There are a lot of jobs in demand right now. However, there is still a stipulation for those jobs, and if you don’t meet the qualifying criteria, you can’t attain that goal. 

Fortunately, the internet offers a copious amount of online programs that help you market your talents to better qualify for your dream job:

Building Inspector

Becoming a building inspector is a good way to keep your community safe while making a good living and getting to explore interesting areas of your town. 

Fortunately, this occupation only requires students to receive a Commercial Building Inspector Certification. Of course, specific towns require experience hours and possibly other certifications, depending on their needs. 

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Yet, to become a Building Inspector and make about $52,000 per year, the only legal requirement and licensing is the Commercial Building Inspector Certification. 


Did you already go to college, earn a degree, or even earn some college credits? If so, you can receive an ABSN online even without any prior nursing classes. 

The ABSN certification works for people who have taken college credits or have college degrees, but those credits do not include any BSN coursework. 

Through this online program, you can become certified to work as a nurse in a specific field with less than four years of classes. Some of the specialties that this online program offers include: 

  • Clinical Development
  • Geriatrics Specialist
  • Hospice Nurse
  • Home Health Care
  • Infection Control
  • Labor and Delivery


If you love numbers, projections, and other mathematical findings? Then you should look into becoming a statistician. 

This evolving career should grow 8% over the next decade, which means there will be over 54,000 job openings for statisticians worldwide.  

As a statistician, you are the brain behind the numbers. Depending on the project you work on, you could be finding statistics that help reimagine the way we see the world or help to aid the evolution of our current understanding. 

Anything is possible, and if you aspire to be a statistician, online MA programs can get you certified for this endeavor in a little more than ten months.

Real Estate Broker

When you become a Real Estate Broker, you are not only making your dreams come true but also the dreams of your clients.  Owning a house is a life goal for many Americans, and if you are a people person with a marketing talent, you can help your neighbors achieve that goal. 

You can become a Real Estate Broker online in most states, which you can complete in just a few months. All you need to do is take the required hours of prelicensing education required in your state and take the Real Estate Broker’s exam.

Afterward, you are free to align with an agency and start selling those houses!

Athletic Trainers

Health encompasses such a wide scope, but if you have a passion for helping people feel and perform at their best, becoming an Athletic Trainer is a rewarding job. 

As an Athletic Trainer, your job is to protect your athletes on the field and throughout their daily lives. Due to the vast amount of information this job requires, most Athletic Trainers pursue a graduate degree, but there are many opportunities to pursue this degree online. 

Genetic and Genomic Counseling

The success of and has made genealogy a hot social topic. Humanity is just starting to realize the vast possibilities of DNA and genealogy. So, it is an exciting time in this already fascinating field.

If you are interested in providing genetic and genomic information and advice to individuals, families, and healthcare providers, now is a great time to get on board. 

You can become a certified Genetic and Genomic Counselor by obtaining a Pre-Masters certificate online and continuing your education toward your master’s as you gain experience in the field. 

In summation, with the increasing capabilities of online courses and certifications, learning the information you need for a well-paying dream job is more attainable than ever. While getting the required degree or certificate is still hard work and should be taken seriously, there are plenty of opportunities to make your dreams come true. So, find the online program today will help you market your talents to the best of your abilities.

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