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The Impact of Social Media on Cryptocurrency in Modern Business

Over the years, social media has become an inextricable part of our everyday lives. For better or worse, social networks influence our lives in a very big way, from the decisions we make on a day-to-day basis, all the way to our business decisions and the professional choices we make to succeed. It should come as no surprise, then, that cryptocurrency has become a big part of the social media realm, and that nowadays social media is one of the main driving forces behind the success of cryptocurrency.

As companies and individuals continue to increasingly leverage the power of the blockchain, and as cryptocurrency mining and trading becomes increasingly popular, it’s important to understand how social media helps companies and consumers thrive. Today, we’re taking a look at how social media drives cryptocurrencies for customers and brands, and how it helps us succeed.

Consumers are leveraging social media

Educating yourself on the topic of cryptocurrency used to be a difficult challenge back in the days when cryptocurrency was a novelty in the digital world. Pretty quickly, though, people were able to quickly find all the information they were looking for as credible and relevant data began to surface on social networks. 

Companies and cryptocurrency gurus, crypto websites and groups, all of these nowadays have their social media accounts and are posting regularly about the latest crypto news, but also talking about the fundamental topics. This gives the consumers, traders, and miners a golden opportunity to educate themselves and make smarter decisions and investments. 

What’s more, social media has become the best place for newcomers to the industry and those who are thinking about getting into cryptocurrency to find quick and actionable information to kick-start their journey.

Social media builds a thriving community

Credible data coming from reputable companies and individuals, paired with a growing consumer market, creates a thriving online community of passionate professionals and crypto hobbyists. The community is where the crypto industry really shines, because this opens up numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth, but also gives companies a chance to open a dialogue with the right people.

Even now, the blockchain is transforming the customer experience, and that’s why it’s important for companies to leverage social media to improve engagement and customer satisfaction. By posting relevant crypto updates and news, engaging with the community in meaningful conversation, and by positioning yourself as an authority in the field, you can help the crypto community grow.

What’s more, keep in mind that this is an opportunity to grow your brand in the process. News travels fast in the crypto community, so being active and giving the people what they want will go a long way. 

Expanding into and capitalizing on crypto mining

Speaking of growing your company or your side business as a solopreneur, let’s not forget that cryptocurrency mining and trading is becoming more popular and accessible around the world. People want to get their hands on cryptocurrencies, but they also want to spend it. 

This is one of the reasons why people are investing in bitcoin mining hardware but also why entire companies are branching out into mining, trading, and are accepting cryptocurrency as a legitimate payment method. So, how does this trend tie into social media?

Social media is the place for companies and individuals to get the mining tips and tricks to find the best equipment, get honest opinions and user reviews, and obtain data-driven information. With these insights, leaders and consumers can make better decisions and make the right investments.

Leaders are using social media to boost engagement

When it comes to growing your business in the crypto realm, you need to leverage social media to build anticipation and engagement, and most importantly, build some much-needed hype. You can build hype for anything on social media nowadays, whether you’re launching a new altcoin, promoting an existing cryptocurrency, announcing a new digital product, or anything in between.

You can have a promising future with blockchain regardless of the industry you’re in, and as long as you’re investing in the crypto world in any way, you need to use your social media accounts to build that hype. You can use gamification to get people interested with quizzes and promotions, but also get the media to keep their eyes on you and help you keep your audience engaged until the launch. 

Providing real-time support and guidance to customers

Finally, remember that the blockchain and cryptocurrency fields are still quite confusing for newcomers, and these people need professional support and guidance. If you establish yourself as a leader in the industry and focus on supporting the individual on social media, you can help build social proof and awareness, and drive customers to your company.

People want someone to hold their hands on this journey and help them succeed. Make it your mission to help your followers succeed and they will praise your brand and make it a staple of the crypto industry, especially on social media.

Over to you

Social media and cryptocurrency go hand in hand as a powerful duo that drives the business world forward, but also supports the growing crypto community. The blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors will continue to grow throughout 2021 and beyond, so be sure to leverage what you’ve learned to day to build a thriving future for yourself in the crypto world.

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What Happens If I Don’t Pay My Second Mortgage?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were no such thing as personal fiscal responsibility? We could all adopt the U.S. government’s approach to the national deficit. We could simply ignore our personal debt — with impunity. There would be no need to worry about our car payments, student loans, credit card debt — or even our mortgages. We could just keep on spending — with impunity.

Alas, that seems unlikely. So while the government continues to spend money it doesn’t have — with impunity — the rest of us must pay our bills, or face the consequences. We all know what will happen if we don’t pay our utility bills, or miss a few car payments. We also know what happens if we miss a few mortgage payments. But what happens if someone doesn’t pay their second mortgage? Keep reading to find out.

The consequences of second mortgage defaults

By definition, a second mortgage is a secured loan that a homeowner obtains by using their house as collateral. These typically include  but are not limited to home equity loans or home equity lines of credit.

Second mortgage defaults occur when homeowners fail to make required payments on said loans. The consequences vary based on how much your home is worth and how much you still owe on your primary mortgage. 

If your home is worth more than the remaining amount on your first mortgage, you have equity in your home. This means that your second mortgage is still somewhat secured. This also means the second-mortgage holder will probably pursue foreclosure to recoup some or all of its money.

