Recruiting an employee is a challenging process and retaining your best people, needs a lit bit of more effort. It requires to implement honest and thoughtful employee recognition. Such a culture motivates and rewards employees in a way that extends far beyond material incentives. In today’s hectic schedules employee recognition is a powerful employee tool to reach out to your best employees and motivate them to strive harder.

So, why are so many leaders still neglecting this invaluable practice? Most of the leaders don’t recognize the importance of this powerful tool as they received little recognition in their careers. They underestimate this idea to grow and retain their company staff. Eventually, it takes extra effort from their side to recognize their employee’s achievements and reward them with suitable needs.

If you are an employee who refers to your employees as one of your valuable resources and wants to retain your top talent. Then you can start to initiate some change in your workplace by implementing an employee recognition program. To know more about employee recognition program benefits, click here. Below are some 6 helpful and loving ways for an employee recognition program that you can custom design as per your business and industry-

1. Personalized appreciation

Make sure to create a culture of recognition in which there are emails in where one employee alone is appreciated for the efforts given. This creates a sense of longing for everyone and would try to work harder to achieve it. A personalized hand-written note is something that will never go out of style since people love to feel valued. Mention highlighting what they have done to be deserving of this appreciation.

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2. The Extra Mile programs

A special program to an employee who goes beyond their call of duty and strives to make things happen for the company. This is known as the extra mile program where the company will constitute a special kit to the employee who went the extra mile and made a contribution to the company. It can consist of supporting a team member, working after office hours, did overtime during a company crisis, etc. Receiving recognition on behalf of small acts of kindness will become a part of the company culture for which employees are trained to think beyond just their job descriptions.

3. Wall of fame

On achieving monthly or yearly targets a company can keep some rewards in terms of motivation. Wall of fame is also one type of recognition where the company’s most valuable employee is being recognized by having their photos displayed on a wall specially set up for this purpose. It lends inspiration for all the other employees and motivates them to take it as a challenge.

4. Offer beyond-the-call-of-duty perks

A company can also provide those employees with special privileges of parking space or paid time off who consistently perform at the highest levels. Sometimes they can even receive some financial incentives for work well-performed. The financial incentives should be open-ended and unpredictable to motivate their employees to work harder.

5. Surprise Bonuses

Appreciating your employee with surprises, in the form of money, coupon codes, vouchers, travel packages, etc. can boost their confidence.  Adding a small note of hand-written appreciation attached with it will feel extremely genuine thus making your employees feel valued. Such kind of employee recognition practices can make a difference in any kind of organization.

6. Build an employee retention program

Incorporating an employee retention program in your company will also create moments that people will look forward to. Employ a reward system or a cash bonus or paid vacation for an employee who stays with the company for many years. This is a great idea and always effective when implemented well and motivate the employees to look forward to work for more time with the company.

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