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Effect of a Good Chief Marketing Officer on Your Business

If you’re looking to hire a chief marketing officer (CMO), you probably have scanned a lot, even the occasional project manager resume; a short perspective on what you’re looking for, right? It might be frustrating and makes you want to hire anyone. But if your choice of CMO doesn’t work out, it might affect your business negatively.

Taking out information from a perfect marketing officer resume, here are a few things that a good CMO can do for your business.

A CMO does good market research and data interpretation.

Corporate Finance Institute said that a CMO does research which means gathering important information about your company’s target market. One example is what your target customer thinks about your product. Another is if the competition is meeting the needs of the customer better than your company.

The CMO gathers this data using multiple ways, like surveys and focus group discussions. The CMO will then put together the data, interpret the results, and present it to the company executives. A good CMO will be good at putting together this information and make it understandable. Without this data, your company will be blind as to whether your products are doing well.

A CMO develops a good marketing plan.

A CMO’s main mission is to make sure the company grows and that sales and revenue increase. To do that, the CMO comes up with a complete and very detailed marketing plan. One part of the marketing plan will increase your target customers’ recognition of your brand. Another part is ways that will help you get advantages over your competition.

Without good CMOs and comprehensive marketing plans, it will be hard for your company to know what to do. That marketing plan will dictate how you will brand your products, advertise them, and so on. It will be hard to make money without a plan. It’s a given, but be sure to check out your candidate’s skills regarding this in their chief marketing officer resume.

A CMO connects the corporation with the customer.

Sometimes, companies do not know anything about their customers. They are more focused on making their products better but unless your company connects with your customer, you will not succeed. The CMO is the one who can help with customer focus in your company and stays updated about customer preferences.

The CMO must also be technologically savvy since he or she deals with marketing. With social media and the Internet use very high these days, more data is available to be interpreted, including user experiences when using your company website or app. CMOs understand that customers must always be happy when transacting with your company in whatever way. Otherwise, they will leave and look for similar services elsewhere.

While there have been changes in the hiring process, it is still best to check each applicant’s resume. From there, you can choose the best candidate for your chief marketing officer. Remember not to hire just anybody, as the CMO will seriously impact your business.

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Improving Your Small Business Status

The year 2020 took a toll on businesses across the states. With vaccines already administered to a good portion of the population and more on the way, states are removing most of the COVID-19 restrictions. This is fantastic news for small business owners. Listed below are a few tips to set you up for an exceptional year in growth. 

Know the Competition

It’s advantageous to know what products and services the competition offers. Thankfully, there are several ways to gain this valuable information. Visit their website and read the story of their humble beginnings and long-term goals. Check for discounts and benefits for using their business and read over their reviews to see what customers like about them and areas where they may need improvement. Once you gather the information you can use it as selling points and guidelines. 

Reviews, Testimonials

Technology is paving the way for the development of more small businesses. However, there are a few drawbacks. Most adults use some type of electronic device whether it’s a cell phone, tablet, or computer, daily. If your service or product is less than satisfactory, people will instantly go on social media and write a bad review. If you perform well or clients enjoy the products, the same happens, only sending positive feedback that benefits you. Encourage customers pleased with the company to visit your website and give either testimonials or post a positive review.


Unlike large corporations where they have staff in place to handle everything from customer service to payroll, small businesses often have a skinny staff of intelligent and reliable people that wear many hats. One way to gain time better used for marketing is outsourcing. 

Outsourcing puts the responsibility of a service in the hands of a third party. Today more small business owners are using companies for payroll, accounting, and IT management. E-commerce businesses are also using 3PL consulting companies to lower costs and improve logistics management. 

Social Media

Social media is not new to marketing for small business owners. All too often they misuse it. Instead of maintaining fresh content, many simply set up a presence for the business and then walk away. Social media is essential to reaching a large audience any time day or night. If any changes occur in the business such as the introduction of a new service or product, or you change your address, make sure you add that information to your social media page. It’s also essential to have valuable content on your website so that when potential customers visit they make a sale. 