On the other hand, if you owe more on your first mortgage than your home is worth, your second mortgage is no longer secured.If the second-mortgage holder pursued foreclosure in this case, it would be less likely to recoup its money. This is because the second mortgage is usually classified as the junior mortgage. 

As the superior mortgage holder, the first-mortgage holder would have first dibs on the proceeds from the foreclosure sale. But this is not the only hurdle that second-mortgage holders face.

Barriers to second mortgage foreclosures

Fortunately for distressed homeowners, second mortgage foreclosures don’t happen all that often. That’s because there are additional barriers to second mortgage foreclosures. In general: 

  • Secondary lien holders are barred from foreclosing on your property if your second mortgage is current.
  • Primary and secondary lien holders are barred from foreclosing on your property if superior mortgage and junior mortgage are current. 
  • If your first mortgage is current but your second mortgage is not, the secondary lien holder is not barred from foreclosing on your property.

So as you can see, there are limited rights of second lien holders in foreclosure. 

Clarifying liens and lien priority

To clarify, a lien is a legal claim against a property. In this context, the term lien priority is used to describe the order in which lien holders are paid after foreclosure. 

More often than not, lien priority is date-based. Specifically, priority is usually assigned based on when the mortgage was officially recorded. So let’s say someone got a mortgage which was recorded on January 10, 2020. Now let’s assume the same person obtained another mortgage, which was recorded on October 28, 2020. The former would be designated as a first mortgage, and receive first-lien position. The latter would be designated as a second mortgage, and given second-lien priority. 

Having said that,  homeowners should be aware that some liens, such as property tax lines, are viewed as superior to any prior liens. In most, but not all cases, judgment liens are junior to a first mortgage. They may also be junior to a second mortgage, and to other judgment liens depending on the order in which they were filed.

How does refinancing your first mortgage affect the priority assigned to your second mortgage? 

As if all of that isn’t confusing enough, things get even more complicated if you refinance your first mortgage — or get a cema loan if you live in New York. In this case, the first mortgage holder will mandate that the second-mortgage holder enters into a subordination agreement. In this type of agreement, the second-mortgage holder agrees to make its loan junior to the refinanced loan. In other words, the refinanced loan, which is technically the newest loan, gets first priority through the subordination agreement. 

A second-mortgage holder can sue you to recover the amount owed 

To reiterate, there are limited rights of a second lien holder in foreclosure. This is because foreclosure on the first mortgage triggers foreclosure on any junior loans including a second mortgage, home equity loan, or home equity line of credit. This domino effect also results in the loss of security interest in the property. The end result is that the secondary lien holder effectively becomes a “sold-out junior lienholder.”

However, this does not mean a second-mortgage holder cannot recoup its money. Laws vary from state to state, but in most cases, a secondary lien holder can sue you for the amount owed. You give the lender the right to pursue this option when you sign a document promising to repay the loan and then fail to do so.

Assuming the second-mortgage holder wins a judgment for the amount owed, there are several ways it can collect: 

  1. It can have a specified amount of money withheld from your paycheck each pay period until the debt is paid.
  2. It can have a specified amount of money taken out of your bank account for a specified period until the debt is paid.
  3. It can use any other “regular” collection methods as warranted.

If you are struggling to pay your first or second mortgage, consider speaking with a qualified legal or financial professional about your options. Depending on your situation, filing for bankruptcy may be one way to reduce  or eliminate your financial liability.  

If you don’t have a second mortgage yet, but you are considering getting one to finance other large purchases, it may be worth considering other options. Specifically, you may want to consider options with similar rates that don’t require you use your home as collateral. That way your home won’t necessarily be at risk in the long run.

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5 Must-Listen Digital Marketing Podcasts

Are you looking for strategies to boost your marketing and expand your business by listening to the best marketing podcasts? Podcasts have been a common source of enjoyment for many people. Digital marketing and leverage of marketing are now critical functions for the growth of a brand or a business, prompting marketers to evolve their marketing strategies to keep up with the pattern. According to Oberlo’s research, more than half of US users aged 12 listen to podcasts, and the growth of the podcast has been steady since 2013. 

But, if current trends remain consistent, the number will only rise. Despite how simple and inexpensive it is to listen to them, the other half should keep up with some of the most well-known podcasts as well. A podcast is that channel, as it provides an enjoyable, simple, and easy way to stay up to date on the latest trends without drawing attention away from your other activities. Podcasts on digital marketing are effective in teaching new skills and getting feedback about your marketing effort.

With whatever level of marketing experience you have, you will find something helpful in the podcasts mentioned here.

The #AskGaryVee Podcast Show

The Ask Gary Vee Show podcast is a magnetization of the same-named famous YouTube series. The Ask Gary Vee podcast, hosted by now-famous online personality Gary Vaynerchuk, addresses new trends and online marketing. Gary Vee, a successful entrepreneur, New York Times bestselling writer, and life coach, is recognized by youtube and digital media to grow. 

He also addresses the mantra behind his podcast’s success, becoming an excellent digital marketer, and his path from the podcast to YouTube. His podcast episodes are power-packed with personality, wisdom, and valuable advice. It helps you stay on top of the latest trends and improve your digital marketing skills. Besides, if you have any questions, you are welcome to do so. If there are any questions, you can ask them or send them to GaryVee with the hashtag #AskGaryVee, and he could respond to them in a podcast series.

Gary Vee’s podcast is available on SoundCloud, iTunes, YouTube, and his website.

