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The Pros Of A Balanced Scorecard

Recent research indicates that companies which use the Balanced Scorecard approach usually outperform those without a formal approach when it comes to performance management.

Here is a look at the benefits using a Balanced Scorecard will offer:

Better Strategic Planning

The Balanced Scorecard provides a robust framework for communicating and building strategy. Business models are visualized in Strategy Maps, forcing managers to consider cause and effect relationships. The process of coming up with a Strategy Map ensures that a consensus is reached when it comes to interrelated strategic objectives. That means that both future performance key enablers like intangibles and performance outcomes are identified to create a holistic view of the strategy. If you are wondering about this approach, here is a good post on how to use a balanced scorecard.

Improved Strategy Communication

Since strategies with all their interrelated objectives are mapped on a single piece of paper, it becomes easier for companies to communicate their strategy both externally and internally. This makes understanding the strategy easier and helps engage both external stakeholders and staff in the review and delivery process of the strategy.

Better Management Information

A Balanced Scorecard approach pushes organizations to think about and design key performance indicators that suit their strategic objectives. This way, companies measure the things that matter. Research shows that is true as companies using the Balanced Scorecard approach usually report much higher quality when it comes to how they manage their information and increasing benefits dictate how this data is used to guide strategic decision making and management insights.

Improved Performance Reporting

Companies that use a Balanced Scorecard often report and communicate performance better than those that don’t have a structured approach when it comes to performance management. Increasing transparency needs and requirements can be met if organizations create more meaningful management dashboard and reports to communicate their performance both externally and internally. This approach helps organizations identify what they should report, and a Strategy Map template is one effective way of visualizing performance, particularly if the various measures and objectives are communicated in traffic light format and color-coded management dashboards.

These are some of the compelling benefits the Balanced Scorecard has to offer; however, they cannot be realized if a Balanced Scorecard isn’t properly implemented or if one takes too many shortcuts when implementing it.

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Social Media Marketing Advice To Ease Your Mental Health

Using social media in order to market your business may sound like a good idea, but sometimes, doing so can sap away your energy and lead to anxiety. If you find yourself anxious with a sense of dread before logging in, here are some of the ways that you can alleviate these feelings:

1. Take A Break

Though some online sources will have you believe that if you step away from your social media page your business will die, it’s simply not true! Only come back to social media marketing when you feel at ease doing so and can give it to you all. Sometimes, that feeling never comes, and that’s okay, too! There are other avenues in order to reach out to potential and existing clients. In the meantime, allow yourself to recharge by focusing on the more relaxing creative aspects of your business.

The fear of losing clients is real, but do keep in mind that the people who like you will follow you wherever you go. The people that were disinterested or casual dealing with your business were simply never serious in the first place!

2. Don’t Get Overwhelmed

One of the reasons that business owners dread the thought of posting online is simply because they have too many social media pages to create content for according to Chicago based psychologist Clarity Chi. However, one way to circumvent this problem is to become more selective and focus on one or two social media pages that you feel confident working with. For example, some business owners really like how concise Twitter is and it doesn’t need you to post photographs with every Tweet. You can let go of the pressures associated with running online social media accounts by channeling your energy into one or two pages. Most importantly, you can use this time to put more effort into building personal connections with clients.

3. Post Less With Quality Posts

Most business owners make the mistake of choosing to post several times a day in order to get better search engine rankings. Unfortunately, what everyone ignores is that making many posts in one day really just burns you out and in turn, your content quality will start to suffer. Only post when you have something informative to share with clients that they will find helpful.

Does your content matter? Take a moment to consider what you’re about to post, how it can help others, and whether it makes sense to let it go to the public domain. This type of self-reflection gives your content a much-needed boost. Build a network of solid friends equaling a few hundred versus a network of many friends. Numbers do cause undue stress and also make it hard to curate content in your feed that won’t cause depression.

4. Step Back For Creativity

Did you ever notice that the more time you spend online, the more doubtful and competitive you become? When searching through hundreds of feeds and pages a day, it’s only natural to feel like you’re not good enough compared to other people. Take a few days off and go back to the basics of your business. What is it that you love to do? Whether it’s web design or making pottery, get creative and lay the foundation for a better “you”!

5. Be True To Yourself

Authenticity is a word that we often hear, but it isn’t always applied to social media. When you post information online, you have to remember to be as honest as you reasonably can be. You create a persona when you post snippets of your life online, and you want people to connect with you, not just an entity. What causes the most anxiety when it comes to social media is putting up a fake front and acting differently from how you would normally act.

You can combat anxiety by deciding to be true to yourself as well as your brand while promoting your own personal values. Don’t forget that the pressure you put on yourself is the pressure that’s often reflected in your own social media posts.

Former CEO and co-founder of YouTube, Chad Hurley, described the feeling of pressure most people associate with social media the best. He explained that sometimes, you’re most effective when you ignore what others are doing. Many people copy the latest trends and jump on bandwagons without setting their own paths to success. The point is that you don’t need to mimic others when there are so many opportunities out there for you to individually shine.

Not everyone responds to pressure in the same way, but it’s clear that social media is not a one-size-fits-most solution to business marketing. Sometimes, we need to step back to really understand the role that social media plays in our business strategy development. Instead of choosing to follow the crowds, you need to evaluate how you want to proceed with your company’s marketing.

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3 Red Flags to Look Out For When Choosing an SEO Company

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Most businesses are taking to the digital world to help get their products and services out to the people that they are marketing to. But with everyone on the World Wide Web blasting information out to the world, it can be very challenging for a company to get noticed with all the competition.

This is where SEO agencies can help. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, refers to the practice of optimizing digital content so it gains prominence over others when certain keywords or terms are run through a search engine. A website is ranked based on the authority and authenticity of the content, with link building services a popular way to increase backlinks and improve ranking. Certain algorithms of search engines like Google and Bing can be very tricky to navigate; SEO agencies help by removing the burden of optimizing content so that their clients’ websites will rank higher on search results.

While websites like can help with choosing an SEO agency that will provide results for your business, it’s also important to get your hands dirty and do a bit of research when choosing the best SEO company that you are confident will bring you the results you need. A lot of dubious SEO companies will make offers that are too good to be true just to get you onboard, and will then under-deliver or give results that aren’t what you signed up for.

Here are a few red flags to look out for when finding an SEO company for your business:


How much an SEO company will ask you to pay for their services can be a direct indicator of the quality of work that they will do. If an SEO company has a very low price point for the services they want to provide you, you’re most likely getting poor quality work that will either have very little effect on your search engine rankings or worse, get you punished or blacklisted by the search engine.

Conversely, an SEO company with a high asking price might also not be aware of the conditions that they operate in; there are a lot of SEO agencies that provide high-quality work at reasonable market prices. It’s best to shop around and make a comparison so you can determine the average price for the amount of work you need done at the quality you want to have.


One thing businesses have to understand about SEO is that results do not show up in a matter of days. The indexing process takes a longer time than say, a week. Thorough research has to be done on the content that you provide, and the keywords that your target market uses regularly.

Additionally, search rankings done by Google, for example, are done on a periodic basis. The search ranking schedule alone should tell you that any SEO company who says that they can make your website land on the first page within two days to a week is probably overselling their capabilities or is unaware of how search engines work


Reputable SEO companies will actually provide you with a few samples of the work they do based on previous client submissions. When examining their body of work, be on the lookout for content that has too many links. Overlinked articles will actually be penalized by search engines and will result in lower rankings or potential blacklisting.

