One of the key factors to a successful business is proper marketing. The same holds true for a successful dental practice. Apart from providing quality service to its existing patients, offering the latest treatment options, competitive pricing helps add new patients every month. In order to attract new patients to your dental practice, a need for a good marketing plan is vital. Listed below are some effective marketing ideas to grow your business. 

Do an SEO on your Website

One of the most common ways of searching for any service is through a quick look at one of the search engines. The chances of your business being visited by a user and making an appointment are higher if the ranking on the search engine is higher. For the website to be ranked higher, it has to be optimized using on-page SEO which involves making the site more user-friendly, having good content and much more. After the on-page SEO is done, backlinks have to be created along with the regular posting of content. A well-optimized website is bound to get organic traffic and that can be a great marketing strategy. 

Optimize the My Business Page

This is the simplest and the best marketing strategy that consumes very little time. By optimizing the Google My Business page there will be an immediate growth in the organic traffic as the local listings come up when there is a location-based search. While filling out the following ensure that you cover the following:

  • The business category which helps the users search for their specific requirement
  • Business description
  • Main phone number, address and hours of operation
  • Review section 

Use email marketing

Email marketing is one of the important forms of marketing and it holds true even for a dental practice. It can not only engage existing patients but also invite new ones and try to pull former patients back and is one of the successful marketing ideas. For such great ideas, you will need professional help.  It is one of the best ways to increase conversion rates by just creating a series of newsletters or emailers.  Ensure that you send weekly content to the target audience and subscribers to get better revenue.

Download Branding Resources Guide

Building a brand starts by having the right tools and advice. Download our top 10 essential tools and resources to kick-start your branding.

Referral bonus system

A patient bonus referral program is a great motivation for existing patients to bring new ones to your practice. If an existing patient recommends someone to your practice and that person visits you then the referrer is rewarded with a discount, a dental product or other such things. This is a win-win situation for both you and the patient, as they get a bonus and the practice gets new patients. Moreover, doing this is simple as all you have to do is, hand the old patients referral cards or send them as an mail. 

Appointment reminders

One of the major problems in a dental clinic is that patients may not show up for their appointments. So it is essential to have reminders, be it a phone call or an app to remind patients of the visit. One can use the calendar alerts to send reminders via email or phone and remind booking confirmations.

Marketing your dental practice needs a lot of patience and dedicated work and if you don’t have the time you can always consult an expert. 

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