The demand for health-related products and services has burgeoning now more than ever because of the Covid-19 pandemic. People are a lot more conscious about their health and well-being and are willing to explore and invest in/buy healthcare utilities. Not just this, we have also witnessed the integration of digital media and technology into all areas of business, changing the way they strategize, operate, and deliver their products and services to consumers.

Another trendy news is that CBD has taken over the market with brands offering a great variety of products. Call it a new fad or the need of the hour but, this hemp extraction is the latest uproar. Today the market is flooded with all kinds of CBD-infused products, and everyone wants to add the best CBD Gummies to their carts. Another such unique product is CBD-infused chocolate. This beneficial and delicious edible has become CBD lovers’ new big thing.

With such growing demand, it becomes imperative to keep up with the competition. If you are looking for marketing strategies to promote/advertise your CBD brand, congratulations! You are on the right page.

Why Is Marketing Important?

Let’s make it clear, ‘You cannot sell anything if you can’t tell anything’ – Beth Comstock.

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A research carried out by Data Bridge Market Research (DBMR) reveals that the CBD edibles market is forecasted to expand at a CAGR of 25% between 2020 – 2027. It is a fact that the demand for Sunday Scaries CBD products is reaching new heights with each passing year. New brands are rapidly entering the market with fresh and innovative ideas with a zeal to win the loyalty of consumers.

In such a market condition, both the existing and the new brands must strive to establish their goodwill and build a strong relationship with the customers by reaching out to them and telling them about the brand’s purpose. For this, brands need to start right and take the lead to foster growth and customer loyalty by rebranding. Here are some reasons highlighting the need for marketing in such unprecedented times:

1. Smart marketing can help you to stand out

2. Building healthy relationship/connect with the consumers is fundamental

3. Maintaining a positive brand image 

4. Creating brand differentiation is paramount

5. Consumers crave a sense of belonging

6. Keeping up with new advancements

7. To earn an edge over the competitors

8. Understand the needs and requirements of the consumers

9. Helps to drive/boost sales

10. To make informed decisions by determining the survival span of the business

Marketing CBD Chocolates

Cannabidiol is not just another member of the cannabis family. It is a medicinal substance that has the potential for treating a variety of ailments and diseases. Its aid ranges from concerns like anxiety, stress, body ache to the rarest of conditions. CBD can cure and comfort a plethora of issues.

CBD is one of the fastest-growing consumer trends, and CBD-infused chocolates are the new favorites of the cannabidiol community. If you own or are a part of a brand that sells CBD chocolates or any such edibles, here is a list of what you should be focusing on while strategizing a marketing plan for your product:

1. Build your social media community

Since social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are widely, frequently, and heavily used by everyone, start building a community on social media by spreading awareness about your brand’s mission, purpose, values, and promise.

2. Try out influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has become quite popular today. This kind of marketing helps in reaching out or capturing an organic audience. It also pushes brands to overcome advertising restrictions on strict social media platforms.

3. Invest in paid online advertising

A little paid promotion killed no one. It will instead boost your online visibility. You have to buy time and space for your ads from paid search platforms to publish on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

4. Send marketing emails to customers

Email marketing is an excellent way to stay in touch with your customers and keep them informed and in sync with your new advancements and offers.

5. Publish creative video advertisements

There is no doubting the fact that audio-visual is the most effective and impactful form of communication. Get your creative juices flowing and plan on creating good quality video advertisements. Team up with a professional creative advertising agency if required. Since you are promoting health-related services or products, focus more on informing and educating your target audience.

6. Regularly update your website

Make sure your website is always up-to-date. Publish product-centric blogs on your website regularly. Ensure that your website’s UI is user-friendly and organized. Do not forget to publish relevant images/graphics and statistical graphs (if any) to support the information that you are disseminating through your website.

7. Prepare engaging & informative digital campaigns

Brainstorm and prepare thoughtful and interactive digital campaigns for your social media community and target audience. Good research work, planning, and strategizing will go a long way. Collaborating with experienced healthcare professionals will build trust for your brand, which can further boost your credibility.

8. Switch to location-based SEO

If you are an organization with a local branch, investing in setting up a local listing on search engines will be your best decision. Provide all the necessary details, for example, your organization’s name, address, working hours, contact number, and link to your website backed up with some images to help your customers find you easily.

9. Reach out, connect and gather feedback via online platforms

Interactive disposition adds to the goodwill and credibility of a brand.

10.  Do not underestimate the power of going online in 2021. Learn from already established and successful brands and most importantly, Sell the problem you solve, not the product.” – Matt Mazzie


Since the CBD market is expanding and infinite brands are a part of the race, there exist marketers/brands who mislead the consumers by putting up false information about their products. Either they put way less quantity of CBD in their products than they claim to, or they mingle a high dose of content-rich in THC (which can cause intoxication) instead of pure CBD. Cheating the consumers, especially when the impurity of the product can be harmful to their health and well-being, is probably the worst sin a brand can commit. Be a responsible organization and make sure you don’t hoodwink the consumers into purchasing from you.

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