It would also do well to ask about the quantity of the work that they submit to search engines. Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo have all advised that over-submission of a site to search engines can actually decrease your search ranking. So be wary if a company makes claims relating to the quality and quantity of the content they submit.

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What Is an RTO and What Would You Need to Start One

The education industry is a vast and diverse one, however, not all of its beneficial aspects are intellectual and altruistic. By becoming an RTO (registered training organization), you can provide an invaluable service to those who desperately need it while making a profit for yourself along the way. RTO is an organization that provides vocational education and training (VET) to students in order to prepare them for their specialized careers later on. Now, even though there are over 5000 RTOs in Australia, most of which are in specialized niches, there’s still some room for growth and advancement.

1. TAFE vs. RTO

Before we proceed to discuss this important issue, it’s important to mention that there are a lot of people who mistake the term TAFE (technical and further education) with the term RTO. While on the surface, these two terms may sound somewhat similar, the fact is that TAFE is government owned and RTO is privately owned makes all the difference in the world. Other than this, TAFE is less niched than RTOs, which are mostly oriented towards equipping one to deal with a very narrow, specific set of services. As for the popularity and the issue of how widespread both of these organization types are, last year about 2.4 million students enrolled in various RTOs across the country, while only about 739,000 did so in various TAFE organizations.

2. RTOs in the business world

One of the greatest differences between RTOs and the traditional, formal, education, lies in the fact that RTO has a great application in the business world. First of all, an RTO expert can make an estimate of skills that are in the greatest demand by your business, as well as compose a development of training program that will allow for it to satisfy its needs. Other than consulting and planning, an RTO can provide training equipment, personnel and reliable RTO materials that are necessary for this task. Most important of all, sometimes knowledge isn’t enough and, in that case, RTO can produce a nationally-recognized qualification or a certificate. In other words, the RTO system isn’t just an element in the present-day business world, it’s one of its supporting pillars.

3. Steps to start an RTO

In order to launch your own RTO, you need to apply for a registration and fulfill several vital steps. First of all, you have to complete the application, pay all the fees for initial registration, go through an initial annual RTO registration charge (right away) and, of course, meet data provision requirements. Keep in mind that this organization isn’t just educational but also financial, in nature, which is why it’ll have to undergo a thorough audit. Later on, if necessary, you’ll have to make certain changes to registration and renew it year after year. Australian Skills Quality Authority is in charge of this and their decision is final, yet, their decision can be contested and changed, provided that you manage to persuade them otherwise. Still, the body reviewing your registration usually tends to be fair and unbiased.

In conclusion

Regardless if you’re someone with an aspiration of starting your own RTO or merely aim to collaborate with one (individually or as a business). Knowing how they work, why they are relevant and what types there are may help you understand them better. As for the registration process, getting familiar with the organization in charge of their approval and supervision might help you trust them substantially more in the future. Either way, all of the above-discussed is a common knowledge that’s more than worth possessing, even though a lot of people still remain oblivious when it comes to specifics of this topic.

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6 Essential Attributes Of Transformational Leadership

Positions of leadership are meant to be for service; you are more of a servant that is working hard to shape the way for others to follow. The strategies discussed below are meant to help you become a better leader and are worth implementing in your daily life.

1. Understand Your Leadership Style

You should start with understanding the kind of leadership style you have; your strengths and weakness so that you know which areas need improvements. You can start by answering this leadership style questionnaire to help you have an idea of how you do things.

After that, you can read about the various attributes of a dominant leadership style and see if the qualities you exude help or hinder your leadership. You will know what to address and how once you know which areas need improvement. There is a big difference between styles – for example read the differences between transformational vs transactional leadership principles here to get an idea of the differences.

2. Be A Role Model

You will know you are a role model when your followers idealize you. Idealized influence is often a sign of excellent leadership and is among the four primary components of transformational leadership. Such a leader has a character and behavior that encourage others to want to be the same. How they walk, talk, and related with others is something the team members desire to emulate.

So, work on being a role model, and you will exude the qualities that make you be seen as a good leader.

3. Have A Positive Attitude

Any transformational leader should be upbeat, having an optimistic attitude that members can find to be a source of inspiration. A leader that seems weak, disheartened, or apathetic will never inspire his or her group members.

You should never seem dreary or disheartened even when things look bleak. While it does not mean that you always need to have high hopes things will get better, you should exude optimism in the face of uncertainties.

4. Listen & Communicate Effectively

A leader will encourage one-on-one communication among the members of the team. Every transformation leadership will never fail to express sincere care and concern, and this can should be evidenced through verbal and nonverbal communication.

The channels of communication should always be open so that member feel that their leader is always reachable and available to listen to their concerns and give recognition for their contributions.

5. Inspire Creativity

A transformational leader is one that perks intellectual stimulation in others. The under your leadership often need encouragement when it comes to expressing their creativity. Therefore, always provide ample support when your present new challenges and help your followers to exercise their creativity to come up with solutions confidently.

You can achieve this objective by the challenges your present and what you wish to achieve (the goals) are within your team members’ abilities. The aim should be to get them to stretch their creativity to the limit without feeling that their shortcoming regarding the same is a barrier to their success.

6. Be Passionate

As a leader, you should show that you genuinely care about the growth, goals, and success of your group. That is how the member of your team will look to you for guidance. You should not come across as being only focused on achieving set goals, but how you do it; having the passion and enthusiasm to guide your followers through the process.

Kind of different ways of doing things, of expressing your zeal, or showing you are there for your group. It is about showing you care and you appreciate the input of each member of the team.

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How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Brand

Gone are the days when Facebook was the only platform where people could promote their brand or market their business. Now is the time when there are a lot of other social media platforms that are quite famous with higher user engagements than Facebook and here by those platforms we are talking about none other than Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

Encourage followers in Instagram marketing

Instagram is the application that has a lot of hype nowadays, and well, all the hype for this application is quite justified as there are more than 700 million monthly active users on Instagram and this figure is increasing each day. You might be wondering that what’s so special about this platform and why is it so famous nowadays. Well, there are two reasons to why Instagram is growing. First of all, it’s an easy to use application with no complications and second, it’s a visually based platform where your pictures and videos do the talking.

Now, if you are someone new to the digital marketing world and if you want to promote your brand then we’d suggest you to start with Instagram because it actually is a pretty effective platform that can bring you a lot of followers and customers within a short time span.

Want to know how to get started on Instagram? Well, here’s what you need to do;

Set up Instagran

1- Set up your business account

The first thing that you need to do is to set up your business account on Instagram, and that too is very easy. All you need to do is to sign up, put in your information, put your brand name, and get started. You will be guided by Instagram on what steps you need to take to make your account perfect for your brand. If it’s for your brand, then keep your personal account separate from your business account. Keep one thing in your mind that your audience cares about what you have to offer to them and how you are offering it to them. They clearly don’t care about your selfies or anything related to your personal life so make sure to stay brand oriented and focus on telling people about your brand.

2- Content matters the most

Sure, you can opt for buying Instagram followers but you need to make some effort on your own too, and that’s possible if you post quality content. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or any other platform, your content will always be the king, and you cannot drift away from this fact. So, the first thing you need to put all your focus on is your content. Make sure that you’ve got the best photography skills and the best-edited posts because that’s what will bring you more and more followers.

Use hashtagsin Instagram marketing

3- Using hashtags

Hashtags should be your number one priority because they will help you increase your visibility. At the end of the day, it’s all about increasing your visibility because that’s the only thing that will bring your more and more customers. You see Instagram allows you to put a total 30 hashtags under each of your posts and you need to think of these 30 hashtags as 30 different opportunities to come in front of your customers. So, never forget using the hashtags and give some extraordinary captions too.