Duct Tape Marketing

The influential small business marketing guide has transformed into a consultant and an online destination for all things related to it. John Jantsch started Duct Tape Marketing. He has been interviewing opinion leaders, analysts, and writers for his Duct Tape Marketing podcast for over a decade.  It gives exposure to the market’s most influential people.

In his podcast collection, called “One of the Best Podcasts for Business-Savvy Fans” by FastCompany, he has a lot to offer to those searching to grow their marketing business. Suppose you want to learn digital marketing fundamentals, mainly organic online marketing, word-of-mouth market research, and content strategy. In that case, you should start listening to this podcast right away. The topics addressed in each episode vary from marketing and advertising and copywriting to online community building, usability testing, and online marketing growth. Be sure you check in as soon as possible if you want to keep one step ahead of the competition and get a steady dose of digital marketing advice.

The Mad Marketing Podcast

Google has reduced the number of organic blue leads seen due to a quest from 10 to 8.5 on average. Mad Marketing, hosted by Marcus Sheridan, founder of River Pools and Spas and a HubSpot affiliate, provides a wealth of digital marketing guidance, specifically in SEO and content market research. The idea is that SEO is rapidly evolving. Search engines like Google are actively improving their algorithms to have a more consistent, efficient, and individual interface for users.

Suppose you are not familiar with your panda penguin. In that case, however, The Mad Marketing podcast is a valuable series – and it’s even enjoyable.

Marcus also tells a few engaging personal experiences from his work and several stories about what not to do with online marketing in his podcast. Almost all of these podcasts are unique yet equally amazing in their way. So, put on your headphones and plan to be educated if you’re serious about a future of digital marketing.

Marcus’ podcast is available on SoundCloud and iTunes.

This Old Marketing 

This Old Marketing podcast, featuring Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose, is designed to raise awareness of content marketing benefits. Every episode begins with a monologue followed by a series of informative parts, each performed with zeal and integrity. The premiere episode has 185,000 viewers and is growing. Expect clever humor, invaluable perspectives, exciting details, and a newfound appreciation for the power of good narrative in today’s fast-paced, digitally connected world. 

Each episode of This Old Marketing includes discussing recent content marketing news and rants from Joe and Robert about current business events. This charismatic duo has excellent compatibility with their fans, treating them as partners rather than mere listeners.

Marketing School

Marketing School is a fantastic podcast to check out if you want to learn about marketing in a short amount of time. Many Digital marketing strategists host the program that provides quick tips to help you take your company to the next level. As most digital marketing podcasts last 20 to 60 minutes, Marketing School takes just three minutes to discuss a critical marketing problem. 

The duo’s brief format also means that they can provide you with implementable lessons and valuable marketing insight every day. Duo’s awareness is extraordinary (with nearly 1500 episodes to date). Copywriting, SEO, metrics, conversion enhancement, paid search, content marketing, email marketing, and many more get discussed. It is a podcast you can tune to if you don’t have time to listen to long podcasts.


While there is an almost infinite number of digital marketing podcasts available today, these top five are a perfect way to start. These are among the best marketing podcasts to help you and your business. These podcasts are fun to listen to and jam-packed with information from industry professionals with years of experience. They also bring a unique approach to the table, discussing their strategies for achieving and improving business in the market growth. The best thing about podcasts is that they can be a great way to stay up with the latest because you can listen to them almost anywhere and anytime.

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How to Succeed in Business: 5 Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Succeeding in business as an entrepreneur is no easy feat, especially in this day and age. The ever-evolving business climate can feel overwhelming to entrepreneurs looking to launch a business venture, and having an effective strategy in place is vital for ensuring growth and success. To help you get started, we’re listing five strategies for entrepreneurs that you can rely on to succeed in business.

Diversify your skillset

Becoming an entrepreneur means becoming a problem-solver, someone who will provide innovative solutions, whether we’re talking about ideas, procedures, services, or goods. The world of business is constantly changing and evolving, and keeping up with these changes and adapting to them is key to staying ahead of competitors and continuing to turn a profit.

To succeed in business, you need to be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses, constantly looking for new skills you can add to your skillset while seeking help in the fields you’re unfamiliar with. The diversified skill set will allow you to take the right approach when tackling different problems while turning to someone more experienced for help will minimize the risks of errors caused by a lack of knowledge in a particular area.

Provide great customer service

One of the best strategies for succeeding in business and establishing your brand as competitive and trustworthy has to do with providing great customer service. Being professional and responsive is key to getting your customers to come to you instead of going to your competition, something that often happens due to the inability to communicate.

This is an issue companies can easily overcome by hiring a bilingual virtual receptionist who will eliminate the language barrier. Not only is this the perfect strategy to appeal to a more diverse customer base and reach a new market but it’s also a more attractive alternative to voicemails and automated answering machines. Customers matter to your business, and providing them with live bilingual operators is one of the best ways to make your customers, both current and potential ones, feel heard and valued.

Look for new products and services to take advantage of

Just like you should make innovations that will improve your company’s relationship with its customers, you should also do your research on the emerging products and services that will help boost the way your business operates.

Take a look at different technological advancements. Is there a way you can put them to use and improve your company’s operations? If there’s an app, service, or product that could potentially save you time and money and help you delegate everyday tasks to free up some room in your schedule, are you already using it? Are you really taking advantage of everything that’s being offered on the market right now? These are some of the most important questions everyone on their entrepreneur journey should ask themselves if they want to succeed in business.

