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What are the Key Benefits of Sales CRM for Small Businesses?

Small businesses needlessly waste time, effort, and financial resources trying to manually manage all prospects and optimize their sales processes. Implementing a sales CRM system can make your sales processes much more efficient and effective for all teams.

A customer relationship management system is a centralized platform your teams can use to shorten the sales cycle, personalize the customer experience, and build lifelong brand advocates. But that’s just the beginning.  

In reality, there are many benefits to using a sales CRM tool over the long term, allowing you to add value to your business and minimize financial waste. Let’s talk about the key benefits of sales CRM and how it can help you take your small business to the next level.

Seamless and effective contact management

The first and probably the most obvious pain point that a good CRM can solve is contact management. Small businesses struggle to manage all their prospects, customers, and suppliers efficiently, let alone set follow-up tasks or organize the sales process per the customer’s unique requirements.


A comprehensive sales CRM system allows you to:

  • Track and organize all prospects and customers
  • Contact them and communicate with them in a personalized way
  • Identify the stage they’re at in their journey
  • Optimize your approach according to their location in the sales funnel
  • Communicate all information with other teams to align your strategies
  • Set follow-up tasks for each contact and outline the next steps toward conversion

Efficient and effective contact management allows your teams to manage your sales pipeline as well, which is the next important benefit of sales CRM.

Enhance support and personalization with detailed reports

Sales optimization and improvement rely heavily on business intelligence. You need the right data and insights to guide your decision-making process and allow your teams to build personalized strategies for customer acquisition and retention. 

The beauty of sales CRM in a small business environment is that it provides you with actionable reports and allows you to visualize your data so that you can monitor and improve your performance. As your company grows and you continue to handle an increasing number of leads and customers, your CRM tool will be able to scale its reporting to fit your evolving needs.

This allows your teams to retain a detailed overview of all sales processes, analyze their performance and KPIs, and adapt on the fly.

Efficiently manage your sales pipeline

Successful sales teams need to be able to track all sales opportunities from the moment they become qualified leads to the moment they become devoted brand advocates. This is a long and resource-intensive process that you cannot do manually, at least not in a cost-effective way if you’re looking to incentivize business growth.

When using a sales CRM tool, your sales experts can easily track all leads and nurture them until they become paying customers. The great thing about sales CRM is that it allows you to create detailed sales opportunities and assign value to each potential deal, which is data you can use to prioritize leads, optimize your approach, and create more accurate sales forecasts.

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Manage your workload with tasks and calendars

When leads start piling up and your sales opportunities continue to grow, your sales, marketing, and support teams will find themselves unable to effectively manage everything at once. To avoid confusion and costly setbacks like missed sales opportunities, you need a sales CRM system to manage the teams’ workload.

Pulling the data directly from your CRM allows you to schedule and prioritize tasks, making sure to maintain contact with each prospect regardless of their position in the sales funnel. Needless to say, this will also help you encourage customers to come back for more. When a marketer decides that the lead is ready to transition over to one of your sales experts, they can easily assign the task to a salesperson who will then take full advantage of the opportunity.

This ensures that no prospect is left behind.

Guide customers through the buyer’s journey

One of the biggest perks of a dedicated sales CRM system is that you can use all the data within to seamlessly guide your prospects and customers through their journey. Always keep in mind that different customers are at different stages of that journey, so your sales experts need to adapt their approach for each prospect.

If a customer is at the discovery stage, your salesperson cannot try to push an offer their way just yet. On the other hand, if a customer is ready to buy, your sales experts need to optimize their communication to finalize the deal. For instance, let’s say you provide social media services for local businesses. A thorough social media strategy proposal can be enough to get your deal over the line for leads that are more or less ready to buy. Your CRM tool will ensure they always take the right approach. 

Over to you

Using a sales CRM in your small business is one of the best ways to empower your sales, marketing, and support teams to boost lead management, conversion, and customer lifetime value. A comprehensive CRM system will allow you to manage all aspects of the buyer’s journey and optimize all sales processes to convert quickly but also build lifelong brand-consumer relationships.