These are some of the main tips that can help you promote your brand on Instagram. You can also use ads to increase your visibility and gather more customers. Use these tips, and we promise you that you will see some positive results within a short time period.

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Video Marketing Tips to Get You Ready for 2019

Video marketing and video content, in general, will become more prominent in 2019. More and more marketers are using video content to convey key messages for one simple reason: the audience responds better to videos.

The video marketing landscape is about to get more competitive as we get closer to 2019, so it is time to bring your best game and craft a campaign that separates you from your competitors. These next tips and tricks will help you get ready for 2019.

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Tell a Story

I cannot stress enough how important it is to tell a compelling story when producing video content for marketing purposes. While promotional videos worked really well a few years ago, the way forward is capturing the stories around your products and delivering those stories in a positive and engaging way.

Storytelling should be a big part of your video marketing campaign. The best agencies like Spiel Creative now focus not just on the short-term, in-the-moment stories, but also on the bigger picture; they use long-term brand stories to convey their message to the audience. You should too.

Make Demos Interesting

Just because you need to start telling stories, it doesn’t mean you should drop making product videos altogether. There are still ways to utilize product videos and product-related tutorials to engage the audience. That said, you need to make demo videos and other relevant content more interesting.

One of the ways you can do that is by employing 360-video technology. Rather than displaying the product in a more conventional way, you can add a 360-degree view of the product in video format. You can then use the content on your product page and other outlets.

Go with Explainers

Animated explainer videos, as well as whiteboard videos, are also going to be more popular in 2019. They are as effective as they were this year, but with a few added tweaks you can now use to boost the level of effectiveness further.

For example, you can make an explainer video that also works when the audience is only listening to the audio rather than actively watching the video. This is a content consumption pattern that it is certainly a trend you want to follow.

Think Mobile

Don’t forget that the majority of your viewers use mobile devices, which means you need to start tailoring your content for mobile audiences first. Avoid text and captions that are too small, elements that will not work on smaller screens, and videos that will not work without sound.

The latter is another data-driven strategy based on viewers’ content consumption pattern. We see people staring at their screens without wearing headsets, tuning in to videos with clear captions and engaging content that they really enjoy.

Rely on Data

Analytics and data-driven decision making are also becoming more prominent in 2019. The decisions you make regarding your video marketing campaign and the content you put out must take the available insights into consideration whenever possible; by “whenever possible,” I mean most of the time.

Data and other supporting information give you the reasons behind usage patterns and other insights you gather from the market. A good video marketing campaign is one that gets evaluated and refined regularly. The more you rely on data, the more you will understand your users and how to best cater to their content needs.

(Always) Deliver Value

While storytelling is the core of many successful video marketing campaigns in the future, delivering value remains one of the most important objectives to achieve. You cannot expect viewers to continue watching your videos when they don’t deliver value.

At the very least, you must deliver relevant information about your products and services. Adding information about how to benefit more from the products and services you have is also a good way to add value to your videos.


Consistency is another important element if you want to have a successful video marketing campaign. You cannot build a larger and stronger audience base when you only upload one video every two months.

You need to invest in making more content while maintaining – if not improving – your production quality at the same time. Ideally, you want to release a new video every week to keep users excited and wanting for more. That takes a lot of commitment.

Involve the Customers

Telling stories about your products and services doesn’t always mean telling YOUR SIDE of the story. You can also explore the products’ stories from the customers’ standpoint. In fact, you should. Testimonials and user stories are some of the most engaging video content to produce right now, and it will continue to be impactful in 2019.

Always find ways to connect with your real customers and the audience in general. You can feature their stories to build even stronger relationships with the viewers. Besides, you can never go wrong with investing in relationships and maintaining genuine connections with your audience.

Use Video in Other Activities

Video marketing – just like other digital marketing instruments – cannot stand on its own. However, there so many ways to use video content to help the rest of your digital marketing efforts. You can, for instance, use videos to boost conversion rates with a stronger and more compelling call to action.

There is no better time to start crafting and fine-tuning your video marketing campaign for 2019 than right now. We are still a few weeks away from the New Year, but getting a head start is never a bad idea.

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Empowering Small Business Tips For 2019

The Small Business Environment Has Changed

A small business can contend with a large enterprise through today’s technological solutions. Consider this as a hypothetical example: totally outsourced infrastructure. Using cloud computing you can outsource the cost of your internal servers, the cost of end-user portals, the cost of office space, and even the cost of certain personnel like those in payroll, or IT. This is all made possible through cloud computing. Computation, Big Data, software design, network management, and more can all be pursued through the cloud, and independent of location. All that is necessary is having valid access information for a given network, and a secure internet connection. One reason so many small businesses are going to the cloud is that they can save tens of thousands of dollars a month. Technology has a lot of little “life hacks” of this kind that businesses who are savvy will employ in 2019 to give themselves a competitive edge, increase profit margins, and decrease operational costs. Today’s business is on the edge of tomorrow, to make a cliché phrase. What this means is that you need to know what comes with the dawn of 2019. One area where you can be the early small business bird who gets the profit worm ahead of competing peers will be in the world of blogging. Following, tips from skilled bloggers with advice for small businesses will be explored to help give you an idea of what you’re facing, and what you can do.

1) Frank Telesphore, SEO BH

I realized a long time ago that my blog only has so much visibility on the web. It’s like a marble on a sheet stretched over an empty space. That marble’s weight is drawn by gravity into the sheet, and it pulls on the fabric’s elasticity, making a dimple. No matter the size of the marble, it only pulls the sheet down in one place. However, if you’ve got multiple marbles of similar weight across the surface area of the sheet, you can pull the whole thing down incrementally. This takes balance, and here the analogy breaks down; because round objects on such a taut surface will group together. The point is, you can make a bigger imprint if you’re pushing on the surface area of marketing outreach from multiple separate “nodes”—or, in this case, on the surface area of the internet from different blogs. Guest blogging is a great way to increase your online visibility. Basically, you send some of your content to blogs which are similar to yours. They have their own audience, and ideally, it has a crossover with yours. Ultimately, you can “double down” on the reach of a single piece of content. In terms of 2019 considerations, you’re going to want to ensure all content is optimized for smartphone use, as mobile web engagement has outpaced that of the desktop variety. Also, you’ll want to create content that is animated, pictorial, film-based, or of the infographic variety. Attention spans are down, but susceptibility to visual stimulus is up.

2) Robert Laumer, Brain Juice

One big trend I’ve noticed businesses following in 2018, and getting primed to be prolific in throughout 2019, involves co-opting user content. The truth is, people are social. They like to talk. They want to talk. They’re going to talk. And they’re not always going to have things to talk about, meaning over time, they’ll get in the habit of providing exposition for any aspect of their daily grind which is of interest to them. When you provide clientele with good products or services, there is a natural likelihood that they’ll go online and write about what you’ve done for them. Get links to that information and post it on your own pages. Whenever you have user reviews, you want that front-and-center. Search engines will key in on words and phrases matching what you do. User reviews can increase your online visibility. Also, you’ll eventually get customers loyal enough they’re essential “apologists” for your company. Think of those who love Apple, and those who love Microsoft. Or Chevy, and Ford. These rivalries cut deep. Co-opt them by contacting passionate customers, and putting their opinions on your blog. Becoming interconnected online, co-opting user content, and finding innovative ways to secure reviews will be key in 2019. As a closing cherry on top, one tactic to get reviews if you don’t have them is to write reviews for customers you know are satisfied, show those clients the review(s) you’ve written, and get their permission to publish in their name.