Customer Retention

It’s not enough to make a sale. What gives your company the upper edge is customer loyalty. Think about it. You can bring in all the new business you want but if they make one sale and are done, you’ll never increase your bottom line. Loyal customers will offer your name to anyone they know. This creates additional sales without the need for a monetary investment. Over time, as your loyal base expands, your need for marketing recedes. Customers aren’t really hard to please. They just want to feel important. Discounts on services and products after a set number purchased, and monthly newsletters giving them a pre-introduction to upcoming promotions, are some ways to achieve it. Some businesses give their customers money for referrals. 


Connecting a business with a person transforms your business from a name to a member of the community. Face-to-face meetings with locals is important. Sponsor a little league team and attend a few games. Host a summer music festival or set up a booth at the local fair. The point is to get customers familiar with you personally. 

Small businesses took a hard hit in 2020 caused by the pandemic. The new year brings much promise for improved earnings. 

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Best Ways to Promote your Apps

Mobile app creation opens new ways for getting customers to recognize your brand. The app is the perfect way to show how dedicated you are towards the audience. Around 50 percent of customers use the app to make purchase decisions and scan for information.

That said, thousands of customers will be attracted to your business when you start taking care of them and give them a navigable way to get access to your goods and services. Mobile app marketing for getting more customers is very important.

Businesses approach mobile app development companies and after that they start finding the best ways for app marketing. So if you’re looking for a simple approach to promote the app, it’s worth considering certain strategies.

Explore the Ways to Promote Your Mobile App

· Choose the Right App Store

How to Market Your Mobile App – the Choice of the right App Store helps. Let us give you a broad notion. When you are considering the promotional strategy, always choose the store to list your app that will be a perfect one for the business and the market you want to target. Always make sure about adding the app to the different App Stores.

To get a sooner response on behalf of the users, start with the Google Play and Apple store. The distribution through the App Store is around $90 per month, while Google Play charges around $25 for the registration fee, and there is 30 percent associated with the list price. Besides, before you invest in picking up the App Store, consider the regions you want to cover.

· Rates and Reviews

High reviews and rates from the users ensure helping the app to draw the attention of the customers. Always ask the audience to rate the app. Also, request them to spend a few minutes writing a short review of the service they have got from your app. Add value like unlocking the new content or the virtual life.

More than 50 percent of organizations choose to redirect their investments to customer experience innovations that can give an unstoppable way to broaden your brand. Make sure about increasing the chances of getting the quality of feedback. You can also get the scope for the ranking in the App Store with the utilization of the right keywords.

· Use of Social Media Marketing

One of the most vital strategies that you need to consider is social media marketing. It can make sure about drawing the attention of the interested users. Conversion of the visitors to the customers also becomes easy by considering social media marketing. You can entertain the subscribers with useful content, thematic Infographics, and hot topics.

Make sure about never spoiling everything just by mindless copy-pasting. Rather make the social media marketing of your app great enough for catching the attention of the users. Besides, make sure about getting the feedback in time while bringing in the important updates.

· Designing the App Appropriately

Whenever it comes to promoting the app before releasing it, you will have to design the website appropriately. Highlight the main news regarding your app, the key features you’re of contents, as well as capabilities.

Pay attention to designing the app and upgrading it to match the present market standards while making it quite navigable. When you have built your mobile app, ensure attracting the people to the website while running the ad campaign with the assistance of the advertising company.

Pay attention to offering the users additional value like the personal discount. You can do so in return for the subscription to the app. The email base also becomes an additional channel that can develop the interaction with the customers. However, in the entire strategy, never consider spamming as a way to market your app.

· Connection with Professional Bloggers

The app marketing strategy starts before the app is launched. So you will have to build an international audience who will be there to serve as the face and the voice. Go ahead with marketing the app both locally and globally right after the app launch.

For that, you don’t have to consider building a bond with high-budget influencers. Rather, you can promote the mobile app by interacting with professional bloggers. You can also consider the app listing websites that can give you reviews and help generate subscribers with massive downloads.

The alternate method you can choose is reaching out to the top websites and social media personalities. Such a strategy can make sure about generating the app’s awareness with pace. One of the best ways to promote the app is to stick to engaging directly with the customers.

· Use of Email Marketing

Use of Communities, text messages, social media or interviews, video promotion, and similar other strategies can engage your consumers. However, one of the best and the classical ways to promote the app is email marketing.