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6 Hacks for Levelling up Your Photocopying Game

Photocopying may seem to be a really simple and straightforward operation, especially when used for branding your business. But that’s not to say that every time you photocopy something you’re going to get the very best outcome, nor does it mean that the process of photocopying several files will always be a smooth one. Operating a photocopier or digital duplicator machine can be far more complex than you’d imagine, especially with the different options and settings many of them come with.

That said, you needn’t worry about your photocopy concerns anymore, as we’re here to outline 6 hacks for leveling up your photocopying game.

1. Properly prepare the original copies

Once you’ve decided to photocopy something, you should always do everything you can to ensure that the original copy is in top-notch condition. If the original copies are carefully preserved then they will produce the greatest copies, so it’s a wise idea to keep your original papers in excellent condition. Even if you have more than one original copy, keep them all in fantastic condition in case anything happens to the other copies.

2. Always use quality copy paper

The quality of copy paper you use can ultimately determine the overall outcome of your copies. To start with, you should decide on the paper weight you want to use. Standard weight paper is cost-effective and compatible with faster, more efficient copiers. The heavyweight paper offers a smooth texture, but it might slow down copy machines. You can enhance the perception of the copy by printing the original on heavyweight paper.

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3. Ensure you clean the photocopier or machine

Having a clean photocopier or digital duplicator machine will improve the overall quality and outcome of your photocopy, hence why you need to ensure it is clean before you use it to copy absolutely anything. Avoid contacting the glass with your fingertips or anything else to help keep the machine clean for future uses and operation.

Take the time to clean off the glass before you begin copying to remove any foreign objects or debris that might affect your copies. The glass should be cleaned with glass cleaner before being dried with an appropriate cloth.

4. Avoid creasing your original papers

If your original copy is folded or crumpled, seek to get rid of them as soon as possible. If you try to copy a folded or pleated piece, the copies will be far less clear.

5. Reconsider using sticky notes

 If you are copying sticky notes or ‘post-it notes’, be careful since the sticky residue might collect dirt, which can damage the machine or ruin the original you’re trying to reproduce.

6. Prepare the machine until it’s perfect

If you’re not pleased with your test copy, you should spend some time adjusting the machine’s specifications until you have the copy you want. Once you’re satisfied with the copy, you can enter the quantity required. In the event that something goes wrong with your photocopy, simply stop the process and preserve your original paper until it’s solved.

As you can see, photocopying doesn’t have to be the same old thing every time! With these 6 hacks, you will be able to level up your photocopying game, revolutionizing the quality of your prints.

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3 Best Online Summarizing Tools You can Use to Write Valuable Content Summary

Summarizing is one of the key practices in writing. So, how can a tool help you with that? 

From academia to professional landscapes, writing summaries is key in many situations. Often used as a method to shorten long-form texts and capture the key points, summarizing is a necessary factor in many aspects of the world today, such as:

That’s why writing summaries has become one of the key aspects of content creation. It’s not only an ideal way to communicate an idea in a simple way, but it also saves a lot of time. In other facets of life, summaries are a way to lure the reader into reading the entire thing, i.e., academic essays.

This also shows the writer’s prowess and understanding of the topic while giving the reader a glimpse into what they can expect. So, how do you write such summaries? And which are the best tools for doing so? Let’s dive in and find out. 

What Is Text Summarizing?

Text summarizing is a technique used to summarize a text into a concise and understandable summary. There are two major approaches to text summarization: extractive and abstractive. Extractive summarization relies on the source text to provide all the necessary information.

On the other hand, we have abstractive summarization, which requires the machine to generate its own content. Text summarizing has many use cases in our lives, such as when we want to read an article but do not have time for it or when we want to know the main points of a book without reading it entirely.

However, the requirement for a summary is far more imminent in academia and professional settings. Such as:

  • In academia, it poses the writer’s prowess to formulate content
  • In SEO, it’s a creative way to produce an article for the audience 

Furthermore, SEO or search engine optimization requires a good summary of metadata. While social media networks can also use a summary as a glimpse into an article for your audience. 