3) Hamza Mikou, Blogger, Digital Marketing & Web Development Specialist

Understanding and safeguarding resources are critical to the success of any business. And small businesses are no exception.And this will go throw a few steps:1- PROTECTING THE CASH FLOW: When it comes to cash flow, it’s smart to hope for the best while preparing for anything worst. So always try to choose the right customer that can always pay in time and minimize debt especially when it comes to your business charges.2- BE A SOCIAL MEDIA BUTTERFLY: You should be a social media butterfly fluttering around through the different online networks making friends and communicating with everyone. Also, don’t forget to establish an up to date social media crisis management strategy by listening and monitoring.3- ALWAYS GIVE SOMETHING EXTRA: Give your clients a discount or a free gift with their purchase. It can be an ebook, a report, a study or even a donation to their favorite charity. But don’t forget to give them a community to belong to, a blog, a forum, or any place with free resources to develop their own business or life.4- YOUR EMPLOYEES: Build a foster workplace environment and listen to your employees, don’t forget that they know your customers more than you do. A happy employee means more productivity and brings new & creative ideas.

4) Zahoor Bhat, PROS – San Diego Internet Marketing & Technology Company

The success of any business, large or small depends on your efforts to dominate the web. Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats facing your business. This can be done by employing the latest digital marketing and technology tools which can also improve your user experience, build customer relationships, increase sales & profit. I would suggest selling your products or services on multiple channels & marketplaces including Amazon, eBay, and Google Shopping to reach the maximum audience. Marketing automation is another major factor you need to focus on. You can accelerate your business growth while also reducing your team’s workload by automating processes and streamlining workflows.

5) Erman Ergun, JotForm

Customer feedback is quite important for small businesses. You need to know about what your customers need, and how they feel about your service. Their opinions are the key to making your service better. Our users choose Mobile Forms to keep getting feedback anytime, anywhere; even when they don’t have an internet connection.

You don’t need a complex process, actually, if you make the forms as simple as possible for your customers you can easily acquire clear feedback. Some of our customers use kiosk mode which enables them to turn their phones or tablets into a survey station. The main idea is, you don’t want to overcomplicate the process.

6) Simon Cocking, Irish Tech News

Have a clear and logical reason for why you are doing social media, and how it is helping to advance and raise awareness about your business. It is not enough to ‘just hire a millennial’ and tell them ‘to do social media’. You need someone who understands and cares what your business does, and is able to communicate this with others.

7) Tom LeBlanc, Emerald Expositions

Focus on service revenue. Small businesses should take a cue from their much-larger competitors and shift their focus away from selling products in favor of providing consistently valuable solutions to customers via service contracts or managed services. It requires significant infrastructure support and unique selling strategies, but the revenue model improves cash flow and insulates businesses from ebbs and flows in the economy.

8) Ramya Sriram, Kolabtree

With the rise of freelancing platforms and remote working culture, it’s getting easier to access talent from anywhere in the world. This is an immense opportunity for small businesses to take advantage of the gig economy and work with experts who can help them grow.  Content marketing is crucial for a small business. With Google’s algorithms increasingly rewarding trustworthy and authoritative content, it is essential for SMB’s to work with experts who can create high-ranking content. Having content written by a freelance expert writer with in-depth knowledge of a subject not only helps build credibility and trust among customers, but it is also favoured by search engines. By hiring qualified writers for online content, small businesses and startups can stay ahead of the game and be on a level playing field as their competitors.

9) Arash Asli, Yocale

Always enjoy the journey or the quest you’ve set out on and take some time to embrace your surroundings and be grateful for how far you’ve come and looked forward to where you’re heading. By working on that, you start treating your life and work more as a process of small accomplishments instead of as one big milestone you have to achieve. When you go hiking a mountain, and you have your head down trudging along and all you’re trying to do is get to the top fast as you can. You’re missing out on the best part… The journey and the view along the way. Remind yourself to look around and enjoy the moment.

10) Sunil Khullar, Outsourced Bookkeeping

Now it is a high time where people losing their trust in the largest brands like Amazon, Google and Facebook due to many serious scandals on human rights violations, privacy issue, and even online cheating. It is the best time for the small business owners to revitalize their communities in small towns. The best suggestion for every entrepreneur is to think out of the box to overcome these aforesaid shortcomings coming in the path of success of your business. We advise the small business owners to outsource their accounting and bookkeeping activities for all betterment of their business.

  • Cost control is one of the most obvious reasons to outsource. It controls capital as well as operating costs.
  • You will get technology and infrastructure without investing in extra capital. As a result, you will be in a better position to invest the fund elsewhere to get the most of it.
  • Avoiding large expenses at early stages gives your start-up and small business the financial stability and strength to compete in the market.
  • You can start a new project right away depending on the outsourcing services. Often it has been seen in-house staffs are not that expert to deal with the circumstances effectively.
  • Outsourcing frees up your staff and reduces their workload. As a result, you will get more time to restructure and deploy the staff force in some other productive work to generate profit.

11) Matthew Osborn, director of marketing,

Being a small business comes with one very large benefit, speed. Without the layers of red tape that exist in a large corporate entity, your business can quickly implement campaigns in less than half of the time. Use this to your advantage by creating numerous campaigns and continually testing what works and what doesn’t. Through marketing automation, small businesses can expand their reach to the size of a large corporate entity without the overhead but with double the speed.

12) Rebecca Winslow, Co-Founder at Flashion Statement

Make sure your website has a great user experience so that your potential clients are not overwhelmed or frustrated (is anything worse than a website that takes foreverrrr to load?!). It is important that potential leads can easily navigate your website, and quickly learn how your company can help them. Creating a separate mobile site, or making sure your website is responsive is increasingly important as more and more people use their phones for shopping and product research.  Once you have an upstanding website, you can further stand out by sharing your company’s story, visuals of your employees, and outline why you stand out from your competition. It is important for small business’ websites to connect and engage.

13) Daniel Miller, Benchmark Email

If you aren’t yet using email marketing to help grow your business, say goodbye to 1999 and enter 2019! With excuses ranging from “I don’t have time” to “It’s too complicated” here are 3 of the most important things, you can do to win at email marketing in 2019. Signup Forms with Welcome Automation. If you have a website or presence anywhere on the internet, make sure you have a way to capture email addresses from digital visitors. After that, make sure to set up a welcome email, or better yet, a welcome series. These are just emails that are automatically sent to each subscriber after they signup. Don’t overthink these emails. Just provide your new subscribers with a warm welcome and show them you have competence in your industry. Answer this question with a series of emails: Why should they do business with you? Cart Abandonment Automation. Over 70% of website visitors will abandon the cart. What better way to increase sales than to set up automation that brings potential buyers back to your store. It will take you less than 45 min to set up and can generate 15% – 25% more sales. Up-sell Follow-up Automation. The old saying, “Strike while the iron is hot” has come a long way and it’s still relevant. Happy customers are likely to buy from you again. Ride that way and set up follow up automation that offers upgrades, related products, and services or maybe a refer a friend deal. Whatever it is, strike while the iron is hot!

14) Shiv Arora, 3 Wise Bears

As a small business, we make use of cloud software to gain not only operational efficiency but improve client communication. The ability to see the same data at the same time as our clients lead to better conversations about business performance and tax efficiency. If you are a small business owner then we would recommend using either FreeAgent or Xero for your accounting needs.