Email marketing can still prove to be one of the best ways to promote the app internationally. It’s worth noting that mobile email opens have noticed an increase of 180 percent in the last three years.

All you have to do is openly broadcast the features, user ratings, reviews, benefits that your app will offer the users over similar competitive apps. Besides, you should also consider the selling point for relating every global scenario to the app: the best headlines, small and catchy titles, taglines, and subject lines. Then make sure to send out a clear picture of your app. Ensure sending out the bulk mails internationally to make sure about giving you more downloads in lesser time.

· Featuring App using your own Blog

A mobile user spends 2 hours and 51 minutes on the apps from his entire browsing time. This value suggests that the apps account for roughly 90 percent of smartphone usage. So, it’s clear how engaging the apps can increase your brand’s value. In addition to including the app on the website, you will have to regularly schedule the blog post in terms of another marketing strategy that can leverage your app’s presence.

You can also introduce the complete story regarding the app and let your target audience learn its purpose. The story-telling strategy works as one of the best ideas to promote your mobile app. Let them know how the app can be used while making things easier for them. You can include screenshots, videos to make it an engaging and better understanding of the content.

· Promotion with the Help of the Promo Video

There are around 2.87 million apps in the Google Play Store alongside 1.96 million apps in the App Store. You can create a promo video that will be good enough to promote the mobile app. It turns out to be the simplest and quickest way for someone who wants to understand the brand. Note that 21 percent of Millennials open an app 50+ times per day.

This value shows how important the promo video is for the promotion of your brand. The promo video turns out to be the best idea by which you can entice the visitors towards your brand. You can make the video quite attractive when compared to the other app promo videos.

This tip is something that can bring more views. With one of the most effective ways to promote your app, you can rest assured that you can take advantage of the video SEO. The proper title of the video will highlight your brand when the user’s query and the YouTube video title match.

Key Takeaways

So, with this blog, you have got the highlights regarding marketing your mobile app. It’s worth noting that user spending time on app stores will be increasing by 92 percent in 2022. Creating an exceptional app is important for increasing the sphere of the business while also reaching out to new customers.

There are dozens of app promotion channels, but not all of them work appropriately for promoting your app. Do follow the tailored ecosystem with a specific range of app promotion strategies as mentioned above. In the process, also consider the tools, services, and platforms. Give priority to building a strong app promotional and marketing strategy.

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Capital Gains Tax: How To Proceed With Home Sale

So you want to sell your property. But are you aware of all the tax liabilities related to real estate? There are numerous tax considerations for the people who own a house. One of them is capital gains.

What is Capital Gain?

The increase in the value of an asset is known as capital gain. Typically, the gains in the capital value are taxable. However, the tax rates may vary, depending upon the income and tax filing status of the taxpayer.

For real estate, taxes are calculated afresh for each fiscal year, and are usually paid throughout the life cycle of the property. Or, at least, till the time it is sold to a new owner.


Let us elaborate on how the tax works in case of a home sale.


The tax rate in capital gains – The tax rates for capital gains in real estate usually depend on two factors – first, the class of capital gain, and second the income and filing status.

The class of capital gains is defined by the type of asset and the term of the gains. In general, a property that is owned for less than a year would bring in short-term capital gains. Whereas, anything more than a year is usually known as long-term capital gain. That being said, the tax rates for short term capital gains are lower as compared to long term capital gains.

Many long-term gains are taxable at the rates of up to 20%, but there are instances where higher rates can also apply. These assets include collectibles like coins, antiques (28%), or unrecaptured gain under section 1250 for real property (25%).

Now, would you like to know ways to reduce the tax liability on these long-term profits? Keep reading.

Selling a primary residence – The primary residence is the property in which you live for at least 2 years. It need not be consecutive for two years. Additionally, it is not necessary that you own your home. For instance, if you live in your house for two years and own it for three years, it will be called a primary residence. In such cases, you might not need to pay the tax when you sell your property. Also, if you have recently claimed an exemption in the period of the last two years, you can’t claim another one. Meeting these criteria helps in excluding the tax when you sell your home. As per this blog you can always talk to the experts about managing this aspect of the unearned income. This may serve you as the source of income in addition to the earned income.