Understand the risks and rewards

As an entrepreneur, it is your job to identify any market gaps and know how to recognize a great business opportunity. It is also your job to take calculated risks in order to reap the rewards later on. Every business decision you make will carry a certain degree of risk, whether we’re talking about a lack of security, potential financial loss, or even a business failure. 

Before making a decision, think about the possible downsides and look for ways to minimize the risks. Researching the market and creating a business plan, combined with effective budget planning, are some of the best ways to reduce risks and increase your chances of reaping potential rewards such as independence, profit, business success, and so on.

Build a business that will last

Many entrepreneurs start a business hoping that one day, they’ll be able to sell it. While this is definitely something to strive for, it’s important that you act as if you’ll be the one owning your business forever and build it to last.

There are several ways to do this. For starters, you want to go above and beyond when it comes to your customers. Going the extra mile does require additional time and effort, but it also does wonders when it comes to building a brand. You also need to have patience and prioritize security over growth. Instead of widening your horizons, narrow them. This will help you establish yourself as an expert in the field and minimize competition. Last but not least, do your best to continually innovate, and make your decisions as if you expect your business to be around forever.

Wrapping up

Although they differ in their backgrounds and skillsets, entrepreneurs around the world are united by a common goal – the desire to leave a lasting mark on the world and create a legacy

While launching a new venture may be challenging, with a couple of useful tips and strategies up your sleeve, you can ensure business success and make your career path a rewarding one.

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5 Best Digital Ideas To Increase Your Brand Presence

Businesses need to be conspicuous for them to grow and thrive. This means that they must invest in brand awareness and recognition. As such, one needs to initiate necessary steps to achieve such a goal. Fortunately, some simple tricks and tips can help any business grow to a level where they increase their brand awareness with ease.

Consider the five suggestions below as a great starting point.

Consider Website Optimization

A primary reason you should prioritize hiring one of the best salesforce consulting companies is to help you with web management. It is not enough to have a company website. Any company working online should have a well-optimized website. Invest in the right SEO strategies such as keyword use, lead creation, and link building. Note that most people today begin their search for products and services online.

All you need to do is start. Ensure that the process is simple and not fancy. Your website should simply show your work in the most straightforward way possible. Ensure it is easy to load and navigate. These can be easily achieved by optimization. Make the website visually appealing and useful for those searching online. If funds allow, consider making a mobile app, especially if your services match the mobile platform use.

Start a Business Blog

Focus on getting people to know more about your business. Ensuring that there is enough credible information about the business out there can easily achieve this. Starting a blog is one of the safest and surest ways to inform your potential and repeat clients about your products and services. You can document all your progress in your blogs as long as your post’s content is useful to the reader.

Having a dedicated blog that addresses most, if not all, the issues customers may have, helps businesses attract new customers and maintain the earlier ones. However, before posting any content on the blog, it must be perfectly-written without numerous errors.

You also need to update the content on your website regularly, more so if things change. Whenever readers realize that you post outdated content, they are likely to trust you less. Let people know when to expect your new content. This will help you achieve excellent traffic and boost your SEO ranking. In case your goal is the growth and expansion of your brand’s presence, you must positively use your blog.

Focus on Social Media Presence

While social media is great for business growth and brand awareness, you need to be careful when choosing the right channels. Your excellent research skills should be used at this point. Find out the best social media channels that will help your media presence.

Do not ignore social media because this is an opportunity to grow your brand and bring in more potential customers. It is easier for more people to find out about you on your social media pages than they will on your website. Once you decide which social media channel is excellent for you, create useful content for the page. Keep it busy and continue to engage your viewers.

Most importantly, ensure that you are relevant. Everything you post, from the videos, pictures, and blog posts, should match your brand’s identity. Besides that, have your employees join in this journey. Please encourage them to continually share the content on their personal social media spaces to expand the brand’s reach. Focus on extending your reach and building trust, as this goes a long way in bringing the right people your way.

Have a Few Guest Posts and Invest in Email Marketing

One of the fastest and easiest ways to build brand awareness is having a strong email presence. Email marketing works most of the time and is even more effective than social media because you deal and interact with people directly. When using email marketing as a strategy, make sure your approach is segmented to be more effective.

Create customized messages and send emails at the right time. You have to analyze data and know what works for you regularly. On the other hand, guest blogging also works in branding because of the targeted exposure, which helps your brand earn credibility. When done right, this can be a magnet that attracts customers to your website.

Once people love your content on the guest blogs, they are likely to go to the main website and read through your other content. This helps you build traffic and can contribute to the conversion rates and business increase.

Use Visuals to Engage Customers

A visual brand is immediately noticeable. Customers want compelling content that makes them love your brand. Take time to build content that attracts your customers. Use imagery and other visual aids that put your brand out there.

The aim is to tap into the consciousness of the reader or potential customer. Once they are hooked, they will search for your content on official channels and possibly convert into loyal customers. The bottom line is to ensure that the content you create is appealing and exciting for them to continue searching for you.

Final Thoughts

Brand awareness is easy. However, it needs one to use available resources. Choose wisely and follow a path that works for your business. Different strategies may work for other businesses, while some may need a combination of several strategies. So, choose wisely.