15) Graham Lee, Marketing Manager at Vonigo

Optimize for your customers’ convenience. In 2019, that means recognizing that most transactions start with some amount of research online and that the bulk of that traffic is on mobile. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly and offers customers the most convenient experience possible. Do you do deliveries or perform home services? Offer online booking. Need to confirm appointments or schedules? Use email automation and software tools that keep things up to date and on-task. Increasingly, businesses that recognize the value of their customer’s time will be the ones that win the business. Invest in your company’s infrastructure now, and reap the rewards of building an admired brand that stays ahead of your competition.

16)  Rohan Mendiratta, Marketing @

Despite so many new marketing channels emerging lately, it’s never been a better time for small businesses to enter the market. However, when it comes to actual revenue, Email Marketing still remains one of the highest and most predictable ROI channels there is. Most businesses tend to ignore it because they don’t see enough ROI upfront. Which makes their email marketing investments hard to justify and they end up trying out other channels instead. When it comes to Email Marketing, one thing that is frequently overlooked is optimizing for maximum efficiency throughout. It’s extremely important to focus on speed and on the things that actually move the needle. At the same time, being capital-efficient with software costs must be a high priority for your small business to ensure maximum positive returns. Getting bogged down on creating the most beautiful email or creating the most advanced automation sequence is only going to cost you time and money. Especially if you aren’t at a place where you can justify solid ROI from Email Marketing yet.

17) Jonathan Kruse, founder of How to Start a Clothing Company

The customer is everything. If you only have one customer or thousands, help them in any way you can so they have the experience you would want.

18) Amy Cook,

You’ll want to focus more on mobile SEO and geotargeting. Nearly half of all Americans will check their smartphones before they get out of bed each day! And nearly one-third of these searches are location-based queries.

19) Ujwal Ratra, COO Astra Web Security

Businesses, both large and small, face huge threats. A single compromise has the potential to shut fledging businesses.  SMEs, in particular, may think that they don’t need security. However, they are the ones on the radar of the attackers out there as they are usually easy to target. One reason SMEs find security hard is that it is hard. Small businesses may not have the required skills to secure their online presence and, it does not make sense for them to acquire those skills or hire a security team. Another reason is the perceived costs associated with cybersecurity.

We recommend outsourcing the security of your business to experts. A few clicks and your business can be as secure as it can get.

Set aside some budget for security, consider this as insurance for your business. It is not as high as you think and is totally worth it.

This year, don’t rely on your fate to secure your online business, make sure your store gets the security it deserves.

20) Tommy Nguyen – Founder@ninjateam.orgNinja Team

Social Marketing is trending and Facebook is one of the best platforms where you can find your audience and customers, use this tool to transform your Facebook Comments into Sales.

21) Justin Knott, Intrepy Healthcare Marketing

Content marketing is a critical component of search engine optimization for any online business’ 2019 marketing strategy. Whether you are working on a shoestring budget or have a dedicated writing staff, you can grow your business online astronomically if you commit to creating consistent, engage long-form SEO content, videos, infographics, etc. that are well aligned with what your target market is searching for. In most cases, writing a blog post or creating a video can do done virtually for free (minus the time cost) which make the potential return on investment massive.Our clients have 3X-10X their website traffic and revenue by utilizing this content marketing strategy. You need to invest in doing keyword, competitor and search volume research to make sure you are not going blind and creating worthless content pieces. Imagine what you could accomplish with 10s of thousands of additional targeted website visitors in your niche? All you need to do at that point is to turn your attention to monetizing or converting them over to leads.

22) Fiona Foster, Marketing Manager, CUE Market Place

Focus on content that is relatable and valuable to your customer base. We have a small business blog and YouTube channel and continually need content. Over the years, I’ve learned that the most successful material is taken from daily interactions. It could be from our own business, a conversation with a customer, or something a friend says at dinner. Taking inspiration from real-life problems often gets more engagement than a piece we’ve crafted around keywords or trending Google topics. Plus the writing usually comes more easily.

23) Joel Whipple, Digital Examiner

Google isn’t a set it and forget it platform. We have seen important business information drop from Google business listings due to changes from Google. Remember to check your listings every few weeks!

24) Simon, WebSitePulse

Always constantly monitor your servers and network components, web sites, web applications and email infrastructure making sure that you will not lose any clients due to problems with your online presence. Remote monitoring services enable you to increase the efficiency of your business operations and to reduce the risk of failed Internet transactions and loss of revenue.

25) Chris Makara, Interactive Marketing & Digital Strategist

Identify tasks that are repetitive and look for ways to automate when possible. Leveraging this approach will free up your valuable time in order to spend it on more important tasks. An easy thing to automate is your social media scheduling. While that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t monitor and engage with your followers, it does mean that you can easily keep your accounts active with content in order to trigger the engagement with your audience.

26) Mike Forrest, Archmore

Business success does not come from just doing things right.

You have to do the right things right.

27) Rick Shimko, Unific

Learn to say no. As a small business with limited resources, you cannot act on every new idea or opportunity. Stay true to your vision and remember for every new milestone you hope to achieve, somebody in the organization is going to have to do the work to get you there. Continually changing priorities without that in mind will keep you spinning in circles, instead of running ahead of your competition.

28) Syama Meagher,

Digital advertising is important, but don’t forget about inexpensive low hanging fruit like optimizing your product pages to increase sales and lower your abandoned cart rate. You can’t scale up by just doing more of everything you’ve been doing all along. Growing your company calls for a new game plan, new strategies and building out your team.

29) Chris Wagner, HostingPill

Don’t try to cut corners when it comes to Web Hosting and Site Design. Website is not only your digital identity but your ONLY identity. You are judged by the site you have. So, don’t go for free web hosting and get a professional designer to design your website. The amount you spend on this will be your investment and not an expense. Good luck!

30) Kevin Urrutia, Voymedia

Maintain a personal relationship with your business relations too, and both have to be combined, ask your customers how are they doing in life, ask them about their well being because it creates a personal relationship that is something which will last longer and it will create a long-lasting impact.

31) Charles Coxhead, WPDevShed

We have worked with many clients, developing sites and providing follow on support and maintenance, and we’ve noticed that the best performing client sites, the ones that attract the most traffic and customers, have a common thread….they all sell by teaching. It is a little counter intuitive, selling a service in particular, by teaching your market how to solve the problem that your product or service addresses. But it actually makes a lot of sense, when your market are looking for solutions they are probably not searching for you specifically. Instead they are searching for answers to the problem they have. Often this means they are Googling for solutions, and so if you are actively providing answers then you have a good shot at showing up and attracting those people looking to solve the problems you are expert in. And demonstrating your expertise is also another good reason for developing content that teaches. They very act of doing this shows potential customers that you know what you are talking about. And assuming your product or service solves a sufficiently complex problem there is a good chance those customers looking for answers will look to you to provide the solution.

32) Pamela Danziger, Unity Marketing

Don’t rely on Social Media. Get your website up to snuff.

Specialty retailers have largely been sold a bill of goods when it comes to social media. It has been over-promised, but too often under-delivers shoppers to your door. With retailers’ attention focused on social, they often overlook the critical importance of their home page to excite interest and draw shoppers in. With shoppers relying more on mobile to find places to shop, they are more likely to discover your store there, than on social.  Make sure your website’s home page sets the right first impression.  A recent study found 75% of shoppers base their opinion on a store based upon how the website looks and feels.  If that first impression doesn’t say you are up-to-date and in tune with what they are looking for, you’ve lost your chance.  Make sure your website and the all important “About Us” page communicates effectively.

