E-Commerce businesses thrive all around the world as in the digital age; most people find it easy to find everything they need in cyberspace. The basic reason for this concern is the convenience through which anyone can find whatever he is looking for on the world wide web. Companies like Amazon and eBay are world-renowned in offering millions of products and services to the customers. And that’s where they have to deal with lots of problems.

Millions of customers are logged in simultaneously on amazon.com and also its other portals in other countries of the world. Managing every customer is not an easy feat by any means, and the requirement for big businesses is immense in this concern. For small businesses and startups, they need mechanisms, process, or service through which they can deal with their customers in a secure way. VPN is one of the services which I would like to discuss in detail now.

VPN Services

While VPN is not that beneficial to the end-users, for companies dealing with their branch offices and remote teams, this is a vital aspect. Even when everything is a smooth sail, VPN can be very effective. But in the current scenario, when every company relies on remote teams and employees working from home, coming up with a virtual private network to connect with them is an absolute necessity.

Although encryption is not an inherent part of VPN, it is a common feature and the one which serves as an important one. VPN is established through an encrypted layered tunneling protocol. VPN users use authentication methods like User ID/Passwords and certificates to log in to the virtual networks. This is very important as the encryption and requirement of a password for certificates is what makes these networks fully secure and reliable to use.

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You can get free VPNs too from any service provider online, but in this way, you will compromise your data and security of your employee’s information too. That’s why dedicated business VPN is recommended by experts in this field.

Let me first describe what a dedicated server is, and then I will offer you a brief introduction to the VPN.

Dedicated and Shared Servers

Dedicated servers are your own personal server where only your data is saved. A company leases an entire server not shared with anyone else. In shared hosting, your data is stored with a host of other data from different companies or even individuals. Although you can get shared servers on dirt-cheap rates, your data can be severely compromised and even can be difficult to retrieve even at a time when you need it the most.

Any company or business has Full control over the service, how they handle it, and 99.9% uptime is guaranteed. Dedicated servers are not that expensive if you will see the long-term benefits of it. You can choose the type of hardware and software according to your preferences. On the other hand, with the shared server, you will be pressed for choice as it is not much you can choose when it comes to all the configuration related to the service.

Dedicated VPN

Just like dedicated servers, dedicated VPN is also getting the attention of businesses worldwide. As we have already discussed the use of service, even in normal circumstances, the current scenario surely commands exceptional and unique solutions. And a dedicated VPN is one of them as there are many features and facilities that businesses can get by incorporating such a service.

For businesses across the globe, VPN is one of the most secure ways of dealing with remote teams and customers. With a dedicated VPN, it goes one step further so that there is an extra layer of security with complete dedication offered to the businesses. The bandwidth and connectivity issues are one of the most important aspects of this consent, so that businesses go for a dedicated VPN rather than a simple one, for free.


Bandwidth simply refers to the Data transfer rate as it is an important factor when the transfer of data over the network is measured.  By using a VPN, the data rate slows down, very minutely, but enough to make it recognizable. A regular occurrence of this factor can hurt businesses, as in peak time, the data transfer rate will be lower substantially. That’s why maximum bandwidth is required to make sure that no impact is borne by the company or businesses.


Connectivity is concerned with the physical network, and the ISP as the bandwidth can be compromised if the connectivity is not at its optimum. For dedicated VPN, both the bandwidth and the connectivity are very crucial because even small apps in the quality of these two can hurt the productivity of the dedicated servers and VPN too.

When the return on investment is accounted for over a long period of time, a dedicated VPN will fare much better as against a normal VPN. While a free VPN will cost you nothing, but even using it for more than 20 people, the performance will be hampered. Because you haven’t paid anything for the VPN, you can’t really complain to the service provider, and that can hurt your business very quickly.

Apart from many other benefits, dedicated servers offer high performance and security that are the hallmark of any professional service. Businesses around the world also rely on their email service as well because much correspondence with their customers is done through email, including the verification of orders and other important and sensitive data.

That’s why the stability of email service is also important. A dedicated server can do the trick for businesses. And as discussed before, businesses have total control over the physical in software configuration of the service.

Final Word

The use of a dedicated VPN for business is a decision that can work for them in the long-term. With the current situation in mind, companies need to think about the security and the stability factor while conducting business online, and a dedicated VPN will offer them every chance to succeed without thinking about effects.

If you want to know more about any of the aspects mentioned in this blog or if you want to offer your valuable feedback for this blog, you are welcome. Please use the comments section below in this regard.

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