Omega Body Blueprint – New Product Launch

Upfront disclaimer: We just received the information from Roman and are posting this after just reviewing the program materials. We will be field testing this with our staff this month but since this seems to be generating a lot of interest and buzz we wanted to give our readers our initial take.

Omega Body Blueprint reviewIf you are like the majority of people in this world looking to have the best body that you are able to achieve or even if you are just struggling to get over the plateau of loosing weight and need to lose just another 5-10 pounds than the Omega Body Blueprint Guide is targeted for people like you. This is not like any other workout regimen or diet fad that guarantees that you will lose weight and keep it off. This specific plan is designed to enable you to have the best physique that you can have by simply completing the cycle of exercise, diet and then tricking your own hormones into working for you instead of against you. Much of the body’s own insulin creation can be contributing to your stubborn areas resulting in those target or problematic areas.

What is the Omega Blueprint

Having the Omega Physique is much like reaching the top level of fitness. Most people that workout and diet will never get to their omega level because of the complexity of achieving it and because everything that they have learned about losing weight, building muscle mass and dieting goes out of the window to reach this level. It is like flipping a switch.

Possible Omega Problems

Workout routines that stay regimented can cause a stalemate on your weight loss. If you follow the same gym routine working on target areas each day your body becomes used to this and it will not be effective for weight loss but rather to maintain a specific body type or weight. Cardio, which is known to aid in weight loss becomes ineffective after a while if you are continuing with the same routine. The Omega Body Blueprint helps to reconstruct your exercise routines to work for you.

How to Remedy this Problem

By following the Omega MRT or Metabolic Resistance Training you will lose the weight in those impossible areas and achieve your ultimate physique. You must force your body into a fat burning and muscle building machine. This includes fast paced workouts that target multiple areas at the same time or in fast paced intervals. No more working on legs on one day or arms on another. This intense workout requires you to work each body system at a fast pace creating fat burning and muscle building. This method has never been proven wrong and causes your metabolism to speed up causing your body to be a constant fat burning machine. The Omega Body Blueprint plan does not just focus on these intense fast paced workouts, instead it focuses on four types of workout regimens while focusing on hormonal optimization.

To achieve hormonal optimization following a structured diet plan that restricts carbs and fats on certain days and allows them on others regulates certain amount of hormones. By placing yourself on a diet that requires you to eat more on the days that you expend more energy and less on the days that you do not you will indeed aid in the hormonal release and help to shed pounds. Also, knowing your hormonal levels can help to decipher what your problem is when dealing with weight loss. If you have a problematic hormonal regulation than you will have problems. If you have low testosterone, reduced amounts of growth hormones, increased amounts of cortisol and leptin it can all cause you to gain weight or not be able to lose any more weight. By eating the foods that can either lower the levels of cortisol to be released at the times that you plan to work out than you can train your hormones to work for you versus against you. The Omega Body Blueprint plan is the best way to lose the last coupe of pounds or to help you get the body that you desire in the most healthy sure fire way possible.

Omega Body blueprint

Pros and Cons of the Venus Factor Diet

Venus Factor DietThe Venus Factor Diet is a program for women to receive guidance on losing weight and shedding fat. It is an eBook delivered to your computer instantly filled with dietary suggestions, eating plans, and exercise plans for your health. The sole idea behind it is that women need more Leptin in the body. Men have a good amount of this hormone, and this is why they are capable of losing fat usually just a bit faster. Find out the pros and cons of this system below to find out if you should buy this.

Pros Of The Venus Factor Diet

  • You Get Complete Step By Step Info

When you get this diet, you are sure to know what every step needs. You won’t feel confused on what you should be doing next. You are given a complete laid out system to know what you should do next.

  • Workout Plans

You get a 12 week workout plan so that you lose as much weight as possible. You need to be very dedicated to follow this fitness plan in order to see results. Follow this workout plan, and you will lose weight.

  • Complete Nutritional Advice

You get complete nutritional advice. Want to know what kind of snack is going to fill your body with nutrients without giving you much fat? It’s all inside of this program. Mary Miles from has explained in her Venus Factor review, “One in four Americans eat fast food every single day.” This goes to show why one in three American kids are obese or overweight.

The Cons Of The Venus Factor Diet

  • It’s ONLY In PDF Format

You’ll find that sometimes books are better. It’s all online, so you may need to print some of the forms out if you want the copy in your hands.

  • It’s For Women Only

This product is for women only. It isn’t anything that most people would believe to be something men could use since it’s only for women. The program focuses on improving the health of strictly women.

  • The eBook Doesn’t Make You Exercise

Just like any program for losing weight, you need to follow it. You need to workout effectively and follow the plan, and you really need to follow the dieting plan if you want to look your best. You’ll achieve so much success if you just follow along.

The Venus Factor program has remained to be one of the best on the net today. Buying it won’t make you lose weight, but by previous testimonials, following it diligently can work really well.

Venus Factor Review