33) Raul Tiru, founder of GlobalOwls

Create something you really love and don’t get obsessed with stories from people who claim you can get anything worth having quickly. Take your time in setting the foundation. Figure out your product/market fit, build up your domain authority, etc. Don’t get overwhelmed. You can build an entire castle by setting one stone at a time. Reach out to people and help one another. It may sound dull, but these are the things fellow entrepreneurs around me really struggle with. As far as marketing tactics, you can just Google them.

34) Glenn Brooks, WebWize

Don’t be afraid to have a fire drill.  Sadly many business owners fall prey to retaining clients that continually cost them money, increasing the chance to fail as a business.  A good business person will recognize unprofitable clients and send them packing.  We are all in business to make money, pay our bills and feed our families;  clients that continually ask for free services, bitch and moan about everything we provide and interrupt your cash flow needs to head on down the road.  Don’t be afraid to have a Friday afternoon fire-drill with those clients, I guarantee your profit percentage will increase.

35) Shovon Joarder, Freelancers HUB

Operational cost is always the main concern of all businesses, especially to the small businesses and startups. These operational costs are not only the employee salary but also the necessary technology that requires huge monthly subscription or maintenance cost. On top of it, in many cases, business owners may need to train up the newly hired employee for a few months at their own expense.Recent trend shows that many big companies like Google, Unilever, Facebook, Telenor, Microsoft, etc. companies are hiring professional freelancers who not only have the required skills but also equipped with market-leading software. Why are they doing so? – The only reason is to get the employee who really doesn’t need the training and can serve their projects immediately, avoid purchasing expensive software that is much needed to research & analysis, marketing or execution of different types of works.This trend is real and we can get a proof of it in the statistics too in the survey conducted by the topmost freelancing marketplace. The statistics report below shows the rapid growth of freelancing profession that booms in the USA.Freelancers HUBIn 2019 and also in upcoming years, this graph will move further to the north and so the small business should give a second thought on this if they really want to cut down their operational cost and maximize their profit ratio.

36) Liuda Nebozhak, Head of Project, Crello

1. Know your customer

I would say that chasing your user – knowing who they are, what their days look like and how your service or product fits within their life – is the best way to attract and retain customers. One of the strongest selling points for Crello has been our ability to release a lot of new designs continuously, be responsive to what the user needs and help them find the right visuals amongst the fresh and new stuff we keep uploading.

2. Help to learn the product

Tutorials and reviews work great because they don’t just introduce blogger’s existing audience to Crello, they are also great for SEO – people searching for, say, “How to design a classroom poster” or “Ideas on Increasing Sales via Social Media” will be able to find the tutorial and both get the answer to their question and learn that they can use our tool to solve their problem.

37) Vaibhav Srivastava, Techno Giants

Nowadays, individual businesses are gaining success with the right efforts. So, for the small business owners, must know some strategies which help them for creating a better future. Initially small business requires rigorous effort and some strategies are:

1) To build brand value, reach out to the local media. 2) Retargeting, engage your interested and valuable customers. 3) Do customer service, both online as well as offline. 4) Give good reasons to your customers to shop with you again and again. 5) Never underestimate online presence or networking. 6) Don’t feel shy to talk with the mentors.

38) Antonio Chau, Founder and President of the Digital Marketing Company Leads Ngin

For small businesses, knowing what your client’s “latent demand” is can be a huge game-changer.

How so?

A “latent demand” is something your client doesn’t know they want until you tell them about it—or until they figure it out after the fact. By introducing them to their own “latent demand,” your credibility and authority as an industry expert is further established.

One of our recent acquisitions is the perfect example.

We created a carpet cleaning business in order to build a portfolio for our marketing agency. During the research and training phase, we discovered something interesting: most carpet cleaning companies do not sanitize their equipment in-between jobs.

Immediately, we recognized the problem … and so devised a solution: a unique selling proposition that explicitly stated how we “clean and sanitize all our tools before we bring them into your home.” By eliminating the risk of cross-contamination, we addressed the client’s latent demand for a clean, infection-free environment.

Most businesses are capable of fulfilling latent demands. They just need to figure out what those are.

Some suggestions:

1)    Carefully review your business processes. Be as granular as you can. Examine each step and ask yourself; does this bring value to my client? If so, what is the value?

2)    List down the value proposition for each step and rank them in order of relevance. Which ones would your clients be willing to pay more money for?

3)    Identify which value propositions on your list your clients may not know about. The goal is to find the items that will get your clients to say, “I never thought of that,” or “I didn’t even realize that was so important.”

If you can get this type of response, you’ve figured out their latent demand.

39) Allen Greer, FUZE

Don’t try to pretend to be something you’re not. Many small businesses feel intimidated while attempting to navigate a vast ocean occupied by much larger fish. Instead, realize that in 2019 small businesses are back in style! You have nothing to be ashamed about or to hide from. In fact, something we here all the time at our small agency is how refreshing it is for clients to remove some of the corporate red tapes and operate in a consultant/client relationships that is a bit more casual and friendly. Harness the positive aspects of being a small business, and use them as sales and marketing tools. Make a list of the advantages you have over a larger company, and use it to your advantage. For FUZE, we have a lower overhead, a faster turn-around time and give clients a lot of personal one-on-one attention.

40) Rob FitzGerald, Founder and CEO of Connext Digital

Every business decision we ever made was based on real, actual data. And for any business to reap positive results, they must always ensure that their data is up-to-date and accurate. They must perform regular data cleaning and enhancement. This is especially crucial before launching a campaign or before implementing a new strategy. Always verify your data. Data hygiene and appending will not only help you create more targeted marketing campaigns, but it will also allow you to increase your ROI by ensuring that your messages are sent to the right people, at the right time, through the right channels. I cannot stress this strongly enough.

41) Jess Thomas, Purple WiFi

Test everything, and never stop testing. A/B testing is a powerful way to increase conversion rates. There are tons of free and low cost tools available which you can find with a simple Google search… so no excuses. If you have two different headlines, or product/service descriptions, or contact forms etc. and you can’t decide which one to use on your website, run an A/B test to work out which performs best and brings you the most business. With A/B tests I’d strongly recommend testing only one variable at a time so that you can confidently attribute any increase (or decrease) in conversion to a specific change when the test is complete. If you do wish to test more than one variable at the same time, you should run a multivariate test which effectively lets you carry out a number of A/B tests at the same time. With multivariate tests, each visitor to your website will see a different combination of headlines, product/service descriptions, images, forms etc. When the results are in, you can then adjust your website accordingly. Testing is great as it lets you do two things; cut the crap and move forward with your successes. Once you have found something that works, don’t stop there, test it again to see if there is something that works even better.

42) Rob FitzGerald, Founder and CEO of Connext Digital

Every business decision we ever made was based on real, actual data. And for any business to reap positive results, they must always ensure that their data is up-to-date and accurate. They must perform regular data cleaning and enhancement. This is especially crucial before launching a campaign or before implementing a new strategy. Always verify your data. Data hygiene and appending will not only help you create more targeted marketing campaigns, but it will also allow you to increase your ROI by ensuring that your messages are sent to the right people, at the right time, through the right channels. I cannot stress this strongly enough.

43) Gabriela Damaceno, Media Shark

One of the first steps that small business owners make when starting their journey into the digital marketing and SEO world is to get backlinks to their website. Key start point! Get links leading to your homepage will help you to gain organic traffic. However, get links from spammy blog networks and low-quality directories can destroy your Google rankings. Remember: quality over quantity is the best way to go!