Where Can Summaries Be Used? 

Text summaries are a great way to understand the main points of any text. They are used in many different ways, from summarizing reading comprehension for students to summarizing scientific articles for the general public.

Let’s take an unconventional example, if you need to summarize a book for a friend who is too busy to read it, you can use a text summary. You can also use them as an overview of research articles or even in your own writing.

Importance of Summarizing

Why do you think the summarizing text is a skill that is becoming more and more important? In this age of information overload, people need to be able to quickly find the most relevant information. That’s one of the reasons, besides the technical requirements of academia and SEO.

However, summarizing text can be used in many different ways. For example, students can use it during their reading to find the main idea of a passage. Most importantly, they can use it during their writing process to ensure that they include all the necessary information in their paper.

A summary writer has two main goals: to summarize the text and provide an analysis of what is written. These analyses push the reader towards understanding the central idea. For instance:

  • Pushing a specific narrative
  • The resolution of the written text
  • What motivated the writer

These three factors are essential in academies. In professional settings, it could vary from metadata such as titles/descriptions or social media captions. 

3 Best Summarizing Tools You Can Use 

Now that we understand the importance of summarizing let’s talk about the tools that could help you get there. When picking the summarizers for you, we prioritized ensuring both sides have what they need, i.e., students and professionals.

These summarizers that we’ve picked are thoroughly vetted and used for various purposes. Therefore, to ease your text summarizing process, here are the three best summarizing tools available today: 

Summarizer.Org is one of the leading summarizing tools. Whenever you look for a tool like this on Google, this one pops up as one of the primary results. So, why did we decide to put it on our list? Here are a few reasons:

  • It has a length intensity bar so you can pick the ideal length of your summary
  • It can summarize in bullets or by the best lines in your text
  • It’s one of the quickest summarizing tools, even for 1000+ words
  • It’s free 

Now, if nothing else lures you, then you get all the benefits for free should be enough to lure you towards it. These factors make it the primary option for any sort of summary writing in 2022.

SummarizingTool.Net is another leading provider of summarizing prowess. This tool has basically the same UI but has additional benefits. Besides the shortening or lengthening of your summary, you can also pick various languages. Making it ideal for:

  • Both long and short summaries
  • Up to 8 languages supported at the moment
  • Ideal for both SEO and academic writers

While the quality of the summary doesn’t wane, the original research and informative prowess also remain constant in any content you summarize through it. Making it one of the premier options for writers today.

  • Sassbook.Com – AI Summarizer 

Sassbook’s AI summarizer might be a little complicated on the UI side, but it’s one of the best tools you can use today. It’s also one of the few tools that offer abstractive or extractive methods of summary writing. 

Moreover, it features options from small to best, verbose, or custom sizes of summaries. 

These factors are some of the main reasons it has made this list and is one of our three choices for astute text summarizers in 2022. 


We hope this article helps you understand the importance of summarizing and its main pillars. Therefore, the tools we’ve mentioned shouldn’t only help you achieve your goals, they shall help you write outstanding summaries. 

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What is Pikdo?What are the Most Important Features of Pikdo

Pikdo provides rapid access to the essential features of the popular online media application with a straightforward interface. In addition to being one of the most popular Instagram tools, Pikdo offers significant value to both users and professionals.

Your most-liked photographs, adherents, recordings, and a variety of other popular things can be seen in only a few clicks. But did you know that Pikdo offers so much more than just finding Instagram accounts anonymously?

It also helps us to grow your Instagram account. Using this page, you can view the statistics of any account, without having to register or log in.

The ability to view a profile’s activity without the other person discovering it is another common use. Pikdo allows you to view wall posts and biographies, but you do not have access to stories. 

Whenever you’re finished with anything you were doing in the network, you will be able to share your latest view. An application is an absolute necessity for every individual who owns a cell phone.

With everything moving online, it can be said that we have moved from a typic era to a digital one, which is innovative.

We have some of the most popular and useful applications that have been around for a long time but are now gaining extreme fame.