Selling an investment property – If you own an investment property that is not exempted from the capital tax, sell your house strategically. Keep a check on how much money you have earned. In this way, you can be sure of what is the best time to sell it. For instance – You and your partner earn 90,000 US dollars every year. One of you stops working, and this income reduces to 70,000 US dollars. Ideally, it is the best time to sell your property as it puts you in the 0% bracket. It puts an end to your liability, presuming that your home is eligible for long-term capital gains tax policy.



The amount of tax depends upon your income and suitable deductions. One such consideration is the capital gain tax that you can have in the homeownership. Do not forget that the financial condition of every individual is different. So never hesitate to speak with the licensed financial advisor before finalizing any financial decision.






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Business Intelligence: How does it help to optimize decisions and performance?

Business Intelligence is the set of techniques, methodologies, or processes of a company that uses data to facilitate a series of decisions.

The value that all the processes that comprise business intelligence bring can make the difference between good decision-making and not. Through a series of internal processes, BI analyzes the data and metrics of the company and forms a set of strategies, which allow optimizing its operation.

We can use it to detect areas for improvement or increase the performance of specific departments. Relevant data is all related to production, for example, but also an external press release. Therefore, given the amount of information handled in a business, the directive can rely on the data management tools.

Application Of Business Intelligence In Decision Making

Once we are clear about how Business Intelligence works, we need to know some of its benefits and how they influence decision-making. You also have to decide which tool can be helpful for your business. Metabase has gained popularity in recent years, but you should check for some metabase alternatives; maybe you can find something more efficient. Choosing the right BI tool is of utmost importance, so make sure to do your research before investing in any. Understand the needs of your business, what kind of data you will be collecting and analyzing, and choose your BI tool accordingly.

It Allows Us To Get To Know Our Client Better

A BI tool should analyze the consumption habits of our customers, their way of buying, sales channels, etc. Even age, demographics, etc. It also helps in managing the team better; it also helps in creating marketing strategies. This will allow us to make strategic decisions in this regard.

Sales Planning

Other relevant data to optimize business performance are those related to sales figures. By handling all the data associated with this field, we will find out which line of our business works best. And we can focus on enhancing it and taking advantage of it: Offer discounts, increase investment in marketing, see what new product starts to work better, etc.

Control Of Results

Just as it is easy to analyze sales, it is straightforward to compare with the objectives set in the previous strategic planning process. Observing the actual results against the markers, we will discover potential deviations. This will allow us to correct them for future projects. In the long term, we will achieve optimal financial and product returns.

Each Department Will Have Its Benefits

For example, in human resources, they will observe which workers are performing the most. In finance, which processes carry more costs. In marketing, which advertising campaigns get the best results. And they will all be connected.


Thus, thanks to Business Intelligence, we can observe what is happening in our company at all times. You will see exactly where your company is, and you will be able to compare it with the actions of the competition. It helps to analyze the data they offer us, interpret it correctly, and predict what will happen in the future. In the end, it helps in making sound decisions that improve business performance.

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Actionable Ideas For Omnichannel Branding On A Budget

Omnichannel branding has always been the cornerstone of business success, and it becomes all the more crucial amid the pandemic. It comes as no surprise that even startups and small businesses are willing to go the extra mile with an investment in omnichannel strategies. It makes your brand visible across the entire channels, so there is hardly a chance of missing out on customers.

Building a presence across physical and online channels like the web, mobile, and social media can take a lot of effort and investment for a business. But you need not worry about cash constraints as you can achieve omnichannel branding even on a shoestring budget. Here are some actionable ideas that work.

Know your customers

Whether you plan to start from scratch or only want to extend the existing branding strategy, a good understanding of your customers gives you the right start. Consumer preferences change often, so it makes sense to track them at all times. Knowing the buying channels they prioritize enables you to be selective about the initiative. For example, you may start with social media promotions if they are active on this online platform. Building a web and mobile presence can wait for later.

Leverage quality content

Creating quality content is the most effective way to push your business across all customer engagement platforms. The best thing is that you can do it yourself, as long as you are creative and passionate about your brand. Hiring a professional is worthwhile if you can stretch the budget a bit. Quality content entices your customers everywhere and gives them a reason to try your offering. It builds trust and credibility for your business and serves as a sustainable asset.

