For new graduates, marketing is a popular destination, and it’s easy to see why. Marketers are the individuals that prompt us to take action in regards to purchasing a particular product or service. The role is all about identifying the demand for a product or service and then looking for ways in which customers can buy them in optimum amounts so that the company can be lucrative. To be more specific, marketing involves market research, distribution, and design of the product analysis, where to sell it or the place, pricing as well as promotion (well known as the 4 p’s in the marketing domain.

By tapping into the buying habits of consumers, your role is to develop new products, design the packing in order to make it distinct, PR, creating advertising strategies for the various media forms like newspapers and TV and finally, after-sales service.

The primary reason why so many individuals find the marketing domain luring is the prestige that is usually associated with working on some of the most reputable, big brands like Virgin, Coca-Cola, etc. However, as with most things in the world, it is not all glitz and glamour. If you are interested in a career in Australia, for more info you should read this article.

There’s marketing that’s directed towards luring people to eat more veggies, utilize less energy, and purchase health insurance. Then there is the business to business marketing that promotes office and industrial products, direct marketing through mail, telephone, TV, and online.

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One of the most appealing things about getting into marketing is the numerous opportunities to specialize in particular domains like direct marketing and market research or diversify into other related domains like advertising and PR.

People who are new to marketing often begin their career as a Marketing Executive. However, in a world where branding and re-branding are the most common, this role often goes by Assistant Brand Manager or Product Manager. Market Researcher is another popular entry position in the marketing industry.

Go up the ladder, and you will get to the Marketing Director and Manager position. This is an industry that currently has around one million workers, but it is very fast-paced. Even though it might be glamorous at some times, it involves hard work throughout.

Employment is, for the most part, permanent, and as the media selection becomes more and more diverse, in combination with an always available appetite for consumerism, the demand for creative and skilled marketers will always be there, and so will the rewards. So, if you’ve always been impressed by marketing, you shouldn’t have a doubt about making it your career.

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