and developing unbeatable client satisfaction platform has created a business culture where each of their associates redeems best approach every day. Their energetic geeks provide you the best, that genuinely speaks for the work they do.

28) TechDotMatrix

TechDotMatrix is centered on tech-news around the globe. At TechDotMatrix, they believe in taking their readers on a techy ride in topics ranging from the latest buzz in the technology world to the tutorials on how to make our lives simpler using technology.

29) Wakeupsales

Wakeupsales is a user friendly cloud CRM suited for teams of all sizes. It is popularly used by sales teams across IT, real estate, digital agencies, online travel agencies, consulting and professional services firms to maintain full control of their sales pipeline, improve deal closure rates & build lasting customer relationships.

30) CAD Pro

CAD Pro is excellent for quick and efficient work.Use Cad Pro daily in your construction office. The software has many options and design tools which accelerate the design process. Designs that would normally take hours with other software can be accomplished in a few minutes while using CAD Pro.

31) BlogDash

BlogDash has been helping brands and bloggers connect since 2011. Focusing on open communication and building real relationships, they created an easy-to-use Blogger Outreach Software platform to streamline communication between PR agencies/brands and bloggers. They, like you, have performed blogger outreach for a long time. They know a lot of time is involved in finding appropriate bloggers, gathering information, engaging with them and finally pitching them. Their mission has been to simplify this process and turn blogger outreach into a viable PR mechanism for any brand.

32) Legal Reader

Legal Reader is devoted to protecting consumers. We take pride in exposing the hypocrisy of corporations, other organizations, and individuals whose actions put innocent people in harm’s way. They are unapologetic in their dedication to informing the public and unafraid to call out those who are more focused on profits than people’s safety.

33) CloudTalk

CloudTalk is a smart call center solution for support and sales teams. CloudTalk is an intuitive cloud-based call-center system that helps you provide your customers with superior customer support. It doesn’t matter if you have several busy operators or only receive calls occasionally. CloudTalk adapts to your needs and size.

34) Peak Support

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Peak Support is a rapidly growing services provider dedicated to providing exceptional support to high-growth companies. They offer a wide array of services including customer support, sales operations, and business process outsourcing. Their global delivery model enables them to provide service from the Philippines and the U.S. They hire the best agents in the business and they are relentlessly dedicated to helping their clients succeed.

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How to Start a Marijuana Business

As more countries turn towards the marijuana industry to bolster soft, slightly flagging economies, many of those who have been waiting on the side-lines are now keen to enter into the sweet spot of almost-legal status and get a head start to grow their own marijuana business.  In this article, we highlight some of the considerations those wanting to start their own small business so that are better prepared to achieve the success they desire.

Know The Laws, Exploit When You Can and Abide All of Them

Each country around the globe and many individual states/local regions have their own laws governing the marijuana business.  This is one industry you can expect to continue to have far-reaching and sweeping legal changes rolling through over the next decade.  There are bound to be major clashes with a difference of opinion, regardless of any validated research showing the efficacy of cannabis components to improve health and wellbeing.

Conservative estimates for the rate of growth from 2017 to 2021 are threefold and every Government entity is going to want their slice of the pie.  So, exploit any loopholes you can. Abide by all the laws, even if you don’t like them. Better to say on the legal side rather than lose a budding enterprise over a technicality, particularly when penalties care a mandatory minimum term to serve.  Keep abreast of legislation in the pipeline and understand the current federal/government, state, and metropolitan laws and ordinances as well as the full extent of the licenses and permits you need to maintain in order to trade.

Decide What Type Of Business You Want To Grow

From cultivation to consumption and managing by-products and waste, there have never been more opportunities than now to get a foot on the cannabis success ladder.  In the USA, the cannabis industry has gone from the black market to the mainstream and continues to be experiencing unprecedented growth. Do your homework and decide first if you are in it for the short, medium or long term.

Against each of the possibilities below, decide if it is something that really appeals to you.  Be honest about the dedication you will bring to make it a success.