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Marketing for the Digital Age: Steps to Stand Out

Marketing has changed significantly in the digital age, and it continues to evolve. There are quite a few methods that every company in the digital economy needs to learn in order to stand out from the rest. The internet is saturated and the number of products and services available is unparalleled to any other time in human history. Luckily there are ways to promote your business and market ads to your target demographics. Below are a few tips that will help your company market itself in the digital age.

Master SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for any business that wants to land on Google, Bing, and others. SEO is essential to any company that needs to market itself digitally. It is the process of using keywords, hyperlinks, metadata, and more to ensure that the web page lands on search engines. If you do your best to hire people who understand SEO and keep learning about it on a continual basis you’ll have the chance to market your company successfully online.

Utilize Technical Writing Software

The use of technical writing software won’t just facilitate your SEO, it is a great resource for content web developers in general. Whether it’s technical code writing or video content, taking advantage of all the tools you have at your disposal will improve your online presence when it comes to digital marketing. From importing to authoring new content to publishing and analytics, tools like technical writing software will give you the power to effectively target ads and use digital marketing in a whole new way.

Stay Active on Social Media

Social media is not just necessary to promote your products or services to consumers, it is also integral for your online strategy. You’ll need to target ads while using analytics, hashtags, and other methods to market the business on social media. If you don’t already have social media employees, it’s a good idea to get started. When you don’t have a social media presence, it will be difficult for many people to find about your company.

Invest in Data

As a company involved in the digital space of technology, it has become imperative to gather data. Whether you’re getting data from your own site, online service, or buying it from another company, data is now extremely valuable. When you sign up for a social media platform, you agree to the terms and conditions to allow the company to sell your data. 

These businesses deal primarily in data. This is because it has become as valuable of a resource as oil. While the moral issues surrounding the buying and selling of data are dubious, it is a main-stay of the digital economy that isn’t going anywhere any time soon. If you want to expand and make it big with your start-up, you’ll need to deal with data as well.

Use Analytics & Spreadsheets

When you are handling a lot of data, your company will need to store and manage it. You can either store it on a Cloud service yourself, pay someone else to do it, or have full control over the data by keeping it on your own private server. Each method has its own workload and benefits. Depending on the security of the data and how much you want to have access to it, you can choose the storage and management method that works best for you.

Then once you have your data properly stored and organized, you’ll be able to use analytics and spreadsheets to determine the best ways to use particular sets of data. Some of it can be used in tandem with other sets, but some will need to be scrutinized individually. However you look at it, your digital business can use data to market more effectively to the target demographics that can be discovered and analyzed to expose new opportunities and ad potential.

Marketing has become much more complex in the digital age. The internet is complex and it takes a lot to stand out from the saturated crowd. But if you put in the effort to learn SEO, social media, data management, and technical writing software, your company will be able to market your product or service.

Ryan Beitler is a writer, journalist, and blogger who has written for AI Time Journal, Paste Magazine, The Slovenia Times, Addiction Now, and more.

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Nine Online Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Good marketing is a crucial element for every business’s survival and success. A well-planned marketing strategy can do wonders for your small business. Not only will it attract a considerable number of potential customers, but it will also give your business an immense opportunity for growth.

Online marketing is rapidly taking the lead among all other forms of marketing. While traditional marketing channels like TV commercials and billboard advertisements are still widely employed, their effect is no longer dominant in the digital era. With social media and e-commerce websites taking over the world by storm, marketers are making a paradigm shift towards digital marketing.

However, digital marketing is still an evolving concept. Hence, many businesses face issues when trying to market their product through an online platform. These marketing mistakes can create plenty of problems, might even cost you your business. Therefore, identifying and avoiding them is essential. Below, we have pointed out a few online marketing mistakes small businesses often tend to make.

1. Not having a pre-planned strategy

Like any other business strategy, online marketing also needs a tremendous amount of planning. Without a well-thought-out marketing strategy, your marketing goals will lack structure and direction. You will be unable to reach your established objective, and your competitors might put you at a disadvantage.

To develop a marketing strategy, start by identifying your audience, set a long-term vision and goals for your business. Most importantly, decide the online platform(s) you want to use for marketing purposes.

Hiring a digital marketing agency can make your job easier. You can get assistance from qualified professionals and build an efficient and effective strategy for your business.

2. No social media presence

In this day and age, where social media is the “king” of marketing channels, not having a social media presence can put your business at a considerable disadvantage.

A social media page can help popularize your business and attract more potential customers. Social media is also an excellent avenue for you to interact with your customers and build long-lasting relationships. You can improve your services and quality by getting their feedback. You can also get an insight into consumers’ consumption patterns and develop a marketing plan tailored to specific groups.

Social media handles like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram also allow you to run advertisements for your business. While everything else is free-of-cost, these advertisements are not. However, these costs are scalable depending on your objectives. They are a great way to attract traffic to your page and increase your followers.

3. Entirely depending on paid advertisements

While paid advertisements can be immensely beneficial for your business, you should avoid solely relying on them. One reason for this is that these advertisements may not necessarily yield any long-term benefits. Also, back-to-back paid advertisements tend to have diminishing returns and can burn a hole in your business wallet.

Consider investing your time, money, and energy in other long-term and effective strategies like inbound marketing. Inbound marketing includes social media, SEO, and email. Inbound marketing promises long-term benefits and improves ROI.

