Drop shipping is a prevalent model of business for novel entrepreneurs, especially millennials and Gen Xers, because of the skills of internet marketing that are outweighing financial capacities. Since you do not require handling or stocking the things on sale, there is a possibility of starting a drop shipping business with minimal funds.

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An e-commerce site operating the drop shipping model buys and sells products from manufacturers and third-party suppliers, who then fulfill the order. This cuts your costs of operation and frees up the time needed to focus on the efforts of acquiring new customers.

If you want to start a drop shipping business that competes with giants in the retail sector, and you are doing it on a minimal budget, use the steps below. While it does not need a lot of funds to start this business, it requires a lot of hard work.

Choose a niche

The niche of choice needs to have less focus and something you are interested in genuinely; the product range that does not have a focus on the market. In case you are not passionate about your niche of choice; you will be apt on getting discouraged; since it takes so much work to scale your drop business successfully. Below are a few aspects to consider while choosing a niche;

Look for attractive profits

While running a model of the drop shipping business, the whole focus is on marketing and acquisition of customers; therefore the work needed to sell an item for twenty dollars is the same as selling a product worth one thousand five hundred dollars. Choose a niche with expensive products.

Low costs of shipping are vital. Although the manufacturer or supplier will handle shipping in case the price is very high, it will function like customer repellant. Look for something which is affordable to ship, and this will offer you the option of providing free shipping to clients and absorbing the cost as an expense of the business to attract additional sales.

You need to make sure that the product is appealing to impulse buyer with income that is disposable. When you put your focus on driving website traffic, you will want to experience high conversion rates because the majority of visitors will never come back. The things you are selling need to trigger impulse appeal and buys to individuals with the ability to purchase immediately.

You need to make sure that people are searching for the product actively. Employ the keyword planner and trends from Google to check common terms relating to your niche. If there is no one searching for what you want to sell, you are already dead before even beginning.

Create your brand

The drop shipping business you start will have a lot of value if it is possible to rebrand what you are selling and give it your look. Seek a line or product that can be white labeled and sell it as your brand with customized branding and packaging.

Sell something which is available locally

You need to pick something that clients cannot find on the streets. In this way, you become beautiful to potential customers.

Carry out competitive search

You need to remember that you are competing with competing with other operations and retail giants like Amazon and Walmart. This is where many potential shippers miss it since they look for products with no or little competition. It is a sign that there is no demand for that item.

There are a lot of reasons why products may not have so much competition, like manufacturing and supplier issues, high costs of shipping, or poor margins of profit. Seek for items with the tournament since it is a sign that the demand is high and model of the business is sustainable.

Secure the supplier

Partnering with wrong suppliers can ruin your enterprise; therefore it is crucial not to rush through this step. You need to conduct due diligence. Many drop shipping businesses are overseas, which make communication important in terms of the ability to understand one another and response speed. In case you are not one hundred percent confident in the skills of contact of the supplier, move on with your search.

Alibaba has a tremendous online resource for identifying and communicating with potential suppliers and manufacturers. You need to make sure that you ask many questions and learn their capacity to the product in the vent the business is growing. You need to make sure that they can scale with you.

Learn from other drop shipping business entrepreneurs who have gone through this path. There are a lot of sources of information, from tech and business blogs to subreddit about drop shipping. This topic is favorite since it helps in avoiding costly mistakes to the supplier.

Constructing an e-commerce site

The easiest and fastest method of launching a website which support the drop shipping model is by use of the simple platform of commerce like Shopify. You do not require a tech background to be up and running and has many apps to assist increase sales volumes.

Even when you have a small budget that can allow you to employ a web development and web design firm to curate a custom solution, it is wise to use plug and play options in the beginning. After becoming established and some revenue is streaming in, you can then explore added customizations of the site.

Create a plan of acquiring customers

Having a great site and great product is good; however, without the clients to purchase, you do not have a business. There are many ways of attracting potential clients, but the option that is effective is starting an ad campaign on Facebook.


You need to track all metrics and data that is available for the growth of your business. It includes Facebook conversion pixel data and Google analytics data; if that is your primary channel of customer acquisition. When you want to track each conversation to know the origin of the customer and the path they took on the website that led to sales; it helps you to scale what is functional and eliminate what does not. You will not have to put in place a set and forget the marketing or advertising solution. You have to fine-tune current campaigns and test new opportunities, which will allow for a shift in the battle to spend or know the date of optimizing your budget.

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