Pros and Cons of the Venus Factor Diet

Venus Factor DietThe Venus Factor Diet is a program for women to receive guidance on losing weight and shedding fat. It is an eBook delivered to your computer instantly filled with dietary suggestions, eating plans, and exercise plans for your health. The sole idea behind it is that women need more Leptin in the body. Men have a good amount of this hormone, and this is why they are capable of losing fat usually just a bit faster. Find out the pros and cons of this system below to find out if you should buy this.

Pros Of The Venus Factor Diet

  • You Get Complete Step By Step Info

When you get this diet, you are sure to know what every step needs. You won’t feel confused on what you should be doing next. You are given a complete laid out system to know what you should do next.

  • Workout Plans

You get a 12 week workout plan so that you lose as much weight as possible. You need to be very dedicated to follow this fitness plan in order to see results. Follow this workout plan, and you will lose weight.

  • Complete Nutritional Advice

You get complete nutritional advice. Want to know what kind of snack is going to fill your body with nutrients without giving you much fat? It’s all inside of this program. Mary Miles from has explained in her Venus Factor review, “One in four Americans eat fast food every single day.” This goes to show why one in three American kids are obese or overweight.

The Cons Of The Venus Factor Diet

  • It’s ONLY In PDF Format

You’ll find that sometimes books are better. It’s all online, so you may need to print some of the forms out if you want the copy in your hands.

  • It’s For Women Only

This product is for women only. It isn’t anything that most people would believe to be something men could use since it’s only for women. The program focuses on improving the health of strictly women.

  • The eBook Doesn’t Make You Exercise

Just like any program for losing weight, you need to follow it. You need to workout effectively and follow the plan, and you really need to follow the dieting plan if you want to look your best. You’ll achieve so much success if you just follow along.

The Venus Factor program has remained to be one of the best on the net today. Buying it won’t make you lose weight, but by previous testimonials, following it diligently can work really well.

Venus Factor Review

What is the Adonis Golden Ratio

Adonis Golden RatioFor those who want to achieve and maintain a prime level of fitness, the Adonis Golden Ratio can be an ideal way for an individual to attain a perfect body. The Adonis index system, which puts an emphasis on the golden ratio, is known as the divine proportion of an individual’s body. The Adonis Golden Ratio is an exercise program that focuses on building the perfect body proportions, which are usually emphasized in males. According to Jon Romaniello, a fitness expert writer who was featured on AGRreviewer, “If you’re trying to build an impressive body – with strong, broad shoulders and a narrow waist – you definitely want to pay careful attention to the golden ration and to your Adonis Index. The perfect body may be closer than you think.” The Adonis Golden Ratio workout program is a 12 week program that helps men achieve their ideal body. This is the sister product of the Venus Factor by John Barban which is specially designed for a woman’s body.

The exercise routine is based on the notion that men’s ideal body proportions transpire when the circumference of the shoulders to that of the waist is a golden ratio. The popular exercise program is tailored for any male no matter what his size or condition when he starts the program. With this exercise routine, a man can achieve the “Adonis Effect,” which is a perfect proportion from the waist to the shoulders that creates an instant subconscious admiration from females and males.

The Adonis Golden Ratio exercise system can help individuals effectively:

  • Eliminate stomach fat
  • Gain a muscular physique without drugs
  • Achieve an admirable body

How Does the Program Work?

This exercise program gives detailed instructions on diet choices, exercise, and weight training, which will change as an individual progresses through the program.

The program comes in three steps:

  • First step – the training program
  • Second step – the nutrition program
  • Third step – the ratio supplementation

The exercise program includes 78 advanced exercises with instructional video lessons. With the second step, an individual will learn how to eat properly for maximum fat loss and lean muscle mass growth. The third step will teach individuals which supplements will work best to achieve and maintain the desired golden ratio.
Who doesn’t want the perfect body? It can be difficult to achieve the golden ratio that makes an individual so attractive, but with this exercise program an individual can achieve and maintain the ideal body.

Adonis Golden Ratio review