Publish engaging content

Features of Pikdo?

This application is like other Instagram online viewers such as Pictame, which lets you view your friends’ latest photos and videos.

Pikdo, however, is very different from Instagram’s online viewers in many ways. This app gives you the luxury of controlling multiple Instagram accounts in one place.

It is possible to manage and view your private accounts the same way you would manage your public ones from any part of the world.

Logging into your social networking profiles is not necessary if you want to keep an eye on your business accounts and if you are traveling.

Would you find Pikdo useful?

The Pikdo app lets you view Instagram photos in an interactive manner. This app lets you view Instagram photos in an interactive manner. Among the most popular software available for product management is this one.

Its user interface is very simple, and it offers all of Instagram’s basic features. With your Instagram credentials, you can view your own posts, photos, and those of your followers as well as other popular media.

One image can be seen at a time in the photos browser as it scrolls downward. In addition, pointing the mouse over an image will display its caption.

Encourage viewers to share content

In addition, clicking through the page will allow you to share the content via other social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Even if you aren’t a member of Instagram, this is a handy tool for browsing profiles and photo photos on the platform. All of Instagram can be searched, and you can explore your friends’ profiles, tags, posts, and more!

Recent updates to Instagram’s web interface allow hashtags to be clicked directly from the photo. After clicking, the user is taken to a page with all photos without that hashtag.

It is still lacking in the discovery and search feature, despite being a significant step forward. Instagram Popular Photos allows you to view the most popular pictures and photos tagged with keywords.

You can filter the search results using different filters on this site, which is the best thing about it. It is a tool that is easy to use, the clean design makes it accessible to anyone.

 In addition to creating cool profile metrics, a list of visitors, and a smooth experience for browsing content, you can analyze Instagram data through it.

Don't forget the hashtags

Pikdo Alternatives 2022

If Pikdo does not work, other websites can complete your analysis. Pikdo is likely to face some competition in 2021 from the following alternatives:

1. Yooying

Yooying is the greatest Pikdo alternative for discovering the hottest Instagram trends. You can use a variety of hashtags to accomplish different tasks.

Additionally, it has tags such as “inspiring,” which include words such as menswear, technology, art, and home décor. Read this article to find out how Instagram is seen positively.

2. Piknu

The Piknu web viewer was one of the quickest and easiest alternatives to Pikdo. I may have used the past tense in a way that is difficult to understand.

The site stopped working long ago, and Google doesn’t provide any results when you type in the address directly into your browser.

3. Ingram

Ingram is the last person on our list. It is a straightforward application that resembles Instagram’s interface. No Instagram account is needed to use this app; you can browse the most popular posts and trending hashtags.


The Pikdo app allows users to measure different types of Instagram statistics, such as engagement rates and statistics on several followers.

Even though Pikdo hasn’t been working for a while, many people still love it and hope it will work soon. You may also choose to use the options listed above in order to access these features.

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What is Regression Testing: a Complete Guide

Gone are the days when software testing was considered an afterthought. Today, it works well in tandem with the software development process. Surviving in the ever-changing world of digitalization is not easy but it’s a doable job when you outdo yourself by creating a strong, scalable, robust online presence. Fortunately, you will come across a plethora of software testing companies that offer it all right from software development to designing, software testing, QA services, migration, maintenance, and support. 

Of course, considering these types in the first place is a wise decision to make. Other than that, you should know the importance of each phase of the software development life cycle. However, since we have a limited amount of time here I won’t be able to explain it all but I can certainly shed some light on one of the crucial phases of the software development life cycle, i.e. Regression Testing. 

The following post emphasizes what Regression Testing is. Why is it important while conducting software development if you want to stand ahead of the crowd? So without any further ado, let’s begin!  

Introducing Regression Testing 

 In simple words, Regression Testing is a mere software testing practice executed by a software testing service provider just to make sure that the developed application works systematically even after there is a slight change in the code or any major updates take place. Now tell me what happens when yellow gets mixed with red by mistake? It turns orange, right? Similarly, when conducting any software development project, changes and modifications are bound to happen and one small change or tweak can make or break things to a great extent. Not to mention that it can result in heart-breaking consequences and losses. Here’s when regression testing comes to play. 

