In order to break down barriers and promote collaboration between each company’s department, open offices are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. However, they can also increase distractions at work, so that you’ll end up hearing the gossip and chit-chats of your colleagues a few desks away. Under this circumstance, you would be glad to have a pair of headphones, which are a really helpful companion at work. Here’s why bringing your headphones in the office is a pretty wise decision:

1.Get in Your Work Zone

Putting your headphones on can help you to create your own work zone amidst open office with low or no partitions. You may have seen your attention wander because of co-workers’ chats and other ordinary activities. A pair of noise canceling headphones can help you to screen out as much as three-fourths of office chaos soundtrack.

It can also be a perfect way to discourage others from interrupting you when you are on a roll with a task that requires concentration and deep thought. Some workers sometimes put their headphones on to prevent interruptions caused by listening to anything because it can release a signal that you don’t want your work zone to be broken into. Therefore, your colleagues will be (or they should be) less inclined to come over to talk with you unless absolutely necessary.

In some ways, headphones can improve your focus at work as well. When you turn off the noise of your open office and filter the unimportant interferences of your colleagues, the tasks that you are struggling to focus on will become a lot easier to knock out.

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2. Make You Insanely Productive and Creative

There is an overwhelming amount of research out there prove that a pair of headphones with music on is helpful at work. It can positively impact your brain’s reactiveness and make your nine to five schedule more productive and creative. That’s because headphones with melodious sounds on will activate the release of dopamine in the reward area of your brain. So you will feel like tasting a delicious food or smelling a pleasant aroma.

The result of this stimulation can pump up your energy and give you a positive mood. If you’ re not in the right situation at work, you need a headphone like SOMIC headphones. Put it on with pleasing tunes, and it will break you out of just thinking one way and influence your productivity, specifically for the tasks that require a lot of creative thinking or problem-solving. Your ability to organize material and recognize letters is much faster in positive feelings; thus it can get easier for you to come up with better ideas and solutions to a problem.

When you are in a negative situation, you are more likely to make a decision hastily; you may close your mind to alternative suggestions. If your company is headphones friendly, put it on! Your task performance will increase significantly if you’re in a good mood, and you will perform better than those who sat in silence with headphones off.

3.Create Your Unique Working Atmosphere

You can create your unique working atmosphere with headphones on by choosing different kinds of music to listen to according to the task you are performing. If you are on tasks that require concentration, organization, and inspiration like writing, ideas-creating, you’d probably want to pick some soft, mellow music without lyrics. Such music can reduce distractions as well as help you to get your creative juices flowing and knock out your tasks that are hard to stay focused on. Conversely, you are recommended to choose video game music that can motivate you when you are doing tedious tasks. It has been proven that music like this is wonderful for getting through repetitive tasks more quickly than usual. More importantly, you should listen to any kind of music that can motivate you and provide a positive impact. Or even better, measure the performance of your task after listening to different types of music at work and choose the most helpful one that creates your own working atmosphere.

4. Make Tedious Tasks Seem Fun

Using noise-canceling headphones at work like the SOMIC noise-canceling gaming headset that can provide you with a powerful listening experience. Bursting you into the songs will take the boredom out of repetitive tasks and make your regular job seem fun. This happens not only because of the dopamine released by the music’s stimulation, but it also comes from the music rhythm. The danceable beets can provide good emotions for you to go through the working day full of energy and raise your job satisfaction. So it is really useful when you are gloomy on a Monday morning or suffering because of a job that is hard to accomplish.

In short, wearing your headphones and listening to something catchy can help you work more cheerfully and efficiently. If you are planning to get one, you should focus on its comfortability and sound quality.

There is a brand of headphones that combine these features at a reasonable price. SOMIC, a leading headphone, headsets, and earphones manufacturer, has achieved great success in developing the international market. Their products are sold in more than 200 countries and areas in the world since 1999. You can get a great pair of high-quality headphones and can even get good ones for under $50.

Take for example the SOMIC G951 noise canceling gaming headset, which has an attractive appearance and a powerful sound experience with surround stereo. And the SOMIC G936N Commander gaming headset, which provides a true 7.1 virtual experience, a flexible 3 sound effect mode switch, a 50mm sound generating unit, and skin-friendly mash earmuffs.

The coolest feature of these headphones? Noise cancellation, which can keep unwanted sounds out, and you can not only use it when you are working, but it also gives you excellent gaming experience.

What more could we be asking for?

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