44) Nishma KhetiaWyzebulb

If I knew at the time of starting up, all the things that I know right now, I’d be too scared to start up. Good, I didn’t know everything. Sometimes being naive to certain things help. Courage is the only thing that takes you through the unknowns.

45) Daniel Troesch, Fourstarzz

Word-of mouth marketing, or people talking to people has always been one of the most powerful tools to convince and convert potential new clients. With the rise of online creators such as instagramers, youtubers and bloggers, who build strong communities, word-of mouth marketing at scale is possible. We are noticing, that big brands ask us to help them to integrate influencer marketing driven content strategies into their digital marketing mix. They want to leverage people talking about their products to stand out. With tools like Fourstarz Influencer Marketing Platform, small medium business can leverage the power of those online creators. Idea: Instead of asking models, ask a local influencer to come with their friends into your local store or restaurant. Or send product samples for exchange of great lifestyle pictures to influencers in your niche. The advantage of working with these creators: (i) create awareness, (ii) generate re-usable, high engaging and authentic content at scale. Smart marketers use it to leverage it for social proof on their website, newsletters, social channels and as well in Facebook Ad campaigns.

46)  Jazib Zaman CEO of TechAbout, TechEngage and WPArena

Whenever you implement a change in your site, you’ll first see how it affects the website’s ranking status on search engines like Google. The best way to grow your business is to grow your search ranking up. In search engine-oriented market, SEO is a more effective card to play and to win. For small and less budget business, it’s more complicated to face the established competition. Therefore, in all ways, solid marketing tips can give your firm an active boost up.

47) Alexandra Djordjevic, TheIuvo

Don’t ignore negative reviews if your business gets them. No business is perfect, so you are bound to get 1 or 2 stars Google at some point. However, it’s not the end of the world if you have 20 positive and 3 negative reviews. Those 3 minuses take nothing away from your reputation – on the contrary – they signal to potential customers that the other 20 positive ones are genuine. And if you can turn them around into pluses, you are doing a favor to your business in the long run. Negative reviews are an extremely valuable resource to SMBs because they provide you with information about the way your business is perceived by the customer, a picture about some downsides of your product you might not have been aware of before or the way you can improve your services. If you address them and act on them by resolving the issue at hand in the best possible way, it must be noticed and appreciated by both your current and potential customers. That’s how you build excellent customer relationships AND build your business at the same time.

48) Pryma Digital Marketing

A lot of small businesses take care of their marketing by themselves (often just 1 guy) if they haven’t got the budget to outsource this to an agency, and aren’t big enough to have a dedicated marketing team. This is not a problem, however when it comes to social media marketing, a lot of businesses are missing out on some low hanging fruits. Make sure to have your Facebook Pixel proper setup for your website (also with UTM tags, conversion goals etc) so you can let your pixel run and gather som data. A few quick tips to increase your ROAS when having a good pixel setup 1. Use campaign budget optimisation2. Split test minimum 1 creative each week3. Start using broad targeting -> Test into interest groups -> Test into LLA audience based on conversion/watch time etc4. Scale up profitable campaigns5. Repeat

49) Johannes Kanter, GettingGrowth

My best advice for small businesses today is this: – Try to analyze your operations daily and see where most of your time goes. – Make notes and analyse if doing that thing brings in revenue or not. Is it a core activity or a supporting activity. – If it’s a core activity, come up with creatives ways to optimize this process so that you’ll have more time. This can be starting to use a new tool, outsourcing something a new company or just doing differently altogether. – If it’s a supporting activity try to outsource or hire an employee to handle this tasks as soon as possible. Your time should only be wasted on driving the core activities. – Make quarterly plans and break them down into weekly sprints. This will keep you engaged and moving towards the goal. Remember only plan things that you feel that you can achieve within a quarter. If the tasks is too long then break it down and divide between multiple quarters. – Join online communities such as Facebook groups and spend roughly 30 minutes per day talking with peers and other business owners. Tell them what about your goals, struggles and also provide helpful advice from your experience. Don’t make it any more difficult than this!

50) Sameer Ahmed Khan, Social Champ

Social media in 2019! Make content, schedule it, engage with the audience, and then you hope and wait for some magic — And then…there’s,  the rest of your business to run. Emails to respond to. Problems to solve. A life to live with your friends and loved ones. So here I can give you a tip to manage your multiple social media profiles for your business. In order to reduce time spent on recurring projects, consider investing in a social media management tools like Social Champ, to streamline processes like social media publishing and reporting. This kind of platforms will help you stay better organized and leaving you time for what matters most, your business! – Social Champ

51) Bhavesh Nardani, Anova

Digital LeadershipCompetent Digital leadership is needed to transform an organisation to be ready for the Internet-age, through a process of building new capabilities, plans and ways of operating.

52) Peter Boyle, Chief Copywriter/Head of Content of Jumper

Today’s customers are looking for the shortest, most streamlined, logical purchase journey possible. Optimising your processes to create a better customer experience is the key differentiator today. When you’re looking at establishing your next marketing campaign look at how you can make it as easy to complete as possible for the customer. In particular, look at the channels they use, the devices they favour, and the points of highest friction that cause the largest drop off. Then experiment with solutions that serve your customers the experience they want thought he devices and channels they prefer. If you don’t have the resources to fully analyse this, start with a conversational marketing solution. The intuitive experience generates much higher engagement and conversion rates.

53) Lindsey Winsemius, Vice President of Communications, ApogeeINVENT

Succeeding online nowadays is all about being transparent and authentic. Don’t be afraid to get personal with your customers, tell your story as a business, and connect with them as a person and not just a brand as much as you can. You can do this by blogging as an individual (“I”, not “we”), building the personal brand of your executives, leveraging video and experiential marketing, and using social media to reveal the personality of your brand.

54) Steve Eveleigh, Founder, Gripped

A decade ago, your website was there to support salespeople. Your target buyers would look through the site and get a basic understanding of your brand, business and product; then they would jump on a phone call with a salesperson and get into the detail. That’s not the case any more. Today, your salespeople support your website. Buyers want a self-service experience, backed by human interaction when they are ready to buy, not the other way around. Very few buyers want to speak to a salesperson at the start of their buying journey. And today most websites won’t cut it. Your potential customers have been training by their consumer experiences to expect slick, personalised, self-services experiences. If your website is discoverable via search engines, filled with rich content that guides a buyer and has helpful customer success folks waiting ready to support your buyer you’ll succeed. If it doesn’t, they’ll go straight to your competitors who have to grips with this brave new world.

55) Kapil Chopra, Intelegain Technologies

In an evolving tech ecosystem, customers are looking for solution providers that consider innovation as an end to end process. Start-ups and founders today not only need direction on building their tech platform, but also on cloud strategy and digital marketing to expand product outreach.

Ideating Start-ups need to deploy agile strategies that help build applications that scale starting with an MVP. Providing a seamless end to end User Experience to customers has to be the key differentiating factor. We need to always look at the end user who is at the bottom of the pyramid when creating applications.

56) James Isles Founder and Managing Director of Nebulas Website Design

Be honest and transparent to your clients always demonstrating you have their best interests at heart not fleecing them for as much money as possible, clients are buying into you as well as your brand. Manage their expectations and in doing so your relationship will be long and fruitful for both of you.

57) Reed Wilson, Founder & CEO of Palmetto Technology Group

Focus on sales and marketing – fast!  Get systems in place to nurture prospects and customers through the buying cycle and to keep salespeople focused on your top opportunities.