4. Neglecting your social media account

It’s one thing not to have social media presence at all (we talked about that above), and entirely another to have one and neglect it. And believe it or not, small business owners are more likely to make the second mistake.

Some common mistakes marketing teams make are inconsistency with posting and replying late to queries. If you don’t post regularly, you might start losing followers, eventually dipping your engagement and traffic figures. Delayed responses to queries and an inactive social media account reflect poorly on the business’s ability to address customer concerns and create a bad reputation.

5. Not using videos

Studies report that 85% of the audience prefers watching videos over engaging with text and image-based content. Facebook and YouTube saw a massive increase in video content last year. Fun, humorous, and engaging videos attract a lot of customers. Video content is more memorable than text. It can drive immense traffic and is slowly becoming the preferred medium of many marketers.

6. Not marketing your website

If your business is new, then remember to market your website well. If you don’t invest in marketing your website, you will fail to attract even the smallest amount of traffic, leading to a tremendous loss in ROI. Think about it, many people don’t know about you, and you do not even market your website. Then, how do you expect visitors to your site? It’s a no-brainer!

It’s a very competitive digital world that we are talking about here. There are millions of websites up on the web. The chances of a person reaching your website are little to none if you don’t market it properly, which brings us to the next mistake.

7. Not investing in SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving your ratings on different search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. SEO makes it possible for customers to easily find your business and the products/services you offer while surfing the internet.

The problem here is that most business owners do not realize the full potential of SEO. They consider it to be useless and time-consuming. However, it is one of the most effective marketing tactics. If you can learn certain tricks of the trade like keyword research, keyword optimization, URL creation, you will realize the true potential that SEO carries. Yes, it is time-consuming, but the long-term results are worth the wait.

8. Spamming your customers

Being bombarded with an odd number of emails, texts, and messages is something none of us like. Customers hate spam! Spamming your customers can annoy them to the point that they might block you.  The last thing you want is to lose your customers for good!

Try and make your emails and messages relevant. Irrelevant and unnecessary spam emails can worsen the case. The best way to go about it is to communicate with your customers and only send them as few emails as they wish to receive.

9.      Marketing exclusively

Marketers often make the mistake of focusing on quantity over quality, i.e., they assume the higher the ad frequency, the higher the website’s traffic. However, it would be best to remember that your goal is to attract the right traffic and not all the traffic. Visitors who are genuinely interested in your business should be your primary focus. Others might waste your time and money, and will eventually leave. Define your target audience and focus on marketing to a niche rather than everyone.


Your marketing tactics will be of no use if you are not able to reach your goal. Small businesses often make the mistake of marketing their businesses without putting any thought into it first. Careful marketing is vital. It can make or break your business. Investing time, energy, and money in digital marketing is a valuable and valuable idea, but correctly investing those three resources is the key to success.

If you are a new business owner, make sure to surf through the above-given points to not make any marketing mistakes in the future.

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Test Automation: Building the Right Automation Strategy

Whether it is a startup or an enterprise, all businesses are implementing test automation. But still, there is a higher rate of failure, and the underlying reason is the wrong implementation. Businesses cannot afford to go wrong with their test automation strategy in this fierce competition. A test automation company can help enterprises build the right strategy when moving from manual to automated tests. 

Let’s see how businesses can build a good test automation strategy:

The road to quality software development is full of hurdles but the right choices make businesses succeeded eventually, if not at the first attempt. Development teams begin a project with great enthusiasm and seem to meet their deadlines too. But when moving towards automation testing, things start to fall apart and teams start to lag behind their schedule. In the rush to reduce the time to market, companies often fail to achieve quality products. So this is where the real challenge begins. 

How to Get Started with Test Automation?

In the software development industry, one of the main factors for failure is bug fixing, which causes delays in projects. This is why a test automation company needs to get things straight right from the beginning. According to the world quality report, 61% of respondents stated that they have difficulties in automating their QA, which results in higher costs. It breaks the conventional pattern of detecting bugs and fixes them by running regression tests.  

A Good Automation Strategy

Following are the key ingredients for a good automation strategy:

  • Defining goals– So that you are clear which tests need to be automated.
  • Planning a test approach – It is important to determine and list down various levels of testing, along with the roles and responsibilities of the team members. All types of testing that would be required in a project should be listed. 
  • Selecting a test automation framework – It is a set of detailed guidelines that one needs to follow when writing and running tests. It includes coding standards, procedures, test-data reporting, etc. 
  • Selecting tools – Development teams should select testing tools that they will be using during their project. 
  • Creation of tests and running them – Once test managers have created a test automation strategy and selected the right testing tools; it is time to write and execute scripts.
  • Maintaining scripts – It includes scrutinizing the testing parameters. For instance, if a new feature is added to an application, regression tests need to be carried out. 


CIOs think that test automation can save time and get things back on track. Development teams begin with the process only to find out it’s not as simple as it looks. Since they don’t know which tools to use or don’t have the right automation strategy in place. Towards the end, they realize how much technical debt they may have to pay. This is why implementing test automation is the ultimate solution. A good test automation company can help enterprises in achieving full potential from test automation efforts. 

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How Does your Food Delivery Business benefit by Embracing Digital Solutions

The latest trend of digitalization is changing the entire world in the form of the digital revolution. The world is witnessing everlasting solutions like digitization, which will benefit, benefit, and only benefit the upcoming generation. It is the solution that has completely changed the dynamics of the market. The internet is such a field that has created magic, and in recent times it has empowered the world. People got immensely fond of the internet world that these days they always take the internet’s opinion. The digital revolution has happened only because of the popularity of the internet and advancement in the networks and internet. More importantly, it also happened because people realized the importance of such solutions in their day-to-day lives. 

