One of the fastest industry growths seen in 2018 is CBD. With sales up and more and more people recognizing the benefits of CBD, it has well surpassed $500 million in revenue.

However, with such growth trends come competition. There are many who are trying to corner the market and take advantage of the fast growth of CBD companies. Thanks to online marketing, more and more customers who are seeking organic products are searching out and buying CBD products daily, and those numbers are continuing to rise.

There are a variety of methods in which businesses are using to grow their CBD online businesses. Here, we’ll show you how you too can market your CBD business online and improve your return on investment as well as your leads and customers.

Social Marketing and SEO

No marketing plan is complete without a focus on social media and SEO according to Greens Canna Care. Everyone who’s anyone is on some form of social media today. If you’re trying to improve your website traffic, you’ll want to have a steady social media presence.

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There are a variety of social media platforms to consider. However, you only have to focus on the larger ones in order to gain more traffic. If you’re seeking a great ROI, be sure that you’re using these social media platforms for your benefit.


With well over 400 million active users on a daily basis, it’s easier than ever to utilize such a platform to improve the traffic flow to your website.

It’s not difficult to grow a following on Instagram and you will just have to make sure that you’re including plenty of good content and value. The traffic flow will increase dramatically and you’ll gain a lot of new followers.


Everyone knows that automation is a great way to improve growth. This allows you to continue on something else while you’re improving your traffic flow to your CBD website.

Many of these tools have schedulers for posts as well as auto correct and other special deals that will allow you to streamline your work while still getting more traffic. Instagram includes the following automation tools:

  • Combin
  • Hootsuite
  • Gramto
  • Use Your Hashtags

Include at least 15 to 20 hashtags in your posts as keywords. This way, you’ll be targeting the right audience. Many hashtags that work well would include:

#CBD Coffee, #CBD tincture, # CBD, #CBD Skin Care, #CBD online, #CBD oil, #CBD Vape, #CBD benefits, #CBD Crystal,

#CBD Love, #CBD for dogs, #CBDU, #CBD for pets, #CBD life, #CBD gummies, #CBD heals, #CBD deals, the list is endless and you’ll find many great ideas if you just sit and think about them for a few moments.

Your profile for all of the social media platforms should also contain a full description of the CBD business as well as links so that potential customers can go directly to your site. This way, you’ll have more traffic flow. Be sure to include the hashtags in all of your posts as well.

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