If you are here today looking for ways to improve your Instagram bio, it’s obvious that you want to promote your brand and increase your followers. You are definitely making the right move because where your content and your images matter, the bio matters too!

We’ve seen a lot of people overlooking the importance of their account’s bio.

This is where they are wrong! Your Instagram account’s bio matters a lot, and it does affect your followers, which is one thing that’s established by now.

Even with the little space you have, you can add several different valuable things to your bio section. For example, you can use LinkInBio to add multiple links of your social media platforms and your websites, etc, in your Instagram bio. This is one great way to drive traffic to all those platforms and to present yourself as a credible brand in front of your audience.

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How to Create The Best Instagram Bio

If you still are confused and if you want more tips to create the best Instagram bio, then read on. We are now going to offer some of the most impressive tips in front of you that will make a difference.

1- Use keywords

Yes, you read that, right! It’s not just your content that requires the support of keywords, in fact, your bio needs it too. Confused about where to insert the keywords in your bio? Well, you just have to do that in the name field area. The name field basically covers the first 30 characters of your bio, and these characters are quite important for your Instagram’s SEO. So consider that part and do add the keywords that will bring you more traffic.

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2- Add Links

Just what we said earlier, the second most important thing is to add links to your different other social media platforms. This way, you appear more credible and trustworthy to your followers. In order to be able to add more than one link in your bio, you can use LinkInBio.xyz. It’s a reputable website that will help you add multiple links to your account.

3- Use Spacing

We know it’s tough to put down so much information in such little space, but you have to do it but in an organized way. Speaking of which, you need to use proper space between the lines so that your followers can go through your bio easily. In other words, your bio is supposed to be easy on the eyes. Don’t make it difficult for your followers to read it because if you do so, you might end up losing them.

4- Call To Action

Whether it’s a website, a social media account, or some blog, your CTAs matter a lot, and there’s no doubt in this fact. Especially your Instagram bio is just the right place for you to add a Call To Action button. This button is what will guide your audience about the thing that they have to do next. It’s important, and you shouldn’t overlook its importance in any case.

5- Use Hashtags

When it comes to Instagram, hashtags are your golden ticket to success. We know it’s tough to find the right hashtags to use, but believe it or not, they do play an important role in increasing your followers. Just try finding the hashtags that you know your followers will be looking for.

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These are some of the best tips to use when it comes to creating the best Instagram bio. We can bet on the fact that with these tips, you will witness a visible difference in your follower’s list.

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