Consistent communication is the backbone of business success in 2021. Despite the rapid adoption of cloud-based team collaboration tools, many employees forget to read emails, miss phone calls, check task management tools, and fail to hear spoken announcements. 

To improve the information flow and retention in corporate settings, many organizations rely on digital signage. Screens are easily customizable and attention-grabbing. They convey information fast and consistently across various departments.

Want to learn more about the benefits of digital signage for employee management? Let’s start!

Informing Employees about Safety Measures during Coronavirus

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, organizations needed to update their workplace health and safety policies

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Based on a detailed workplace hazard assessment, HR managers need to develop detailed infection prevention and control strategies. Most importantly, they should train workers on how to behave amid COVID-19.

Using commercial digital signage is a perfect way to keep your employees updated about COVID-19 prevention measures they need to take. It helps HR managers encourage employees to maintain the highest safety standards. 

For example, you could use screens in your office to create a list of employee responsibilities, such as wearing a mask, avoiding close contact, washing hands frequently, etc. 

Digital signage also helps employees understand the process of reporting any action or behavior that may compromise workplace safety, such as someone going to work sick. For HR managers, that is an opportunity to resolve the problem before it morphs into a bigger issue. 

Finally, use digital signage for other health and wellness initiatives, such as gym membership sign-ups, stress release classes, or weight loss contests. 

To ensure the effectiveness of your digital signage, make sure it is prominent and placed in high-traffic areas.

Keeping your Employees Updated

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis, many companies have shifted to cloud-based communication platforms. These channels provide seamless communication between your on-site and remote teams. Employees can stay on top of their interactions, deadlines, and tasks irrespective of their location.

To improve employee engagement, consider integrating your employee management platforms with digital signage.

  • Post essential company updates on big screens positioned around the office. They are harder to miss than mountains of emails and notifications your employees get throughout the day.
  • Integrate digital signage with project management software to publish reminders of upcoming deadlines. 
  • Create employee shifts and make them visible to everyone in the team. Preventing workplace overstaffing in the era of Coronavirus is essential. 
  • Distribute team performance reports, publish sales reports, and answer employee questions.



In a corporate setting, using digital displays can significantly improve company transparency. They provide consistent information sharing across all departments without breaking social distancing rules. With the help of digital signage, HR managers ensure vital information is passed on to employees fast, without clogging their inboxes.

Announcing Employee Achievements 

Your employees expect you to recognize their contribution and incentivize it accordingly. Whether tangible or intangible, employee rewards programs boost employee satisfaction, enhance their performance, and encourage loyalty to your company in the long run. 

While most brands rely on monetary rewards, they should not neglect the power of public praise. Use your in-door displays to inform your teams about the company-wide milestones and give kudos to your top performers. Digital displays keep all staff members apprised of the events outside their departments. Most importantly, it keeps them feel good about their accomplishments.

How to Measure the Effectiveness of Digital Signage in the Workplace?

Now that you understand the benefits of digital signage in the workplace, it is time to measure its effectiveness. 

Measurement starts with choosing the right internal communication KPIs. Here are a few essential KPI types you should track:

  • Reach: How many employees are you reaching via digital signage?
  • Engagement: How does your digital signage content engage employees?
  • Behavior: How does digital signage change the behaviors of employees?
  • Impact: How does digital signage influence employee productivity, performance, engagement, retention, communication, etc.?

Surveys are an effective way to measure the impact of digital signage on employees. For example, compare changes in employee engagement or performance before and after the implementation of digital signage. 

You can also use them to gather qualitative data on digital signage benefits. For example, you can ask employees how often they view the content presented via digital signage or whether they find this information valuable.

When creating surveys, provide employees with anonymity. That helps you get honest and unbiased answers. Make sure all questions are clear and concise, making it easier for employees to respond. Also, they should be easily measurable. For example, you could create a scaled survey, where your staff should assess the value of digital signage in the workplace on a 1-10 scale.

Over to You

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, companies are looking for out-of-box solutions to engaging employees and enable effective communication. That is where digital signage helps. Visual communication is a non-invasive way to deliver essential workplace information across departments and prevent message overload. 

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