This kind of software testing is done just to make sure that no small or big change affects the existing functionality of the software. Other than keeping the software functionality intact, regression testing is done to identify and resolve bugs, these can be the ones that are newly introduced due to the change or the previous ones which have been eradicated. Now testing every time a new update is released can be pretty overwhelming and time-consuming. And maybe this is the main reason why most software developers used to skip or ignore this phase and simply test those essential functions just to ensure that everything works fine. 

In other words, regression testing in the earlier phase wasn’t given much importance. Fortunately, the table seems to have turned these days. Today, both software developers and testers are well-aware of the fact that even a small change can create a ripple effect resulting in insignificant outcomes. With Regression Testing, Different software test cases are created and re-executed to check whether the predetermined functionality of the mobile app is working as it is supposed to be and despite new changes being introduced. 

When to conduct regression testing in the software development life cycle? Since regression testing is performed to verify all the changes made. It is supposed to be performed after implementing new functionality or change in the development project. Now, whenever you conduct a  software development project, what happens is it takes several months and sometimes years to complete, so what will you do? Will you take regression testing in the end or will you keep testing parallel to the development process? Of course, testing simultaneously. In fact, it may quite interest you to know that the real logic of regression testing is to take retests again and again. 

Let me explain by using an example – Imagine you own a software development company and the client asked you to develop a project, an app development for creating images and editing videos. So what you do is, you will come up with the first draft that comprises all the core features required. After that, you are supposed to conduct regression tests and send them to the client for their valuable feedback. 

Though the client is happy with your work but wants a certain extra bunch of features to be added. So again what you do is, your team begins developing those features into the existing app. Now do you think by making a few changes or codes, the entire app will be the same as it was before? Of course, not! One small change in code can make or break the entire app. Therefore before you relaunch the app, it is important to conduct regression testing just to verify new features and functionalities of the app. Further below I would like to mention certain benefits of conducting regression testing

Why Regression Testing Must be Considered in the First Place?

Cut-throat competition is one of the core reasons why businesses are compelled towards leveraging the power of technology. To come up with an intuitive and intimidating solution, you must consider conducting regression tests with the ongoing software development procedure. Software testing is no joke, in fact, it’s a highly technical operation requiring a professional with immense knowledge and experience. Further, I would like you to get acquainted with certain benefits offered by Regression Testing. Take a look! 

#1 High-end Software

One of the obvious benefits of regression testing is that here you are bound to receive high-end software. In the present scenario, developing software is no longer considered an innovative approach. In fact, it has become something that has to be done mandatorily. However, what’s more, surprising is that you need to come up with software that outshines its existing competitors. And this is when regression testing provides assurance. It lets software developers know which bug is causing the problem and which one needs to be modified or discarded. 

#2 Increased Efficiency 

 Do you think regression testing is supposed to be done only manually? Of course, not! Today several automated testing programs have been created that specialize in conducting precise, safer, and accurate regression tests. All you have to do is come up with some testing parameters and then allow the automation tool to do its job. The key is to allow your software to re-run every test and identify potential errors. 

These automation regression testing tools result in increased efficiency as programmers can focus on other core competencies as well. 

#3 Minimizing Risk

Software development is no easy thing to do, it takes a hell lot of time, money, and effort. Now can you tell me, how many apps and software are being developed in an hour? I am sure it’s way more than you think. And what if, after investing so much time, money, and energy, your app gets discarded after a single use by the end-user? That’s the worst nightmare, isn’t it? With Regression Testing, all the decisions taken will be well-informed and all the bugs will be avoided prior. 

When there is a need for regression testing? 