Outsource software development

Another area where you will expect to save money is software development. Outsourcing rather than developing in-house is a smart approach. Technology services are relatively affordable in countries like Argentina, where you can find talented professionals. You will expect to develop a mobile app on the cheap if you want to add mobile branding to your omnichannel strategy. Consider outsourcing services for Software Development Argentina because you can secure top talent without spending a fortune. Find developers with expertise in mobile apps and onboard a team to kick start your mobile branding initiative.

Ensure consistency

You may have the best-looking website and mobile apps, and the most incredible offline campaigns to popularize your brand. But don’t expect things to work when they lack consistency. Make sure that the look and feel, messaging, and everything else you showcase, are consistent across all channels. Customers should be able to recognize your brand everywhere and connect with it. Consistency breeds trust and ensures that buyers stay with your brand for the long haul. You can create a consistent presence across all channels without spending a lot. Just stick to your vision and replicate it in all the campaigns.

Creating an omnichannel reach for your brand sounds like a daunting and expensive task. But it is easier than you imagine, and you can do it without a massive expense. Just follow these branding rules, and you are good to go!

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5 Smart Ideas to Earn Money Without Having to Work

Working a nine-to-five job can be fulfilling, but earning money without having to work? That’s even better. Passive income provides extra cash flow, especially in today’s economic upheaval. It can even give you financial freedom and a ticket to early retirement. But aside from starting your own business, there are many other lucrative ways to earn while you sleep.

Here are some passive income ideas to inspire you on your journey to being your own boss:

Generate Rental Income

One no-brainer way of earning passive income is to put a property up for rent. Those who have a home or condo can host on Airbnb. It doesn’t have to be an entire property. Listing an extra room in your home for rent also earns well on the side.  

Store owners can even host an extra space in their store for a vending machine owner. The former can get extra income from the rent, while the latter can generate passive income from their machine.

The good thing about this money-making idea is that property owners can rent their extra space if they’re short on cash or use the property themselves if otherwise.

Anyone can still get a piece of the real estate pie even without property to rent out. Real estate investment trusts (REITs), real estate-themed exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and real estate crowdfunding platforms allow the average Joe and Jane to invest in this industry without owning property. 

In particular, crowdfunding platforms allow investors with as low as $500 to participate in real estate deals they could have never dreamed of before with that money. 

Of course, as with any type of investment, you must do your due diligence when selecting a platform to trust your money with. Do your homework, and read authentic investor ratings and reviews on your platform of choice. 

Sell Digital Products

Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

Digital products are an excellent source of extra cash. This is especially helpful for content creators, educators, and creative professionals. They only need to generate content so they can start selling them online and generate sales indefinitely.

For example, social media marketers can create calendar templates to help professionals plan their social media content. Photographers can sell stock photos. Meanwhile, educators can create ebooks about their areas of expertise and sell them online.

Create an App

For developers and programmers, creating apps can help them add to their income stream. Like selling digital goods, apps can keep bringing passive income as long as users keep downloading them. App creators can do it two ways: either putting a price tag on their app or making it free and monetizing it through ads.

Startups can also fund their big idea through trusted crowdfunding platforms. This helps them raise capital from investors to launch their app. If the company grows, investors can benefit by receiving a good portion of the profit.  


Start a Blog or YouTube Channel

Photo by Los Muertos Crew from Pexels

We’re now seeing a trend here. Creating stuff helps people earn extra. This is similar to creating content through blogs and a YouTube channel.

Blogging has been a popular passive income stream since the beginning of websites. 

Entrepreneurs earn passively through sponsored posts, affiliate links, and digital products. Content creators can also turn to YouTube to generate income from ad revenue and sponsored videos.

The trick to becoming successful on both platforms is always to be consistent with posting. In the online world, what’s out of sight becomes out of mind. Creators can be easily forgotten, with tons of competitors vying for attention online.

Invest in Stocks

Stocks have made rich people even richer, but that’s not to say average-earning people can’t take their shot at it. By investing in the right companies, stocks can generate extra income beyond what one usually earns from a nine-to-five.