  • Grow Your Own on a larger scale for lots of people to consume
  • Create Infused Products
  • Open Your Own Retail Store or Dispensary
  • Distribution of Product
  • Hemp Opportunities
  • Value Added Services to the Cannabis / Wellness Industry

You may find you naturally gravitate towards one or two sections of the market.  Delve into those further and keep brainstorming possibilities within it. Weigh your preference against the opportunities and the payback on your investment in terms of cash, resources and of course your sweat equity.  Make sure you stay abreast of all the pitfalls, keeping careful watch as they develop.

Keep aware of all the tips and log them.  For instance, for cultivators who grow for others, having fewer than 100 plants in your facilities means you avoid getting a five-year minimum sentence if convicted under federal law.

Learn the Lingo and the Technical Stuff

Unless you are already an enthusiast and up on the technical terms used in the industry, you will need to learn the jargon specific to your arena.  At some point, you’ll need to keep track of the slang and the lingo used for different weed measurements and their typical price points.  Failure to show familiarity may result in an unbalanced negotiation where you are always at a disadvantage.

Finally, make sure you understand the math and the calculations.  For example, failure to convert US imperial measurements and the metric system used by the rest of the world properly can mean the difference between a very profitable business and a potential loss.  It is probably best to double-check calculations through, just to make sure.

Take Stock

Next look at the commitment in terms of costs, times and skills you already have and compare to your ideas of the type of business you want to build.  You don’t need to be an expert in everything, but you will need to rely on the people who work with you to help you achieve your business goals.

You can leverage your expertise to make your business fly but remember to bolster your weak areas too.  All too often those with product fail to connect with potential buyers, this might be where you need to network or work with someone who can provide the services you need, be they accounting, marketing, etc.

Be Prepared To Deal With the Unexpected As You Get Down To Business

You will meet many challenges along the way, and one of them may be how to bank your money.  It may be some time before every bank will back a cannabis business. Currently, the estimate is that 70% of those trading do not have bank accounts.  Keeping meticulous records is probably the best way to show the legitimacy of your business.

Plan and re-plan, modeling several scenarios and options to refine your thoughts before committing.  Set out your complete business plan and include everything you would for any other new business venture.  This includes market analysis, the legal structure and organization, marketing and sales, staffing and other necessaries, and of course your financial projections.  Remember to include the types of partnerships you will want to develop along your journey.

Make your plan as detailed as possible before you dive into the business.  It’s better to plan more than getting taken in by a “never to be missed opportunity” which you can’t bring to a profitable pay-out.

The Final Word

Laws change all the time.  Cannabis is still illegal under USA federal law, though it is legal in over 30 states.  Around the globe, the penalties range from very minor right through to execution.

Keep aware of how production and transportation of products may be impacted by travel routes and other factors that may limit your markets or may mean that you set up a different physical and legal structure for your company.  Keep a watchful eye on impacts of international trade agreements and Mutual Recognition Agreements which will have a major impact on the shape of the future cannabis industry.

Legal Branding

Can I Sue For Negligence During Childbirth?

The short answer, yes! Negligence by medics at childbirth can endanger life. The infant or the mother might develop injuries that inflict stress and financial burden on the family or worse even, the child or the mother might die. The bottom line is that medical negligence is unacceptable, and if this is your current predicament, you can sue the negligent party for damages. Let’s delve deeper into what you should know about birth injury claims and how you can fight for your rights in such a scenario. 

Birth Injuries and Claims Explained

Injuries during birth are common but when they are severe, then legal processes should be followed to handle the issue. The common birth injuries include the likes of maternal infection, hemorrhage, pre-eclampsia, stillbirth, uterine rupture, cerebral palsy, and cord compression among others.

Birth injury claims are the lawsuits filed against a healthcare provider or the hospital because their negligence led to injuries on the infant, the mother, or both. Compensation is supposed to cater for the economic damages caused by this including medical expenses and lost wages, and the non-economic such as pain and suffering. 

It is important to note that birth injuries should be taken so seriously. They can affect the development of the child or the ability of the mother to take care of the child or herself for as long as a lifetime!

