There is no argument that stubborn companies that refuse to adapt to the new way of business management are doomed to crash and burn in the long run. Enterprises that do not use any modern technology in their business operations are losing out on both their present and future competition. There are now many tools that exist to help companies grow and scale, such as applications that manage enterprise contracts, track cash flows and prove analytics.

Sticking to the “old ways” will not do the company any good as many systems have all been rendered inefficient or redundant by software tools. There is now a race towards building a smart company. And the fun part is that it is not exclusive to the big corporations. Even startups and small businesses are exerting efforts into integrating as much automation and AI into their standard operating procedures to gain leverage over their competitors.

Here I have created a list of the best tools for some business operations that your company needs this 2020.

Internal Communication

Communication is essential within any organization. The chances of miscommunication in a team that has no reliable messaging platform are high. In line with this, the resulting consequences from even the slightest sense of misunderstanding could bring in a lot of unnecessary confusion and mistakes to the company. 

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An effective messaging platform needs to be set and standardized to foster not only a good working relationship between employees but also improve the overall efficiency and productivity of the office.

Some of the best tools that I found are:

Data Storage

In the past, the only way to have records of a company’s business transactions are through a paper trail and hard copies of documents. However, with the advancement of technology and the improvement of cloud-based systems, it is now possible to upload all of the company’s files on an online server where they are safe from physical harm. Aside from the security, a search tool makes it easier to locate files instead of having to browse through hundreds upon hundreds of folders. 

On top of that, a convenient feature of online data storage is that any administrator can access the files wherever and whenever as long as they have access to the Internet.

 Some of the best servers for data storage are:


Analytics and Search Engine Optimization may sound like intimidating concepts, but with the right tools and training, they are easy to understand. Analytics is vital to any business, regardless of whether it’s a big corporation or a small startup. Analytics provide valuable insights that greatly help with a company owner’s decision-making.

The best analytics tools available so far in the market are:

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is now one of the most significant time-consuming activities in the world. It is estimated that in 2018, the average person spent an average of 136 minutes a day. As of today, this number has probably already doubled as there are now more fun features to keep users occupied. At the same time, the life of an individual, both social and professional, can now revolve around social media.

This is why social media marketing has become one of the best marketing strategies to use to help brands connect with customers, increase their brand awareness, boost their number of leads, and increase their sales. Managing social media accounts can be quite a tedious task, and thankfully, there are software applications available for companies to use, such as:

Other Internal Processes

Some internal processes are best left to automation. For example, GatekeeperHQ’s contract management software can easily make your contract management process much faster and with fewer errors and hassle than any experienced contract manager can. On the other hand, there is Quickbooks which allows users to track company expenses, carefully manage cash flows, and create online invoices for better business management.


At the end of the day, this technology is only as powerful as the one using them. Users must take the time of the day to properly understand each aspect and feature of the automation tools to get the optimal results!

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