58) Tabitha Jean Naylor, Women Entrepreneurs Can

Know your audience.  Too many people try to focus on an audience that’s far too broad, which can end up hurting more than helping.  Really hone-in on who your target audience is, and then fine-tune your messaging accordingly.  This in and of itself can improve the stickiness of your content, not to mention, make your brand much more memorable.

Digital Branding

How to Generate More Sales with Digital Marketing Campaigns

In 2017, advertisers spent 209 billion USD on digital ads worldwide compared to only 178 billion USD for their more traditional TV counterparts. The statistics show that the future of marketing is increasingly headed towards the digital space, as more and more businesses compete, promote and sell their products and services online.

You may have always wanted to use digital marketing to do the same for your business, but you’ll need to initiate a series of actions known as campaigns to convert a potential customer into a buyer. But how can you generate more sales of your products or services with digital marketing campaigns? Here are some of the ways:

  1. Build a website for your business.

Businesses that originated prior to the Internet’s existence had to have a brick and mortar location so that people knew they were around. However, in recent years, it’s easier to start a business of your own even without the initial need for a physical address. All you need to do is to establish your presence on the Internet through the creation of a website where you can sell whatever products or services that you want your target customers to avail from you.

It’s entirely up to you if you wish to build a website on your own, if you have enough coding and web design skills under your sleeve, or outsource it to a web development agency instead. No matter the current size of your business, you shouldn’t skimp on building an updated website unless you want to earn a bad reputation for being out of touch with the times. Remember, the website is the face of the company.

  1. Optimise your business website for search engines’ top ten results.

Even if you already have a business website built, don’t expect it to generate a decent amount of visitor traffic and eventually sales of whatever products or services you offer on its own. To organically increase the number of potential customers visiting your business website, you should make some adjustments to it such that it would consistently appear in the first page of results of every search engine with the use of search engine optimization (SEO) practices.

A few of those adjustments you can make right off the bat include naturally incorporating keywords throughout your website content that your target customers would most likely type, putting descriptive and relevant alt text in all of your site’s images, and ensuring that every webpage of your business website has an easily readable URL.

After all, you wouldn’t want your business website to die a silent death after it gets listed anywhere other than search results page one.

  1. Make your business website mobile-friendly.

In 2018, mobile users make up a majority of Internet users. It only follows that you should make your business website mobile-friendly so that you can attract more customers who might chance upon it while casually browsing on their preferred handheld device. To optimise your business website for mobile, you should use responsive design wherein its layout as well as all images in it would adjust themselves to scale no matter the size of a device’s screen. All buttons in your business website’s mobile-friendly version should also be large enough to prevent anyone accessing it from tapping on the wrong button or link.

  1. Consider setting up a blog for your business as well.

Even if you’ve already established a website for your business, your target customers would want to seek a more genuine connection with you. They want to feel that they’re more than just mere digits to your business’s sales figures. That’s why aside from putting up a website, you should also consider creating a blog for your business as well where you can connect to your target customers and sell you’re your products or services without sounding too cold and distant. You can incorporate it as part of your business website just like how most others do it – though you can also try making a standalone business blog as well if your budget permits you to do so.

Just make sure to craft content for your business blog that’s uniquely yours, interesting, relevant, informative, and of added value to your target customers all at the same time. For best results, combine long-form content that anyone can easily finish in less than five to ten minutes, the occasional infographic, and video posts in your business blog.

  1. Use social media to your advantage.

Assuming you’ve already built a website and blog for your business, you might find their visitor traffic to be quite lacklustre. You can remedy that by tapping into the vast pool of potential customers known as social media.

You’ll very rarely meet anyone interested to avail of a product or service who still doesn’t have any social media account nowadays that it’s only logical for you to set up at least one for your business as well. However, you should identify which social media platform a majority of your potential customers often use. If most of your target market is on Facebook, for example, it won’t make any sense at all to sell your products or services via Twitter.


While traditional marketing has yet to go completely extinct, its digital counterpart threatens to displace the decades-long monopoly it once had, especially as more and more people learn about the products and services being sold by different businesses online. That’s why as someone who has a business of your own, you should allocate a good portion of your budget on doing the above-listed digital marketing campaigns to generate more sales of the products or services that you offer. But in case you find it difficult to implement them yourself, you can consider hiring a digital marketing agency instead – though you should ensure that they use a large file transfer service whenever they send their work back and forth with you.

Digital Branding

Guest Post and SEO Digital Marketing Training: Your Course Review Benefits

Guest posting and SEO (search engine optimization) digital marketing have become relatively common nowadays in the blogosphere. In our world today, both of these have become crucial in driving traffic to your website and business. Guest posting and SEO digital marketing are excellent strategies to build traffic, establish your brand, and boost search engine rankings.

Assuming you’re already aware of guest posting and SEO digital marketing as online strategies, are you also informed of their benefits? Both of these methods are actually useful for any business in all industries. If done correctly, guest posting and SEO digital marketing can lead to unique hits or traffic to your website or blog allowing you to reach more potential customers. If you’re into e-commerce, blogging business, or just any activity that requires marketing on the internet, you may want to consider training in guest posting and SEO digital marketing. In this article, benefits regarding a guest post and SEO digital marketing training course will be discussed.

1. Effective Guest Posting and SEO Digital Marketing

By joining this type of training course, you’ll be able to make use of more effective guest posting. Guest posting is as simple as having someone else write material on your site — or vice versa. Guest posting works both ways for the site owner and writer. Site owners receive more content to publish, while writers get to feature their content to a new audience. Doing guest posts correctly, you’ll be able to reap the benefits by having more views and traffic.

For SEO Digital Marketing, a training course will guide you on which relevant keywords to choose by having a clear website and quality content. Main goals will be:

  • A user-friendly website
  • Easy navigation
  • SEO keywords
  • Optimized tags and title tags

This course will also teach you to pay attention to details like keyword themes and relevant links to build more web traffic.

2. Guest Posting and SEO Digital Marketing Strategy

Next question you’re probably asking yourself is how posting can earn you traffic. A training course will teach you which ways your guest posting can influence traffic. These include:

  • Direct referrals
  • Social traffic
  • Organic traffic
  • Name recognition
  • + more

These are key strategies that can make your website reach its optimal level.

As for SEO, this makes your website easy to find, navigate and categorize. By helping out customers easily browse through your site, you drive more people to your business and online platforms. Factors that come into play are the selection of right keywords, behavioral marketing, mobile advertisements, banner advertisements, social media marketing, and others. This course will train you on how to achieve just that and more.

3. Increased Rankings

Guest posts earn backlinks that can help you rank higher on Google, which in turn, creates more traffic to your website. SEO will also help you gain higher website ranks in the SERP (search engine result page) by performing well on social media marketing and digital marketing. The perfect guest post and SEO digital marketing training course will help you position yourself as a well-respected blogger as well. The course will teach you how to create the buzz that gets other people curious to look at what your site has to offer.

Digital marketing is a never-ending process, and you must be equipped enough to handle the ever-changing behavior and trends of your target audience — all of which will be taught in the training course. Numerous factors that will affect your site’s popularity and the time viewers spend on your page will be discussed in the training. Be the top ranking website by signing up for training today.

SEO and guest post best practices are constantly evolving — and a training course is the best way to stay on the top of the game. Has this article given you a more unobstructed view of the benefits of SEO digital marketing and guest posting? Digital marketing can be challenging and entail a great deal of work, but once you learn the ropes, developing strategies will be a walk in the park. You’ll have a well thought out optimization plan and traffic acquisition strategy once you take a training course if you’re up for it.