While investing in stocks is a passive act, investors should do their homework to earn huge success. Studying business’ annual reports helps us better assess which companies to place their bets on.

Get That Bread

Nothing is impossible if you only put in the work. Working to earn can bring food to the table, but having a steady source of passive income can fill in the gap that a regular job can’t. And if we can, why not do both? This way, we’ll at least have a safety net and extra savings for the rainy days.

Now, all you need to do is find the right passive income source that suits your skills and interests best.   

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The Benefits of Digital Signage for Employee Management

Consistent communication is the backbone of business success in 2021. Despite the rapid adoption of cloud-based team collaboration tools, many employees forget to read emails, miss phone calls, check task management tools, and fail to hear spoken announcements. 

To improve the information flow and retention in corporate settings, many organizations rely on digital signage. Screens are easily customizable and attention-grabbing. They convey information fast and consistently across various departments.

Want to learn more about the benefits of digital signage for employee management? Let’s start!

Informing Employees about Safety Measures during Coronavirus

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, organizations needed to update their workplace health and safety policies

Based on a detailed workplace hazard assessment, HR managers need to develop detailed infection prevention and control strategies. Most importantly, they should train workers on how to behave amid COVID-19.

Using commercial digital signage is a perfect way to keep your employees updated about COVID-19 prevention measures they need to take. It helps HR managers encourage employees to maintain the highest safety standards. 

For example, you could use screens in your office to create a list of employee responsibilities, such as wearing a mask, avoiding close contact, washing hands frequently, etc. 

Digital signage also helps employees understand the process of reporting any action or behavior that may compromise workplace safety, such as someone going to work sick. For HR managers, that is an opportunity to resolve the problem before it morphs into a bigger issue. 

Finally, use digital signage for other health and wellness initiatives, such as gym membership sign-ups, stress release classes, or weight loss contests. 

To ensure the effectiveness of your digital signage, make sure it is prominent and placed in high-traffic areas.

Keeping your Employees Updated

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis, many companies have shifted to cloud-based communication platforms. These channels provide seamless communication between your on-site and remote teams. Employees can stay on top of their interactions, deadlines, and tasks irrespective of their location.

To improve employee engagement, consider integrating your employee management platforms with digital signage.

  • Post essential company updates on big screens positioned around the office. They are harder to miss than mountains of emails and notifications your employees get throughout the day.
  • Integrate digital signage with project management software to publish reminders of upcoming deadlines. 
  • Create employee shifts and make them visible to everyone in the team. Preventing workplace overstaffing in the era of Coronavirus is essential. 
  • Distribute team performance reports, publish sales reports, and answer employee questions.



In a corporate setting, using digital displays can significantly improve company transparency. They provide consistent information sharing across all departments without breaking social distancing rules. With the help of digital signage, HR managers ensure vital information is passed on to employees fast, without clogging their inboxes.

Announcing Employee Achievements 

Your employees expect you to recognize their contribution and incentivize it accordingly. Whether tangible or intangible, employee rewards programs boost employee satisfaction, enhance their performance, and encourage loyalty to your company in the long run. 

While most brands rely on monetary rewards, they should not neglect the power of public praise. Use your in-door displays to inform your teams about the company-wide milestones and give kudos to your top performers. Digital displays keep all staff members apprised of the events outside their departments. Most importantly, it keeps them feel good about their accomplishments.

How to Measure the Effectiveness of Digital Signage in the Workplace?

Now that you understand the benefits of digital signage in the workplace, it is time to measure its effectiveness. 

Measurement starts with choosing the right internal communication KPIs. Here are a few essential KPI types you should track:

  • Reach: How many employees are you reaching via digital signage?
  • Engagement: How does your digital signage content engage employees?
  • Behavior: How does digital signage change the behaviors of employees?
  • Impact: How does digital signage influence employee productivity, performance, engagement, retention, communication, etc.?

Surveys are an effective way to measure the impact of digital signage on employees. For example, compare changes in employee engagement or performance before and after the implementation of digital signage. 

You can also use them to gather qualitative data on digital signage benefits. For example, you can ask employees how often they view the content presented via digital signage or whether they find this information valuable.