The digital transformation in the business sector is nothing new these days, and small businesses like restaurants and food eateries have taken advantage of it successfully. The food business will always be trending because people are fond of eating delicious food. The critical point here is that the food industry is snowballing, and the market conditions are hectic because of the heavy competition. On the other hand, people have got a lot of options that they get confused with when choosing their cuisine. The restaurant business can quickly adopt digital solutions to embrace themselves in the competitive market. 

The restaurant business’s digital solutions will give them a chance for betterment in the service and healthily beat the competitions. It is the solution that will enhance the business model and improves the ease of doing business for your restaurant. It also smoothens the business operations and gives service providers flexibility to handle their business functions efficiently. There are many benefits and verticals that digital solutions offer to the business people in the restaurant sector.

Digital Solutions For Getting Food Orders

The digital solutions in restaurants will allow the restaurant owners to get food orders online from customers searching for the food online. They can have their ordering and delivery system for restaurant to get online orders to deliver them at the customer’s doorstep. The restaurant owners can relax as they can get their orders online, and they don’t have to handle the customers at their restaurant. They just need to prepare the food and notify the delivery rider to collect the order and deliver it to the customer’s destination. The order handling and receiving and further processing are quite quickly done with the digital solutions. Also, real-time data is available to keep watch on the entire food ordering and delivering process. 

Improve Business Efficiency

Implementing digital solutions in the restaurant business will help them to improve business efficiency. With the digital tools, the ordering details are accurately received, and there won’t be any chance of miscommunication while preparing and receiving the order. Restaurants working offline have these issues of miscommunication, and they serve the wrong item, which will frustrate customers, which is not a good thing for your restaurant business. The communication will be accurate with the digital solutions that will increase the efficiency of the restaurant business. The restaurant business will have its standards with digital solutions, which helps run the business efficiently. Thus, these are the technologies that enhance work productivity

Offering Better Customer Service

The digital solutions will allow the food delivery service to automate the ordering and processing tasks. Online ordering will enable customers to order their food requirements sitting at their place, which is a convenient option. They can have access to the restaurant’s entire menu with each detail on their hands using the online platform. With everything at their fingertips, it is very hassle-free for them to order food online, and they will get its quick delivery at their doorstep. Customers will enjoy digital ordering as it gives them flexibility and conveniences, which the traditional form of restaurant business won’t be able to provide. Thus, it allows the restaurant business to offer better customer service by ordering and delivering these solutions. 

Increased In Restaurant Revenue Generation

The restaurant business’s digital solutions will allow them to target wider audiences from the internet world as we all know that the digital population is expanding, and the internet user-base has increased and reached 4.66 Billion, which is almost 60% of the total world population. The online users will use the restaurant’s online services effectively, and these are the target audiences for your business. The order generation will increase with the online ordering facility provided by restaurants. With the increase in order quantity, there will be an increase in the revenues generated, and thus, that is what your restaurant business needs these days. The restaurant business will be thriving with the digital solution. 

Getting Quick Payments With Digital Solutions

The digital solutions will allow your food business to accept online payment facilities, which is a very flexible option. The digital payments are swift, easy, and reliable, and the owners can easily secure the money for the food. Customers can also have the flexible option of paying online, which is very convenient as they do not need to arrange cash when they receive the food order at their doorstep. The payment facilities have solved many problems for the business people in running their business model smoothly. Managing money is the biggest hurdle for any business, and with digital solutions, it can be done easily. 

Excellent Delivery Service

The digital solutions will allow the food delivery business to run their delivery service smoothly and efficiently. The delivery service will be improved with digital solutions, and with the latest technologies, the optimum delivery can be done. There are various features for efficient delivery operations that help the rider get an optimized route for delivery. The entire delivery operations can be monitored these days with real-time data. That will ensure smooth delivery operations, and the restaurant owner can relax and focus on their business. 

Concluding Note

The restaurant and food business sector has been evolving a lot in recent times with digital solutions availability. The business people have found these solutions very useful in enhancing their business model and creating excellent opportunities to establish their virtual space business. With the virtual audiences, they can increase their orders, which will eventually lead to an increase in revenue generation. The digital solution has a lot to offer to the business model, and it is said that a digital solution will have an excellent future. People have also found this solution very helpful, and thus, it gives a perfect opportunity to the food business sector to achieve their targets and desired success. 

Author Bio

Brijesh Vadukiya

I am Brijesh, a tech activist and avid blogger. My major concern is to educate people who are interested in technology. I am passionate about helping people in all aspects of SaaS solutions, online delivery business, digital marketing and other related topics that make tomorrow’s world better. I am fond of writing useful and informative content that helps brands to grow business.

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Top 8 Instagram Tools to Help you Promote your Brand

Many people spend more than 2 hours on social media platforms every day. Considering Instagram, there are 1 billion monthly active users on the platform. These social media statistics and numbers are quite thought-provoking when it comes to the promotion of your brand on social media platforms, especially Instagram. To make the promotion of your brand on Instagram more successful, you can use the available top Instagram tools to facilitate all your tasks. 