  • When you want to add extra features
  • In case of any adjusted conditions
  • In case, if the app doesn’t work well in regards to performance
  • If you want to optimize the code
  • In case of a bug repair or defect             

Final Verdict

I hope now you have realized the significance of regression testing. Some of the best tools to consider for conducting regression tests include – TimeShiftX, Skill test, serenity, TestingWhiz, Advent QEngine, Test Complete, etc. Regression testing is all about trial and error, so make the most of it! Don’t make random choices, instead find a reliable software development company around and get started! 

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5 Tips to Make Your Company Schedule More Organize

Many companies have been struggling to stay ahead of competitors in the market of ever-changing demands. Even if your company is doing well, you might feel like you are running on frayed nerves and could use some help to make more efficient plans for the future. We understand that many scheduling obstacles need to be overcome for your company to move forward, but with these resources and tips, it will be more accessible than ever before.

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5 Tips to Make Your Company Schedule More Organize

  1. Create A Solid and Reliable Plan

Whether you are having difficulty establishing a plan or compromising a situation, you can make it easier to enjoy your company each week by following some essential steps. Most of us know that we need to create plans before we have to be working, and most employees tend to procrastinate preparing plans that they know better than themselves. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth the time, effort, and focus because planning is usually the first step in creating a successful schedule within your company. You don’t want to feel unprepared and see what a mess your company can become.

  1. Get A Schedule That’s Perfect For You

It is crucial to get a good plan that will work for you and your family, and you should always consider the most critical factors that will determine how you want to spend your time. You can get a detailed schedule that aligns with your personal life and will give you the most efficient way to make money and improve at work, or you can opt for a more relaxed schedule that is perfectly aligned with your personal life. The choice is yours, but you should not let business decisions be at the forefront of your priority list.

  1. Understand the Importance of Scheduling

If your company has a solid plan, you should feel like a gear shift happens right before your eyes. It’s important to consider that planning is critical because you may miss out on something if no plans exist. If you’re not careful, you can quickly become overwhelmed and miss out on necessary appointments or meetings. It’s also possible that you won’t be able to have a positive relationship with your colleagues if there is no planning involved.

  1. Build a Team that Works Together

It might seem like a load of work at first, but developing solid relationships with all of your employees can help you make better plans for company-wide goals. You can easily make a schedule that fits everyone’s personal needs and plans, and you might find that this is a lot easier than you expected. When you build solid relationships with your team, you will feel like your company is moving in the right direction for the first time.


  1. Find Helpful Resources

If you want to take your plans to the next level, you have to consider finding resources that will be helpful. There is a good chance your company will benefit from technology that makes scheduling more straightforward and efficient. Cloud-based solutions are some of the most popular and will help you create schedules in a fraction of the time. It would be best to take advantage of the tools to make every effort count. The following are resources that could be helpful:

  1. Google Calendar

A great way to use a program like exchange shared calendar android to create schedules is by using a grid layout that makes it easy to see how much time is left each day. You can also add appointments and notes to your calendar, which should help make things run smoothly for you.

  1. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Office has unique features for Outlook users, but you can still use an email application like this to schedule meetings, events, and more on the calendar. You can make sure that it’s easy to get in touch with your staff, but it will help ensure that you have the right meetings and conversations.

  1. Acuity Scheduling

email subscribers

Acuity Scheduling can help you make the best possible schedule for your work, although it requires you to use the cloud. It’s essential to use this feature to help you get more organized and streamline your communications with employees.

  1. Doodle

Doodle is an excellent way to schedule meetings, and you can use it for free. You can also get various calendar options and find some right for you. It’s always easy to use Doodle because of its simple interface, and it should be easy to manage your company’s communications so that they are more efficient.

Creating a solid plan for your company is essential. It’s never fun to feel like you’re heading down the wrong path, and it will be challenging to keep things on track with a disorganized schedule. You can get a detailed schedule that you know works for you, so take advantage of some of these great resources. The results should be impressive, and it might allow you to have a good time at work finally!



Eric Reyes is a passionate thought leader having been featured in 50 distinguished online and offline platforms. His passion and knowledge in Finance and Business made him a sought-after contributor providing valuable insights to his readers. You can find him reading a book and discussing current events in his spare time.