When creating surveys, provide employees with anonymity. That helps you get honest and unbiased answers. Make sure all questions are clear and concise, making it easier for employees to respond. Also, they should be easily measurable. For example, you could create a scaled survey, where your staff should assess the value of digital signage in the workplace on a 1-10 scale.

Over to You

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, companies are looking for out-of-box solutions to engaging employees and enable effective communication. That is where digital signage helps. Visual communication is a non-invasive way to deliver essential workplace information across departments and prevent message overload. 

Contacting your colleagues
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Unique Ways to Boost Your Business

Increasing the efficiency of your firm allows you to experiment with new procedures, products, and ideas. It has the potential to act as a catalyst for your company’s growth and adaptation in the marketplace. 

However, this innovation does not entail completely overhauling your business paradigm to provide better products or services. Instead, it must be integrated into your business plan, allowing you to foster an innovative culture and encourage creative thinking.

With that, here are unique ways to boost your business:

Try Something New

In today’s hyper-competitive, modern world, you either swim or sink. To keep afloat on the market, companies do their best to swim. With that, there are many different sorts of innovations that companies can explore in the business world. Individual products, internal procedures or workflows, and business models frequently link up with these innovations.  While innovation can focus on a particular factor, some businesses combine all three to drive growth while adjusting to a rapidly changing market. 

Take a Class

With the wealth of resources available online and offline, there is always something to learn and discover. Moreover, you will need to learn new skills and expertise, especially when learning a new business strategy or beginning a company. Furthermore, you should be excited to take on the task because there are numerous advantages to lifelong learning.

Mainly, prospective business owners can attend business seminars, join clubs, network with other business owners, and read professional journals in addition to formal education.

Find a Business Mentor

Having a trusted and experienced business mentor provides direction, encouragement, and support to give a mentee many personal and professional benefits. Having someone guide you can ultimately help you achieve better personal and professional performance.

Curate a Higher Customer Value

The higher the customer lifetime value, the higher the revenue. Without a doubt, you will always have to spend money to get new clients and keep old ones, but the former is five times more expensive than the latter. Thus, once you realize a customer’s lifetime value, you can optimize it.

Go to Trade Shows

Attendees at trade shows can serve as the ideal focus group for aspects of your business that require input. When visitors visit your booth, take advantage of the opportunity, ask them questions, and encourage them to give honest answers. Trade shows are a great way to promote new products or services while also learning and getting the pulse on what people think about them right away.

Talk to Your Target Audience Online

It is crucial to be able to communicate clearly and effectively with your customers. As a prospective business owner, you want to be able to explain your company’s procedures, policies, and other aspects to customers so that they leave with no questions. Thus, customers will have a positive impression of you and your company if you speak clearly and effectively.

Establish Yourself as an Authority in Your Field

Although not the most accurate, word-of-mouth marketing is still the most effective marketing tool. When you provide advice and knowledge to other business owners who have a customer base similar to yours, whether locally or in a complementary industry, you will be the first person they refer to other clients.

Moreover, people are also more likely to buy items and services from people they know and trust. As the internet grows exponentially by the minute, bad people result in newer ways to take advantage of unsuspecting victims. Thus, if your company got established decades ago or its founder knows a field that few other business owners have, make sure to highlight such information as people are always on the look for a reliable source of knowledge.

Ultimately, understanding the necessity of continuous improvement is a critical component of lean and agile approaches, whether your company is a startup or a large enterprise. On a small scale, these approaches can help your team collaborate more efficiently. Moreover, on a large scale, these approaches can help your company stay at the forefront of the competition.

Put in mind that the most successful businesses are never satisfied with their current state of affairs and never settle with the status quo. They are always looking for the next breakthrough, the next degree of achievement, as they understand the value of constant improvement in all aspects of the company.

Ultimately, The most successful businesses are constantly inventing and creating new ways to provide high-quality service to their clients. Even when things are going exceptionally well, people in successful companies continuously look for ways to improve their performance, figuring out how to work smarter, not harder.

Digital Branding

Get Positive Publicity And Media Coverage For Your Small Business!

“Without publicity, there will be no prosperity.” -Yakov Borisovich Zel’dovich.