How to File a Birth Injury Claim 

You have every right to sue negligent medical care at birth. To file a birth injury claim and get compensation, you should have proof that the attendants were acting carelessly. The first thing is always to show that there was a doctor-patient relationship. Negligence can be shown in many ways. For example, there are cases where the doctor or midwife might leave a patient (you) unattended, prescription of wrong medications, poor care of the child, use of inappropriate medical procedures and tools, or leaving patients in the hands of inexperienced medics, etc.

The key to a birth injury claim is to collect as much information as you can about the hospital and what transpired during childbirth.  The next critical step is to hire an attorney who specializes in handling personal injury claims and precisely birth-claims. Personal injury lawyers at www.patinolawoffice.com can help you in such a situation. This will be such a relief because lawsuits in their natural state are hard for a layman, and especially if you are in physical or mental pain. If you cannot collect the information, a birth injury claim lawyer will handle the task. Also, the lawyer will help in the estimation of costs and lead in negotiations to ensure fair compensation for you. 

The Outcomes of a Birth Injury Claim

Generally, there is no standard amount that you can get from the lawsuits because each case is different. The results depend on the extent of injuries and the negotiation skills of the lawyer. 

Final remarks

Childbirth is eagerly awaited both by the mother and the family. That’s why it’s sad when that moment is tarnished by health complications due to medical negligence. If that’s happened to you, seek legal justice through a skilled birth injury lawyer who will help fight for your compensation.

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How to Find a Personal Injury Lawyer in New York

Finding the right personal injury lawyer in New York can be quite challenging, especially if you are new to legal matters. You are not alone and frankly, there are many lawyers in New York. But, not all of them are the best suited for personal injury lawsuits. In this regard, we have compiled a few tips to help you find and hire the right attorney for your personal injury case. 

Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer in New York 

1. Specialty 

For starters, as you search for a personal injury lawyer, you will realize they are quite a number marketing their services in New York. Don’t just hire any lawyer but instead look into what they are good at and if they are right to fit your case. For example, if you want to file a lawsuit after a motorcycle accident, then a firm like Jacoby & Meyers Accident Lawyers would be best suited for the job owing to their track record of handling lawsuits involving motorcycle accidents in New York. Yes, there are different types of personal injury cases thus working with a lawyer that understands your specific situation is definitely a plus.

2. Level of experience 

Again, you should also look to work with a lawyer who has handled similar cases in the past. A good and qualified personal injury attorney can predict the multiple ways in which the case can unfold and prepare a strong argument for your case. Remember, the defense will also create a solid argument to avoid compensation so you need someone who can anticipate every angle to the case and this is something that comes with legal knowledge and experience.

3. Know the Lawyer Handling Your Case

If you are consulting with a legal firm then you should care to know who will be handling the case. This is especially the case in firms with many lawyers and it’s to avoid being juggled around during the process. You can even do your own background check to determine the suitability of the assigned lawyer. Also, inquire about the lines of communication and only proceed to sign up once you are fully convinced that the firm will be able to give you the right legal representation. 

4. Willingness to Take your Case 

It is one thing to find a competent personal injury attorney and another to identify one who will accept your case wholeheartedly. Some lawyers will decline cases if the compensation is low but that shouldn’t discourage your pursuit for justice. You should know that attorneys examine personal injury cases differently and they have varying capabilities. This means that what may be rejected by one lawyer may be taken up by another. So, pick an attorney who will make your case personally and be willing to fight for you to the latter.

5. Reputation 

You don’t want an attorney’s scarred image to trickle down to you and hurt your case. In that case, you should avoid lawyers who have a questionable reputation. Seeking legal services from such attorneys or legal firms is likely to hurt injury claims and you might lose the case. To avoid this, do a background check to find out what is in the public domain that could tell you more about the reputation of the lawyer

Final Word

These are just but a few key tips that will help you hire a personal injury lawyer. As you might have noticed, finding the right personal injury lawyer in New York isn’t that hard but only if you do your own homework! 

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Why Is Income Protection A Necessity?