There are many Instagram tools that you can use. Choosing the right tool can influence your Instagram marketing strategies and the efficiency of your time and efforts. As many Instagram tools are either free or have a reasonable price, it is their functionality that makes the difference. 

Why Is Using Instagram Marketing Tools Important?

Instagram is a photo-centered social platform that can drive business growth to a large extent. So, it is not like the past when people only wanted to see their friends’ moments, some delicious food pictures, beautiful natural landscapes, etc. on their feed. Nowadays, more than 200 million users visit one business profile each day. Therefore, it is important that you use Instagram to promote your brand image and products or services. 

To better manage your business Instagram account, Instagram marketing tools can be a great contribution. They can schedule your posts for a later time to be posted, suggest hashtags, or give you the analytics of your performance on Instagram. They can also help you increase your follower base and better engage your audience. Taken as a whole, you can automate your Instagram tasks and get the most of your Instagram account just by using Instagram marketing tools. Not to mention that using Instagram marketing tools is a great way to save time. 

What Are the Top Instagram Tools to Promote Your Brand?

Now that we have known the importance of using Instagram marketing tools, it is time to learn about the best Instagram tools. 

1. DMpro

Direct Messages or DMs on Instagram are great for generating more leads and customers. Using DMpro as an automated DM tool, you can both facilitate and accelerate your DM marketing on Instagram. The tool automates all your DM-related tasks. In addition, you can send bulk DMs or get notified whenever you receive a DM by Email. 

Here are the features of DMpro:

  • Automating outbound DMs
  • Sending automated DM responses
  • Sending bulk DMs to your contacts
  • Sending and receiving DMs via Email

2. Realtormate

If you have a realtor business, using Realtormate as your Instagram marketing tool is the smartest move. You can get a lot of relevant content designs with this Instagram tool for realtors which is great for accelerating your content creation. Moreover, you can create a content plan for your Instagram posting. Furthermore, you can use Realtormate as a growth manager to generate 400-500 new, AI-targeted followers and leads each month.

Here are the features of Realtormate:

  • Posting designs for Instagram real estate agencies
  • Creating a content plan
  • Growing your followers and leads

3. AiSchedul

AiSchedul is an Instagram marketing tool that used to have Instagram post scheduling as its main goal. You can create your post on the platform and set a time and date for it to be shared at that particular time.

Then, it evolved through time and added more services in addition to being an Instagram scheduler. For instance, you can add multiple hashtags by entering the main keyword of your post. You can also repost the best content related to your niche. Moreover, there is a calendar with international events that you can see the best trending posts and get an idea for your own content for that event. Furthermore, you can monitor your mentions too.

Here are the features of AiSchedul:

  • Scheduling your Instagram post for a later time
  • Choosing multiple hashtags
  • Reposting trending content
  • Creating ideas for international events through the calendar
  • Monitoring mentions 

4. AiGrow

Perhaps the most attractive tools for Instagram are the ones for the growth of your Instagram account. Increasing your Instagram followers can add a lot to the credit of your business. However, many tools stopped functioning as Instagram banned all bot activities on its platform. 

New tools like AiGrow can grow your follower base organically. It means that thanks to this Instagram growth service, you will increase the number of your followers with real users. There are packages that you can choose based on your budget and needs. 

Here are the features of AiGrow:

  • Increasing your follower base organically

5. Later

First and foremost, Later started its service as an Instagram post scheduling tool. It has updated itself to more services through time and is now an effective Instagram marketing tool. Using Later, you can create your Instagram posts and schedule them for later. There is also a calendar that helps you keep track of important international events. 

Here are the features of Later:

  • Easy scheduling of Instagram posts
  • Budget-friendly plans
  • Unlimited data download

6. Hootsuite

You can post on Instagram easier than before using Hootsuite as a scheduling tool. You can post any type of content directly from the platform of Hootsuite. However, Hootsuite does not just help you with posting and scheduling. It also helps you to answer the comments of your posts or check your post from the platform itself.

Here are the features of Hootsuite:

  • Creating content for your posts and stories
  • Scheduling of your posts
  • Monitoring Instagram activities
  • Searching for trending hashtags
  • Analysis of your Instagram performance

7. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is another Instagram marketing tool that you can choose for managing your Instagram account. What it actually does is to do with the analysis of your Instagram performance. The data that is driven from this tool can help you plan a better Instagram marketing strategy to create more engagement and better results. In addition, you can schedule your posts for a time and date to be posted. You can also monitor your Instagram activities from mentions to comments. 

Here are the features of Iconosquare:

  • Analyzing your Instagram performance
  • Hashtag tracking
  • Instagram influential profile spotting

8. Buffer

Buffer is perhaps one of the oldest Instagram marketing tools for post scheduling. You can schedule your Instagram posts in advance and queue your content for a particular date and time. 

Here are the features of Buffer:

  • Scheduling your Instagram posts
  • Scheduling and posting your content based on a calendar


Instagram is a popular social media platform with many features that have made it an easy-to-use platform for almost any generation. To get your business high up on Instagram and expect more customers, you should outsource some of your Instagram tasks to the best available Instagram tools that we have just introduced above. Wish you the best of luck!


I am Parichehr Parsi, a born writer, and a freelance copywriter in the fields of travel, fashion, and Instagram marketing. I currently write for SocialPros and online magazines in Italy and I love reading, writing, and researching. Find me on LinkedIn!