For small businesses, brand recognition plays a significant role. Correct? It helps in making a small brand become big and achieve all the organization’s goals. However, the process of brand recognition is long and requires impressive strategies.

Nonetheless, as you might be aware of the fact that the beginning of every process is small. So, what is the beginning of getting brand recognition? Yes, you are absolutely right! It is by getting the attention of local customers. But how? No! Providing discounts and offers is not going to benefit you. These are temporary solutions only. You need to think of a strong strategy that creates a buzz and makes your company a talk of the town.

And this brings you back to square one! So, what else can you do to create a buzz? The answer is to grab the local media’s attention and get famous in your target market.

Having said that, we should also remind you that there are generally two types of publicity, i.e., positive and negative. Both are good for a company to improve its industrial exposure and generate more leads. However, in this article, we are going to talk about positive publicity. So, are you ready to learn? Let’s get started!

Understand your target audience

First of all, just like any other strategy that you plan for your company’s success, you have to consider the target audience. Who are the people that you want to reach? However, as your motive is to attract the media’s attention, this time, your target audience is not your customers but the journalists and media outlets.

Yes! You read it correctly! You need to understand what “beat” you want to attract. In more simple terms, every news outlet has different sections for different types of audiences. Thus, you need to decide whether you want to get recognition in the entertainment, CSR, or an informative section. So, kindly select cautiously! 

Contact the right person for the pitch.

Once you have decided your beat, you need to approach the right person. Why? Well, several journalists and editors can write a story for you. However, you need to contact the person who, according to you, can understand your intentions and help you achieve your goal.

You might agree with us that every word used by the press has a significant impact on society. That’s the reason why you need to select the right person. Who can show you the company as its own and help you grow?

Try to take advantage of breaking news.

Another thing that you can do is to take advantage of burning topics of the news. For instance: Consider the situation of Covid-19; you can take the help of this pandemic to get coverage. You can offer free masks and hand sanitizers to needy people. It’ll help you complete your CSR (corporate social responsibility). This gesture will also make you a hero in front of the eyes of your target customers.

Keep in mind that every time you try to be a part of a burning news topic, think and speak from the perspective of a layman. It will help create a soft spot in their heart, and they’ll be more interested in knowing about you. Results? The media will try to reach out to you to get more stories.

Invite the press to your events

If you plan on hosting any event either for a product launch or for sharing news. Inviting competitors and press should be on your priority list. Give them some exciting and intriguing stories. Besides that, you should also address them from time to time throughout the event and give them a media kit.

In addition to that, you can also add a question-and-answer round. So that in case any person has a question they can answer. Believe it or not, it’ll create a great impression about your organization which will take you a step forward towards your dream goal.

Remember, press releases can do wonders.

Needless to say, that press releases are one of the effective tools to get media attention. Not only it helps in providing excellent and captivating content to the media, but because the information is provided by the company officially, it is a great way to spread positive information about the company.

Nonetheless, as reporters will write a few short yet different articles, everything in the press release must be written precisely. If you want to learn more about how to overcome writer’s block and how to write an impactful press release, you can read more here. It’ll help you write a press release as per your target audience and the announcement you want to make.

Use social media to create stories.

Social media isn’t just for connecting people and getting entertained. You can use the power of social media to help your business get famous, especially among teenagers. With your marketing team, you can create an impressive social media campaign that makes curiosity in the mind of viewers.

Understand that the more fascinating your content on social media is, the more people will engage with it. You can also collaborate with social media influencers and budding artists and help each other out. Good content will not only help you gain more followers but will also grab the attention of local media channels. They would contact you on their own and learn more about your campaign idea, eventually helping you get more publicity.

Be philanthropic

Last but not least, you should keep in mind that as an organization, people expect you to do good for society. The reason being is that your organization uses the resources of the community. Thus it is their responsibility to give something in return. You can do that by being philanthropic! Organize charitable events, take steps to help nature, and provide opportunities to society with employment and quality standards of living. Believe us; your excellent work will speak for you and give you positive media coverage.

To conclude! It isn’t easy to operate a business and take it to new heights. Everybody knows that. However, what people don’t know is that the media can help businesses to get successful. And now that you have read the whole article, you can use the techniques mentioned earlier and help your small company grow big!