Every year millions of people find themselves unable to work due to sickness or different injuries. They are unable to fend for themselves and their family due to a lack of income. There has to be some way to pay the bills and stay afloat to get through these tough times. Income protection insurance will come in handy in such situations. Read below to learn more about how and why income protection is a necessity in today’s world.

What is Income Protection?

Income protection insurance is also referred to as sickness insurance sometimes. It is a policy that is made for the long-term. Income protection is designed to help you with cash benefits if you are unable to work due to an illness or injury. Having an income protection policy ensures that you get a regular income until you are able to get back to work. Some of the features of the policy are given below.

  • It acts as a part of your income if you are unable to work due to temporary or permanent disability. 
  • The payment continues until the end of the term or until you restart work. 
  • The cash disbursement starts as per the schedule set by the insurer. It usually starts after the end of sick leave or after the other insurance payment stops. 
  • It offers cover for a wide range of illnesses that prevents you from working.
  • There is no cap on the number of claims that can be made during the policy term.  
  • Premiums can be drawn based on your budget and you can pay more to get more coverage.
  • It can be availed even by self-employed individuals.

Reasons to have Income Protection Insurance

Many people hesitate at the thought of having an income protection plan as they have to make payment for premiums for the long term. But the upside is, it gives you peace of mind that you are covered financially for most situations. Moreover, there are many insurers who offer policies at affordable premiums making it worth the initial investment. The insurance policy can potentially give you up to 75% of the income in case of illness or injury. That can help in fulfilling many purposes. Given below are some of the major reasons income protection helps families. 

Keeping up with Payments

When you are lying in the bed due to an injury or illness, repaying debts can be a worrisome problem.  Additionally, there is a need to cover the daily expenses too. If you have a mortgage, credit card debts or any other debts it can all quickly add up leaving your finances in a mess. According to experts at InsuranceHero.org.uk, having an insurance protection plan will be a great help to people with debts. It also helps those who don’t have enough funds to last until they recover. The insurance cover provides up to 75% of your income. This ensures that your debts are paid and don’t pile up. You only have to worry about the recovery and nothing else. 

Provide Protection for your Family

Raising a family is not easy even when you have a stable income. There will be a lot of expenses, especially when raising kids. Most parents work extra to bring home the income they need to lead a comfortable life. When one of the partners is unable to work, there is a lot of financial strain and burden and can impact family life. If you have income protection insurance there is no need to worry about your family. This is possible because there won’t be a major loss of income. Your family is still well cared for irrespective of your health situation. 

Can be used to treat a sick child

If a child suffers a serious illness or injury, one of the parents will have to take time off to take care of the child. The parent taking time off means there is a loss of income. Other types of insurance policies will not provide any financial assistance as the parent is healthy and capable of earning. Additionally, the financial support that you get from the government may not be enough to cover the expenses. All this can lead to tremendous pressure which can be overcome by an income protection policy. These can be customized to opt for extra features like family cover where benefits are paid to the parent. It is paid from the period the parent stops working until the time he/she returns to work. 

Some Policies cover Redundancy 

Depending on the type of policy, a monthly benefit is paid if you are unemployed for a set period of time, for example, 3 months. That will help you pay the mortgage and other payments for at least a few months. The cap, which is in redundancy, should be involuntarily paid and you can remain unemployed for a set period of time only. 

Income Protection is Additional Protection

There are many insurance policies that are essential in your financial portfolio to cover yourself and your family against unforeseen circumstances. Income protection insurance is also very much needed as it can cover for any disabilities that will stop you from making income even for the short term. It acts as a supplement to other policies including the worker’s compensation. Income protection acts as an extra layer of protection to those injuries that are not covered under worker’s compensation. 

It can happen to you too

Many people lead their lives with the assumption that nothing can go wrong. They think that they will be able to provide a consistent income for their family and themselves and retire at old age. But often, there will be setbacks in life even if you are healthy and careful as there are certain things which are out of your control. By planning for such unforeseen instances carefully, you can lead a happy life. 

Income protection is a smart way to plan for the unknown. With that, you are guaranteed that no matter what injury or illness you suffer, you can stay afloat till you get back to work. Additionally, the quality of life of your family and yourself is not compromised.