SEO or search engine optimization determines if your content appears on the most searched or your content is lacking way behind.  Google, for example, has come up with algorithm updates to determine good content from the bad ones and if you leave it to google and if your content is anything from brilliant it will not appear on the most search pages of the web. If you want your content to appear on the top, then you should come up with content that is nothing but brilliant and captivates the reader. Google algorithm updates are it pigeon or panda has the ability to separate the good content from the bad ones. Let us learn more of the seven types of Google algorithm updates 

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Goggle panda updates

Google panda might be the first to strike. This update separates good content from bad ones, and if you want to end up on the top, then the quality of your content should be anything but brilliant.

What prompts panda?

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The content: the first thing is the content, and the number of words on the pages viewed by the user is important 

 Low quality: the quality of the content is very important. If the user has a bad experience visiting your site either because of the content like photos, grammatical mistakes, and designs that could lead to distraction, these are reasons enough why a user would never visit your site again 

Meaningless content: another reason what google would check is how helpful your content has been to the user. Copied content is not tolerated by Google, and they are frowned upon

Copied content: Google frowns upon the copied text, and they don’t promote copied content .much of the updates would check on the originality of the content.

Original content: original content is very important, and goggle panda too would appreciate original content. Google panda promotes original content. If the content is original, it lands up in good ranks in google panda. Hence it is essential to come up with original materials rather than copying from other websites.

Google penguin updates

The second one to strike after google panda is google penguin. This update is a little different than google panda, but it has many similarities too.

What prompts penguin?

Buying of links: it’s an absolute no to buy links.  For the exchange of money, it is absolutely a violation of google webmaster guidelines to acquiring links that pass the Page Rank.

Text available on the backline: another reason why it’ll look like to google that you’re trying to improve your rankings is when the text is similar everywhere. When the text is similar google will prompt it as copying and trying to improve rankings  

Not up to par links: low-quality links will harm your webpage and rank low in google.

Google pigeon

Google separates the local search from the traditional web search. Google uses two algorithms to search but in order to change this google updated this, by co-operating the two together and this resulted in the website ranking that is based on the distance from the user and the business location.

Google hummingbird

The era of the semantic search was started by the hummingbird. Unlike panda and penguin, the reason for hummingbirds is not to improve website ranking, the whole purpose of a hummingbird is to reform search in itself. Hummingbird would like to improve the search by asking the audience the intent of their search and the algorithm was made such that it returns back materials based on the intent of the users.

Google payday loan

Google payday loan started out in 2013 when google decided to keep a check on pornographic, high interest and online live casino Singapore and others similar to them. This Google update keeps a check on the high-risk SEO sites. This has been beneficial in helping to curb the pornographic sites and high-interest loan sites.

Google mobile-friendly update

Google started a mobile-friendly search algorithm, and it was a success, and more people were using their mobile phones to search for particular subjects that interest them. The mobilegeddon was started in2015, and it didn’t see the light of the day until 2018. The mobile-friendly update is the latest thing, and it’s here to stay. 

Google Fred

There are numerous freds. The small update which is created in the google search algorithm daily is called fred.

What prompts the Fred?

Aggressive advertisement: the reason why user visit website basically is because fred helps the websites that choose content over ad revenue 

Thin content: if users find their content elsewhere then fred would award the other website too


Therefore, we can see that google updates are really essential in SEO, and the better the content they search for it too arise in google too. Through the Google search algorithm updates, we see that there are seven updates with its own uses and ways to improve ranking in the search. It is to be noted that in the penguin and panda both these updates talk about rankings in the search category but what’s beneficial is that they give about the reason why the web pages are not doing well in the search, and also it tells us the reason as to why these updates are prompted on particular webpages. All the updates are important, and they are beneficial in their own ways. 


Finally, to conclude, we can say that the google search algorithm updates are essential for SEO as it helps the user in so many ways. With the help of these algorithms, users have a better result in their search. Like for example, a hummingbird update would help users find their content on the intent of their search, while the mobile-friendly updates would help in optimizing content to the size of the mobile phones. Each of the updates has its own features which would help the users in their own ways.

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